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New York Straight Men: A Guy Named Sky (Sky & Sean)

A Guy Named Sky (Sky & Sean) at New York Straight Men

A Guy Named Sky (Sky & Sean) at New York Straight Men

A Guy Named Sky (Sky & Sean) at New York Straight Men

A Guy Named Sky (Sky & Sean) at New York Straight Men

Watch Sky & Sean at NewYorkStraightMen

Meet Sky! Okay that is his nickname but he has had it all his life I wanted to use it. Sky is a very open minded straight guy who definitely has hippie and hipster tendencies. He is a native New Yorker living in Brooklyn. He is a musician playing guitar in a band that he started. His girlfriend who is very open minded knew that he was with us and the only thing she requested from him was that when he got back home she got extra cuddle time.

There is no doubt that Sky was getting a blowjob for the money. But he has admitted to us that he has like guys suck him off in the past.

Sky is a really cool dude! He has such a great energy about him. Sean was really excited to service him not because he was hung like a horse although that was very enticing.

Although Sky has a really nice personality. He really knew how to use his big thick cock… Stuffing Sean’s mouth and throat for his own pleasure.

We look forward to bringing Sky back and seeing what other scenarios we can present to him.

Watch Sky & Sean at NewYorkStraightMen

  • adidas28

    Yeah, okay, this dude is kind of gross, but he’s kind of “hot gross”–ya’ know what I mean?

    Like, you fuck around with him, then you run to the bathroom and come back and find he’s passed out with a needle in his arm. Ya’ know? Something like that.

    • MissUnderstood

      Or you find him going through your wallet

    • adidas28


    • swim400

      what give it away, the ink on his index finger?

    • carey579

      IKR YUCK!

      He looks like an anorexic Jesus!

      This site is so ridiculous. It tries to be like Mike Hancock/Drake Rock but I haven’t seen one single hot guy ever!

  • jinger

    Cute guy, lovely long hair but not very well kept.

  • Raihan Delano


  • Bob-omb

    Weird, sometimes his dick looks very thin (like it’s being sucked through a vacuum) and yet in that one straight-on shot with his legs spread, it looks like a beautiful cock. Must not have stayed hard the whole time.

    NSYM vids are always gritty. I haven’t downloaded any in years, but they always did the trick.

  • tomtomson

    would not get a hardon if that ungly ogre was supposed to blow me…

  • johnsobe

    Nice. Handsome face, great body hair. Like to see him stick his dick in a guy