Big Dicks At School: School Trip (Ricky Decker & Tom Faulk)

School Trip (Ricky Decker & Tom Faulk) at BigDicksAtSchool

School Trip (Ricky Decker & Tom Faulk) at BigDicksAtSchool

School Trip (Ricky Decker & Tom Faulk) at BigDicksAtSchool

School Trip (Ricky Decker & Tom Faulk) at BigDicksAtSchool

Watch Ricky Decker & Tom Faulk at

After the mandatory “this is not appropriate” protest from the coach, the action begins! Tom Faulk is hot and horny and uses his hard dick to pound coach Ricky Decker right in his bubble butt! This is the first MEN.COM scene for Ricky Decker.

Watch Ricky Decker & Tom Faulk at Banner 2
  • pink spider

    I loved Arthur at SC and felt he was totally underutilized. Shame’s he’s at now though. LOL @ the preview I think a 90 year old with a hip replacement could fuck with more vigor than that. Arthur/Ricky looks totally bored.

    • elmtree

      Ah Arthur. I couldn’t remember where i knew him from…

    • darkthunder1983

      @pink spider
      Glad I’m not the only one who liked Arthur. Seems as though he’s stopped that tanning that he was doing during his SC days.

  • gaycockluvr

    Arthur/Ricky looks a lot hotter here than he did on SC. Shame he’s with MEN…I hope he gets to do some actual scenes eventually. Still not here for bloat/buff Tom Faulk.

    • pink spider

      Agreed on all counts. Arthur/Ricky is a gorgeous man; beautiful skin, big beefy frame (and TALL) and a bottom to top it all off. I don’t know why he never got more play on SC. Admittedly I think he’s a bit more the CF type but even still.

    • sncale


  • carey579

    Tom Faulk is still not convincing as a top (I don’t think he’ll ever be)

    And imo that bottom is way too young to be a coach or at least make a young/mature contrast with Tom in this fantasy of coach/jock.

    • darkthunder1983

      Ricky’s not too young to be a coach; he’s older than Tom.

  • Sushi

    Don’t like Tom topping, and I don’t like thus new, bulky-puffy look either.

  • scottnyer

    wow. I don’t even recognize Tom. With the haircut and bloat/buff. I prefer surfer/skinner Tom.

  • Dustin

    I can understand if Arthur/Ricky left SC because he wanted to sign with a studio that uses condoms. But he must be disappointed going from energetic fucking at Sean Cody to what we normally see at has some good updates, but they’re not consistent. Tom Faulk’s appearance makes me think this will be one of those ‘eh’ scenes.

  • jinger

    Looks good.

  • darkthunder1983

    Ricky seems even beefier here than he did when he was with SC.