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Lex Ryan Fucks Chris Harder in ‘What A Mess!’ at MenOver30

What A Mess! (Lex Ryan Fucks Chris Harder) at

Chris Harder has been out of work for months now and he’s becoming a lazy man. The room is a mess with clothes and food all over the place. His boyfriend Lex Ryan gets home from work and he complains to Chris that he hasn’t even moved today let alone clean up a dam thing.

Pheonix Fellington Fucks Chris Harder in ‘Big Cock Stretch’ at ExtraBigDicks

Big Cock Stretch (Pheonix Fellington Fucks Chris Harder) at ExtraBigDicks

Pheonix Fellington is stretching on a mat in the locker room getting ready for his workout when Chris Harder walks in. Chris immediately takes notice of Pheonix and as he is stretching his big cock falls out of the side of his shorts. Of course this entices Chris even more and soon he is offering to help Pheonix stretch. As he hands wander up his leg, Chris grabs hold of Pheonix’s massive cock and starts stroking it as it grows in his hand. He is soon sucking the big cock and doing his best to take as much as possible.

Trent King Fucks Chris Harder in ‘Leather Lovers’ at Next Door Ebony

Leather Lovers (Trent King Fucks Chris Harder) at NextDoorEbony

Trent King and Chris Harder are dressed in black and ready to attack. Trent’s leathers can barely contain his big dick, and Chris is all to eager to help him out of duds. Chris sucks him off on his knees before Trent bends down and turns him around, tonguing his hole before giving Chris the business end of his meatstick. He fucks Chris from behind, holding him by his leather straps and plowing his ass.

Chris Harder & Damien Michaels Flip-Fuck in ‘Backstage Pass 2’ Scene 3 at Raging Stallion

Backstage Pass 2 (Chris Harder & Damien Michaels Flip-Fuck) (Scene 3) at Raging Stallion

With passionate kissing, bearded studs Chris Harder and Damien Michaels explore each other’s bodies. Chris gets things going by sucking on Damien’s fat cock. Their lean, ripped torsos ripple under a thick coating of hair: Chris’ is dark brown, and Damien’s is light blond. Standing above Damien, Chris presents his hard meat for oral worship.

Travis James Fucks Chris Harder in ‘Working The Case’ at

Working The Case (Travis James Fucks Chris Harder) at Drill My Hole

Travis James is eager to get in on the case his team is working on but they wonít give him a chance to prove his worth. His first order of business; getting Chris Harder on his side. He rims and fucks his ass so good that after their session he is sure heíll get in on the case.

Jay Alexander Fucks Chris Harder in ‘Park Scouting’ at NextDoorEbony

Park Scouting (Jay Alexander Fucks Chris Harder) at NextDoorEbony

As Jay Alexander hangs out in the park, he has no idea that model scout, Chris Harder is watching him. Just when the moment’s right, Chris makes his move, approaching Jay. He tells him he likes his look and gives Jay his card. Jay is intrigued by the prospect of modeling, and even more intrigued by Chris himself.

Andre Donovan Fucks Chris Harder in ‘Taking The Cake’ at NextDoorEbony

Taking The Cake (Andre Donovan Fucks Chris Harder) at NextDoorEbony

Andre Donovan always makes the most of his birthday. This year, he’s made sure not to invite any guests over to help him celebrate…except for one. Chris Harder is a little surprised to find out it’s just the two of them. But when Andre explains that all he wants for his birthday is to ‘do’ Chris, it makes a lot more sense!

Derek Maxum Fucks Chris Harder in ‘I’d Hit That’ Scene 2 at RagingStallion

I'd Hit That (Derek Maxum Fucks Chris Harder) (Scene 2) at Raging Stallion

Handsome stud Chris Harder sports a beard, lots of ink, and a hairy chest and legs. He knows what he wants and how to get it. He hooks an elbow around Derek Maxum’s neck, pulls him close for a kiss, grabs his hard cock and inhales. With a blow job this intense, Derek can barely stop from falling over. His smooth chest and ripped abs drip with beads of sweat.

Alex Mecum Fucks Chris Harder in ‘Married Men’ Part 3 at

Married Men (Alex Mecum Fucks Chris Harder) (Part 3) at Str8 To Gay

Chris Harder has a hot and married client he’s been showing properties to. It took some time but Alex Mecum eventually falls for new digs as well as his agent’s sweet ass. Alex drills Chris nice and hard before blowing his huge load all over his sexy face.

Johnny V & Chris Harder Flip-Fuck in ‘Labyrinth’ Scene 4 at RagingStallion

Labyrinth (Derek Maxum Fucks Johnny V) (Scene 3) at Raging Stallion

Naked men prowl a dark, cavernous space hungry for sex. Johnny V sits masturbating furiously, until a knock prompts him to stick his cock through a glory hole where Chris Harder’s mouth awaits. Chris’ body is a composition made of fur and ink. Another cock emerges from an adjacent glory hole. The cocks are close enough for Chris to jack them both off at once when a third cock stabs through another glory hole.

Michael Thomas Fucks Chris Harder in ‘Labyrinth’ Scene 2 at RagingStallion

Labyrinth (Michael Thomas Fucks Chris Harder) (Scene 2) at Raging Stallion

Chris Harder’s sexual desire rages on as he wanders the muggy halls of the Labyrinth. A massive physique appears in the distance, silhouetted by a red glow. Chris approaches as Michael Thomas steps into the light, a mountain of stacked muscle without a hair on his body. They connect with their mouths, then Chris kneels to suck Michael’s long, curved cock.

Sebastian Kross Fucks Chris Harder in ‘Dick Moves’ Scene 4 at Raging Stallion

Dick Moves (Sebastian Kross Fucks Chris Harder) (Scene 4) at Raging Stallion

Sebastian Kross always finds faults in the staff — but no one dares to say no when he wants to fuck them. As a joke, Mike De Marko jacks some ‘extra cream’ into Sebastian’s coffee, and sends Chris Harder to deliver. When Sebastian drinks it, his only complaint is there’s not enough sugar… so Chris must pay with his ass.

HotHouse: Fine Tuned Ass (Armando De Armas & Chris Harder) (Scene 4)

Fine Tuned Ass (Armando De Armas & Chris Harder) (Scene 4) at Hothouse

Armando De Armas is cleaning his tools and closing up shop when power bottom, Chris Harder walks in. The work on Chris’ bike isn’t done, so he wants Armando to work on something else. Eagerly descending down on his knees, Chris offers his throat for a messy, wet blowjob while Armando fingers his tight pink ass and pierced taint.

Dylan Lucas: Heavy Breathing (Kaydin Bennett & Chris Harder)

Heavy Breathing (Kaydin Bennett & Chris Harder) at DylanLucas

Chris Harder is looking for a running buddy to help motivate him in his workout and he finds that in Kaydin Bennett. The two push each other harder and harder each day, but this time they really go for it. When they collapse on a tree together, panting face to face for support, the tension gets really high. Watch what happens when they start pushing each other further in different ways. Enjoy!

Drill My Hole: The Mysteries Of Bennett Anthony (Bennett Anthony & Chris Harder) (Part 3)

The Mysteries Of Bennett Anthony (Bennett Anthony & Chris Harder) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

Detective Bennett Anthony is still working the case of the murdered men found in the Hudson. He gets a lead and decides to go check out a store that sells skimpy male undies.

Str8-To-Gay: Home Wrecker (Chris Harder & Jimmy Fanz) (Part 3)

Home Wrecker (Chris Harder & Jimmy Fanz) (Part 3) at

Chris Harder is at it again, this time in a jewelry shop preying on Jimmy Fanz. Jimmy is looking to buy his coldhearted, bitch of a wife some accessories to get back in her good graces. As it turns out, jewelry doesn’t always cut it these days.

Str8-To-Gay: Home Wrecker (Chris Harder & Will Braun) (Part 2)

Home Wrecker (Chris Harder & Will Braun) (Part 2) at

Will Braun is having marital issues with his wife, so he decides to buy her flowers. There, he meets Chris Harder, a florist who offers him an ear to listen should the flowers not be enough.

Str8-To-Gay: Home Wrecker (Chris Harder & Jarec Wentworth) (Part 1)

Home Wrecker (Chris Harder & Jarec Wentworth) (Part 1) at

Chris Harder finds Jarec Wentworth so fucking hot and the fact that he is tied down with a wife and son makes him even hotter. Chris manages to get Jarec into his apartment where Jarec explains how his lame wife won’t put out because he left his construction job.

CockyBoys: Chris Harder & Sonny Stewart (Flip-Fuck!)

Chris Harder & Sonny Stewart (Flip-Fuck!) at

Chris Harder really is your all-American guy — the bulging muscles, the dark blond hair and blue eyes, the sparkling smile. And he’s got a really welcoming personality that always makes you feel comfortable. So naturally, French-Canadian bad boy Sonny Stewart was intrigued by him. In fact, the first French phrase he taught Chris was “You’re a really hot guy.”

CockyBoys: Chris Harder & Levi Michaels (Flip-Flop)

Chris Harder & Levi Michaels (Flip-Flop) at

Chris Harder and Levi Michaels are two handsome, adventurous, and sexually liberated young men! For their scene, they decided that they wanted to explore the path less traveled – literally. So they went out for a hike and when they found a place that was semi-secluded they got completely naked and went to town on each other!

CockyBoys: Chris Harder & Felix Warner (Flip-Fuck)

Chris Harder & Felix Warner (Flip-Fuck) at

Felix Warner is new to the site but not new to guys. He’s completely versatile and loves giving it as much as taking it. He loves a man with body hair and muscles so Chris Harder was the perfect match for him. Chris loves a bad boy with tattoos who knows how to worship his chest hair and Felix was eager to do just that.

CockyBoys: Gabriel Clark Fucks Chris Harder!

Gabriel Clark Fucks Chris Harder at

Chris Harder was excited to meet Gabriel Clark for the first time. Though Chris has already worked extensively with Jake Jaxson on Answered Prayers, he said he never truly felt like a CockyBoy until he was about to get fucked by Gabriel — or as Chris calls it, “get Clark’d.” It’s somewhat of a rite of passage at CockyBoys to “get Clark’d” at CockyBoys, and it’s a different experience each time for Gabriel.

CockyBoys: Answered Prayers: The Bully (Bravo Delta, Chris Harder, Dillon Rossi & Levi Karter)

Answered Prayers: The Bully (Bravo Delta, Chris Harder, Dillon Rossi & Levi Karter) at

Sebastian Caine has been living a double life — by day he is a tightly wound TV pundit preaching anti-gay conservative rhetoric, and by night he’s doing booty bumps and sucking cock with his personal masseur. If there was only one word to describe Sebastian Caine, it would be “hypocrite.”