SeanCody: Timmy

Timmy at SeanCody

Timmy at SeanCody

Timmy at SeanCody

Timmy at SeanCody

Timmy at SeanCody

Timmy at SeanCody

Timmy at SeanCody

Timmy at SeanCody

Watch Timmy at SeanCody

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CA says:

Nice! Best solos I’ve seen in a few weeks.

Also, sounds like a new videographer doing the interview. Maybe we’re into the new stuff, post Mr. Cody.

nercowhore says:

Please fire the guy in charge of assigning their names.
pretty ordinary overall though

topher says:

Really, Timmy, Lassie fell down the well,

Scrapple says:

Lol. At least this Timmy only has to worry about falling down onto a big dick.

slipperyslope says:

lol… I was going more South Park… either way it’s a wretched porn name.

DaveAtom says:

Nice hot body. Kinda like him, has potential. Expecting few updates with him hopefully.

sncale says:


gaycockluvr says:

Cute with a nice dick and nice body. Kinda plain and standard Sean Cody though. Wouldn’t mind seeing him come back if he can fuck. Also, wish he had more booty on him.

sncale says:


Arglebargle says:

Can’t wait to see him fuck.

sweetspot says:

Can’t wait to see him fucked.

swim400 says:

Like to see him fuck Dusty and see what he and Tanner or Dean would do. I’ll just call him Tim.

samson says:

He’s amazing. Please come back.

Timrod says:

Athletic and sexy. I like.

joeboy17 says:

He is a hottie.. crazy name buy hey ho.. really sexy. I’m undecided if he’s gonna return.. nice underwear to. I wish they wold go back to the models wearing underwear. Cargo pants get boring after 100 plus updates. As for the Videographer @CA he’s been around for a while. I love his voice . So much more masculine than the queenie one that always gets the models to compare their bodies then tells one of them.”you have better Abs” etc

CA says:

I REALLY dislike that guy’s voice…with a passion! This guy is so much better.

It’s not the feminine quality that bothers me: I hate how he giggles. I hate when he asks models to do those stupid body comparisons. I REALLY hate how he talks in a creepy baby voice and says creepy things after they cum. He’s awful.

I guess I was wishing for the best that he was long gone–although, he does seem like a good cameraman when he’s not yapping away. Maybe he’s the guy starting the new porn site.

scottnyer says:

all american good looking white dude. if he was more hairy, he’d be even hotter. I dig him

swim400 says:

agreed. would like to see a little more hair on that great body.

swim400 says:

another added + no ink

joeboy17 says:

He is a hottie.. crazy name buy hey ho.. really sexy. I’m undecided if he’s gonna return.. nice underwear to. I wish they would go back to the models wearing underwear. Cargo pants get boring after 100 plus updates. @CA as for the Videographer he’s been around for a while. I love his voice . So much more masculine than the queenie one that always gets the models to compare their bodies then tells one of them.”you have better Abs” etc

swim400 says:

his undies reminded me of the speedos in the Tanner/Ollie scene and the Jess/Troy scene.

TheSagaOf says:

Gimme some of Timmy.


irishdave says:

The best solo guy in quite a while. Will he return though? Most don’t.

jag2power says:

Cute. Think Timmy and Lassie.

Scrapple says:

I’m so glad this isn’t one of those bullshit nine minutes or less solos (where three minutes are spent on credits and the interview) These models are jerking off, not playing Beat the Clock. Cutting straight to the guy already naked, furiously beating his meat is unsettling. Have him lift his shirt a little to show off his abs and caress his pecs. Have the guy stroke his dick through his pants a little, so we can see that bulge get bigger. If the model is wearing underwear, let us enjoy the sight of that cock straining against the material before it is unleashed. The model should be teasing himself, and the viewers.

When did Timmy have time for his high school studies if he was busy playing all those sports? He’s cute, but he’s hotter when he doesn’t talk. I can see him getting along with Dean. It was hilarious hearing the woman off camera telling him to “slow down” after he came

I guess this means Tim probably isn’t coming back. I liked him. He was a quiet one, but he was cute. Peter certainly appreciated that hard body and fat cock. Tim’s deflowering of David was pretty hot too.

lennylenny says:

I think as long as it’s been, it seems doubtful that Tim is returning, but I wouldn’t necessarily conclude that from the name. Wouldn’t be the first time they’d had two models with similar stage names at the same time – if nothing else I remember Jeffrey fucking Jeff.

Scrapple says:

That’s true. Ollie and Oliver came out around the same time too.

ragou19 says:

He’s gorgeous!

Southbay says:

He’s cute

Sushi says:

Best new guy in a long, long time! Oh I hope he comes back. I’m so sick of the same fugs week after week.

clusterfuck says:

First thought: Davis’ younger brother! As I scrolled down I realized that wasn’t the case but Timmy is still fine.

Second thought: I want to be that stool.

GAZZAQ says:

Timmy very nice sexy lad mmmmm.


I have not watched this video yet but Timmy ( insert lassie joke here ) looks really HOT !

bob80 says:

So sporty and hot. Seems very straight too so not very likely to see him bottom, one can only hope!

bloodhound says:

i don’t have much hopes for his return.Sean Cody needs fresh dick.

joeboy17 says:

I agree with you Bloodhound but I’m missing David – I can’t help it he makes me so horny

DaddyYankee says:

This guy is HOT!!! He must come back!!!!

jinger says:

We can only wish

bloodhound says:

Every time i get my hopes up Brody/Jack/David comes back,so this time I will just be whatever for Saturday.

ragou19 says:


sg0122 says:

He is Mark Dalton’s and Fratmen/CF Logan’s lovechild!

holdtight says:

Cute guy, too bad about all the shaving and plucking. Public hairdos look skeevy and not in a good way.

swim400 says:

He certainly is an athlete. Met a guy surfing and is into personal training guys it sounds like to me. Please, please return. Still would like to see him with Dusty, Dean, Porter, Tanner, Christopher. He just might be back under this new management team.

NG212 says:

He described his surfing partner as a “friend,” and was not gender-specific when he described the ideal body. Note he said “soft abs” and “lean, non-flabby arms.” He’s clearly describing an athletic woman’s body. Furthermore, he asserted he had sex with a woman the day he shot the solo (at 3 AM). It seems clear to me he’s not exactly gay.

I would love Love LOVE to see him back. But I’m really not holding my breath. I’ve been burned before by guys I thought might return (which really just meant that I super duper wanted them to return).

One thing I can say with near certainty — Christopher is gone. Vanished. Missing person. I don’t know that we’ll ever see that perfect ass get fucked.

sweetspot says:

During the interview, Tim said he would hook up with one of the clients he was personally training. What he would look for most would be abs, legs and hard arms. He was purposely not gender specific, “they” “them” etc. When asked after his first cum shot which was like a fire hose shooting over his head, he said the last time he came was just a half-day ago. He hooked up with a girl he met at 3:00 last night.

I hope he learns to appreciate sex with men like Corbin Fisher taught Connor, Dawson, Travis, and Aiden to. He’s got the personality, body, and face to be a real star for CF. Pay him and pay him well … enough to keep him around fucking and getting fucked.

sweetspot says:

I should add Jeff and Cameron to that list of “freshmen” who learned.

Sapper434 says:

He is with Sean Cody!!!

joeboy17 says:

I had to laugh at that bit about the ” chick ” at 3: am – im pretty sure that if you are going to a studio to jack off for $2000 – you are gonna want to put on a good show , look your best and even at his age half a day isn’t a long time to build up for a cum shot like his .?
# bullshit

Jabber says:

yay whether he really did it, what he wanted us to know was he is no f*g. So don’t keep your finger cross, he won’t come back.

swim400 says:

John Travolta show up at a gym early in the am and took a selfie with the only guy in the 24 hour gym.

sweetspot says:

I’d like to kiss, lick and make love to him for hours and hours and then flip-fuck all through the rest of the night. Think I’m in love and lust with him. He lights a fire in my gut with his charisma. Bring him back. Bring him back.

NG212 says:

That’s hot, just like Timmy.

target says:

baby Abe-esque

On target!

RexHayes says:

I’d like to see him return with newbie Lane or Orian.

Alejandro Stilinski says:

I totally agree with everyone here. He’s hot and sexy.
Can’t wait to see him return to fuck and get fucked hard.

NG212 says:

I wish…

joeboy17 says:

@ragou19 – why do you have a pic of a child and commenting on a site like this? That’s just wrong and askin for trouble 😳

RexHayes says:


Zack says:

Is it me or does he look a bit Zack Efronish in the first two pics?

Very hot guy.

†orrie says:

Damn, he’s HOT!!!

I wish he was on Corbin Fisher instead of SC

NG212 says:

There’s certainly a higher likelihood he’d return if he was at CF. People always ask what ACS is for. It’s to keep the guys around long enough after doing a solo to get comfortable with the idea of fucking a guy.

johnrt says:

Very cute young guy. This is one guy I definitely would like to see again, and if no if not on SC, then anywhere else. I’d join the site just to see him. Hopefully he will be back to SC, but I do doubt it. Good update, helps me recover from the last scene, which I couldn’t even watch.

Jabber says:

i’m wondering what KadenDane (former Sean Cody cameraman’s studio) would be like hope it’ll be good. it’s obvious that Sean Cody has come to the point where no hot models would return like in its glory days… 😪

NG212 says:

KadenDane keeps showing photos of ChaosMen Duncan, who was at Sean Cody for a solo in 2008 IIRC. If they’re able to get him to fuck, I’m already a customer.

Scrapple says:

That’s what I’m waiting to see. If they can get Duncan/Mike back for regular fuck vids, that would be a huge draw.

TightBottom199 says:

I think he looks like the little brother of Liam from CF. And I’d love to grind with him all night long. Everything is working for me.

mm121 says:

hes a hottie, hope he comes back though not holding my breath

i hate when they tease us with super hotties like this guy, but then never bring them back

Stevienowonder says:

Without long speeches : 5 on scale 1-5.

David says:

Hot looking guy! Unbelievably great looking!

David says:

Just saw the video. This guy is a major shooter. He shoots 8+ cum shots each time!

Alex says:

he’s hot as hell but timmy is my little brothers name…i can’t look at this guy without feeling a little dirty lol

Ransoutengai says:


t330 says:

Beautiful guy but why the boring undrwear?? He should be wearing a jock brief or something!

Terry Jones says:

I went to high school with him lol, he’s always been hot

TightBottom199 says:

But has he always shot cum out of his dick like a fire hose? And does he like to pound guys in the ass all night long? These are the real questions.