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NextDoorEBONY: Trent King Fucks Beau Reed in ‘Hot Sexy Day’

Hot Sexy Day (Trent King Fucks Beau Reed) at NextDoorEbony

Trent King and Beau Reed are enjoying the hot sun in their backyard. Trent wants a glass of water since its so hot today and Beau goes inside to get it for him.

Next Door EBONY: Trent King Fucks River Wilson in ‘Private Ride’

Private Ride (Trent King Fucks River Wilson) at NextDoorEbony

When Trent King decided to rent a limo for the evening, he was looking forward to a nice smooth ride. But when River Wilson inspects the bulge in his pants, Trent realizes he’s about to get more than he bargained for.

NextDoorEBONY: XL’s Urge To Be Penetrated

XL's Urge To Be Penetrated at NextDoorEbony

Just as his name suggests, there’s nothing about porn star XL that isn’t super sized. Whether it’s his bulging biceps or sculpted chest muscles, or the heat he’s packing in his pants, it’s all above average.

NextDoorEBONY: Rio B Fucks Artist in ‘Close & Personal’

Close & Personal (Rio B Fucks Artist) at NextDoorEbony

Rio B has become a vet around the Ebony studios, and here we get close and personal with what makes him tick. Not to spoil the surprise, but the answer is a nice healthy helping of fresh meat, which is exactly what’s on the table before him today. Artist is new to the scene, but he quickly shows his talents, sucking Rio’s thick cock all the way to the base before letting Rio have his way with him.

NextDoorEBONY!: XL Fucks Beau Reed in ‘Hard Morning’

Hard Morning (XL Fucks Beau Reed) at NextDoorEbony

As he stares out the window at the approaching morning, Beau Reed can feel lover XL coming up behind him. XL, fresh out of the shower, is ready to start the morning right, and Beau is definitely down with the program, as he sits XL back on the sofa and proceeds to suck him off, taking XL’s long dick all the way down his throat before tongue fucking XL’s hole…

Next Door EBONY: Rio B (Ripped, Tattooed and Pierced Stud)

Rio B (Ripped, Tattooed and Pierced Stud) at NextDoorEbony

Ripped stud Rio B is all dudded up in leather and straps, dressed for pleasure in this intimate, private solo scene. He gives you exclusive access to his one man show as he lets the camera run and proceeds to show off his goods.

Odin Strokes and Addison Graham Flip-Fuck in ‘Trading Off’ at NextDoorEBONY

Trading Off (Odin Strokes and Addison Graham Flip-Fuck) at NextDoorEbony

Odin Strokes and Addison Graham are two versatile, open-minded guys that seem to have a quiet chemistry and a complimentary nature. Both are into taking the dick and giving it up, so when they get together, it’s all about taking turns with each other. First, Addison has it his way, as Odin falls to his knees and sucks him off.

NextDoorEBONY: Odin Strokes (Solo)

Odin Strokes at NextDoorEbony

Odin Strokes makes his return to the Next Door screen in this great looking solo. Still the same nervous Odin, he overcomes his nerves to put on a show for you, as he slowly strips out of his clothes and spreads his legs, showing off his fuckable hole before living up to his name and showing off his stroke. As the afternoon light cascades around him, Odin leans his head back and lets it all hang out, launching his load all over himself in a messy conclusion to his second go round.

NextDoorEBONY: Miller Axton Fucks Scott Demarco in ‘Hotel Hookup’

Hotel Hookup (Miller AXXXton Fucks Scott Demarco) at NextDoorEbony

With new stud Miller AXXXton primed and ready to show his stroke, Scott Demarco finds himself in a familiar position- bent over with a nice hard cock plunged deep into his hole. Miller certainly has the goods to do the job, and he proves he’s got the moves to deliver, as he works Scott’s ass from behind, fucking him all over the hotel room the two of them have agreed to meet at…

NextDoorEBONY: Miller Axton (Solo Feature)

Miller AXXXton (Solo Feature) at NextDoorEbony

Miller AXXXton is a west coast native making his official debut on screen. Though he’s technically a newbie, Miller soon proves he’s got the goods and the attitude to deliver like a pro. Working his way slowly out of his pants, he reveals his massive hard cock, and he shows it off as he rubs himself from head to toe. Taking a seat, Miller gets down to serious business, as he strokes himself hard and watches pre-cum drizzle out of the tip of his cock. Doing all he can to last longer, Miller wags his cock at the camera before unleashing his load all over himself as he blasts himself with a huge wad of jizz. Sweaty and cum covered, he smiles for the camera like a natural. Surely this won’t be the last we see of Miller. Enjoy!

Trent King and Leo Brooks Flip-Fuck in ‘Hung For The Holidays’ at NextDoorEBONY

Hung For The Holidays (Trent King and Leo Brooks Flip-Fuck) at NextDoorEbony

With the big box of decorations busted out for the season, Trent King is all set to spruce up the home for the holidays. One catch: it seems boyfriend Leo Brooks has forgotten to pick up a tree. Trent asks him where all these ornaments are going to hang, and Leo undoes his robe, revealing his long cock, already half-hard at the thought of fucking the afternoon away.

River Wilson Fucks Beau Reed in ‘Deep Body Work’ at NextDoorEBONY

Deep Body Work (River Wilson Fucks Beau Reed) at NextDoorEbony

As soon as Beau Reed gets his hands on client River Wilson’s tense muscles, he knows River is long overdue for some serious body work, but when River’s hands get active in return, it turns out that Beau is on the receiving end of the deep physical therapy.

Trent King and River Wilson Tag-Team Beau Reed in ‘Three The Hard Way’ at NextDoorEBONY

Three The Hard Way (Trent King and River Wilson Tag-Team Beau Reed) at NextDoorEbony

Trent King is in the middle of a very enviable situation, as River Wilson and Beau Reed take turns pleasuring his thick cock. Beau is ready to be his fuckslave, as the three of them move from the balcony into a room equipped with mirrors and a sex-swing.

NextDoorEBONY: Pheonix Fellington and Ian Greene Flip-Fuck in ‘Pheonix Heats Up’

Phoenix Heats Up (Pheonix Fellington and Ian Greene Flip-Fuck) at NextDoorEbony

Pheonix Fellington is ready to rise again, and Ian Greene is just the man to help him. Pheonix’ body is ripped and looking great, and Ian is certainly no slouch either, as he kisses his way down Pheonix’ body and removes his underwear. He sucks Pheonix off before he’s thrown onto the bed, where Pheonix returns the favor before offering Ian his sweet ass.

Pheonix Fellington at NextDoorEBONY

Pheonix Fellington at NextDoorEbony

Pheonix Fellington is looking to get a rise out of you as he spends some quality time with himself for your enjoyment. Already stripped down to his underwear, this ripped stud with his big dick is teasing and tempting himself before digging into his shorts to satisfy his urges.

Jacen Zhu Fucks Casey Everett in ‘Helping Hand’ at NextDoorEBONY

Helping Hand (Jacen Zhu Fucks Casey Everett) at NextDoorEbony

Casey Everett is all set to dance tonight but he’s not sure what to wear, so he’s enlisted Jacen Zhu to come over and help him. After modeling a few outfits, they decide on one that’s best for Casey and Jacen then asks to see his moves. Casey does a little shake that doesn’t do much for Jacen. His disapproval is visible on his face and so Casey asks him to show him, so Jacen stands and helps Casey with his hip movement, gets him to relax, and pressing up against him with his big dick, reminds Casey what he’s dancing for in the first place.

Trent King Fucks Ryan Russell in ‘Special Reveal’ at NextDoorEBONY

Special Reveal (Trent King Fucks Ryan Russell) at NextDoorEbony

With special guest Trent King on hand to model a selection from Jockstrap Central, show host Ryan Russell is in hog heaven, especially when Trent removes his suit to reveal his favorite jockstrap, a little red and black number that can barely hold his meaty member at bay. Ryan wastes no time downing Trent’s cock, giving it a personal test drive as he deep throats the mamba in front of him.

Dominic Pacifico Fucks Jacen Zhu in ‘Pool Together’ at NextDoorEBONY

Pool Together (Dominic Pacifico Fucks Jacen Zhu) at NextDoorEbony

As Jacen Zhu suns himself by the pool, he can’t help but fantasize about the guy cleaning the pool in front of him. Dominic Pacifico is a handsome, muscle-bound stud, and when he sees Jacen checking him out and rubbing himself down in anticipation, it doesn’t take him long to get with the program. He makes his way over to Jacen’s lounge chair and instantly opens his shorts to let Jacen have a taste.

Rio B Fucks Brendan Phillips in ‘Summer Relief’ at NextDoorEBONY

Summer Relief (Rio B Fucks Brendan Phillips) at NextDoorEbony

While sun-bathing on the back deck, Brendan Phillips and Rio decide to turn the heat up a little hotter, choosing to move into the bedroom to engage in some summer fun. Brendan is hot for Rio’s big dick, sucking him off as he chokes himself with Rio’s meat pole. After gagging Brendan, Rio tongues his ass to get it ready for some long dicking, as Brendan continues to suck away.

Darion Fucks Beau Reed in ‘Hard Muscles’ at NextDoorEBONY

Hard Muscles (Darion Fucks Beau Reed) at NextDoorEbony

Newcomer Darion is leading Beau Reed through his normal workout regimen. All the standard stuff: stretching, cardio, push ups, crunches… and Darion’s body certainly shows the rewards of his hard work, but at the completion of the workout, Beau is still full of energy, and so he takes the opportunity to lead Darion in a different kind of exercise, as the two of them make their way inside. Once there, Beau falls to his knees, sucking Darion’s meatstick until it’s nice and hard, then stroking him up while tonguing his hole.