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Alex Mecum, Zander Cole & Alessandro Haddad in ‘Property Lovers’ Scene 4 at Falcon Studios

Property Lovers (Alex Mecum, Zander Cole & Alessandro Haddad) (Scene 4) at FalconStudios

Gardener Alessandro Haddad is working on getting the grounds in shape while interior designer Zander Cole installs the finishing touches in the bedroom. Lead contractor Alex Mecum observes Zander’s work – and Zander’s fuckable ass in his tight jeans. Zander pulls out Alex’s massive cock and puts his lips to work. Alex’s hairy, muscular body flexes as he enjoys Zander’s expert head.

JJ Knight Fucks Beau Reed in ‘Property Lovers’ Scene 3 at Falcon Studios

Property Lovers (JJ Knight Fucks Beau Reed) (Scene 3) at FalconStudios

After a long day, JJ Knight and Brent Corrigan collapse into bed. Brent excitedly tells JJ about how he caught Alex Mecum and Dustin Holloway fucking on the job, and the sexy story inspires them into a nighttime quickie. The next morning, Beau Reed arrives to finish some work as JJ is still wrapped in a towel, finishing shaving. Beau nervously asks if he should come back later, but JJ assures him it’s no problem. Stepping into the shower, JJ rinses off the shaving cream and shows off his massive boner to Beau, whose eyes widen with surprise and lust.

Alex Mecum Fucks Dustin Holloway in ‘Property Lovers’ Scene 2 at Falcon Studios

Property Lovers (Alex Mecum Fucks Dustin Holloway) (Scene 2) at FalconStudios

Young, successful couple Brent Corrigan and JJ Knight just bought their dream home: all it needs is a bit of remodeling for everything to be just perfect. After JJ leaves for work, Brent welcomes the sexy contractors into the house. After Brent heads out, Alex Mecum interrupts Dustin Holloway’s painting for a high-stakes rim job. Dustin unzips Alex’s jeans, liberating his massive, throbbing boner.

Brent Corrigan Fucks Alessandro Haddad in ‘Property Lovers’ Scene 1 at Falcon Studios

Property Lovers (Brent Corrigan Fucks Alessandro Haddad) (Scene 1) at FalconStudios

Brent Corrigan’s dream home is finally finished and furnished. He walks through the modern dwelling, admiring the handiwork that the handsome contractors did. Walking out by the pool, he pays a compliment to the gardener Alessandro Haddad, who is putting some final touches on the patio. Brent and Alessandro want to share phone numbers to stay in touch for future work, but Alessandro’s thick gloves make it hard for him to get his phone out of his pocket.