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New York Straight Men: Servicing A Ginger Haired Giant (Josh & Sergio)

Servicing A Ginger Haired Giant at New York Straight Men

Meet Josh! He is a giant of a guy standing 6’5″ tall. Josh is 34 and restores old sculptures in Brooklyn. We thought Josh was really hot because of his amazingly toned body, his piercing blue eyes, his locks of strawberry blond hair but what really got us was his ginger beard and his full bush of ginger pubes!

New York Straight Men: A Guy Named Sky (Sky & Sean)

A Guy Named Sky (Sky & Sean) at New York Straight Men

Meet Sky! Okay that is his nickname but he has had it all his life I wanted to use it. Sky is a very open minded straight guy who definitely has hippie and hipster tendencies. He is a native New Yorker living in Brooklyn. He is a musician playing guitar in a band that he started. His girlfriend who is very open minded knew that he was with us and the only thing she requested from him was that when he got back home she got extra cuddle time.

NewYorkStraightMen: The Next Level (Ryder & Trey)

The Next Level (Ryder & Trey) at New York Straight Men

We took Ryder to a place where he has never been and wasn’t completely comfortable going. We didn’t want to to be a blow-n-go scene. Ryder is such a stunning guy we wanted to exploit the situation as much as we could.

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NewYorkStraightMen: Dimetri (Chemistry Test)

Dimetri (Chemistry Test) at New York Straight Men

Demitri is one of those guys that NEEDS a blowjob on a regular basis or he can’t function and Trey was as hungry for cock as Dimetri was hankering for head…

Watch Dimetri (Chemistry Test) at NewYorkStraightMen

NewYorkStraightMen: Brian (A Giant Among Us)

Brian (A Giant Among Us) at New York Straight Men

Meet Brian! Wow…this guy is larger than life, and we mean that! He stands a whopping 7 feet tall! He is a big, blond, behemoth of a man!

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NewYorkStraightMen: Sudden 69! (Frankie)

Sudden 69! (Frankie) at New York Straight Men

Frankie stopped by for a blowjob one Sunday that turned into much more! He was feeling like he needed to just drop a quick load and be on his way. but Trey became extra frisky. One thing led to another where this simple blowjob session became a hot 69 session!

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NewYorkStraightMen: Ryder Strikes Again!

Ryder Strikes Again! at New York Straight Men

Ryder needed head in a really bad way. He had been working on his truck all day upstate. He told us that when he arrives he wantes to take a hot shower followed by a session of some slow sloppy head

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NewYorkStraightMen: Tony Wants Head!

Tony Wants Head! at New York Straight Men

We got a text from Tony on Sunday afternoon asking us if there was a sucker around. We texted back that we had one over sucking off a guy at the moment. He texted back telling us to not to let the sucker leave, cause he wants head today!

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NewYorkStraightMen: Servicing Max

Servicing Max at New York Straight Men

Meet Max! He is a 29 year old New Yorker who has never gotten a Blow Job from a guy before. He has heard the “rumors” that guys suck cock better for many years and now he wants to see if it is true for himself…

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NewYorkStraightMen: Tony Unloads

Tony Unloads at New York Straight Men

Its been a long time since Tony was by. He told us that he was dating a very possessive “Bronx Babe”, who had been occupying all his time plus as he puts it ” she sucked a good cock “. Now they are ancient history so Tony came sniffing around to see if he could get a blowjob and unload…

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NewYorkStraightMen: Trey Sucks Ryder’s Cock

Trey Sucks Ryder's Cock at New York Straight Men

Our HOT Arab friend Ryder is in need of a blowjob that a chick just can’t provide. He now spends his weekends upstate working with a buddy fixing motorcycles at a garage that they invested in. Biz is great he tells us, but suckers are in short supply. (maybe the male customers might be afraid to ask Ryder if they could blow him??).

Watch Trey Sucks Ryder’s Cock at NewYorkStraightMen

NewYorkStraightMen: Boots In Bed

Boots In Bed at New York Straight Men

Dave, the real life urban cowboy is back in the city! He spent the last 6 months upstate working on a ranch owned by his Uncle. We asked if he had lonely nights up there, he said that he didn’t get any head, if that’s what we meant. As he was riding his motorcycle back into the city, he called us when he pulled off the side of the road to take a piss. He wanted some head, so we told him to ride his “crotch rocket” right on over.

Dave got everything he was looking for in our attentive cocksucker. He got his cock slurped and sucked, balls and ass licked, nipples lapped at and in return he shot a big wad of seed all over!

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NewYorkStraightMen: Ralph Plays With Aaron

Ralph Plays With Aaron at New York Straight Men

Ralph needed some financial assistance and we were happy to help him out, like we did with Nick last summer. We made the same deal, the repayment is made by sucking a few cocks! It will be fun to see over the next few updates, Ralph’s loan get repaid!

Watch Ralph & Aaron at

NewYorkStraightMen: Barak Needs A Mouth

Barak Needs A Mouth at New York Straight Men

We got a phone call from our hot Turkish friend, his first words were “I need a mouth”. He further explained that he needed a warm wet mouth that felt like a velvet pussy. We asked if he had a preference of resident cocksuckers, he told us that he needed a sure bet and didn’t want to take a chance on a new sucker this time around because he had a 5 day load built up and wanted a precise blowjob.

We called Sergio and told him that he has been summoned, rather his mouth has been summoned to suck and get fucked. Being a professional cocksucker, Sergio came right over ready to do his job. Barak wanted to sit back, relax and slide his cock in and out of Sergio’s warm, wet mouth.

Sergio created a velvet pussy for Barak’s enjoyment and was rewarded with a sticky load of sperm!

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New York Straight Men: Ben Blows Josh

Ben Blows Josh at New York Straight Men

Ben had been lusting after Josh, the Ginger Giant ever since he first appeared on NYSM. Josh agreed to let Ben worship and service him. We thought it would be hot to see one redhead on another and we were right!

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NewYorkStraightMen: Lee Gets A BJ

Lee Gets A BJ at New York Straight Men

Meet Lee! He is a white collar 40 something straight guy with an amazing body! He is a sculpted, lean, sexy man.

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NewYorkStraightMen: Sal’s Audition

Sal's Audition at New York Straight Men

We have received hundreds of emails requesting not only to see more of Sal but to take him to the “next level”.

Watch Sal’s Audition at

NewYorkStraightMen: Ben Sucks Donal

Ben Sucks Donal at New York Straight Men

Our old friend Donal has returned, much to our viewer’s and cocksucker’s delight! Its been over a year since we saw him. He is still a mechanic up near Yankee Stadium, in the Bronx. He has had a few girlfriends since we last saw him, but now he is in between “bitches” as he calls them.

Watch Ben Suck Donal at

NewYorkStraightMen: Blowing Travis

Blowing Travis at New York Straight Men

Meet Travis! He is an “East Village Type” with a long, long uncut cock!

Ben was drooling over the thought of sucking on Travis’ meat…

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NewYorkStraightMen: Carlos and a Viewer

Carlos and a Viewer at New York Straight Men

Our oh so horny New York viewer was granted two wishes. Blowing Jim was his first wish and servicing Carlos was his second wish.

Carlos was treated to an eager mouth that was warm and wet!…

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NewYorkStraightMen: Jim and a Viewer

Jim and a Viewer at New York Straight Men

We at NYSM get tons of mail from our viewers requesting to be a cocksucker. Every once in a while we are able to accommodate a lucky New York cocksucker.

This viewer was HOT for two of our guys. One of which was Jim. So we contacted him and asked if he was up for a fulfilling a viewer’s fantasy.

Jim who is a cool guy was totally up for it just as long as the viewer had some great cock sucking skills…

Watch Jim & Viewer at

NewYorkStraightMen: Jim Gets A BJ

Jim Gets A BJ at New York Straight Men

Meet Jim! He is a hot, straight, blue collar New Yorker who loves to get head and as in his words “a mouth is a mouth”. As long as it is wet and warm, he will put his cock in one.

He has a girlfriend who sucks cock but can’t do it well at all. We have a cocksucker (Bobby) who does it great. That’s where we helped him out.

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NewYorkStraightMen: Bobby Blows Carlos

Bobby Blows Carlos at New York Straight Men

Meet Carlos! He is a hot, Latin stud puppy who live to get head! He admits that his GF is not really good at sucking his cock, so that’s where we, or should we say Bobby comes in.

Bobby swallows this straight guy’s cock right down and sucks it like there is no tomorrow. Carlos guides Bobby’s mouth and holds his head in position when he blows his load right in Bobby’s mouth! Bobby was kind enough to share some of this load with the camera before gulping down the extra protein that Carlos was kind enough to deposit on his tongue.

Watch Bobby & Carlos at

NewYorkStraightMen: Vin (Surprise Halloween)

Vin (Surprise Halloween) at New York Straight Men

Someone rang our doorbell and we got both a trick and a treat!

An old friend dropped by fresh from a costume party who we felt would be the best guy to break in our newest resident cocksucker, Juan.

Boy oh boy was this Juan’s treat! He got a beautiful cock to suck, hairy balls to lick and a pearl necklace to wear as a souvenir.

This is a hot movie where an old friend of NYSM puts a rookie cocksucker through his paces!

Watch Vin & Juan at

NewYorkStraightMen: Eating Fernando’s Load

Eating Fernando's Load at New York Straight Men

Bobby got some extra protein today! We introduced him to Fernando who has a Huge Puerto Rican Cock and a who shoots huge, thick straight-guy loads.

Fernando loves to get blown, if he can’t find a chick to suck him off he is open to letting a guy blow him, as long as he gets to cum in their mouth.

We explained all this to Bobby, and he eagerly agreed to get a load of cum in his mouth. In this movie, Bobby gets hungrier and hungrier as he is sucking on Fernando’s big cock.

As you will see in the movie Bobby even takes out his own dick and jerks off a bit as he is sucking Fernando. As the time approaches for Fernando’s baby batter to erupt from his low hanging balls, Fernando doesn’t care what Bobby is doing as long as that mouth is on his cock to catch the load. Bobby didn’t let Fernando down. He swallowed some and let some drip out of his mouth and onto his chest for us to see too.

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