RagingStallion: Timberwolves (Jimmy Fanz & James Jamesson)

Timberwolves (Jimmy Fanz & James Jamesson) at Raging Stallion

Timberwolves (Jimmy Fanz & James Jamesson) at Raging Stallion

Timberwolves (Jimmy Fanz & James Jamesson) at Raging Stallion

Timberwolves (Jimmy Fanz & James Jamesson) at Raging Stallion

Timberwolves (Jimmy Fanz & James Jamesson) at Raging Stallion

Watch Jimmy Fanz & James Jamesson at RagingStallion

Jimmy Fanz displays maximum fur as he tangles with James Jamesson on an iron bed. Jimmy’s devilish grin says he’s looking forward to getting ravished by this mountain man whose hair is long and whose full red beard reaches the middle of his chest. James rolls Jimmy onto his tummy, going straight for his ass, giving Jimmy’s hairy hole a serious tonguing. Jimmy assists by curving one arm over his back and stretching another between his legs to finger his hole with both hands. James takes the cue and adds two fingers of his own, plus a thumb and some spit. They take turns prepping the hole for James’ throbbing hard on that is set off by bushy, shockingly red pubes. All human inhibitions slip away as they quickly turn into animalistic fuck machines, with Jimmy bouncing on James’ red bush milking James thick hard cock with his hole. James topping is like watching the mating of wild beasts, aggressive and rough while effortlessly switching positions from doggy to sideways to missionary. Their aggressive momentum makes the bed creak, while Jimmy’s cries become a crescendo that peaks when his cock spews jism across the bed. James cock is bigger and harder when he pulls it out that it was when he stuck it in and it erupts with unnatural intensity.

Watch Jimmy Fanz & James Jamesson at RagingStallion

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  • Southbay

    Omg so much hair in this update. I live Jimmy. And James has really let himself go

    • carey579

      This is just CRAZY!

      Jimmy is just not cute anymore and James is not even human!

  • SuperDuper

    Loveee Jimmy Fanz! Those legs on him, and that ass. James has a nice body also but that facial hair is just beyond ridiculous. I mean, wtf…

    • elmtree

      So true…about both performers. I swear the better James body gets, and it really looks good here) the worse his hair looks (and it really looks bad here).

    • freater

      +1 about the beard.

      And Jimmy in those cutoff jeans is so fucking sexy

  • james497344

    Eurgh, what happened to him? He looks like a hobo. I like hair, but a complete no-shave policy is going too far…

    • james497344

      And that greasy-looking, untamed hair? No no no.

  • Cubankid

    Disgusting, is the first word that came to mind.

  • moondoggy

    I TREMBLED when I saw that jeans-shorts shot of Jimmy. From my earliest years of finding men attractive, I have loved legs and been particularly turned on by the way men used to wear short-shorts. Anything that suggested that the shorts were obscenely short, like when the pockets were visible underneath, would get me rock hard.

    As for James, maybe he’s a Red Sox fan?

    • swim400

      Jimmy gets me rock hard. As for James, you may be onto something about him being a Red Sox fan. Go Cardinals!!!

    • moondoggy

      Nuh nuh nuh nuh no … GO SOX!!!

    • elmtree

      “I have loved legs and been particularly turned on by the way men used to wear short-shorts”

      I’m right there with you MD. I’m a total leg men…why oh why did athletic sorts have to get longer and longer?!

      “Go Cardinals”

      I’m right there with you Swim!

    • moondoggy

      elm, after school almost every day, I would turn to ESPN and watch either wrestling or Australian Rules Football. Those guys were basically dressed in muscle shirts and loose speedos with jockstraps underneath. A woman walking the streets in an identical outfit would get charged with prostitution!! Now, even that sport has been ruined. Sometimes the shorts are the same, but they wear compression shorts underneath so nothing is ever as revealing.

  • What the hell James? All that hair is actually real? The first time I saw him looking like a psycho woodsmen, I assumed it was fake hair attached to his beard just for the sake of the character he was playing for THAT movie/scene. Is he actually walking around IRL looking like the bastard soon of Rick Ruben and Marcia Cross?

    He was handsome when he was neat. Why would he purposely go from an 8 to a 1?

    • darkthunder1983

      Yes, it’s real. It’s Really real.

  • andrewtor

    Love Jimmy Fanz, not so much James Jameson. He looks like a guy named Gabby Hayes, I saw on an old Roy Rogers rerun!

  • Dz

    These two hot, majorly hairy guys–LUST! I agree that Jamesson’s beard is OTT, but huge penis.

    • EmpireState

      100% Agreement from me. Jimmy is hella’ gorgeous!

  • CA

    I mean…is it over the top, yes. But it’s an incredibly hot scene.

    Thanks Jamessom for showing us how far the beard can go, now it’s time for a serious trim.

  • Jay

    James looks great with his hairy body. I hope he keeps the beard a bit longer.

  • pink spider

    SORRY everyone but I find James Jamesson intensely HOT with the beard! Guess I’m a weirdo!

    In news we can all agree on – Jimmy Fanz, good god, SLAY. This whole scene is off the hook actually.

  • southbaybj2

    Jimmy Fanz is what Andrew Luck would look like if he did gay porn.

  • Nase

    HOLY PHOTOSHOP. They made James’s dick Huge.

    Anyways I like Jimmy.

  • Raihan Delano

    James cock is bigger and harder

  • kana_sai


    Why didn’t Jimmy sucked cock in this? Weird.

  • Will

    Jimmy must be a really nice guy that he bent over backwards to help a homeless person find a place to lodge.

  • scottnyer

    Not a fan of the beard on James but I can get it over it. I love the body hair on both dudes. And the beard on Jimmy is ok. I prefer scruff but can deal with the beard.

    Are both these dudes straight? I thought I read Jimmy wasn’t gay-friendly or said homophobic things, which is disappointing.

  • Daniel

    James is FOUL.

  • Neo_

    Little early for Halloween aint it?

  • jag2power

    This is one hillbilly fuck. That beard is smelling like ass now after the rimming. Although, James’ cuteness still comes through.

  • detlevclenesky

    Love it.Love men beast,love body fur,very arousing to me.Love james jamesson´s street bump look,sexy!

  • richie

    Just want to get a load of shampoo in there.

  • Arglebargle

    Jimmy Fanz…(((swoon))) Always awesome.

    But the other guy…..I wonder how they they persuaded Bigfoot to come out of the woods and shave off most of his body hair?

  • Douginsj


  • Johnny2x4

    My mouth is just wide open, shock! I’m all for hair but that is too excessive!

    • Raihan Delano

      :-) Lol

  • VegasRich

    Jimmy Fanz only gets hard during photo shoots. I’ve never seen him hard during action. This is a big turnoff for me regardless of how hot I think he is.

    As for the Duck Dynasty guy. I love that he no longer shaves his chest but that beard… I just can’t get into it. I’m glad it’s someone’s flavor but I do miss how good he looked without it. His body and cock is to die for though. I’d probably do him at least once.

  • remarkaboi157

    Listen Morons..this is a FANTASY piece. JJ is a warewolf or something as evidence in one of the last scenes. Anyway…JJ is fricken HOT…with or without the beard..again it’s a fantasy shoot; not going to find many metrosexuals living in log cabins in the middle of the woods…he’s supposed to be “unkept” hhhahhaha

    • andrewtor

      You are right about James’ look being appropriate for this scene. However he is keeping this look in all his scenes. I think that is going to cost him many fans.

    • remarkaboi157

      I agree [maybe it’s too much for this porn blog lol] but it’s disheartening to read a lot of these responses as they paint a very narrow picture of what’s physically attractive and I must say it’s pretty shallow…most times funny..albeit shallow. So odd that gays want everyone else to climb out of of their “box” to enlightenment but seem to be pretty comfortable in theirs own lol. Physical attraction exist ouside of a Calvin Klien ad hahah..yes his look is startling at first but he is still extremely attractive!

  • TheSagaOf

    Haha, it’s kind of like a game now just to see how long it can grow.

  • Ike

    Usually not into bearded guys, but this is freaky and way hot. James is a werewolf.

    • tomtomson

      i kinda like it too in a dirty-alfa-male-MM-kabin-in-the-middle-of-Canada way…

  • jinger

    James is super hot even with all that facial hair, beautiful man. And Jimmy is just sexy as fuck.

  • brandon85

    Well I guess I’m the only one that likes this. I love the hair makes it seem dirty in the good way.

  • Grooooooooooosssssssssss!!

  • johnsobe

    Jimmy Fanz is beautiful. He is handsome and his body hair is fantastic.

  • GreatPenetrator
  • andrew pinder

    I agree that not everybody likes James’s shaggy beard but dig the massive hairy cock and chest – Jimmy is also fucking hot – my introduction to teenage chest hair was at high school – one day in the change rooms a 15 year old guy Phillip Lamovie undressed next to me and what a sight – massive hairy legs, a large cock crowned with a thick bush of jet black pubic hair, a hairy arse, hair on the lower back and a chest smothered in thick dark hair

  • andrew pinder

    great fucking and great bodies – I remember back in the 1980’s a footballer Rod Morrison who I saw in the buff in the change rooms and what a sight – a thick very hairy uncut cock and what I call a chest fro – his chest was smothered in a carpet of ringlets of thick jet black hair

  • andrew pinder

    a great feast of cock, facial hair and body hair – a big bucket list item for me is to passionately kiss David West and have a 69er with him – as he is sucking my cock I am in heaven sucking his sexy throbbing thick red hairy cut cock

  • andrew pinder

    Adam Johnston is looking very hot right now – I can see myself caressing his sexy greying hairy chest and then taking in my mouth his massive beef pole, a very long shafted cock with lots of meaty thickness

  • andrew pinder

    A few weeks ago Shirleen Standfast and LaurieK had a wild session in the cot – after heaps of 69 style oral sex Shirleen lied on her back with her legs spread wide open and Laurie shoved his thick dark hairy cut cock deep inside her hot wet red hairy pussy which was flooded with a lava flow of steaming hot cum

  • andrew pinder

    Robin Gardner went to a pick up joint in Carlton looking to score and she was chattered up by a hot looking guy Luke who had short heavily gelled spiky jet black hair and a 5 day jet black stubble – after plenty of drinks they went to Robin’s house and drank wine which was followed by Robin rolling back Luke’s foreskin and taking in her mouth his throbbing hard 8 inch long jet black hairy thick uncut cock – she then smeared her hot wet hairy pussy with heaps of lube and then rode his cock furiously until he came and she had multiple orgasms

  • andrew pinder

    On a very hot night Helen Nicopoulos and Chris Kiskiras went skinny dipping at Brighton beach – they spent some time in the sea and when they came out of the water it got real horny – Helen knelt on a towel and rolled back Chris’s foreskin and took his massive hard jet black hairy thick uncut cock in her mouth – she then got down in doggy position and Chris pounded her hot wet jet black hairy Greek pussy with his 8 inches of thick uncut meat

  • andrew pinder

    Marilyn Bourazikas hit pay dirt one night recently when she visited a pick up joint where she was chatted up by a hot looking guy called Mark Dale – after quite a few drinks they went to Marilyn’s house and drank plenty of wine – this was followed my undressing and Mark looked awesome with his huge hairy chest and they had steamy 69 style oral sex – Marilyn lied on her back with her legs spread wide open and Mark plunged his 9 inch long hard throbbing jet black hairy thick uncut cock deep inside her hot wet blonde hairy pussy