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River Wilson Fucks Beau Reed in ‘Deep Body Work’ at NextDoorEBONY

Deep Body Work (River Wilson Fucks Beau Reed) at NextDoorEbony

As soon as Beau Reed gets his hands on client River Wilson’s tense muscles, he knows River is long overdue for some serious body work, but when River’s hands get active in return, it turns out that Beau is on the receiving end of the deep physical therapy.

Trent King and River Wilson Tag-Team Beau Reed in ‘Three The Hard Way’ at NextDoorEBONY

Three The Hard Way (Trent King and River Wilson Tag-Team Beau Reed) at NextDoorEbony

Trent King is in the middle of a very enviable situation, as River Wilson and Beau Reed take turns pleasuring his thick cock. Beau is ready to be his fuckslave, as the three of them move from the balcony into a room equipped with mirrors and a sex-swing.

Beau Reed, Ethan Chase, Teddy Torres and William Sawyer in ‘SuPERVisor’ Part 3 at

SuPERVisor (Beau Reed, Ethan Chase, Teddy Torres and William Sawyer) (Part 3) at The Gay Office

Beau Reed gives his workers, Ethan Chase, Teddy Torres and William Sawyer, a little bonus in the form of a free pass to his ass.

Teddy Torres Fucks Beau Reed in ‘SuPERVisor’ Part 1 at

SuPERVisor (Teddy Torres Fucks Beau Reed) (Part 1) at The Gay Office

Beau Reed enforces a strict new dress code for his hired help, Teddy Torres. The new dress code turns both guys on for a hot home-office fuck-fest.

Darion Fucks Beau Reed in ‘Hard Muscles’ at NextDoorEBONY

Hard Muscles (Darion Fucks Beau Reed) at NextDoorEbony

Newcomer Darion is leading Beau Reed through his normal workout regimen. All the standard stuff: stretching, cardio, push ups, crunches… and Darion’s body certainly shows the rewards of his hard work, but at the completion of the workout, Beau is still full of energy, and so he takes the opportunity to lead Darion in a different kind of exercise, as the two of them make their way inside. Once there, Beau falls to his knees, sucking Darion’s meatstick until it’s nice and hard, then stroking him up while tonguing his hole.

Manuel Skye Fucks Beau Reed in ‘STEAM’ at

Steam (Manuel Sky Fucks Beau Reed) at Gods Of Men

Beau Reed and Manuel Skye have some fun in the shower. Beau’s tight bubble ass is pillaged by the pumping of Manuel’s deliciously long dick.

Rio B Fucks Beau Reed in ‘Morning Routine’ at Next Door Ebony

Morning Routine (Rio B Fucks Beau Reed) at NextDoorEbony

As far as Rio B is concerned, the day doesn’t truly begin until he’s had himself a nice morning romp. Luckily, boyfriend Beau Reed is always down for some morning activity, so as Rio soaks himself in the tub, and Beau lathers up for his shave, Rio decides to have a little fun, pulling Beau’s towel off and exposing his bubble butt.

JJ Knight Fucks Beau Reed in ‘Property Lovers’ Scene 3 at Falcon Studios

Property Lovers (JJ Knight Fucks Beau Reed) (Scene 3) at FalconStudios

After a long day, JJ Knight and Brent Corrigan collapse into bed. Brent excitedly tells JJ about how he caught Alex Mecum and Dustin Holloway fucking on the job, and the sexy story inspires them into a nighttime quickie. The next morning, Beau Reed arrives to finish some work as JJ is still wrapped in a towel, finishing shaving. Beau nervously asks if he should come back later, but JJ assures him it’s no problem. Stepping into the shower, JJ rinses off the shaving cream and shows off his massive boner to Beau, whose eyes widen with surprise and lust.

Trent King Fucks Beau Reed in ‘The Masterpiece’ at NextDoorEbony

The Masterpiece (Trent King Fucks Beau Reed) at NextDoorEbony

Beau Reed is an art enthusiast and he’s always looking out for exotic ground breaking pieces. Beau is the last one to leave the art exhibit as he engulfs himself with all the erotic dildos and pictures of beautiful naked men on the walls. Trent King is closing up the shop when he sees that Beau is still admiring his work.