CorbinFisher: Cordell

Cordell at CorbinFisher

Cordell at CorbinFisher

Cordell at CorbinFisher

Cordell at CorbinFisher

Cordell at CorbinFisher

Cordell at CorbinFisher

Watch Cordell at CorbinFisher

Cordell’s body is a sight to behold – perfectly proportioned and hot as hell. He complements it well with a hot face and great smile, and even though he’s only 19 he’s very comfortable in front of the camera and you could tell he was having some fun during his introductory solo.

Cordell’s quite the sexual guy – he jerks off about once a day if actual sex doesn’t take care of his needs (and I doubt he has any problem getting laid). Standing missionary is his favorite sexual position, and with that strong upper body that actually sounds like the perfect position for him.

Of course, Cordell’s impressive assets don’t end at the body, smile, and attitude! Once he’s fully stripped down he reveals a big, meaty cock that he strokes a massive load out of.

Watch Cordell at CorbinFisher

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  • jazz

    I wanna see him in action pronto! They could use some variety. Oooh I hope he fucks Truman, Colt, and Zeb.

    • samson

      CF is totally overdue for some interracial sex.

    • elmtree

      Preach Jazz! So true. And the combos you note…nice!

    • Boyo

      He’s hot. Yeah Jazz love to see Zeb riding that thang.

  • slipperyslope

    He has all the right ingredients, but for me, he needs a little more time to cook. A few more years to ripen and I’m down!

    • carey579

      lol I agree on the ingredients being there but the final product is missing something…??

    • pink spider

      A little more meat on the bones would put him over the top. Otherwise he’s pretty much perfect as is.

  • samson

    An uncut black man is rare.

    • endeeeff

      “Is it?” says the uncut Black man leaving this comment.

    • tomtomson

      nothing better than an uncut black dick!!!!

      this boy is a STAR!!!

    • darkthunder1983

      I’m uncut. So what’chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

  • pink spider

    Yes lord!

  • gaycockluvr

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Love EVERYTHING about this guy. Hot, huge dick and a nice fat ass…perfect. Loved that ass jiggle he did in the video too! Please pair him with Colt, Trenton, Josh, Kennedy, Kent or Connor ASAP…basically anyone except Truman or Jacob.

  • Malcolm


    • 7th Heaven

      Definitely…and I love that ass.

  • larie88

    well this is the man!! a perfect specimen of a man….he could be the next cain if he wants to colt has a new competition here for cain spot….love that uncut cock and the butt!! the ass is great! he should be paired with josh or colt or quinn pronto!

    • gaycockluvr

      Quinn would def have a field day with that dick! Where has he been?

    • larie88

      you said it…

  • trex

    Cordell is objectively, gorgeous. He deserves, and I gave him, 5 stars. Yet on the CF website his overall rating is only 3 1/2 stars–a far lower rating than many far less attractive models.

    • larie88

      because in corbin fisher colored guys are a no no to them, unless you have exeptional look, like cordell, but i doubt if he would be utelized well in corbin fisher…

    • pink spider

      To be fair many of the recent new models (Dillon, Calvin, Eric, Jesse, Curtis – WHEN IS CURTIS COMING BACK? – and Ezra) are all hovering around the 3 and a 1/2 – 4 star range.

  • Sushi

    Damn! All the makings for some hot, hot sex to come!

  • CP3PO

    Holy. Fucking. CHRIST!!!

  • mm121

    not sure how i feel about him, whos he going to be with, they dont have any other black guys.

    i just hope he does both, as its way too sterotypical if he only tops and never bttms!!

    but the better question why dont they get some hung white guys instead of adding a hung black guy, again totally feeding into sterotypes that are untrue.

    if he only tops that will be a terrible thing and will ruin cf for me.

    theres other places for people that want interracial, nothing against it but cf isnt’ the place for it

    • jazz

      “not sure how i feel about him, whos he going to be with, they dont have any other black guys.”

      Seriously? So he can ONLY be paired with other black guys? You seem nice.

      “theres other places for people that want interracial, nothing against it but cf isn’t the place for it”

      Dude, it’s 2014…GET OVER IT!

    • Northboy AE


      I’d dress it up more, but it’s so thick, there’s not a need to break it down more.
      You’re a drain on the world’s positive energy.

      Hoping CF uses Cordell fully inspire of people like this down voting him; he’s the package – face, body and dick!

    • Timah

      You do know CF has had black guys in the past right?

    • mm121

      Totally not being racist not at all.. whatever floats people boats is fine.

      I just dont want to see them going with the big black uncut dick fucks white bttm cut guy stereotype that many studios support. as its totally false that black guys are more hung than white guys, dicks come in all shapes and sizes.

    • Dustin

      mm121, it’s not helping when you come back to defend your racist remarks with more racism.

      Corbin Fisher, to my memory, has never had expectations or presented a model in regards to his race, color, or ethnicity. The site (and some of the released I’ve watched) doesn’t have color/ethnic identifiers for non-white models, nor are they portrayed as being sexually exotic or different.

      Cordell is good looking, well built, and fits the clean-cut collegiate type just as well as the other guys in the studio. And if the only reason you object to him is the color of his skin, and accompanying stereotypes, then you are being racist.

    • mm121

      i never objected to him.. i only said i wasn’t sure about him.

      a persons personality and how they do on screen determines who i like and who i dont NOT the color of their skin

      and about the sterotypes i only said i hope they break the trends you see elsewhere rather than follow them to the letter

    • CA

      @mm121, this is where you lost me…

      “….why don’t they get some hung white guys instead of adding a hung black guy…”

      “theres other places for people that want interracial, nothing against it but cf isnt’ the place for it”

      Those are separatist attitudes that marginalize a man based on the color of his skin. That is discriminatory and racist. Sure, you can have your opinion, but don’t be defensive and claim not to hold the values of a bigot.

    • darkthunder1983

      @ mm121

      Dude, seriously check yourself. Carter was pretty endowed and he bottomed. Dante was average and bottomed. And Chandler fucked well-hung black dude a while back. The only hung black dude on CF whom I haven’t seen bottom was Leo and I think he’s gone.

  • Timah

    Well hello there. I’ll be keeping my eye open for some bb flip-flops.

  • Jackie

    nooo thanks

    • cutlass

      No thanks to what? You’d NEVER get a second look from this guy. LOL

  • von schlomo

    The only problem I see is he has more hair on his chin and ass (tho I like his hairy ass, do not misunderstand) that he has on the entire rest of his body combined!

    • Dustin

      A nice smooth body can be good. Except when they go too far and shave the pubes.

      That trend needs to stop.

    • tomtomson

      hear hear Dustin!!!!

    • von schlomo

      I’m talking about PITS and PUBES… belongs there.

      To a lesser extent, I hate shaving arms and legs…it’s what women and bodybuilders, do…..I hate shaving….hate, hate, hate it!

  • qaqa

    “Hi, I’m Cordell and I’m heterosexual,” was the message I got in his interview. I don’t know if that’s because of the standard CF messaging (Str8 guys are more fun) or whether they’re prepping us for disappointment on the ACM side… Either way, I’d like to see him come back and do some guy-guy action, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for it to happen!

  • endeeeff

    A black man on CF — a happy day indeed. Now let’s get this young man back for some duo action pronto!


    I think he will be back ( at least I hope so ) 2 get FUCKED oh I am sure he is a excellent top but with ASS this dude has got 2 get FUCKED !!!

    • mm121

      they should make his first fucking scene a flip flop, have him get fucked and fuck!

  • tennvols

    He and the guy Tom just humped need to dock those white and black dick’s w/all that foreskin.