ChaosMen: Alec & Troi (Raw)

Alec & Troi (Raw) at ChaosMen

Alec & Troi (Raw) at ChaosMen

Alec & Troi (Raw) at ChaosMen

Alec & Troi (Raw) at ChaosMen

Alec & Troi (Raw) at ChaosMen

Alec & Troi (Raw) at ChaosMen

Watch Alec and Troi at

I know many of you are skeptical about a model’s “first time” but Alec’s first time getting fucked by Jonas really surprised him. I think if you are not fond of bottoming, then you can’t see how someone could take to it so quickly. Perhaps bottoms are less skeptical?

But Alec sure did take to it fast. He says it does hurt a bit at first, but his cock loves it and it makes him want to cum faster. Getting fucked by Troi is his second time, and I guess I just figured he could take Troi’s large cock given how easily it was to get him fucked by Jonas.

There is an OutTake at the end to show the skeptics that it is not all, “Yeah! Put it in and fuck me hard!” from the get go. I know some love to see the multiple attempts at taking a cock, but it kinda ruins it for me. I guess I want to know the guys are enjoying it. The OutTake gives you a glimpse at what can happen when a cock is a bit too big for the hole.

But accommodating Troi’s fat dick, his second time getting fucked was perhaps biting-off more than he could chew. After that first ‘ouchie’ penetration, he was immediately in the Zone and Troi does enjoy making guys squirm around on his cock.

We also wanted to train Alec on cock-sucking. He teethed Jonas pretty bad on his first attempt, which you can see on Jonas’ face several times. I had warned Troi, but he gave Alec a big thumbs up for the blow job. Troi’s continues to drool like a St. Bernard when he gives head. Something I wish I could do as I constantly reach for some lubrication to avoid desert mouth. He puts his spit to good use, slobbering all over Alec’s rather large cock..and his hole!

We used a chair to give us some cooler angles, so hope you enjoy that.

Making Alec cum is super easy. Just fuck him and he will bust in under 60 seconds. Like Jet, he seems to have to hold back from cumming the entire video. I do wish he would get rid of his new kitty, and the cat scratched hands are a bit frustrating. Of course it would be his jerk-off hand. ~sigh~

Troi has got the cum pump down to a science! He fills his boy up nicely!

Watch Alec and Troi at

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Timrod says:

Really like Troi. A sexy guy.

jinger says:


moondoggy says:

I really liked this. I’d like to see Alec put on a few pounds of muscle, but he’s a nice addition. His cock looks beautiful and stays hard even though he comes across as genuinely new to getting fucked (which I know had Bry creaming himself). Even at the end, when Troi pushed his cummy dick back in after the money shot, you could hear the cherry hole popping open. That’s not the direction my fetishes go in, but I have to admit it has its charms.

DaddyYankee says:

Troi is hot!!! Wonderful body and an amazing dick!

elmtree says:

Good Lord, Bryan needs to feed his models. CM says Alec is 5-10 and 145 lbs while Troi is 5-11 and a whopping 150 lbs. To much skin and bones for my taste altho Troi wears his skinny much better…

jazz says:

Well that explains why I like them both. LOL

elmtree says:

@Jazz…lol, you do like them thin!

swim400 says:

as do i. no extra bulk for me.

elmtree says:

Oh come on…not you to Swim? SMH……

von schlomo says:

count me in, too, for the skinnies (just not the emaciated clones you see on Helix sometimes)

Jonny Marzetti says:

Yes, way too much skin ‘n bone.

Sushi says:

Looks like ChaosBOYS.

Dustin says:

Bring back the days of Taylor, Valentino, Darius, Foster and Solomon.

At least Vander is still around.

Dato Foland says:

LOL ChaosTwinks

jinger says:

ChaosTwinks is funny :)

moondoggy says:

@dustin I was always conflicted about Foster even though he had one of the best cocks in the stable and clearly knew how to use it. As for everyone else on your list, I’m pissed at you for making me remember them all at once.

It hasn’t been that long since Solomon, has it? Maybe he could turn up again. Taylor and Vander might be the best scene they ever did.

slipperyslope says:

“Taylor and Vander might be the best scene they ever did.”

You got that right. Even after all this time it’s still one of my go-to scenes.

gaycockluvr says:

Love anything with Troi and this is no exception. Looks like a hot scene!

swim400 says:

also a loyal Troi fan along with Vander, Glenn, Jet, Allen, Lawrence

ohreally says:

EAT SOMETHING! And then schedule appointments with the DENTIST and PLASTIC SURGEON…both of them.

darkthunder1983 says:

Oh, just stop.

Dato Foland says:

where is my Shiloh???

elmtree says:

Where is my Dato?! :-)

jinger says:

Yeah Shiloh should have been there instead of Alec.

Raihan Delano says:

Hey..Dato Folamd <3

NG22 says:

I love Troi and all of his work. I wish he would get fucked again. His flip flop with Cooper was super sexy.

Alec isn’t my favorite (for obvious reasons), but I appreciate his enthusiasm, so he can be fun to watch. Still, I would’ve preferred Troi breaking in someone newer and hotter.

And Bryan is clearly losing his mind. In the writeup, he’s saying Alec should get rid of his cat? SMH. Sit down, BO.