Jimmy Fanz

Jimmy Fanz & Garrett Cooper Flip-Fuck in ‘Family Secrets’ Part 3 at Men.com

Family Secrets (Jimmy Fanz & Garrett Cooper Flip-Fuck) (Part 3) at Str8 To Gay

As the investigation continues, Garrett Cooper reaches out to his dad’s best friend’s son, Jimmy Fanz; who he actually grew up with. He questions Jimmy hoping he’ll open up but the only thing he’s interested in opening is his eager mouth for Garrett to stick his cock in. He’ll give up the info but not before getting some ass.

Johnny Hazzard Fucks Jimmy Fanz in ‘Confessions’ Part 1 at Men.com

Confessions (Johnny Hazzard Fucks Jimmy Fanz) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Johnny Hazzard tells the story of when he started getting texts from recent college grad Jimmy Fanz. Young Jimmy was given some cash to blow on a hooker and hotel room as a graduation gift. Jimmy decides that sexy stud Johnny is just the guy he wants to bury his cock in his hairy hole. Johnny likes what he sees and jumps on the opportunity to fuck the cum out of the cute grad.

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Jimmy Fanz Fucks Dennis West in ‘Naughty Boys’ Part 2 at Men.com

Naughty Boys (Jimmy Fanz Fucks Dennis West) (Part 2) at Str8 To Gay

Dennis West is not happy with his stepson, Jimmy Fanz, but the only thing on Jimmy’s mind is his stepdadís lips wrapped around his dick. When Jimmy tells his stepdad to suck his dick, Dennis agrees but says it’s the last time. Dennis take his stepson’s hot cock deep in his hole until they both cum all over.

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Abraham Al Malek, Damien Crosse, Dominique Hansson, Jimmy Fanz & Pierre Fitch in ‘Thirst’ (Finale) at Men.com

Thirst (Abraham Al Malek, Damien Crosse, Dominique Hansson, Jimmy Fanz & Pierre Fitch) (Part 4) at Jizz Orgy

Damien Crosse orchestrates this late night vampire fuck session. Abraham Al Malek takes Pierre Fitch’s huge cock down his throat while Jimmy Fanz lets his cock loose on Dominique Hansson’s hot ass. Watch as Damien Crosse suck the hot cum clean from all of these hot men before blowing a load of his own.

Jimmy Fanz and Pierre Fitch Flip-Fuck in ‘Thirst’ Part 3 at Men.com

Thirst (Jimmy Fanz and Pierre Fitch Flip-Fuck) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

Canadian porn star Pierre Fitch is tasked with preparing Jimmy Fanz for his new life and that means stuffing his fat cock down his throat, and then fucking his bouncy ass while he screams in ecstasy. Jimmy Fanz is rock hard as he rides Pierre’s big dick, and then Pierre Fitch flips his sweet ass around and demands that Jimmy fuck him hard.

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MEN Series: Jimmy Fanz Fucks Aspen in ‘Recruiting, Part 3’

Recruiting (Jimmy Fanz Fucks Aspen) (Part 3) at Str8 To Gay

Thanks to Johnny Rapid the recruiter, it’s Jimmy Fanz’s turn to get a shot at the man of his dreams, Aspen. With a little convincing Jimmy is able to get Aspen to whip out his big cock and let him start by sucking it before he slides his own cock into Aspen’s tight hole.

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MEN Series: Jimmy Fanz Fucks Paul Canon in ‘Mormon Undercover, Part 3’

Mormon Undercover (Jimmy Fanz & Paul Canon) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

Paul Canon thinks he hits the jackpot and is finally going to get an actual Mormon between the sheets, but to his dismay he isn’t the only undercover Mormon in town. Jimmy Fanz has been doing this for years, and after Paul finds this out he suggests teaming up, but Jimmy has to make sure he is good at the game first. Paul plows Jimmy’s hot ass showing him everything he’s got.

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Str8-To-Gay: My Best Friend’s Husband (Jimmy Fanz & Vadim Black) (Part 4)

My Best Friend's Husband (Jimmy Fanz & Vadim Black) (Part 4) at Str8-To-Gay

Vadim Black’s wife goes out of town but needs Vadim’s help to finish a work task. Vadim decides to call his wife’s best friend, Jimmy Fanz, for some assistance. After spending the day together, Jimmy can’t help but feel some sort of chemistry between him and his best friend’s husband. After some quick convincing Vadim’s cock is deep in Jimmy’s tight ass.

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MEN Series: Adam Bryant & Jimmy Fanz in ‘Best Sex of My Life, Part 2’

Best Sex of My Life (Adam Bryant & Jimmy Fanz) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Jimmy Fanz recounts the best sex of his life which was with the gorgeous Adam Bryant. The setting is Adam’s magnificent New York City high-rise apartment with a spectacular view of the city’s famous skyline. It does not take long for Adam to reveal to Jimmy his rock hard body and beautiful cock.