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ChaosMen: Cullen (Serviced by Bryan)

Cullen (Serviced by Bryan) at ChaosMen

Cullen (Serviced by Bryan) at ChaosMen

Cullen (Serviced by Bryan) at ChaosMen

Cullen (Serviced by Bryan) at ChaosMen

Cullen (Serviced by Bryan) at ChaosMen

Cullen (Serviced by Bryan) at ChaosMen

Watch Cullen & Bryan at

When Cullen did his peep, I had no time to really talk with him to find out if he was down for more.

I had a model not show up, so I texted Cullen to find out if he wanted to jump in and get his cock serviced. He has no wheels, but thought he could rent a car and make the 2-3 hour drive. I needed him here in the morning, but never heard back from him. At about noon the day of the shoot, he sent a text to me that he had secured the vehicle. By then I had already re-arranged the schedule, so he was going to show up and have no one to work with.

Thankfully, the massage table was there to save the day! I got him in to do some nicer photos then the “selfies” I had of him, and he was actually eager to get on the table and be serviced.

We really didn’t talk much. He apologized for being late. Said he was up all night having sex with the car-rental lady, but that he got the car rental for a good price. I was thinking great about the car rental, but was he going to be able to perform?

Instead, his cock LOVED being naked! Every time he was about to expose himself, his cock would spring to life before it had cleared his the elastic on his underwear. The photos were a breeze, and getting him on the table was no challenge. He never once looked over at the porn playing for him.

The video is rock solid, and I loved making him squirm around. He was very responsive to the little bit of ass play, and his cock was ready to the shoot the entire time. He squirts a whole bunch, even surprising me with once with a delayed but big squirt to my face!

Watch Cullen & Bryan at

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  • Sushi

    Not really into the long hair, but I do love that he’s “natural” everywhere else. Ilk have to see him in action for further opinions.

  • dio

    Cullen’s hair is everything.

    • SuperDuper

      Lol I thought you’d love his hair as I saw his pics. Looks like I was correct.

  • buckyboy72

    Just take him home, Bryan, we don’t need to see him.

  • Krystopher

    Nice ass.

  • Bob-omb

    Fabio hair just makes me laaaaugh. Fortunately his body is fantastic. Those shots of his ass in the air? His cock looks SO HOT hanging between his legs.

    I want this guy in a video. And getting fucked. Otherwise I’ll probably be bored.

  • elmtree

    So is this part of monster week? I don’t think his cock qualifies as “monster”.
    Having said that, I’m totally down with seeing more from him…minus Bryan. Just can’t get into site owners with their models. And while Bry looks decent for his age, back to back updates with him in a tank top is a bit much…

  • jinger

    Fuck yeah, gorgeous man, beautiful hair. He looks stoned though.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    “Said he was up all night having sex with the car-rental lady, but that he got the car rental for a good price.” Seriously? ROTFLMAO!!

    Anyway, nice -looking guy but he would do well to lose the facial hair and much of the body hair (but leave the pubes intact). And I agree with jinger that he looks stoned.

  • Bradster

    Another video ruined by Bryan’s nasty mug. He needs to learn to stay BEHIND the camera.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Notice how he often makes excuses about his appearance was because of last-minute logistical issues? I wonder if they’re legitimate?

  • CA

    Mhmm, he’s hot. I hope he found someone over there to fuck or be fucked by….and not Bryan.

  • moondoggy

    Hell the fuck yes. If they get this one to stick his cock in Vander, that’s a game changer.

  • CalRegularGuy

    Cullen’s body is absolutely perfect, including every hair on it. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more of him.

    • swim400

      so agree but with equally hot models.

  • Habanero

    I’m not one for a guy with long hair but it kind of works with this guy. Plus he has other attractive qualities that help make it up. I’m curious to see what he does in future videos.

  • Daniel

    Mountain man?

  • freater

    Usually don’t dig this look, but he’s okay. Disappointed with his dick though.

  • Fazz

    Long hair dont care, gurl!

  • Helluva Bottom Carter

    Well, he’s fit and hung so it’s hot in any case but the long hair is big bonus points for me. Adds to his unshaven natural look and he wears it well. Would make a pretty fuckin hot sex buddy, wouldn’t he?

  • Hot scene!