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Pierre Fitch Fucks Ethan Chase in ‘Real Boyfriends Fuck Raw’ at BROMO!

Real Boyfriends Fuck Raw (Pierre Fitch Fucks Ethan Chase) (Bareback) at BROMO

Real boyfriends Pierre Fitch and Ethan Chase want to spoil you with something special. In Pierre’s first ever bareback scene, watch what real no holds barred sex is like for this power couple. The chemistry between these two is off the charts. See for yourself how Pierre’s thick & juicy cock was made to fuck Ethan’s gorgeous hole.

Philip Zyos Fucks Pierre Fitch in ‘Charmed’ at

Charmed (Philip Zyos Fucks Pierre Fitch) at Gods Of Men

Pierre Fitch and Philip Zyos get passionate in ‘Charmed’. A heavy make-out session turns to dick sucking and ass-licking fun before the main event. Philip fits snugly within Pierre’s hole, gently moving in and out of the Canadian stud until both can’t contain their cum.

Caleb King Fucks Pierre Fitch in ‘Men In Canada’ Part 4 at

Men In Canada (Caleb King Fucks Pierre Fitch) (Part 4) at Drill My Hole

In the final part of this epic series sexy beast Caleb King and hung hottie Pierre Fitch are watching some hockey. When their team wins they celebrate the only right way. Pierre swallows Caleb’s fat cock like a champ before bending his sweet Canadian ass over for a hard fuck.

Pierre Fitch Fucks Dustin Holloway in ‘Men In Canada’ Part 2 at

Men In Canada (Pierre Fitch Fucks Dustin Holloway) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Big dicked Canadian all-star Pierre Fitch drills Dustin Holloway’s hole doggy style. Dustin then sits on Pierre’s fat dick before he shoots his big and creamy load while having his ass pounded hard.

CockyBoys: Pierre Fitch Fucks Lev Ivankov

Pierre Fitch Fucks Lev Ivankov at

It’s another beautiful warm winter day in New York and Pierre Fitch and Lev Ivankov are inseparable. They just can’t stop making out. If they’re outside, they’re always holding hands and hugging each other. And if they’re at the house it’s like they have their own “no clothes” rule.

Abraham Al Malek, Damien Crosse, Dominique Hansson, Jimmy Fanz & Pierre Fitch in ‘Thirst’ (Finale) at

Thirst (Abraham Al Malek, Damien Crosse, Dominique Hansson, Jimmy Fanz & Pierre Fitch) (Part 4) at Jizz Orgy

Damien Crosse orchestrates this late night vampire fuck session. Abraham Al Malek takes Pierre Fitch’s huge cock down his throat while Jimmy Fanz lets his cock loose on Dominique Hansson’s hot ass. Watch as Damien Crosse suck the hot cum clean from all of these hot men before blowing a load of his own.

Jimmy Fanz and Pierre Fitch Flip-Fuck in ‘Thirst’ Part 3 at

Thirst (Jimmy Fanz and Pierre Fitch Flip-Fuck) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

Canadian porn star Pierre Fitch is tasked with preparing Jimmy Fanz for his new life and that means stuffing his fat cock down his throat, and then fucking his bouncy ass while he screams in ecstasy. Jimmy Fanz is rock hard as he rides Pierre’s big dick, and then Pierre Fitch flips his sweet ass around and demands that Jimmy fuck him hard.

Damien Crosse Fucks Pierre Fitch in ‘Thirst’ Part 2 at

Thirst (Damien Crosse Fucks Pierre Fitch) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Tough man Damien Crosse has his way with Pierre Fitch’s hot ass, but not before having his face truly fucked by the hung stud. Damien holds onto Pierre’s head as he rams his cock into his sexy hole. Watch Pierre’s huge cock bounce as he rides Damien’s stiff dick.

Gods Of Men: 3300 Miles (Allen King & Pierre Fitch) (Flip-Fuck)

3300 Miles (Allen King & Pierre Fitch) at Gods Of Men

Pierre Fitch has to go to Spain for business. It was supposed to only be for a few days, but it turns into much longer. In the meantime Pierre’s sexy boyfriend, Allen King, waits at home anxiously. Allen just wants to have Pierre’s lips and tongue wrapped around his huge dick. When Pierre finally arrives home, Allen slams Pierre’s hungry hole, and then has his own ass ravaged by Pierre’s big, meaty cock.

Drill My Hole: Erase and Rewind (Matt Anders & Pierre Fitch) (Part 4)

Erase and Rewind (Matt Anders & Pierre Fitch) (Part 4) at Drill My Hole

Pierre Fitch wakes up after his procedure next to Matt Anders, and asks him “who are you?” as he walks to the living room. Matt follows Pierre’s sexy body and soon they’re kissing and blowing each other’s fat dicks.

Drill My Hole: Erase and Rewind (Jessy Ares & Pierre Fitch) (Part 2)

Erase and Rewind (Jessy Ares & Pierre Fitch) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Pierre Fitch goes in to see neurologist, Dr. Jessy Ares, in order to wipe his mind of his ex-boyfriend and start a new life for himself. First, Dr. Jessy needs to perform a physical and gather some data. It doesn’t take long for things to heat up between the two. They start to kiss and suck each other’s dicks before Dr. Jessy drills Pierre’s tight hole with his thick, throbbing cock.

Drill My Hole: Erase and Rewind (Nick North & Pierre Fitch) (Part 1)

Erase and Rewind (Nick North & Pierre Fitch) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Every day seems dull and the same to Pierre Fitch. He finally decides to make a meaningful change in his life. With his plan in motion he meets Nick North who expertly sucks his fat cock. Pierre excites Nick’s hole with his tongue, and then holds onto Nick’s shoulders as he fucks him hard, doggy style. Nick bounces on Pierre’s huge cock and then gets railed hard on his side.

CockyBoys: Pierre Fitch & Angel Cruz (Flip-Fuck)

Pierre Fitch & Angel Cruz (Flip-Fuck) at

Pierre Fitch loves showing foreigners around his hometown, Montreal. And Angel Cruz was very happy to receive a mini tour from Pierre’s high-rise apartment, being all the way from Spain. In fact, their chemistry quickly led to what you might call “sexual tourism” where they both whipped out their cocks and explored each other’s bodies.

CockyBoys: Rafael Alencar Fucks Pierre Fitch

Rafael Alencar Fucks Pierre Fitch at

Rafael Alencar and Pierre Fitch are two names that need no introduction in the porn world.

CockyBoys: Pierre Fitch Drills Duncan Black

Pierre Fitch Drills Duncan Black at

Duncan Black is exactly the kind of guy Pierre Fitch loves to fuck — he’s a total bottom with one of the most beautiful round asses you’ll ever see! The guys went for a desert hike and Pierre couldn’t stop looking at Duncan’s firm cheeks moving and clenching as he ascended the rocks. Duncan in turn was a huge fan of Pierre’s famously large cock, even going as far as sucking him off right there next to a desert stream!

CockyBoys: Sons of Montreal (Pierre Fitch Vs. Jake Bass)

Gabriel Clark Hammers Asher Hawk at

If there was ever an instance where you want to say to someone, “why don’t y’all just go ahead and fuck already?!” it would be Jake Bass and Pierre Fitch! Both sons of Montreal, they have at one time or another been both friends and rivals. Both boys have big personalities (and egos) and it’s safe to say Pierre and Jake have more than once crossed paths in Montreal…

CockyBoys: Pierre Fitch Drills Asher Hawk!

Pierre Fitch Drills Asher Hawk! at

Asher Hawk has quickly become one of our favorite Cockyboys so we decided to reward him. And what better way to do that than to let him have sex with his first pornstar-crush – the one and only, Mr. Pierre Fitch.

CockyBoys: Pierre Fitch Pounds Levi Karter

Pierre Fitch Pounds Levi Karter at

Levi Karter has been waiting for his moment with Pierre Fitch since he first started his career. And lucky for him, Pierre is just now getting accustomed to a brand new physique thanks to a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables. In fact, staying fit was one of the first things he and Levi chatted about when they first met on Twitter. And now, they’re finally together in person with the best looking bods they’ve ever had.

Pierre Fitch: Pierre Fucks Dominic Couture

Pierre Fucks Dominic at

We all know it’s hard finding a bottom that can take Pierre’s huge dick. There are many that try, but few that can really live up to what it is to really be able to ride Pierre’s impressive shlong. Dominic is a power bottom that lives up to the expectation!

Watch Pierre Fucks Dominic at

CockyBoys: Ricky Roman Fantasy Fucks Pierre Fitch!

Ricky Roman Fantasy Fucks Pierre Fitch! at

Whenever you see Ricky Roman with that signature mischievous smirk across his face, you know he’s having some dirty thoughts. But when you’re about to fuck the world-famous Pierre Fitch, who wouldn’t be a little bit giddy with excitement?

Watch Ricky Roman & Pierre Fitch at

Pierre Fitch: Pierre Pounds Liam Emerson (In The Bathtub)

Pierre Pounds Liam Emerson (In The Bathtub) at

There are many places Pierre likes to play, and a big, bubbly bathtub is another one to add to the list. After all, there aren’t many other places where people are always naked, so it’s the perfect place for fucking.

Watch Pierre Fitch & Liam Emerson at