Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian in ‘The Right Choice’ at Bel Ami Online

The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at

The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at
The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at

Watch Rhys Jagger & Jeroen Mondrian at BelAmiOnline

I am not sure if teaching Jeroen Mondrian how to role his own cigarette can count as being a bas influence, but both boys are definitely correct when they say that Rhys Jagger is an expert at many things. Luckily for all of us (and Jeroen), his biggest talent is in love making.

We need to add a little Czech/Slovak lesson in here to help understand the joke at the beginning. Both languages use the verb ‘to smoke’ also for giving a blow joke, so when Rhys is asking Jeroen ‘but you know how to smoke, right?’ the inference is very clear to Jeroen… just maybe not to the rest of us. Regardless of whether we get this little play on words, we can all enjoy the action that follows.

Watch Rhys Jagger & Jeroen Mondrian at BelAmiOnline

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andrew says:

Rhys Jagger is always “The Right Choice.”

Miloš Del Rey says:

Yas Jeroen get it, your baby momma has bills for you to pay!

realitytvIV says:

Girrrrrrl, do you think she knows? I mean, they’re having a baby together, but DOES SHE KNOW? I personally wouldn’t want my baby daddy screwing other people while I’m at home barefoot and pregnant…but that’s just me.

Miloš Del Rey says:

Oh I definitely think she knows, most gf of belami models are aware. In fact most of the gfs are also “models” which is what most of the guys refer to their job being. If you run a background check on her, you might discover that she’s one of those “models” so she probably fucked other people before getting pregnant.

realitytvIV says:

Once I find out they have girlfriends/publicly present as straight, I stop caring about them lol, so I haven’t really bothered to do any sleuthing on her. I guess it doesn’t count for these girls if they’re using the money to buy them presents lol. I just would be uncomfortable being at home, pregnant, and alone in some shitty small town while my bf is sticking it in other people and vacationing in Greece and South Africa.

But it makes sense since the straight ones tend to go after fellow porn stars and cam models. I had to unfollow some of them on Twitter because of their thirst for gross cam girls. Ugh.

Miloš Del Rey says:

LOL I agree, once I find out I tend to leave them alone. Except for Dylan something about him keeps me coming back, Dylan can get it no matter the weather. But I also follow messy guys like Jeroen because their lives are so dramatic.

realitytvIV says:

Dylan is also a curiosity for me. I just really can’t buy into the idea that he’s possibly straight. He just reads as gay to me. Not even bi, but gay. Full on gay. Too bad he’s probably closeted regardless of whether he’s actually gay or bi.

Is his life really so dramatic? Lol I find Jack’s life to be more dramatic. If I remember correctly, he said he’s bi, so seeing him chase after women wasn’t shocking, but OMG the women he flirts with are truly something else (like, I don’t even think he’s super hot stuff, but he could clearly do A LOT better). Idk he just seems so unhappy and obviously desperate for some companionship. I find him strange. On another note, Christian is also an interesting one to me. He seems eager to escort/find a sugar daddy and do something bigger than what’s expected of him. It’s intriguing to watch him try to do that.

Miloš Del Rey says:

Most of the guys at Belami have the UGLIEST girlfriends ever. Jack hunting for some subpar degenerate isn’t surprising. Most of the guys are hella insecure thanks to George so I can see why some of them take what they can get from whoever. And I haven’t kept up Christian at all, I didn’t know he was looking for a sugar daddy. Christian is amusing because I don’t know his sexual orientation at all. And I can’t find anything online about him. Ugh.

realitytvIV says:

I did some quick sleuthing and you were right. She knows lol. She follows some guy who works for BA and travels with them to foreign countries. And through him, I found a new model who I was sure was gay present as straight (actually make that two of them). Girl….I don’t even know anymore (though I’m not buying their acts). Also, I’m pretty sure newbie Miguel has a kid as well (unless that was his nephew or something, but it doesn’t seem to be the case).

Yeah, it sucks that the “models” who seem to be the most interesting are more evasive lmao. Christian is on Fb, but it’s private and on IG, he’s pretty inactive. He’s more active on Twitter and I just make my own conclusions from there (he followed on IG some guy who showed him his bank balance on Twitter lol and I’m just going to go ahead and assume that he’s either bi or gay, but seems to be more gay than bi, but definitely not straight imo). I’m more interested in the Hungarian guys, but they’re pretty much nonexistent online. Nino went private after his FB profile was found, JL is inactive, Danny is private and probably inactive and none of them seem to have IGs :(. The least interesting (b/c they’re straight) and more annoying guys are the most active, unfortunately.

Miloš Del Rey says:

I knew that heaux would have known about him porn career. And I’m not really a fan of Miguel so meh I can care less about his kid. Most of the straight porn models at Belami all become personal trainers and become obsessed with their bodies. Also thank you for searching, I’ve been busy with classes as of late and I didn’t feel like getting a head ache from realizing all of the cute guys are G4P. I find the situation with Christian to be completely hilarious. And I’m not surprised Nino went private, I still can’t find any on Helmut after he was found. People who can’t just look ruin everything, most of the people who find them before us immediately start messaging them and asking the models if they escort. Ugh. Ruins it for everyone.

realitytvIV says:

Yep, the creeps looking to make escorts out of them do ruin it and then they get vindictive and try to reveal their “careers” to friends, family, and gfs. Though I don’t think they understand that the gfs and usually the friends and family already know lmao. Kevin’s gf has pics of herself at one of the BA studios, Peter’s gf hangs out with, like, a group BA models, so I’m sure she knows. You’d think BA would try to reduce the risk of creeps finding them, but the IG account follows some of their behind the scenes employees and through them you can easily find all of them.

The newbie I found was thin during his debut, but in his newest pics he’s quite buff, so that’s a common theme among a lot of them. Though the thing about the new G4Payers is that they’re so comfortable gargling balls that even if they claim to be straight, it’s hard to tell if they’re G4P on camera. I can’t say that for the older models. They were G4P and you knew it , even the original 4 KA are still kind of stiff and awkward. I guess that’s something to appreciate about the G4p newbie (who are unfortunately the majority b/c hiring actual gay or even bi guys is something BA doesn’t do very often) lol.

Miloš Del Rey says:

Yeah George hates shooting with gay models for some reason. He made up some bullshit about wanting it to appear like they were learning to have sex for the firstime or blah blah blah. Needless to say I think he just likes the ability of controlling people. Hiring actual gay models seems to scare him when he runs a gay porn site.
I’m not a fan of Kevin so I give ZERO fucks about his irrelevant girlfriend. I hope Kevin would have retired by now but he seems to pop up more often. It offends me to no end. Also George’s version of lowering the risks is telling the models to delete all of their social media. That’s it. I like to peep on the models for my own satisfaction because I’m a curious bitch. But to go as far as trying to blackmail models to escort ummm no. I’d imagine most of them are hella terrified and just continue to work for George because he takes his contracts seriously.
I’m actually tired of seeing the original 4 kinky angels too, I wish they would just maked Jean, Nino, Christian, and Helmut the new 4.

realitytvIV says:

Lol why would anyone want to watch awkward sex? I’ve noticed that with a lot of the newbies they’re introducing right now, there’s complaints about how the guys aren’t good at what they’re doing, they look awkward.etc, so that’s definitely not something that a lot of customers want b/c even George sometimes points it out and how in future videos, they’ll get a lot better.

Girl, I didn’t go looking for her, she just popped up. I find Kevin very irritating and annoying, and I cannot understand why he keeps being pushed by BA. It doesn’t matter how much one likes a model, there’s always a point when they just need to be phased out b/c you’ve seen them do everything. He just looks out of place when he’s being dragged to trips and scenes where everyone else is a new model and then you have him just standing there being annoying. It even seems like he’s still the priority over newer models which doesn’t make sense at all (the Hungarian models never really go on the trips, and it’d make more sense to send them than tired ass, worn out Kevin who now doesn’t even bottom). I was on board with your new KA list until you mentioned Helmut. No shade, but I just don’t get the appeal. He’s cute, but he makes me fall asleep. I’d prefer Antony Lorca. He’s so good looking and I can’t believe that he didn’t even want his dick sucked by a man in the beginning and now in all his scenes, he looks eager and willing lmao.

Miloš Del Rey says:

Helmut looks adorable like a lost puppy. Like he’s probably straight and the relationship between him and Jerome is a lie. But it’s one of the few times George forced people together on camera and it looked real. I like Antony I think he’s handsome and all but he just seems to awkward with everything. Like I look at him in his videos and just get the feeling that he would rather be someone else. And after seeing Luke yell at him in the greek salad documentary videos about being more passionate you can kind of see that’s he’s really not into it. And speaking of the Greek Salad videos, it’s funny because while Antony was getting yelled at Christian looked like he was having the time of his life, literally chilling on his back with his legs open. I actually laughed when I saw that.
I would be very happy if they replaced Kevin with Christian or gave Jean Luc some more time to gain more fans like Kevin has. But it seems like Christian is being groomed to replace Hoyt who I actually feel kind of bad for. His hair is thinning out and you can see that it’s legit bothering him. At this rate he’ll look older than Kevin soon enough. OTT
I actually follow a woman on instagram that is OBSESSED with Kevin and I’m pretty sure she’s married and has a kid. But I follow her because she’s legit a trainwreck. Can’t cook for shit but manages to send money to Kevin whenever he needs it.

realitytvIV says:

Helmut is cute, but there are cuter guys IMO. And I guess it helps that Jerome and Helmut seem to actually hang out outside of BA and like each other, so it’s not exactly as forced as some other “couples” like Jack and Kevin that they continue to push even now that they grew more distant. Unfortunately for us, Kevin will never get replaced. They’re currently in Colombia and guess who’s there? None other than Kevin with a bunch of newbies even though I thought he was in Thailand with his strange looking gf. There was also one newbie with them that I don’t think they’ve introduced, but he’s been to South Africa and Colombia with them, so he’ll be appearing a lot even though I’ve found that he’s G4P (has a gf) and isn’t even very good looking to begin with. I think GD said Christian is a replacement for Kris Evans. Hoyt, although he’s losing his hair, is still quite good looking and I don’t see him leaving anytime soon (he’s in Colombia rn) b/c although the fashion industry might not want him with a receding hairline, GD will continue to employ him. I mean, they’ve hired and continue to hire guys who aren’t very cute and if Hoyt is only losing his hair, he’ll be fine. I also don’t think JL will grow to be as popular as Kevin. He’s gorgeous and I enjoy his scenes, but the majority of BA members don’t have taste and GD doesn’t care about the Hungarian models; and someone on here even claimed that he looks like a woman so idk how appealing he actually is to a wider audience :((.

If she’s Australian, then I know who you’re talking about. She’s a strange one. She has two kids and a husband, yet spends the majority of her time stanning Kevin on Twitter and IG (she even follows and stans the cam models he follows/knows). If anyone dares say anything negative about him, she’ll be the first to jump to his defense (she blocked me on Twitter b/c I insulted him lol). I know she also has a Tumblr dedicated to him and even though she claims to care about him, she posted private pics of him with his gf a while ago. She obv doesn’t care about his privacy. There’s also another lady that stans these guys a little too hard. She has pics with several of the BA models. It’s creepy to dedicate so much time and money to a bunch of G4P porn stars, but homegirls don’t seem to be in any rush to stop.

Miloš Del Rey says:

I shouldn’t have laughed when you said that George doesn’t care for the hungarian models but it’s honestly so true. I think he even forgets he has them around the house sometimes. Also I don’t get why he uses Kevin as this go to english speaker. Gino has better english than every single person in the belami stable and they hardly use him at all. Gino needs to make more videos too instead of Kevin, I would rather see Gino times a week than see Kevin once. You tell tell that Kevin fakes everything, at least Gino looks like he kinda sorta is having a good time. The comments for Jean were usually positive with the worst being he looks too pretty but that’s about it usually.

As for Hoyt, he is good looking but I was just pointing out how insecure he really is. If you saw the Greek Salad video he mentioned how he always wanted a nose job and w.e. And yeah George has to keep on hiring Hoyt on account that he’s G4p and not one of the gays he doesn’t like to hire ugh. I prefer Christian he seems more cute to be around than Hoyt who seems to be into Hoyt. I just wished Belami was made around Kevin, Kris, Jack, Adam and Hoyt. Maybe switch it up a bit and focus their attention on more of their models? And I will pretend that you never said anything about Helmut LOL.

And I’m happy you know who I’m talking about, this woman is obsessed with Belami especially Kevin it’s actually insane. Her kids look like they can use better clothes but yet she has time to send money to Kevin who is able to buy the new iphone and macbook the moment it comes out good bye. She needs to spend more time with her family and see if she can work on her baking skills because they are clearly lacking. I love to see the girl who obsess over Belami and Cockyboys, it’s wildly entertaining. Like I understand being curious about what they’re like, but to go as far as send them hundreds of dollars so they can go on a trip with other g4p guys to hook up with a bunch of women that aren’t you is sad. What is the most Kevin will do for her? Send her a dick pic and a note written in bad english? We get that everytime we look through his twitter feed good bye. In fact I’m having more fun looking at the people who obsess over the belami models than I am about finding their sexuality. Though models like Jeroen who have babies on the way are problematic and I enjoy the laugh.

realitytvIV says:

Maybe there is hope for Jean after all, but then I remember that the only super popular Hungarian models that GD promoted excessively and continues to promote beyond necessary have been Kris and Joel. Like, girl, no lie, I’ve had enough of Kevin. I’ll take any of the other original KA over Kevin. Members beg to see Andre and Jack and they get Kevin lol. I don’t even find his broken English cute, it’s just annoying because you know they could’ve used any of the other models if they wanted someone with bad English. I gotta agree with focusing attention on other models. I understand that some of them aren’t exclusives, but a lot of exclusives don’t get the same attention as Kevin. It’s just better to let him fade into the background. His time has come, they’ve started to phase out the other three and even Kris, so WHY IS KEVIN STILL BEING PROMOTED AS IF HE WAS A NEWBIE??! It makes me crazy lol. Also, apparently Hoyt was going through a breakup when he was on the Greece trip. I’m sure there’s some bitterness in him now that he’s come to BA and he’s gotten a lot of opportunities (even outside of porn) and he’s now getting older and losing his hair and he wasted his youth on sketchy porn. I also really like Christian, so I just hope he doesn’t turn out to be a douche or G4P.

She makes me cringe, honestly. Before she blocked me, I used to follow her because sometimes she’d post interesting stuff, but she also posted about her personal life. Her husband was jealous about her viewing porn and interacting with Kevin on his cam shows, but she obviously didn’t care since she didn’t and hasn’t stopped. Normally, I’d feel for talking about her, but she’s super aggressive and possessive over someone who doesn’t know her and doesn’t care about her for me to feel bad. I only @Kevin, so idek how she found my tweet in order for her to insult me and then block me. Creepy. Kevin seems to consume more of her life than her kids and husband. While she’s busy obsessing over him and acting defensively towards people who don’t care about him, he’s off living it up while on vacation with his gf. It couldn’t get sadder. I don’t even know if she sees him in a maternal manner (but that couldn’t be right since she watches his porn) or if it’s a sexual fantasy that obviously won’t come true, so she supports him, his fav cam models, and his gf. The other woman I don’t think is a cockyboys fan. She’s blonde and ~40. Her account is private, but her header had pics of her with Hoyt and Rhys, I believe. I just personally find it strange to follow these guys around. They’re not even pop stars or movie stars, they’re porn stars!!! Like I wouldn’t want my fav porn stars to know that I get off on their porn lol.

Guys like Jeroen just ruin the mood and get me back to reality. You know, these guys are there because they’re desperate and it just makes porn extremely unappealing and depressing, but that’s its reality. Obviously the G4P thing that we can’t seem to escape also ruins it, but it’s easier to set that aside unlike the fact that some of these guys are married with kids.

Phew long reply, but no one else talks about this, so I had to let it allllllllll out.

Miloš Del Rey says:

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and Torsten and Christian stay sweet as they appear to be, I can’t deal with them being bitter G4P rats like the rest. I want to live in my delusions. And I fucking feel you on kevin being treated like he just joined Belami. He’s fucking annoying loud and acts like he just overdosed on adderal. But they treat him as the star pupil for belami. They should treat Kevin the same way they treat Kris. Bring him in sometimes to appease the old fans but focus your time and energy on the newer models. Like I’m happy Christian has a solid fan base and seems like he will be around for a while atleast. But there are other models I want to see perform more. Like Jason Bascall. He looks fucking delicious but only had one scene. Plus George promised we would see him in January but it never happened, instead we got some lame scenes with Kevin. I don’t know if Kevin is fucking George, and seeing that Kevin has a GF I’m almost certain George is having sex with him. But Kevin needs to go. Though that Dani bitch from Australia would cut her clit off if she found out she wasn’t getting anymore scenes with her favorite boy toy.

Also I live for your Belami replies, because really no one else knows how much drama happens behind the scenes. They all talk about American studios but forget about the no.1 dramatic filled porn studio of Europe. Belami is literally the european equivalent of cocky boys+ sean cody. The fake storyline plus the carbon copy models. Shit now that I remember kevin even worked with cockyboys. He just doesn’t know how to stay put and leave my favorite sites alone. I am surprised that Hoyt hasn’t been taken in my cockyboys. It might make him a bit less bitter if he feels like he’s becoming a supermodel. And I’m happy you used the word bitter because that’s literally one of the best ways to describe him. Ken Doll on the outside and bitter on the inside. He seems like one of those better to look at like a unicorn type of guys than to take them home.

Dani won’t even comment on my comments I leave on her instagram, rude bitch. I’m trying to find out what runs through her head, maybe even find some tea on belami models from her. I know she mentioned some of them added her on her private fb so she clearly has some kind of intel. I’m surprised George hasn’t flown her over for a meet and greet. But I do remember her months back being upset she missed being able to meet Kevin because her kids were in school… those priorities of her. Belami members are hella fucking weird too, they all want 3 kind of models only. One that resemble, Kris, Dolph or Kevin/Gino mix. Nothing more nothing less. They are fucking insane. If a model is too dark they start asking if they are gypsies or some shit. I know a lot of models hated on Andre for a while because of his tanned complexion and dark eyes and shit. Belami is insane.

Ptr says:

After I know Hoyt’s real instagram account, I check him out and he’s sooooo full of himself lol. I think there are only few gay models’ IG that looks not douchey, like Duke and Joey SC. Is there any recent true gay model in Belami? Does it also happens in William Higgins?

Miloš Del Rey says:

At the top of my head I know Jean Luc is gay/bi. Nino Valens is gay/bi for sure and Milan Sharpe is gay. There definitely aren’t many at Belami most of them are bi depending on how much they make. I’ve been debating whether or no Christian Lundgren may be gay but it’s a possibility at the moment. Ariel Vanean and Rhys have mentioned that they were gay but I’m really not sure if I believe them. But the first 3 I listed are in fact. And this g4p stuff happens far more often at William Higgins. In fact WH usually ONLY works with straight guys. With Belami if you’re good looking they will let you work. Guys like Alan Carly who were always getting fisted and etc have kids and shit.

realitytvIV says:

LMAO @ bitter G4P rats. so harsh, yet so accurate. Sometimes it’s just better to not know anything about these guys and even stay away from their porn personality accounts b/c that can also ruin the fantasy. I don’t understand your love for either Helmut or Torsten…or Jason. They’re all gorgeous, but Helmut and Torsten are just so boring. Torsten gets random bursts of energy and passion, but it quickly dies off and the scene ends up putting me in a deep sleep; not even his scene with Christian appealed to me because he ruined it. Jason…just eh. None of the newer guys are really doing much for me. Besides, my new three faves, Jean, Nino, and Danny, all of the other new ones are just sexless and boring. Though I do like Andy and Bobby, but they’re both kind of plain and I don’t think they’d be considered new. It’s looking like Lars will be the new Kevin. I remember that he wasn’t going to appear a whole bunch b/c he wanted to be paid more than BA was willing to pay him, but he’s now getting his own DVD. Like…why???? So quickly??? He has had like two scenes…I don’t get it. He’s definitely not as cute in motion as he is in the overly photoshopped images they put out and reading that he’s homophobic just makes me not want to watch any of his scenes (which I haven’t!).

I don’t even think Kevin having a gf would stop daddy George from trying to sleep with him lol, but apparently, as George explained sometime ago, he appears the most because he’s available more often than the other guys. He claims that b/c Kevin took an interest in the filming aspect of porn, he gets featured more and gets to go on trips whereas the other guys apparently don’t care and are just happy doing cam shows (well, Jack at least, idk what happened to Andre). Lol the thing about this woman is that although she’s Kevin’s biggest fan, she doesn’t have the money to fully support her habit. She once mentioned on Twitter how she couldn’t afford her memberships anymore, so she was only going to subscribe to the main BA site because it featured Kevin more often than the KA/Freshmen site. She also sends the BA accounts questions and when they don’t reply, she gets mad lol, so I don’t think BA really cares about her due to her lack of $$. Some people have speculated that Hoyt only managed to book the Moschino show as a new model b/c of BA’s connections to wealthy men with higher status (remember Dolph appearing out in public with Elton John??), so if that’s the case, someone like her is all the way on the bottom of their priority list even if she has hundreds of fansites dedicated to Kevin. The members who matter the most and who’d get direct access to the guys are the ones who are subscribed to both sites and have been for a very long time and still have the money to support the models who do cam shows. And even if she does have the guys added on FB, she doesn’t speak their language, she’s not young or good looking or have the money to actually capture their attention (PLUS she’s married with kids), so I doubt she knows more than curious randos like us who just take a peek at their FBs. It’s pure speculation…though it doesn’t sound totally out of left field. And if you want her attention, just insult Kevin lol. Like I said, idk how she found my comment, but she did.

I’m super surprised that they’re now recruiting and representing Colombian models, Colombian models who are clearly of color. I know some members complained about that one biracial American model they had for a few scenes, but now they’re introducing models who aren’t just white bread European, but appear ethnically/racially ambiguous (Rafael Moretti, Miguel, Derek Jenkins and all the Colombian newbies). If people knew or cared about all the drama happening behind the scenes, I’m sure BA would have an even worse reputation. They’re already known for boring sex scenes and G4P models, but not everyone knows the extent of it. Like, the vast majority of them are G4P or at least will never, ever date men in their personal lives even if they’re actually gay or bi, but eh, George already cultivated this image for the studio and he’s quite proud of it, so I doubt it’d harm the brand especially among the members who are only looking for good looking guys desperate enough to do porn that they find unappealing. And people who don’t follow BA are already accustomed to this type of behavior from sites like Sean Cody and CF, so the only difference is the location. I don’t really follow or care for Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher (and even Cockyboys and Helix, but they seem to hire mainly gay men), but it’s always the same drama present among the BA models: G4P models who people thought were gay, married models with kids, models being homophobic trash, models looking for sugar daddies and escorting opportunities, crazy fans who are often straight older women, models being bitter G4P rats.etc

Miloš Del Rey says:

I don’t know what it is about those two tbh, Torsten has that European look for him, with the super blonde hair and pointy nose. Plus he sorta resembles my ex in a way so I guess that too. Then Helmut has that super geeky party boy vibe going for him and he has super long limbs that he doesn’t know what to do with. So I guess I just take to them because they’re familiar in a way to me? Idk lol. Bobby and Andy are hella boring to me, the last thing we need in this earth is another Kevin Warhol and that’s who George promotes Andy as, so he can definitely keep him 110%. I always assumed the DVD and the videos of Lars were hella old. I never kept up with him because I found him to be hella fucking boring. Lars being homophobic is probably one of the reasons why George wanted to work with him so badly. Shit, it’s one of the reasons why Milan Sharpe is hardly at Belami. Too gay and doesn’t get along with some of the guys. And I’m surprised you don’t like Jason, I know he only had one scene with a threesome but I thought he was cute with his tooth gap. I never watched his solo so I have no kind of idea what his personality is like but I’d rather see him than Kevin.

Also I assumed this Dani bitch might have had some sort of in-tell on the Belami guys but after listening to you and doing so creeping I see that she’s exactly what you said she was. She’s just an obsessed fan who Belami gives zero fucks about. I still find it so damn weird how obsessed she is over these belami guys. I literally just came across a woman who has kids my age and she gets wild over helix studios guys. I was actually shocked, imagine coming home from college to find your mom getting wet over twink guys a year or two younger than you. Some of these women are actually insane. Like I wonder what Dani’s husband thinks about her obsession with some blonde mole rat looking guy who gives zero fucks about her. Also Helix studios just hired a g4p racist model not too long ago. Not sure if he’s still working for them now, but regardless the “bitter” g4ps always find themselves slithering in someway some how. But seriously… what kind of woman designates her life to someone who gives zero fucks about them… when they have kids?

Also Austin Merrick is the model that shook every member at Belami. George tried to do damage control by saying he was only half black but used some outdated term like mullato. I remember Belami members were crying about how ugly Austin was and many of them left all kinds of racist comments about him. I know some literally said he needed to cut his hair so that he would look more European… So I agree that the fact that models like Rafael who is another fave of mine who doesn’t get nearly as many scenes as he deserves is kinda crazy. I’m surprised that today belami members aren’t bitching to George over it either because they are some of the most annoying people ever. Unless the models are told buff and blonde like Dolph they don’t like it. Now that I have been reminded of Rafael I need to do some creeping on him when I get a chance. I need a scene with him and Helmut. It would make my day, almost as much as Dani getting a hello from Kevin. And I just like the Belami gossip because between the lighting and photoshop they all look like greek gods compared to US studios, then you realize they are just as messy LOL.

realitytvIV says:

I find Torsten to be sooooo incredibly gorgeous and Helmut is super adorable and I really don’t mind either of them, but like I said, they’re boring and once you get past their looks, it’s like, eh…they’re just there. Dylan isn’t nearly as good looking as those two and he stands out more just based on performance alone. I disliked Bobby in the beginning and I didn’t like how GD kept pushing that “is he gay or not” thing, it was annoying, but he’s a good performer and so is Andy, even though they really promo’d him a little too hard and now it seems that they’ve just forgotten about him lol. BTW even though Andy was promoted as “Kevin’s twin” I really don’t think they’re anything alike. They obv. don’t look alike and Kevin’s performances have always seemed so forced and over the top whereas Andy seems more natural. I think he may actually like men lmao. I probably just jinxed it and it won’t be long before I find out that he has like 5 kids by 5 different baby mamas. Milan’s gayness kind of surprised me. Staxus called him “really straight acting” or something like that, so seeing that he actually has a bf was like…stepping into the twilight zone b/c OMG?! a gay BA model!?! …Jason…isn’t he the one who originally wanted to do straight porn? I think he’s G4P, but I’m not too sure. He’s kind of bland, so I don’t really care for him. Just another blonde, blue eyed BA model.

I find all these straight, middle aged women with families creeping over 18-22 yr old porn stars a bit strange. They’re probably unsatisfied with their sex lives and their lives in general that they fill the void by obsessing over these guys. Like I said, Dani’s husband is jealous of Kevin and they’ve fought over it. She would complain about it on Twitter, but she’s more tame compared to the Helix women. There’s this lady, who at least doesn’t have kids (at least I don’t think so), but she’s super close to Evan and Tyler, she’s friends with them…but she only met them through their porn and she answers questions about their relationship and their lives on Twitter. It’s so creepy. I personally wouldn’t want to be friends with anyone who fetishizes my relationship with my bf or who masterbates to our sex scenes, especially not when it’s a straight woman who’s 10-20 yrs older. I guess they tolerate it because she buys them things, but it’s uber weird. Yeah, I heard about the G4P Helix guy and all the other pathetic Helix models who defended him. He’s also a racist, so he’s just a good person all around /sarcasm.

George is a racist. I’m sure he’d deny it, but I don’t know why else he’d call his black (whether partially or fully black) model a slur. He just recently referred to one of their newer Freshmen models as having “aryan” looks or being classically “aryan” something along those lines, but definitely using “aryan” in the sentence. It doesn’t surprise me though b/c I don’t expect anything less from George. Idk what’s going on with Rafael. They keep introducing bland model after bland model and I guess he’s been introduced since he’s had two scenes, but he’s not listed as a model and he also seems to be forgotten lol, I mean he is Hungarian, so he’s low priority. Rafael is actually gay, but idk if he’s out. He follows mainly men (and other gay Hungarians) on IG, but nothing about bfs yet. I’m just glad he’s actually gay, but it’s pathetic that it’s something that we have to be thankful about.

Your gif just reminded me that we can upload pics on here, so my reaction when I find out they’re gay or even bi is pretty much a mix of these two gifs:

Sad, huh?

Honestly, considering how homophobic and g4p filled the entire studio is, I should really move on, but their overly photoshopped models and the gems I find among the trash keep dragging me back in. At least it’s somewhat better than the .02 hos they’ve got over at SC, CF, and Helix.

Miloš Del Rey says:

Well I can’t argue about Torsten and Helmut being boring in bed eh. I always liked Jean Daniel even though he was boring in bed, str8 and just meh. Sometimes I even question myself. Perhaps I caught the same disease Dani did… But I cackled when you read my fucking mind with Andy being forgotten. He got so much hype and George had everyone thinking Andy was about to become Kevin’s replacement but it never happened. George just ordered another group of boys to show up and Andy got put on the back burner. Compared to new guys like Christian, Jean and Nino. Andy doesn’t stand at all tbh. He just looks like a typical filler model like Gregg or something. Or how I forget the difference between Billy Montague and Jordan Faris. Just a bunch of filler models that no one seems to remember. In fact I’m not even sure if Billy or Jordan film with Belami anymore. You can rarely tell if a model is still with George or not unless they have social media. George is still trying to make people believe Tom Pollock is working and filming with them. -.- Please stop George we aren’t as slow as you think we are. Milan Sharpe is a quiet fave of mine, I actually prefer him at staxus. The boys there might still be g4p but the models are usually treated a lot better than say the slave dealership that is Belami lol. Staxus models just tend to look really sickly to me, so I tend to overlook them a lot. And honestly if Jason wanted to do straight porn, I really wouldn’t know. Most of the guys at Belami wanted to do straight porn but didn’t make the cut. I’m pretty sure Andrei Karenin wanted to do the straight porn but looked too young and innocent and when he finally bulked up he was already shooting for belami under one of their heavy contracts.

The helix women are a lot creepier than the belami women. The helix women not only are possessive but they get this strange motherly influence over the guys as well. It’s like they are acting out one of the those pornos where someones step mom tries to fuck the son. It’s beyond creepy. You will see some of their comments telling them to make sure they eat well but then they will share their dick pics two seconds later. It’s beyond weird. It needs to be filmed for a documentary. I’m sure dani will enjoy the attention, maybe it will help her to afford her freshmen subscription longer than a month? >.> After the whole g4p helix thing, I got super annoyed with models like Joey Mills, defending that homophobic asshole because of one reason… he’s straight. Those helix guys are mostly the same. Most of them are queens looking to jump on some g4p dick. I don’t know why they don’t treat themselves better tbh. And I don’t usually like to judge them on their bodies and this is OTT but I legit laugh so hard when I hear them talking about their asses and having so much cake. But most of them are underweight and don’t even have the smallest foundation of an ass.

Also George has been racist, he even did some long ass explanation as to how his words were taken out of translation and blah blah. But I can’t just blame him, he’s really just being a shitty business man and giving his also racist customers what they want. George can say whatever he wants but his customers are all worst as well. I can guarantee you they all ate up the aryan thing you were talking about. And I’m loling again at Rafael being forgotten. Probably because just like you said, he’s hungarian and two because he’s gay. George doesn’t want anyone to gay up his gay porn site. I was surprised when he had Dalton Briggs shoot for him tbh, seeing that he’s gay. But maybe it’s because Dalton is low key racist too? Or was it his boyfriend who mentioned having n***a lips? It’s so hard to keep up with these bitter self hating twinks. The only thing I like about Belami is that models usually get more than a solo like Sean Cody and CF. He tries to at least pull an oral scene out of them. But I hate how long he keeps scenes locked up for though.

realitytvIV says:

Kevin is definitely not being replaced anytime soon. It looks like the newest guys are who going to be the most promoted and prioritized are Helmut, Jerome, Christian, and Hoyt and I’d even throw in Torsten in that bunch (and Kevin). They’ll probably phase out those 5 new guys I just mentioned before they get rid of Kevin lol. Even if Jean and Nino are more attractive and talented (that’s one way to put it…), it just seems like the guys who get the most attention, filming, and traveling opportunities are the Czech/Slovak guys because there’s no language barrier and they don’t have to bring them over from Hungary or travel over there to film. A lousy excuse if it’s true, but I wouldn’t put it past GD to do that. I mean, not even Joel gets as much attention as some of the more bland, forgettable models like Jamie and Joel is pretty popular (for obvious reasons). The guys they took on the most recent South Africa trip were so forgettable that I only remember Dylan being a part of that group. I don’t think Billy films for them anymore b/c all of his scenes look old, but I think Jordan does. His IG doesn’t really give any hints, but I know he’s bulkier than in any of his released scenes. Andrei is gross. I never understood his popularity. He gives off the impression of being super macho and strangely proud of his straightness. He’s a stripper for a club that caters to women, so I’m sure he enjoys his side job more than his BA job (if he still films for them). Honestly, Staxus gives me the heebie jeebies. Like, when I think of sketchy studios, Staxus is one of the first to pop into my mind. They just do scenes that are for a specific demographic and I’m not a part of it lol. I remember when they released a scene with a transwoman and their members were so shocked and offended lmao obviously they didn’t care because they ended up releasing a second one (no surprise that like 3-4 guys that also film for BA were in those scenes).

The Helix fans may seem creepier and a bit unbalanced because their stanning is so public and they have direct access to the Helix guys whereas the BA members are more private, besides a few of them that are way too active on Twitter (cough dani cough), and they can only really interact with the guys when they’re on cam (and besides Kevin and I think Jamie, not a lot of them cam very often). Also, the majority of the BA fans are older gay men with a disposable income and not middle aged married women with kids. Staxus and Helix models are quite interchangeable to me. Skinny, pale, plain (if not ugly) models. The only difference is that idk if the Staxus models are just as racist as the Helix models, but I wouldn’t doubt it considering how racist, islamophobic right wing politicians have managed to take over Eastern Europe. Besides Sean Ford, all of them are annoying, gross, and often racist. Joey looks like a 13 yr old, Blake Mitchell is unattractive and douchey, the g4p guy they hired is too cocky for how ugly he is, and the rest are forgettable b/c they all look alike.

It was his bf and then he tried to justify it by saying that he dates black guys (just like Joey claimed that he was Native American, so he could wear some generic, Walmart headdress on Halloween), so it’s totally ok! I feel kind of sorry for Dalton b/c he went to BA expecting to film with what he thought were these beautiful gay men only to come out filming with subpar models, learning that the majority are g4p, and receiving negative criticism from BA members lol. A while ago, his bf was on Twitter talking about how all the BA guys are g4p including Kevin whom he suggested had done bi porn, I guess he misheard Dalton’s complaints about his experience there. Dalton’s real fb profile is actually friends with JL and Nino, so I wonder how he managed to meet them since he mainly filmed with the Czech guys.

Miloš Del Rey says:

Dalton may have been filming around the same time Jean and Nino joined. Don’t forget that George holds most scenes for at least a year or two before releasing them. That and he also uploads scenes out of order. Sometimes the introduction and interview scenes are done months after they have a few sex scenes out. George doesn’t see the point in interviewing people he doesn’t think will return eventually. Though he has on a few occasions. Even if he says he only has their interview he usually “discovers” a hidden sex scene somewhere. I never found what made Dalton so appealing tbh, his crappy hair bleach always scared me off and his boyfriend is annoying as fuck. And now that you reminded me that his boyfriend was the racist one I can’t even speak his name. I cannot stand Joey Mills and I do not know how he became so popular. He legit looks underage and I don’t mean upper highschool I mean middle school 8th grade underage. Plus for someone so tiny he has such an ego that he doesn’t deserve. They need to bring back Troy Ryan and Kaleb Marshall. The only few helix models I liked for a time but never kept up with. But Kaleb is joining the army after his parents kicked him out for doing porn but not before they tried to get him to go to a mental hospital to get out the gayness in him. Funny how the helix models never gave him a home but I promise if one of their racist g4p models needed a place to say, all doors and legs would be open.

Staxus definitely has it’s up and downs. It seems like the breeding ground for models that didn’t make the cut for william higgins or are waiting to go to belami. Most of the models at staxus are also g4p with exceptions like Titus Snow who I like. Staxus models are mostly the same as William Higgins and Belami models. Though you might like Jaro Stone from staxus? His performances aren’t too bad but he’s one of the few exceptions on the site. Then there’s french twinks which is basically the french equivalent of helix studios. Though I haven’t heard anything too bad from any of their models aside from the fact that one went missing for a week or two and randomly came back with no real explanation??? Nolan Lacroix is a favorite of mine. He reminds me of a knock off Jean Luc.

And I agree Kevin isn’t going anywhere, his bills are getting paid and his presence is making George money. Like Dani went wild over a letter Kevin sent her and all it said was “Dani you crazy girl” or something along those lines and she acted like he sent her a letter confessing his love. I was laying back laughing so fucking hard. Half a sentence had this woman creaming her panties. But I think cockyboy fans might have Dani beat. For some reason cocky boy women fans seem to have more money than Helix and Belami. Since they actually travel to meet models like Tayte and Joke Bass and actually hook up with them. Cocky Boy fans must have people like Dani Shook Shake and Stirred. They’re living out all of her fantasies. And you’re right about only a few belami models being on cam a lot. Aside from Kevin and Jamie. Jean Daniel who is very hit or miss for me is quite active along with Ariel Vanean. The other models seem to go on whenever. And I also think that Billy Montague is in the same boat as Tom Pollock and Johnny Bloom. No longer filming but George needs to give his fans something to hold onto.

The only scene with Andrei Karenin that I liked was his scene where he got fucked by Phillpe Gaudin, but I skipped the talking bit and went directly to the sex because Andrei looks way too smug. Though I think you should know why people like him. Clearly g4p and that’s what belami fans and George love and need. Also whatever happened to Rick Lautner, I think he was another model that was actually gay I think but got hardly any love. I know he was in a youtube video… with Kevin of course but I don’t see him filming anymore. Plus I almost forgot about Joel Birkin again until you mentioned him. Him being hungarian is probably why he’s on the back burner too. Another model that isn’t used nearly as much as they should be. It upsets me with how George only focuses on a select few models and throws the others away.

realitytvIV says:

Ugh one (among the many) of the things I especially despise about BA is how they hoard their scenes. Guys who left years ago are barely getting their scenes released; one guy who’s being introduced right now was apparently showcased “several years ago”, like what? why? how come!? And it’s obvious how old the pics are b/c even though these guys seem to be keeping up with outdated fashion trends, how they dress and the style of the photo give it away if you get what I’m saying. It just looks out of place when they’re placed right next to newer scenes. Some guys are like super twinky and skinny in their introductions when they’re currently super buff and fitness obsessed.

I’ve never found Dalton attractive, quite the opposite. And I feel the same about, like, 99% of the Helix guys. Troy Ryan is also a racist who claims that he’s just being “realistic” and I haven’t familiarized myself with Kaleb Marshall. There’s some people I follow on Twitter who are obsessed with Helix (they’re not middle aged women, thankfully), so I just keep updated based on what they tweet about, and I don’t like what I see, though I wouldn’t doubt that the gay models would be quick to defend the honor of any g4payer. It’s so pathetic. I remember Liam Riley (wasn’t he a Helix model?) defending James Deen against the multiple rape accusations b/c he was ~soooo nice~ to him so obviously he couldn’t have raped all those women. These straight guys throw a bone to these Helix twinks and they’ll dedicate their entire lives to defending them.

I do like Jaro Stone lol. Idk if he’s g4p or not, but I feel like he might not be? Though I’ve been wrong so many times, so I’m not sure anymore. Either Staxus does the bare minimum with their models or I’ve become accustomed to the excessive photoshopping, near perfect bodies, and even the enhancements GD will pay for over at BA, but all the guys at Staxus are just too pale and skinny for me and they film under lighting that makes them look even paler. It’s not cute. And I just can’t get into the weird roles plays and random fetish scenes they’ll do, like the golden shower scenes. I shivered while typing that out. Though WH is just on another level of …sketchiness and weirdness. I read an interview with the guy who runs the site and he talked about how he his goal with every scene is for the models to look uncomfortable and that just completely put me off ever even peeking at one of their scenes, so to me, WH is worse than Staxus. In one of Bastian Dufy’s BA interviews, he talked about how he was treated badly there and he didn’t like it, but it could just be GD trying to make WH look bad. Lol the same applies to French Twinks. Too skinny and pale for me. And I’m personally offended that you’ve called this Nolan guy a knock off JL. Girl, don’t even joke about that. Even calling him a knock off is giving his looks too much credit. He can’t hold a candle to JL. …I should probably stop singing praises to JL b/c it’ll come back to bite me in the ass knowing how things work out lol.

Dani just makes me sad, so I’m glad she blocked me b/c I don’t think I could’ve handled seeing her react with more excitement to a shitty, half done letter from Kevin than to anything her kids do. To be fair, she has talked about being depressed in the past, so maybe she devotes the majority of her time to Kevin b/c she’s idealized him so much that nothing he does can disappoint her the way her husband and/or her kids can? I’m not a professional, but it might be healthier for her to get away from her Kevin accounts for a while. The Cockyboys women are old, but idk if any of them have kids, so it may be easier for them to travel since they don’t have any family obligations and can spend their extra income on the guys. I know there’s one who’s quite young (maybe early to mid 20s) and she’s travelled multiple times to meet Levi Karter. Kind of sad as well, but it looks like it’s all these women have going for them.

Was Rick gay/bi? Lol I found him a bit too dorky looking, like the archetypical movie nerd who’s also kind of cool and somehow gets invited to parties. Not really up to par in terms of looks in comparison to the other BA guys. I think he may have retreated to working behind the scenes since he speaks English or b/c he isn’t as popular, GD might just not use him as much as he could. I guess b/c they had so much success w/ the Kinky Angels foursome, they’re trying to replicate that success by putting the majority of their energy on a small group of models. I’m sure that’s what some of the members want since it might make the whole thing more personal since they get to know as much as GD allows about these guys. It’s just frustrating that you can see that they’re going to concentrate mainly on a select few yet they keep introducing new guys and most of the newbies are…nothing to write home about. I feel like they’re lowering their standards lol b/c some of the newer guys are plain though they could just be filler models who will never be exclusives (GD has said that much about some of them like Tommy Poulain (sp?) though some of the ones he’s making exclusives just look like carbon copies of other ones; Jason, Jarrod Lanvin, Henrik Bjorn, Rene Ferri, Christopher Caan, Jerry Hannan, Daan Jeffries, and Mark Sullivan are all interchangeable to me and they’ve all been introduced on the Freshmen site very recently (that’s how I got their names b/c otherwise I wouldn’t have remembered).

Miloš Del Rey says:

LMFAO the hoarding is one of the reasons why I don’t think neither Lars and Johnny Bloom are back. And I agree you can noticeably tell if the scenes are old or not. The HD scenes then look standard today and the HD scenes now show ever pore the guys have on their body. George admitted to holding Torsten’s scenes until he was sure Torsten would shoot with them more. Once Torsten started to shoot consistently he began to release scenes… two years later. Had Torsten not come back to shoot regularly, George probably would have given him the Lars treatment. Hyped him up as a new model even though they only had like 3 scenes of him. Like I said earlier Tom Pollock hasn’t step foot in Belami since his kid was born or even before then but George keeps on pretending like he’s still there shooting lol.

I think Liam Riley has a helix model at some point, I think Helix and Cockyboys have or had a bit of some type of partnership thing going on for them. A few of their exclusive models would shoot for either studios. I never got into Liam at all so I can care less about whom he defends he’s so whiny. And I forgot about the Troy Ryan debacle. Another annoying helix model that went down the drain. ATM I can’t think of a helix model I genuinely like. Most of them act the exact same and like you said the moment a straight guy tosses them a bone they all go to fetch it. It’s actually disappointing. Joey mills is the absolute worst though. He keeps on defending anyone who will fuck him, hoping he grows up. And while he’s growing up maybe someone can explain why he’s so popular?

And I’m happy you like Jaro he’s one of the few at Staxus I would stay around to watch. And I legit can’t tell whether or not he’s gay. Tbh I really don’t want to know anymore, I’d rather just pretend at this pathetic ass point. But sometimes I wish he would go over to an american studio or cockyboys. Because like you said staxus makes models who are pale look paler. Everyone has a sickly Tim Burton look going for them and I don’t like it. I honestly see William Higgins as a broke Belami tbh and George ALWAYS get’s upset when he finds out that one of his models shot for WH. So Bastian mentioning how ill treated he was, was more than likely a lie or an over-exaggeration George put out there to convince his viewers that he gives a fuck about his models. He has done nice things like gotten some of their teeth fixed… though he still needs to help Joel with that. Or with Rick Lautner who had a skin condition George paid to get it treated. But other than that he’s pretty much the same as WH. He just has a slightly better reputation. And don’t lie you know Nolan is Jean’s poor man double. Just a little more starved is all :) LOL

I’m just picturing you with an expression like this

Lol I don’t feel bad for Dani at all, if she’s depressed I would assume seeing her kids smile would make her happy. She’s just a horny woman getting off to some younger guy on the internet. Nothing more nothing less. I don’t see anything wrong with women watching porn or getting a porn crush kinda like how we have one with Jean. But to get to the point where you prioritize it over your family… no. Her instagram is dedicated to her curvy and healthy at every size shit. That and getting back at her haters… that she doesn’t have. She just has normal people who see her shit and say the truth. But someone recently left a bunch of pig emojis under one of her pictures and it sent her off into a rant. Cockyboy fans either tend to be women in their 20s on tumblr or older women. All of which have a bit more loose income and can do pretty much what they want. I can kinda sorta see why the girl would meet with Levi. He has that gay best friend vibe going for him I guess? IDK just a thought.

Rick Lautner was gay I believe, and I think he legit might have been. I know he mentioned he was on cam and most of the guys usually say Bi. But then again there’s Liam who says he’s gay and I don’t think he is. Though I think Rick was legit gay. Which could be on the reasons why he’s placed on the back burner. We all know how George feels about gay men on his gay porn sets. Justin Saradon and Tommy P are the few who actually look a bit different compared to all of the other models that are sliding in. I can’t keep up with all of them either. I just know of Jason because I liked his threesome. And I’m waiting for Ryan Torres to come back but whatever… I can wait. I legit got Christopher and Henrik Bjorn confused. Jerry Hannan looked better as Seb Priestly at staxus which is weird. Because it’s usually the other way around. But I think his scenes at Belami are atleast a year or so old. Also speaking of Jerry this is where you realize that WH is exactly like Belami. Staxus says Seb is gay, most of the time staxus doesn’t lie about sexuality if they mention it. WH said that Seb has a girlfriend? WHO DO I BELIEVE!???

realitytvIV says:

I know that Lars isn’t fully committed to filming with BA b/c he wants more money than GD is willing to pay him, but do you really think he’s really gone? A lot of people are super excited for him, so I figure that GD would film as much as he can with him (unlike with Roland Curtis who also wanted more $ (probably a decent wage knowing GD) but GD just dismissed it as an inflated ego/self-worth, so I’m still mourning the fact that he isn’t coming back). I can understand hyping up a model and using every little bit of material and making it into a big deal. How many photos were released before a video was finally released? Like 3/4? I feel like Lars is probably still around, but he most likely films a small amount of material and isn’t constantly present, even though GD wants members to think that. I, for one, am glad that Tom is long gone. He was a filler model, so just plain and bordering on unattractive. I think Arne Coen is also no longer with them b/c all of his scenes look quite dated. Arne’s departure is something I’d actually care about unlike Tom’s. Now that I think about it, I’m sure Jason Clark might also be gone. I haven’t done any “research”, but his scenes also look dated and his gf/wife/whatever was pregnant, though I wouldn’t care about him either.

The people who are into Joey are either teenagers or creepy adults. The teenagers, I can kind of understand, they want someone who’s close to their age and looks it, the creepy adults are just creepy adults. I don’t get the appeal of putting such young looking guys in porn. It’s …creepy. The one I find the most insufferable is Blake. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh. Just annoying. Looks like he can’t stay single for long. He’s been flirting with any and every porn guy that gives him some attention ever since Sean stopped giving him that attention, it’s so pathetic. And I’ll never get over him trying to pressure some 17/18 yr old into applying to Helix, it was so sketchy and made me wonder if he gets some kind of referral money if they apply and say that they were referred by a current Helix model.

There are so many Euro models that would be better off and better utilized at non-Euro studios, but it’s unlikely. The only one who managed to get out is Darius and idek who he works for now. WH and Staxus are both broke versions of BA lol though Staxus is only on a slightly, only a tiny bit, higher level, so you’d think GD would also not like to see his models over at Staxus. I think more BA models are over at Staxus than at WH though, but they seem to be on friendlier terms, they probably just throw the models back and forth between studios. Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl my reaction was more like this
because I couldn’t believe my eyes. JL is a precious angel whereas that Nolan guy crawled out of some sad sewer located in the backwoods of wherever he’s from. I will certainly keep you and your eyes in my prayers.

But if she’s truly depressed, then her remaining unhappy even when seeing her kids smile makes sense. I think there’s a serious issue when someone, whether they be a woman or man, dedicates and devotes so much time and energy, and even money sometimes, on someone who I’m sure wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire (sounds cruel, but it’s the truth). She obviously has a problem. Maybe I’m more lenient b/c before she blocked me, when I would put aside her strange obsession, she was making progress in getting out of the house by getting a job, so I had hoped that she would manage to leave behind Kevin, her twitter, and BA and do something useful for herself and her family. I think the people who engage with her in a negative way (obviously I’m guilty of this lol) are just dragging her back into her obsession, making her think she needs to defend her honor or Kevin’s honor or Kevin’s gf’s honor or Kevin’s favorite webcam girls’ honor lol. And I hope that woman was only interested in meeting Levi b/c she wants to be bffs with him b/c otherwise, she needs to do some inward reflection and face the reality. Though some of these gay guys in porn have claimed to be bi out of nowhere once they realized how many lady fans they have (Tatye Hanson comes to mind).

It’s sad that we no longer have it in us to believe these guys when they say they’re gay. Kevin claims to be gay on his camming profile though he’s always claimed to be bi even though he’s only ever dated women. Rick could’ve been put on the backburner b/c he’s gay, but I’m sure BA members find him too unattractive to even be behind the scenes, I mean, they’ve called other attractive models hideous. LMAO I read all those names and the faces of all these bland guys came rushing into my mind at warp speed as I tried to desperately match the faces to the names. You know, although I’m more willing to believe that the majority of them are g4p, maybe this Jerry/Seb guy is actually gay b/c I know WH just looks like they like to play up the g4p thing. But it’s unlikely that we’ll know. Some may be straight in their personal lives, but maybe they’re just closeted bi/gay, I think this may the case for some of them that I’ve dismissed as g4p, but the Euro studios are always either going to hide this info or lie about it. I mean, how many times have we been told that certain BA models were gay/bi/have bfs/are dating other BA models only to find out that they’ve been happily dating the same woman for years or that they’re married with kids??? And the actual gay guys on the BA site don’t get their sexual orientation mentioned (well, besides Nino; GD wants to make a whole spectacle out of it, I guess. Maybe an entire series that will drag on and on and on until 2050 AND Gary Danton who’s been described as a “gay boy”, but he’s done a bunch of bi porn…so like?????). Awww I’ve seen that Jamie Allen guy on so many different sites that I feel bad for him, but then again, I’ve seen the majority of those guys on a bunch of sites, especially Matt Towes/Wayne Taube (sp?) and Nick Vargas/Lino or w/e on BA, but I feel less sorry for them b/c I’ve seen them on way too many straight/bi/gay sites that I’m sick of them and it’s just like,
(I couldn’t end this w/o another Big Ang gif, it keeps me sane even when confronted w/ this g4p nonsense).

Miloš Del Rey says:

GD probably wanted to offer him the same scraps he paid other models and the guy was probably used to making real money. But I was never interested in him, he blended in with all of the other models that George had. He belongs in the same pile as that long ass list of blonde and blue eyed crew you mentioned. The only thing that made his oral scene interesting was the fact that Jean was inside of it. Other than that it was meh at best. To me tho. I’m waiting for some new model to pop up and be worthy of a seat next to Jean, Nino, Helmut and Torsten. So far most of the new models are exactly like how you described Tom. Filler models. What I did like about Tom was his ass he had a nice one, and few guys at belami actually have big butts as of late. Ariel, Jereon actually has a nice one too but he’s all eh to me. And Tom’s was noticeably big. Other than I start to have a hard time finding one. I like Nino and Jean a lot but they can use a solid 10 lbs. George needs to feed them, just because they are hungarian doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to eat.

Also I love you for your tea spilling and I was about to accept your prayers for the Nolan and Jean thing but you stepped a line when you said Arne. He’s more boring than Tom. Plus he looks like an evil dwarf or something, not only that but he’s a BORING g4p escort too. Last I remember from his escorting was that he didn’t want to kiss, suck dick, cum, or get fucked lol. There was a longer list of things he didn’t want to do than of things he could do. Plus I’m pretty he had a girlfriend and is in the same position as Jason Clark. I’m going to send you some quick prayers too. We can go to church together. Bring George with us and pray the stingy money demon out of him. Also don’t lie and say Jean and Nolan couldn’t past for 8th cousins or something.
I agree the obsession with recruiting guys fresh out or currently IN highschool like one of the new helix models Alan Something is his name. He looks forgettable as is his last name. But he spends a lot of his time online complaining about people in his highschool knowing he does porn. Can’t helix make graduating a requirement on their sign up sheet? And I’m 99% sure that helix models get paid when someone signs up from knowing one of the models. Since they do get paid extra money is someone registers for a helix membership through one of the referral links in the helix model twitter bio. it’s also how Helix can tell their most requested model. The more people who click on the links to sign up the more popular and on demand they know the model is. But Blake trying to get more underage models to try and join is creepy as fuck. Though last I checked Blake was dating some woman so he’s literally from one person to the next. Sean Ford was another mess but I think he’s cute. And one of the few to speak against all of this trump mess so I like him for that.

Tayte Hanson himself admitted to sleeping with some of his female fans so I’d say these fans really do get a bit attached. But then I have to wonder if Jean Luc was near me would I not hook up with him? LOL. So maybe one day Dani will be able to hook up with her dear sweet Kevin. But I don’t think he would unless she has a lot of cash to spend. You’re a lot kinder than I am because I don’t feel any type of way towards Dani. I think she’s a fucking mess and just a horny woman with a sad sex life. She might be depressed but she sure isn’t doing anything to stop it aside from posting online about some guy who doesn’t want her. Maybe because Kevin is popular in the gay world she might feel like she’s talking to a celebrity or something. But I don’t know why she does what she does. Like you I hope she would get her shit together and get off the internet but somehow I don’t see that happening anytime soon. So instead of feeling bad about it I’m just going to laugh. I can’t find it possible to be nice to someone who’s bitter because she puts the priorities of a porn star above herself and family LOL bye.

I’m trying to find the other talent sites but I’m swamped with school rn so I’ve been slacking. But there are two other sites that are just like that model scout one I sent you. And usually you see models that more than likely end up either at Czech Hunter, Staxus, WH or Belami. Usually all three. George claims a lot of the models are picked up on the street but they usually are found on those casting sites. If I find them I’ll let you know so you can get a sneak peek of what models will probably find their way to belami eventually. I always liked Rick mostly because of his eyes. They’re very pretty, reminds me of Gino Mosca. And his personality was very goofy and genuine compared to all of the typical G4p hyper masculinity. It stood out alot and I guess George didn’t like that. I think Jerry/Seb might indeed be gay because I only see him on gay escort sites and none of the usual str8 ones that you find a lot of those gays from that talent agency on. So keep your fingers crossed that he might indeed be one of the few that aren’t working for an oscar for best g4p star. (George himself presents the award, while WH cries in the background). Also don’t get me started on Gary Danton. Everyone knows about him shooting porn too, friends family etc. He doesn’t give a fuck. Kinda like Liam. Also what are your thought on Jamie Durell. Sometimes I like him sometimes I wish he and other other G4ps would disappear. Plus all of your Big Ange gifs make me sad. I miss her.

realitytvIV says:

Hmmmmm in which scene of his is Jean in?? Girl, I’ve looked through all of his scenes and none of them have had even the slightest appearance of him. Lars is so uninteresting to me that I have never watched his scenes or was ever interested in them until now that you’ve told me that Jean may appear in one of his scenes for a nanosecond. I do love me some brief appearances, except Nino’s appearance in Jean’s scene with some Czech brunette whose name I’m forgetting right now. Nino and Jean were acting so awkwardly that it made me feel second hand awkwardness or maybe I just read too much into it. Ya know, I never paid attention to Tom either. I only know his face b/c I couldn’t torture myself by watching more than a few seconds of his scenes, I really just couldn’t do it. JL and Nino to me are perfection; you’re drinking too much haterade. JL is petite, it’s endearing, really, so his slim body suits him and Nino is all muscle and I can appreciate a muscular BA model who isn’t roided out. Like, I admire Nino’s body a lot more than Kris’.

LMAO I bet you thought I’d react like this to your Arne tea:
but really, it’s more of this:
Let me love a g4p model in peace! Arne is one of the few g4p BA models I’ve come to like, so don’t be too harsh. In one of his interviews, he talked about having a gf (big surprise that GD didn’t edit that out) and how he was bi; that old BA gossip blog exposed his escorting (pretty sure that when GD wrote about him “breaking his contract” this is what he was referring to), but I didn’t know that he was limited in his escorting. I know that Marc also tried escorting and I guess he thought his clients would be happy staring at him from a distance b/c he didn’t want to actually have any kind of sex. Like Dylan, I like that Arne is more genuine (as genuine as a g4payer can get) on camera. He doesn’t force it and I think he’s super adorable, so I’m not going to scurry away in shame with my love for Arne when you like someone as boring and replaceable as Torsten! Cute can’t make up for his lack of interest in his scene partners, sis, so I’m going to pray for you and light some candles so that you can be cured of your mildly bad taste and bad eyesight!
I…just…your JL and Nolan comparison really makes zero sense to me. They’re both brunettes, slim, and have prominent eyebrows…I guess? Lmao I really, really, really don’t see it. Nolan has a very angular nose, larger eyes, and no upper lip whereas JL has feline like eyes, a beautiful nose & lips. If you look at them from very far away, like, very far away, I’m sure they can pass for cousins who share about a .01% similarity in DNA (fortunately for JL, he doesn’t resemble a sewer rat)

Oh god, Blake is just a joke to me. He’s clearly desperate for any kind of attention from his crazed fans. That gf of his lasted about a week or two and he was already writing her poems on Twitter b/c he couldn’t you know, send them to her. He claims he wants his relationships to be private but he’s always posting about them. A sleaze, an attention whore, and a creep for befriending literal babies and constantly asking them when they’re going to apply for Helix. This kid seriously looked underage, even for Helix, so that made it a hundred times creepier. That doesn’t surprise me about Tayte, but I do wonder if he’s lying about it to make his female fans think they have a chance and they’ll be motivated to send him more gifts. I remember how super obsessed Tumblr teenage girls were with Jake Bass, surprisingly, he didn’t really take advantage of it by leading them or even going as far as sleeping with them. But I don’t believe Dani believes she’ll ever get a chance with Kevin, not even in her fantasies and I think she’s ok with it. She knows he would never go for it b/c she sees the people he’s surrounded with (beautiful BA models on the job) and his gf and she’s nothing like them, plus she’s further held back by her family. I feel a smidge of sympathy for her, but it certainly doesn’t allow me to disregard her aggression towards anyone who doesn’t worship Kevin and it’s very off putting that she’d most likely stop paying her bills before she’d stop paying her BA membership. It’s a sad situation all around.

Thanks for the link, btw. Recruiting off the street just sounds so old fashioned and likely to yield no results, but these are young guys eager for any kind of easy money, so once again, this industry makes me doubt common sense. Like Tom, Rick isn’t someone I’ve paid attention to, but GD also doesn’t promote him, so I can’t be blamed for unknowingly avoiding him lol. Reading his profile, GD claims he comes from a well-off family, so that’s new. I know most of the BA guys are there b/c they need money and that’s when it seems to become less shameful, maybe this is why Liam and Gary are so open about it? To them, it’s just a job, so big deal. I know JL also mentioned in one of his interviews that his parents knew about his “career choice”, but they became ok with it b/c of the money he was making. I could be remembering this a bit differently, but it made me shed a proverbial tear :(…I’m starting to sound a bit like Dani lol. Send help before I’m not able to dig myself out.

I DISLIKE JAMIE DURRELL WITH EVERY FIBRE IN MY BEING. Lol jk…kind of. I don’t like him. He’s boring, not that cute, annoying, g4p, and a glorified filler model. I don’t know how he managed to become a pretty popular, top model. I don’t get it and I don’t want to get it, just like I don’t get Roald’s popularity either. Their popularity and the opportunities given to them should’ve gone to someone like Johnny Bloom or Robin Michaux, yes, I’m a fan of both of them and yes, I’m ashamed (just as you should be ashamed by the love you have for Torsten and Helmut)

Only one Big Ang gif today b/c I don’t want to disrupt her ghost w/ this g4p mess (and hopefully this g4p mess doesn’t disrupt your studies lol. Save yourself and don’t end up in porn!!)

Miloš Del Rey says:

Omg I should have been more specific and mention that I was talking about Roland Curtis and not Lars. Roland who I actually find to be better looking than Lars tbh. And I know, both Jean and Nino are already nice I just felt an extra pound or two wouldn’t be a problem. Though now I’m beginning to sound like the commenters on Belami who all think that kris has the ideal body type. Though personally I find that he’s gotten a bit too big but I can appreciate the diversity which is the only reason why I don’t argue against him getting that big.

You know I’m not even going to comment on this Arne mess anymore, but at least Torsten is a bit more beautiful. Arne might be better at faking it but Torsten doesn’t have to. He just needs to sit there and let god’s light shine down on him. Just like Marc wished I would admire his body from afar. Btw there is no need to light a candle because I already saw the light…

Also I know he was G4p and probably forgotten but I miss Misha Akunin. He had a scene with Dylan Maguire and I still watch it every so often. I would have rather him been around than Danny who keeps getting loped in the same group as Nino and Jean but HE looks like a sewer rate. Leave Nolan alone he’s a good kid and Jean Luc’s double.

I won’t get on you over Johnny Bloom and Robin because I like them both so you get a free pass there. I love Johnny’s body. It’s lean but muscular and the kind of body I wish helmut had. But he’s all skin bones and alcohol T.T. It’s okay though because I still have a soft stop the same way Dani has many for Kevin. And I agree when you hear about their families and their sad stories it kind of makes you feel for them. I’m guessing that might be one of the reasons why Dani is all over Kevin? Though you”re definitely right about her probably failing to pay her bills before she stops her subscription. Her family can survive off one of her failed pies.(Those things looked burnt :( ) I think he was homeless for a while and George took him in. But even then he hardly speaks english so I don’t think Kevin could tell her much about himself… And I think Tayte might have lied but then again I was never really a big fan of his. I liked Jake Bass for a while but then his ego caught up and I started to get annoyed with him again. He acts like he’s one of the macho G4Ps it annoys the shit out of me.

And I will never get over why Jamie and Roald are so popular. They aren’t even as gorgeous as Torsten, Helmut or Nolan. It’s kind of sad. Plus they are open with how G4P they are so surely members can’t even pretend like they have a chance with them. It’s kind of sad but you know whatever. Hopefully Big Ange sends her blessings from the grave to smite the G4ps before they continue to make Belami porn boring. Perhaps we can sacrifice Arne so her powers can work?

Edit: I forgot to bitch about Blake Mitchell. He really is an attention whore and his ex bf Casey is just as fucking annoying. I can’t stand either one. If someone was to ask a question about Connor Kline, Casey would slither out of nowhere and say “OH YOU MEAN MY EX WHO WAS A BOTTOM?” Like stop it, you’re almost 30 years old at helix studios. If anything you’e considered a grandfather on their standards. Blake feeling the need to blast to everyone that he wanted his relationships to be private but then shared them openly online was messy and dumb as fuck. I don’t know why he has such a big fan base. He looks weird without his glasses, probably why he leaves them on. He fucks the same way… I guess it’s because he has a big dick??? I really can’t think of any redeeming quality that he has. He’s overall boring as fuck and can’t compare to any of the boring models at belami. At least boring belami models look like Norse gods to say the least. Blake looks like he should be putting gas in my car and wiping down my windows. Or cleaning out the sewers so Nolan won’t get dirty while he’s down there.

L. T. says:

What you say about Kevin is true which leads me to believe that, like Dawson was to CF, he has some kind of clout that makes them consider him essential. Not. He ain’t that essential and I am still boggled as to how popular he is. Just like Steven Daigle. Dude is no longer with Men At Play and I checked their site to see that he is their fifth highest-rated model, higher than even Marco Rubi. That killed a large chunk of my soul.

Miloš Del Rey says:

Seriously! Some of the hightest rated models always makes me scratch my head because I can never comprehend why? I understand to a degree why Kevin, Jack, Adam and Andre are all rated up high because they were some of the orginal twinks. But Kevin is far more over used than the others. I wished Gino was used half as much as Kevin, since he has just as good rating and speaks better english, while giving a better performance. I will never understand.

L. T. says:

He does. Love me some Gino.

L. T. says:

I can’t disagree with you on that. I was take aback when I saw Jason Clark’s girlfriend. Don’t get me started on Ennio Guardi’s lady. Never saw Denis Reed’s widow. It hurts even calling her that.

Miloš Del Rey says:

Hoyt and Jean Daniel are the only models I know who had decent looking girlfriend. Everyone else has a girlfriend that looks to be half human half iguana or they are a bit older. In fact a lot of these guys have older girlfriends of 5-10+ years age difference.

L. T. says:

Maybe it’s a thing over on their side of the world.

L. T. says:

I remember Jason Knightley’s girlfriend knowing and not being too fond of it. Maybe that’s why he ended up leaving.

No_No_No_Yes says:


freater says:

Rhys is gorgeous. BA wins again. Wish is was a better money shot tho

Ptr says:

Speaking of Belami, I’m surprised no one here mentions Hoyt Kogan now become a legit fashion model. Good for him!

L. T. says:

I saw that on his Twitter. I am both shocked and ecstatic for him! He’s pretty enough to be one. I feel that Christian is as well. I miss Lance Thurber, though.

realitytvIV says:

Oh wow, you killed my excitement as quickly as it came, but at least I don’t have to be ashamed for not knowing Jean’s full filmography lmao. Hmm yes! Roland is a lot better looking than Lars. I don’t know what it is about Lars, but if he isn’t in the right lighting or has the right angles going for him, it doesn’t work for me. He’s obviously good looking, but not nearly to the degree to which BA has hyped him up. I guess they can pay Lars what he asked for, but not Roland :(. I really liked his video w/ Jean Luc, though Jean was obviously more into it whereas Roland was more timid.

Girl…I think Torsten and Arne are on the same level of attractiveness. Torsten is another one where he needs the right angles and lighting otherwise his face can look a little too harsh. Not even Big Ang can save you from your bad opinions. While Nino, although awkward in all of his scenes, but it’s an endearing kind of awkwardness, and Jean are perfectly perfect, Danny would look a lot better with an extra 10-15 lbs and I’ve also come to really like him. I think he’s like Misha, g4p, but is into his scene partners and his scenes are good (so…maybe not totally g4p), what more do you want from him!?! His scene with Torsten was only saved by the fact that he was there otherwise it would’ve been a shitty scene b/c Torsten rarely delivers good scenes. That picture of Nolan further shows that he’s nowhere near to being Jean’s double. Please stop embarrassing yourself.

Ughhhhhhhhh, Johnny’s body is so amazingly beautiful, it’s just too bad that he doesn’t get paired up with better models (or at least ones I like). I don’t think it’ll be long before Helmut starts bulking up like most BA models do after they’ve been there for a while; in the photo that Christian posted on Twitter a while ago, he looked slightly more muscular. Maybe Kevin appears so much b/c George is attached to him and sees him like a son? But that’s just as gross as Dani possibly also seeing him in a maternalistic manner.

Lol to be fair, the majority of these BA guys are pretty open about being g4p. I mean, Roald went on to do straight porn w/ his gf and I’m sure many others have as well, either in the past or will do so in the future (which is why it was a mistake for BA to have even bothered w/someone like Wayne Taube who’s so painfully g4p and only looking for a paycheck until he’s able to bring in the big bucks doing straight porn). I’m going to pretend I didn’t read anything about Arne being sacrificed.
LMAO I couldn’t have said it better myself about Blake. A lot of his fans (and Casey’s) are surprisingly Asian girls and women who discovered them through their youtube channel, but I’m sure that just like Jake Bass’ Tumblr fans abandoned ship after a while, it won’t be long before they forget who he is. He’s certainly not worth the crazed fangirling and neither is Casey (he and Liam Riley are interchangeable, so I guess once they’re done stanning Casey, they can move on to Liam).

Miloš Del Rey says:

LOL I’m sorry I killed your excitement, maybe you will feel better when you start watching more Torsten videos? Perhaps one day Torsten to you will be like Kevin for Dani. I’ll keep my fingers crossed :) Lars just looks like a bloated toad to me. He looks nice riding dick but I never found him to be as attractive as George claimed he was. Like he definitely wasn’t ugly and could be part of the belami stable. I guess I would have treated him like Adam Archuleta. Good looking but I never watch their scenes on any given day.

And you don’t need to talk about angles when Torsten looks stunning in everyone. His nose is a bit long but I like it anyway. Arne is the one who goes from looking like a decent human being to the hunchback of notre dame is two seconds. So you might want to send a quick email to George that for any other video of Arne he has stashed, he needs to edit them heavily. Maybe even re-record with a stunt doubler perhaps. And Idk Danny just doesn’t do it for me, there’s Nino and Jean who look like little ken dolls… and Danny. I was upset their scene together was a threesome. I just wanted Nino and Jean together, but instead after that we got Danny and Jean. Needless to say my soul was crushed when that happened. The scene with Torsten was a disaster from the beginning, even his beauty couldn’t save it from something as passive as Danny. George should have had Torsten and Helmut eat toast or brush their teeth. it would have been way more entertaining than Danny. I still miss Misha Akunin, his scene with Joel Birkin was hot. And despite being clearly g4p I miss Jim K. He looked weird/unique but he was a solid performer plus despite being g4p he actually supported gay rights and etc openly. Which is new for a lot of Belami guys, they usually keep that stuff private. And you dragging Nolan like that just shows how much you care LOL.

See I get what you’re saying about Dani and George seeing Kevin in a parental way… but that just makes everything worst. That means Dani is spanking her 44 year old vag to someone who can legit be her kid. And George is pretty much pimping his kid out. And I hope helmut doesn’t buff out too much. Him being skinny is one of his most notable qualities. But if he leans up like Johnny then I guess it’s whatever. Maybe Jerome can get a make over too while everyone else is updating themselves.

The whole Roald thing was messy as fuck. Here we have other models like Florian and Arne who get cut off for breaking contract. Then Roald who decides to shoot straight porn and George doesn’t have a problem with it. And apparently Roald asked for permission and George said okay? That was enough for me to know George was a typical self hating gay man who was obsessed with straight guys. Let’s imagine Joey Mills 30 years older and 140 pounds heavier. Basically George. Trying to feel like top shit just because he has straight guys working for him. Oh how I wish I could tell him to fuck off sometimes.

There’s a new helix model named Robin Moore who I thought was kind of cute. But Joey Mills is already all over him so, who knows how problematic he might be. I’m waiting to find out if he’s a trump supporter of if he’s racist. Maybe even both. Jake Bass got more of a following on instagram and he’s been thinking he’s on top the porn world since he got verified. And I never saw the appeal of Casey Tanner and Blake as a “power couple” maybe it’s because I can’t stand either one of them. And I also find it funny how Jake and Casey also aren’t fans of each other. I want to dig deeper but that’s as far as I’ll go. ALSO I have mutual friends with a porn model who quit last year. Lev Ivankov from cockyboys. He literally lives about 3 hours away from me and a 10 minute walk from one of my friends house. I’m surprised he never joined helix he’s just as overly dramatic as most of the models apparently.

realitytvIV says:

LMAO I can’t compete with Dani and her Kevin obsession. I just don’t have it in me to run several social media accounts dedicated to Torsten, send him money and clothes, watch his scenes and his webcam shows; girl, I wouldn’t even do that for my #1 fav and human angel Jean Luc. Just thinking about it is exhausting, I don’t know how she does it, so I guess we can give her some credit for being so enthusiastic and dedicated about something? …her family only wishes she cared about them like she cares about Kevin :(. At first, I found her husband’s jealousy kind of unnecessary b/c Kevin is in a completely different country, barely speaks English, like, how can she possibly cheat on her husband w/ Kevin? Lol, but emotional cheating is a thing and I’d be jealous if my husband was paying more attention to a porn star than to my kids and me.

Torsten will never be a favorite of mine unless his performances improve as more of his scenes are released. I liked the beginning of his scene with Jeroen, but his energy died down as the scene went on. You say Antony Lorca is boring, but I find him more entertaining than Torsten. His scene with Jerome was cute and fun (look at me calling porn cute and fun!) even though I personally don’t like Jerome. You need to develop an obsession with Antony; he reminds me of an early 2000s heartthrob, he’s just so gorgeous and teen me would totally build him a shrine in my closet. Seriously, every time I look at him, it’s just…
his beauty would make angels weep.

Stop trashing my favorites!! I can’t take it anymore! Lol but really, you’re exaggerating. I liked the threesome scene. It was perfect (for once, I’ll agree with something George said: the inexperience and awkwardness in the scene was endearing instead of cringe worthy), but yeah, Danny did sort of get in the way lol. Especially in the second part where Nino bottomed and Jean and Nino were more into each other, so Danny was just sort of there. I’m pretty sure Nino and Jean will have one or several scenes together, at least if George is going to push their relationship. I mean, isn’t it the case that the “relationships” b/w these guys only get mentioned if they’re going to be used by the studio? So I’m sure we’ll see more of them together; even Danny and Nino had their own scene together recently (it was a cute scene as well before you start hating on Danny). Oh and I hate to tell you this, but a while ago the BA Twitter account posted pics of Jean, Danny, and Nino together, so I’m pretty sure that threesome scene was remade, so you’ll have to suffer some more, maybe it’s payback for insulting Arne and Danny so cruelly??

I also liked Jim. I liked his scene with Arne a lot lmao, it’s the only scene of his that I remember. But I wonder where he’s getting the money to travel. His IG is filled with pics of him at some really nice places, maybe he has a sugar daddy…or a sugar mama (you know all these guys have old gfs)? Speaking of Helmut, are you liking Damian Chapelle? He has a scene with Helmut next week on the Freshmen site. He stands out to me and so far I’ve liked his scenes.

Roald isn’t an exclusive, so George didn’t see why he couldn’t do straight porn. I don’t even know why Roald asked for permission, since so many of the non exclusives also do straight porn when they aren’t doing gay porn. I guess b/c George seems to treat Roald better than some exclusives (taking him to Greece, overusing him), Roald wanted to stay in his good graces. Also, didn’t Florian get kicked out b/c he was trying to get the models to leave BA and work for him?? I’m trying to remember where I read this, but he would get the Hungarian models to rethink their BA contracts and was pimping them out…maybe it was on MoP that someone brought it up.

Robin looked kind of cute in his Twitter icon, but once I saw his face up close, it wasn’t so cute. I don’t even know why he has an account when he has zero scenes. Is it possible that Helix fans are more thirsty and desperate than other fans b/c some of the models that were just introduced a month or so ago already have wish lists and even though the studio hasn’t released their scenes, people are already buying them stuff. The new Helix twinks are all way too skinny, underage looking, and gross. I thought maybe they were going for something different by having slightly more built models like Corbin, Blake, and Sean, but they’re going back to their anorexic twink roots. Casey and Jake disliked (dislike?) each other b/c Connor left Casey for Jake or something along those lines. Just two twinks desperately fighting over some guy b/c he’s “straight passing”. Sad. Ohhhh I remember Lev. Someone said he left b/c his bf didn’t want him doing porn? But his porn account was active not too long ago, so idek with him. He kind of reminds me of Benjamin Blue, just less cute.

Miloš Del Rey says:

You know what, I agree Dani gets an A+ for being consistent. It takes a lot of time and effort as well as lot of dedication, to put a complete stranger ahead of your friends and family. And for now I just lol because I’m sorry. I know I mentioned it before but that fucking letter Kevin sent her makes me cry of laughter whenever I see it. She got SO EXCITED. over the note and all Kevin said was “You crazy girl – Kevin” and it was done in such shitty handwritting. But she acts like Leonardo Di Caprio sent her a love letter. I’m legit crying rn just thinking about it. Thank god that Dani exists, she keeps people like me sane and happy when they have mid terms. I could never see myself giving a pornstar money unless I know them personally, other than that, no. Let George pay you in bread crumbs and dollar store wine.

Maybe I’m over-exaggerating a little… and I think Antoy has his cute moments and I did like his scene with Christopher Caan I think? The little bit before the scene where they were dancing together was cute. But… I just think that Torsten is a bit more beautiful. Sorry but… it’s the truth. Torsten looks like a Norse God and … Antony can be a latin prince or something idk. But you can’t compare the two when they can’t compete!
And Jereon has had some pretty decent scene partners, all of which I wish Jean would have. I need a scene with Jean and Ariel. Antony just looks like he should be cleaning a pool for a 44 year old italian woman named Dani. And seeing G4p they all are, I wouldn’t be surprised if he already is.

And I’m glad you said it, Danny just seems to be in the way all the time. I’m curious as to why he hasn’t joined Kevin behind the camera as of yet. Maybe he and Rick Lautner can switch places, I’d gladly trade Danny for Rick any day.
Is there a petition I can sign to have him voted out and replaced? Plus Rick speaks a bit of hungarian so he can translate for George to Nino and Jean. I need to pass this message along to the messy belami members. Maybe they will agree. Also guess who was filming in columbia! Jason Bacall LMFAO. So I guess you will be seeing more of him and Joaquin Arrenas.
So if you think I’m suffering because of more Dani, Jason is about to come up with more scenes, and Helmut was there as well. Maybe a flip flop scene of Jason and Helmut. Or they might spice it up and add Torsten to the mix. Either way I am excited :) The only scene of Damien I saw was his with Nino, he had one with Claude but I never bother to watch it. I don’t find it attractive tbh, he looks fairly plain to me. And most of his partners are forgettable. Damien is cute but I keep on overlooking him for some reason. Jim needs to come back and shoot porn, he was also a nice performer but his night scene with Misha was one of favorites and a good example of how if you’re really into your partners even being G4P you can pull off a nice scene.

Roald was boring and is boring as fuck. I still don’t know why he’s one of the top rated models at belami he’s so useless. The only scene of his I watched were his DP with Jason and his scene with Torsten. Possibly one other but I avoid him like the black plague. I don’t have time for him. The idea of Florian pimping out Belami models is too fucking much LOL. I know Florian went off to shoot str8 porn and then shoot for englishlads or something. But I hope he was acting as a pimp, George would be fuming. Surprised he didn’t get that fat camera guy he has working for him to hit Florian with his car.

Robin Moore shot 3 scenes for Helix but they haven’t released any as of yet for some reason. In fact Helix has about 6 models waiting to have their scenes released. All of which, with the exception of Robin are still in high school. Maybe Helix is holding the scenes back until graduation day? I don’t know but I know Robin filmed and is supposed to go back and film more lol. I think Robin is cute from the right angles, sometimes people just photograph weird so I’ll wait to see him in a scene before I make my final judgment. But like you said 99.9% of all of the new helix model that I saw were super super super skinny. Like Joey mills tiny and they all act like they have big asses but I don’t see anything. Lev did leave because his bf didn’t want him doing porn but his bf clearly doesn’t mind if he’s dancing for money or hooking up with men for money. But doing porn is a no no. Whenever he and his bf go on a break Lev tries to shoot porn they’re both messy. Casey and Jake fighting over Connor because he’s straight passing makes a lot of sense if you think about it. And the more I think about it the more I know it’s probably true. Jake think he’s a tough cookie but he’s just a twink in disguise. His ego is too fucking much, Connor was a sweetheart though, I kinda wish he still did porn.

Benjamin Blue is a cutie he needs to shoot more scenes tbh, Im still here waiting for Max Holt to shoot another one. I liked his scene with Tegan Zayne. But I can wait for him to come back…

realitytvIV says:

Lol so now you gotta give kudos to miss thing for providing you with hours of endless entertainment and by association, those kudos also go to Kevin and George. Don’t forget to be thankful for those three come thanksgiving time!

Every comment of yours further demonstrates your bad taste. That wasn’t a very good pic of Rick to use if you’re trying to prove that he’s more good looking than Danny. It would have been better for you to use one of him with glasses since at least then a bit of his face is covered up. Your hate for Danny and Arne knows no bounds. Don’t you think there’s enough hate in the Trump world we’re living in? Ew, looks like they took a bunch of uggos to Colombia, so I’ll be avoiding those scenes in 2050 when they’re released. I don’t even recognize some of them. Those pics annoy me not only b/c it’s the same guys they take on every trip, but it’s also some ugly newbies and zero Hungarians. Is George really so cruel that he can’t send 3-4 Hungarians on a foreign trip? Why must I be tortured in this manner!? My nightmares will involve these uggos g4paying it up in Colombia, while yours will involve Danny’s presence in this picture :)

Who knows if that person was telling the truth about Florian, but it doesn’t sound totally beyond belief. I believe it, I don’t doubt that some of these porn stars George hires aren’t sketchy people who notice how much money George makes pimping them out, so they think, “why can’t I do it as well?”

Ugh the person I follow on Twitter keeps track of the all the Helix twinks and I don’t have the heart to unfollow him, so I had to mute pretty much all of the new guys and the more annoying, older ones. Too much desperation, thirstiness, and overall sickly appearing skinniness. I mean, the issue I have with Helix is the same I have with the majority of studios. They keep hiring replicas; bland, skinny, white twinks who think they’re hot shit when their newly created porn accounts accumulate a little over 1,000 followers.

Cockyboys needs more Benjamin and less Levi, Ricky, and Liam. Levi is Cockyboys’ Kevin.

Miloš Del Rey says:

Wow someone seems to be a bit bitter huh…

All of this because you can’t stand that Danny is being replaced by the new squad of Belami guys? Jason is about to appear in every single scene Danny wishes he could be in. Things are changing around here for the better. You can hang onto your delusions where Danny and Arne are some how gorgeous and I’ll exist in the real world… where we have this!
I don’t know why Danny was even in that bed, should have put him on the floor and let Torsten slip in. But I agree George should have taken some hungarians with him on a trip. When was the last time Joel went travelling anywhere? The last I heard of him he was shooting a few months ago, then he went ghost and we haven’t heard from him at all. A Joel, Nino and Jean scene would be heavenly. Sadly it won’t happen anytime soon because George is busy looking for more G4P models instead of trynig to put together good scenes.

Also what are your thoughts on Jon Kael, I can’t tell if I like him or not. He’s attractive but idk, something about him puts me off at times. And as usually Dani fucking loves him. I guess we really do have to thank Dani for lols because I spend a good deal of time shaking my head at her. I really don’t understand how her brain operates. Like her twitter is pictures of her kids, kevin, food, Kevin, kids, food, whining about life, pics of Kevin… She makes me feel normal and know that when I think I have an obsession, I just suffer from a very mild case.

Helix models are so fucking funny and I’m happy as fuck you mentioned their ego inflation over their followers. They seem to forget that the whole twink publicity has a shelf life of about less than 3 years. Most of them don’t realize that unless they get out of that little boy phase and actually start looking like adults they get put on the back burner. *cough* Casey Tanner *cough*. Keeps trying to be relevant but falls short, fans even ask him to stop appearing in scenes. Most of the smart helix models have already tried to find other forms of revenue outside of shooting for helix but most of the newbies are too stupid to think otherwise. Since Joey Mills became so popular I noticed that they really started to hammer down on looking for his replica. Before they were actually trying to bring back some type of diversity with model appearance but it seems like they gave up, once again. And Levi, Liam, Kevin and Arne are basically the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse.

realitytvIV says:

LMAO you act as if Danny is some hideous monster. You have to admit that he’s cute and a good performer, although, yes, a little too skinny. I’d rather see Nino or Jean in every single scene than Danny or Jason. I’m not Jason’s biggest fan and I doubt I’ll ever become one, but even I will say that he’s one of the more promising newbies. I’m not going to lie to myself and say that I’d prefer Joaquin or Henrik over Jason. And of course, I’m bitter. How can I not be bitter when Danny, Nino, Jean, and other Hungarian newbies that are just as new as these guys don’t get to go on trips yet the ones who do go on those trips are the Czechs who aren’t even all newbies? It doesn’t make sense to me.
I need George to personally explain why the newbies don’t get let out of the Hungarian studio’s basement. Why don’t they get the same opportunities!? Especially when Jerome and Kevin (and is that Peter I spy back there?) have pretty much been on every single trip!? I don’t mind Jason, it’s guys like Jerome and Kevin who get hauled around all over the world while guys like Jean are restricted to filming in Hungary and maybe if they’re lucky in the Czech Republic, because even that’s a luxury for them it seems. Danny can’t even get replaced right now b/c he’s just as new and even newer than some of those guys (Jerome (he was introduced a little bit earlier than Danny) and Kevin)! And yes, even Joel has disappeared. The most utilized and favored Hungarian at the moment doesn’t even get to travel. I understand that some guys don’t want to travel b/c they have lives and responsibilities outside of the studio, so those kind of opportunities go to guys like Kevin whose entire life is consumed by BA, but George doesn’t appear to make an effort to include the Hungarians. I just have a lot of feelings about this, ok!?!

I’m unsure about Jon as well lol. Going by some of his Twitter likes, he’s most likely g4p, so there’s that…but he does fake it pretty well, so I guess he’s one of the better g4p guys, like Peter and Bastian, who don’t look repulsed and confused in their scenes. I seriously don’t understand why Dani can’t keep her personal life and her kids’ faces off her porn Twitter. It’s kind of gross. If I’m going to dedicate my entire Twitter account to porn, I’m certainly not going to bring my family into it. First of all, it’s disgusting, and secondly, there are creeps and evil people out there who won’t hesitate to use those photos for whatever they wish. And considering how disliked she is, I’m surprised she isn’t more careful about those kind of things. Like, what if someone exposes her to her family, friends, and acquaintances? But considering how open she is about her Kevin obsession, I wouldn’t doubt that her kids know about Kevin and may even call him step-daddy or something. Yikes.

I really don’t get the kind of demographic Helix tries to appeal to, but it always surprises me how their fans can range from your typical old guy to a young girl from Asia, but both types are very committed to their favorites which keeps guys like Casey around b/c they feel like they still matter since they have a small group of 4-8 fans who care a little too much. All those Joey Mills look alike will just keep me very far away from their scenes. What’s the point of having someone like Colby when they pair him up w/ an anorexic twink? Ew.

Girl, I’ll accept that Arne shade b/c I find the other 3 so annoying.

Miloš Del Rey says:

Omg quick tea before I go in, but I found seb priestly’s instagram and it looks like he’s legit gay. So we finally have another one, so it confirms that WH is basically a broke down Belami. Trying to force the G4P agenda down everyone’s throat when it clearly doesn’t exist. It’s probably one of the reasons why the hungarians don’t get to travel much either. George can’t have all of those gay guys around his straights. They might taint them and ruin their holier than thou appearance. And we all know George would rather fall off of the highest point of Mount Everest than allow that to happen. And yeah you saw correctly, that was Peter hiding out in the background. You know his gf/sugar momma made sure that George took her son… I mean boyfriend on the field trip with everything else. She needs some lady time to discuss the hardships of raising a young boyfriend.

But I am annoyed that George hardly takes the hungarians anywhere but it might be exactly like you said before, inconvenient to bring them all the way there. And by inconvenient I mean annoying for George so he doesn’t bother. Also Danny has already been replaced. George has shown that he has a soft stop for Helmut and Jerome so don’t expect them to be taking the spotlight from those two anytime soon. Seeing that Helmut and Jerome went on the trip together I’m expecting yet another scene with the both of them. Everyone should know how much George likes to push the fake relationship narrative. Also I have been waiting for one model to finally get a scene that Thierry Dore I believe? I thought he was goodlooking in a weird way but god knows how long it will be before he finally makes an appearance. I fucking hate the shelf period George has out there. I honestly don’t see a point in getting hyped for any model unless you see their photosession on freshmen because other than that you never see them again. But I’d imagine that if we were to ask George about it, his reply would be kinda rude.

Yes and mother fucking yes to Dani and her kids. It’s fucking gross, like I don’t know why she thinks it’s okay to post off her real account, with her real name, real photos of her kids. Everything about it makes literally no sense what so ever. I’m not really worried about her kids as I’m sure they will be fine. But I am waiting for someone to actually get pissed off with Dani and send shit to her family. Maybe someone will take screenshots of her in a webcam room with Kevin and send it to her mom. Perhaps that might get her to sit her ass down and take care of her family. But knowing this idiot, it would just make her see herself as some kind of martyr for the porn industry. I’m waiting for her to start a youtube channel and go le chris crocker and make a video scream “LEAVE KEVIN ALONE”. Now I would pay to see that, middle age hag goes insane over G4P pornstar who wants nothing to do with her. Maybe that will be the final stepping stone to get Kevin and her husband to finally dump her ass. It’s only a matter of time she hits someone with her car while checking her twitter for updates on Kevin.

And I agree with you fully on the whole why pair a hot guy with Joel Mills Clone #6. It gets completely repetitive which is why I never bothered to watch more than one Blake Mitchel scene, once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. Same premise and same bottom just with a different name. I think most of the younger female crowd just like them for tumblr aesthetic perhaps? And I can understand why older men would be after them I suppose but that’s about it. To make things worst I’ve found ANOTHER skinny twig bottom that has scenes waiting to be released. So it look like from now until summer we will have nothing but Joey Mills clones running amok.

realitytvIV says:
LMAO tell me why I cried tears of joy even though I had already forgotten who Seb Priestly was??!! I went back to the Freshmen site and apparently, he didn’t receive an exclusive contract because he lacked the necessary sexual energy, but like a lot of BA guys, and I mean A LOT, lack sexual energy (obviously b/c they’re g4p). Who was that new guy that recently appeared with Hoyt Kogan on the Freshmen site who couldn’t get hard even when he was getting a blowjob? …He had big lips, brunette, blue eyes, and was muscular. Idk, but the majority of them are snooze fests, so it’s interesting that it was a problem with Seb. Hmmm…it makes you wonder if it was the lack of sexual energy as well as him being gay. I haven’t seen any of his scenes, so I can’t judge whether he really is boring in bed or not, but I don’t see why this should be a problem for a studio like BA, a studio that’s known for boring scenes. Ugh, that really bugs me.
But I told you that WH really likes to push the uncomfortable straight boy narrative. I don’t think the owner would lie about the studio wanting their guys to look like they’re in pain in their scenes b/c that’s a fetish that appeals to their members, so they’re not going to mention when a model is actually enjoying what they’re doing. Even if Seb had been offered a contract or if he just continues filming scenes for BA here and there, BA would be unlikely to mention that he’s gay. We know of the gay/bi BA guys and none of them besides Nino have had their gayness mentioned. It’s so strange. I watch gay porn b/c I want to see men who like men get w/ other men who like men, I just assumed that this is what everyone was looking for, but apparently not.

Biiiiiiiiiitch tell me (again lmao) why I found Helmut’s IG when I wasn’t even looking for it? I know that he’s g4p, but yikes, seeing him w/ his gf (not old, but not attractive btw) was gross. I’m being punished and I don’t know why. All the new g4payers continue to be revealed to me and the gay/bi models are so few and far between. Enough is enough w/ the Jerome/Helmut pairing. It’s old, tired, and boring now. How many scenes w/ those two do we need? Lol I’m sure Helmut’s gf knows about the fake relationship b/w those two b/c she knows Jerome. Also, they both do a lot of traveling, so I’m wondering where Helmut is finding the money for it? Maybe a rich gf? But I don’t think so. Is George really paying Helmut so much money? He should reconsider and give it all to Jean. I just don’t want anymore g4p demons, get them away from gay porn!

Oh and I think Rafael Moretti does have a bf afterall. I was hesitant to say that he did b/c it’s an older guy, but I’m, like, 90% sure it’s his bf. Thierry is cute. He reminds me of Hoyt sans the receding hairline lol. Did he film any scenes? Sometimes they only do photoshoots and they never come back for an actual scene. Their Hungarian photographer, I forget his fake name, did a photoshoot w/ this Hungarian guy who kind of reminds me Jean and I’m kind of hoping he’s a BA model since he’s actually gay and he’s cute, but idk if it was just a regular, non BA affiliated photoshoot or a BA shoot, so I guess we’ll see eventually.

Unfortunately…or fortunately, I really do think her family already knows about Kevin and even if someone were to expose her, I highly doubt it would change anything. Her and her husband already have problems, so if he left her, she’d probably celebrate and try to gather enough coins to buy a direct, one way flight to the Czech Republic. And her only friends seem to be a part of the BA/gay porn fandom, if you want to call it that lol, so she wouldn’t lose any friends. She’s gucci. No one can save her and she’s fine not being saved, she prefers it, actually. The only thing that would make her wake up is Kevin blocking her on Twitter, Kevin disappearing from BA and social media and that’s not going to happen *insert another crying gif here lol*.

Helix hiring a few slightly more muscular guys was a lapse in judgment for them and they have to make up for it by going to the Skinny White Twink factory and buying in bulk, so I’m just going to do what I’ve always been doing and pretend like they don’t exist.

Miloš Del Rey says:

So sad that we have to celebrate over the few scraps of gay guys we can find on here. But I will blame Seb’s performance on George and the creeps behind WH. At Staxus his scenes are fine and he was both a solid top as well as a solid bottom. At WH and Belami he just seems uncomfortable, especially at WH. I can’t comment too much on the Belami scene because it looks like it was at least a year old. In fact his scenes at staxus were the few where the models didn’t look sickly pale (They quickly went back to their old swing of things and decided that the Tim Burton style suits the company better). I never doubted you about that WH narrative but god is it fucking terrible. They literally had Seb sit on a couch and talk about this girlfriend of his that didn’t exist. Like is he dating the GF of G4Ps past? Can I expect this vengeful ghoul to visit me next? I think the model you might be talking about is Steve Skaasgard? Or something like that, his scene with Hoyt was boring as hell so I wonder why he would be allowed back and not Seb on a contract. Seb at least put in a it more effort than Steve. Steve just looks like they threw Hoyt in a blender and tried to force out another copy but failed.
(He has nice eyes tho)

Also speaking of gay guys have you heard anything on Justin Saradon I think his name is? Didn’t someone say he was struggling with his sexuality too? Because struggling clearly means gay in George’s demented mind so who knows we might have another one. But I’m not sure how I feel about Saradon, he just seems to escape my eye, since I don’t think I’ve seen more than one of his scenes. Plus what about Rhys Jagger, he said he was gay and I never found anything about him online to my knowledge. Though I don’t remember George mentioning anything about it so I’m at a lost right now. I fucking feel you on accidentally coming across G4P models and their Gfs while you were looking for someone else. It’s how I found Jereon and ended up here complaining about him. I think I was looking for Jean and found his dumb ass and started laughing ever since. Helmut is actually a really weird case, because according to George and Kevin, Helmut’s family has money and so does he. Which makes him doing porn even a bit more weird. Like why are you here if you can get a job somewhere else?

But if Helmut was to combine the money he gets from his family, with his belami money and whatever money he might get from work outside of Belami, I think it would be safe to assume he’s well off enough to travel as he pleases. Helmut’s girl friend is just here for the ride, waiting for the right moment to get pregnant so she doesn’t have to work anymore. Though I’m sure if you dig hard enough you might find that she might do porn as well. Sorry to disappoint you but the G4Ps aren’t going anywhere at all. We have that freshmen site which means every week there is a 1/10 chance of us getting an actual gay model. Most if not almost all of them more than likely will be hella straight just the way George likes them.
Rafael potentially having a boyfriend is really sweet but it also means we will be seeing even less of him because having a boyfriend instead of pretending to be straight is forbidden when George is around and someone is always willing to snitch. I think Thierry has a scene with Hoyt so lord knows how long it will be before we could ever see it. Same goes to that potential model who looks like Jean Luc. It took George a year to release anything with Jean and 2 years to release anything about Torsten. It could take him just as long to release even a quick sneak peak of the model but keep your fingers crossed.

I take back what I said about Robin Moore from helix, I was really thinking he might have been cute but he posted a photo recently and… ugh
I actually feel like I should ask Helix for an apology he looks busted. But he seems like the type Dani would be after and defending in a heart beat. I can’t deal with her madness at all. It’s too hysterical and I keep laughing when I should be serious. Her family probably disowned her already, who wants to sit down at dinner with a grown woman talking about a man half her age who does porn, GOOD BYE. Imagine her husband complaining to relative about his wife and her relationship with a porn model online. I would be so embarrassed. LOL I can totally see her flying to the Czech Republic if shit went sour in her life. It doesn’t matter if she nor her kids can speak the language she’s going to treat Czech the same way people treat Hollywood. Maybe she will film a vlog series with us. Including footage of George chasing her and throwing dildos at her as well as calling the police. I would watch it. Kevin disappearing off social media would be the death of Dani, I honestly would fear for her mental health as well as those around her if that happened.

Helix is supposed to start posting these new models either this week or the upcoming week, so we will finally see if any of them resemble someone who isn’t a stage 4 cancer patient…

realitytvIV says:

WH’s sister site is Str8hell, right? If so, that’s just further proof that like BA, they like their models g4p even if they’re not actually g4p. It may be possible that when he was filming for WH, he was figuring out his sexuality though I wouldn’t believe that was the case b/c WH is very pro-g4p; so yeah, they could’ve just made some shit up just like BA likes to, in very rare and few instances, claim their models are gay or dating each other. I just saw that he also escorts, so that’s interesting. He isn’t the type of escort who only wants clients to set their gaze upon him lol; someone from another gay porn blog said that they went to see him and that the videos where he’s less muscular are older, so I guess he went from BA to Staxus and then to WH. Yes, it’s Steve! Everyone was so excited about his debut, but once it came out, it was just like…that’s it? That scene was more suitable for WH or Str8hell b/c the poor man looked so uncomfortable. He’s obviously good looking, but good looks only take you so far. LMAO you’re so right about Steve looking like a Hoyt replica. BA needs Hoyt look alikes to replace him when his hairline really starts doing some damage. Hoyt look alikes are to BA what skinny, white twinks are to Helix.

I’m not super sure about Justin, but I think he may just be gay. He hangs out w/ people who are super into edm/club culture, so I figured I’d see him w/ a gf by now, but nope. Plus he doesn’t follow any nude-y girl accounts…lol idk what else to call them, but you know, glamour models, super into fitness women who are always in tight workout clothes and doing suggestive poses. etc .etc all the straight BA models follow those kind of women, so it’s kind of weird that he doesn’t, but he also doesn’t follow many accounts that would give away that he’s gay, like male model accounts, “sexy guys of IG” that kind of stuff. I think he’s gay, but I can’t say I’m certain about it. What you said about Helmut sounds about right. All his pics are of really nice foreign locations and his gf, while kind of ugly, doesn’t look trashy. The BA guys who you know are lacking in money, you can tell from their pics and the people they hang out with. Sounds kind of mean, but it’s true lol (for example, Bastian, Andre, Jack, and Dylan all seem to come from the Czech equivalent of trailer parks). But that’s just annoying b/c I can think of a million ways for this straight man to rebel that don’t involve ruining my gay porn.
Even though I don’t want these g4p men anywhere near my gay porn, I feel kind of bad for the gfs. Eastern Europe isn’t as advanced as other Western countries when it comes to women’s rights, so yeah, a lot of them will end up pregnant and taking care of their bfs/husbands. Someone on some site said that Czech men revert back to boys when they get married b/c they expect their gfs/wives to take care of them. What kind of life is that? And that’s not even bringing in the fact that they have to put up w/ their bfs/husbands doing porn.

You’re so right about the never ending presence of g4p porn stars. You know, it’d be ok if they at least didn’t act g4p while filming. I can appreciate a good g4p actor, but then that brings up the question of whether they’re really g4p if they appear to be enjoying it so much…I’m probably just looking to erase the g4payers by trying to convince myself that some may just be closeted and/or bi or something. The g4p reality is too much to bear.

Lol you’re forgetting that Rafael is also Hungarian, so he was never a priority and him being a gay man just puts him further down the list while painfully g4p guys like Helmut and Steve are at the very top. Omg when you said that the FrenchTwinks guy kind of resembled Jean, I was picturing someone like the guy I’m talking about!:
Now, this is someone I could believe is related to Jean. Comparing him to Jean is a compliment and not an insult. He hangs out w/ the gay, Hungarian BA photographer, so yes, hopefully, we’ll see him around…but GD probably wouldn’t like that he’s gay and Hungarian.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I knew once you took a good look at Robin Moore, you’d be repulsed. He ain’t cute, girl. Idk how old he is, but he has this weird young features mixed w/ premature aging thing going on, but he already has fans, so us and our good taste are in the minority. I just realized that Dani only stans BA models. She only has eyes for Kevin and to look upon any other porn model would be the ultimate betrayal. She’d probably get more attention from the Helix guys or even the Cockyboys models. Models from both companies have even befriended their creepy, middle aged female fans, but she’s happier receiving sloppy, one sentence letters from Kevin. I didn’t appreciate your harshness when it came to Arne and Danny, but I wholly welcome it when the targets are Helix twinks.

Miloš Del Rey says:

William Higgins is just trash nothing more nothing less. They just get the scraps Belami doesn’t want or they lose their best models to belami. Example Gino Mosca, great loss for WH. The only thing I know for sure is, I think Seb is adorable, and he needs to shoot more for staxus. Fuck WH, they’ll just find one of those tall Czech women who are into bondage to beat him up, and we don’t need that right now. And Belami members got exactly what they deserved when it came to Steve. A shitty G4P model who couldn’t even get it up. Hoyt is starting to look pretty beat up too, one because he constantly gets into fights because he can’t take anyone saying anything bad about him, and two because of how much he parties. I’m willing to bet more than anything that his alcohol only diet attributes to his accelerating hair loss. That and probably genetics. But Belami members are the reason why we don’t get any variety aside from people who are tall and blue eyes. George just does what people want, for example there was a model named Benny who I thought was kind of cute… and look at the reaction lol.

But it’s true most places in eastern europe have not developed since the 1920s when it comes to mind set and culture. Some are a bit more advance and by that I mean think how things were in the 1950s in North America. Guys go out and work and once they get married it’s the woman’s job to take care of their needs. It’s one of the reasons why a lot of guys like to date foreign women from those countries. They’re programmed from a young age to get married and find a decent husband then have kids. Nothing more to aspire too, it’s also one of the reasons why the amount of women from those countries who attend college is so low even though a lot of the universities in those places are free lol. Why get an education when you’re supposed to be pregnant? It’s also one of the reason why so many Belmai guys get married so young, it’s expected of them. Most eastern european guys that I know personally never did that long term engagement thing. Where here in Canada people date for a while get engaged for a year or two sometimes longer, then may decide to get married later on. So altogether people are usually with each other for 4+ years before getting married. In Czech LOL no, after 4 years you have 5 kids and a 6th on it’s way. Everyone has this idea that countries like Russia and Czech are so advanced because of their military and what not. That’s legit the only thing they have going for them, the military. And the reason why is because the military provides food, housing, protection and the guys get to make money to send home to their families. So working at Belami is probably a dream come true for a lot of those GFs, they play it off as just “modeling” and they get the same amount of money as a decent or a above average paying job plus the guys get to travel. I absolutely love eastern europe and it’s culture, after events like Chernobyl and the second world war those countries slowly stopped progressing while here in North America we remained unbothered. People up here complained about the recession but most people on the east have been living one for the past few decades, it’s insane. And at the rate they are going they will never get out of the hole they are in, in this decade or the next. So you can expect another 30+ years of poverty and G4P guys knocking at Belami’s door for a job. Tragic. Though I would like to feel bad a bit longer, I’m on spring break right now and have been a little cray.

Rafael being Hungarian explains so much, we won’t see him for a while. I’m sure George him, Jean, Danny, Nino and Joel locked up in a cage somewhere. The more I hear about the treatment of the Hungarian models the more I wonder what George has against them. Plus it’s not like it’s that far away and George can always let them stay in his home, it’s not like he doesn’t own several houses around the world. He’s just being cruel for no reason at all. Which is pretty damn sad because like you said a lot of belami guys live in trailer parks and shit. They should help the hungarian guys out as well, can’t just have one group suffering and the other group living it up in foreign countries getting wild.

Okay… that guy might look a little bit like Jean but I still think Nolan looks like their brother or something. Or half brother. Needless to say they make the perfect trio, I hope whoever he is makes an appearance at Belami soon enough. He can replace some of the crappy models George has been bringing recently. It’s so hard to tell who is who on the freshmen site. Like there literally are so many fucking clones. I do have a little faith that they might get better, some Belami models do change when they get better hairstyles, change their diet and put on some weight. But as of right now I can’t tell who is Henrik and who is Christopher.

Don’t laugh! Everything about Robin made me sad as fuck.

I legit thought he was good looking then he uploaded photos that weren’t in good lighting and my heart sank. He looks like Max Carters younger brother. I was legit repulsed, made me ugly cry just like Trisha in that gif, hand on my chest and everything. And I’m surprised with how much attention he’s getting even though he has no scenes out. I guess he’s going to be as popular as Joey Mills (Who I actually feel bad for, he originally started doing porn to help a sick relative and his dad recently passed). Like I’m getting so many feels right now, I don’t deserve this. Maybe I’m being punished for making fun of Arne and Danny? Or maybe Dani put a curse on me for questioning her relationship with Kevin? Either way I’m a fucking good person I don’t deserve this, not today or tomorrow. Dani wants to be a popular stan but that will never happen, maybe when Kevin does another scene for cockyboys she might rethink that and decide to other models? Or maybe Kevin will send her a letter that says ‘I is sad now, y u backstab me? – Kevan’

realitytvIV says:

I used to think that Staxus was on the same level of sketchiness as HG, but now I’m seeing that it’s going to go WH, BA, then Staxus in terms of sketchiness. A lot of the guys who have gone from BA to Staxus seem more comfortable and at ease in their Staxus scenes. There’s Seb, there’s also Josh Levy and Bjorn Nykvist whose scenes are a million times better at Staxus. I admit that I judged them too soon lol, but Staxus still has more ugly models than good looking ones and they also cater to some weird fetishes. I just discovered Martin Rivers and omg he’s almost as angelic as Jean Luc. I’m kind of surprised BA didn’t snatch him up or continued to work Bjorn b/c once he grew his hair out, he became less plain. Though Martin and Bjorn may just be too “twinky” for BA. OMG their reaction to the Colombian model they introduced last week, Jhon I think, was as absurd as their reaction to Benny. They act like Jhon is the first and only twink to be introduced by BA, but so many of their guys start off as twinks and they have plenty of them that are similar to Jhon like Danny, Jean Luc, and all the bland blondes they’ve been introducing. And on Benny, I also thought he was adorable, but apparently we’re blind. Lol the thing is that they’ve had some truly unattractive and plain models, so idk what the deal is. Just off the top of my head, the incestuous twins they had were hideous, Jeff Mirren has always been disgusting (he’s g4p, so he’s even uglier to me), Luke Hamill was never attractive, and a lot of the models they had in the past were ugly; they’ve been promoting Henrik a lot and he’s sooooo plain, thin, and not a good performer, so I figured they’d complain about him instead of Benny. It’s only recently that they have been able to hire mainly attractive models, so they’re exaggerating.
Nolan still doesn’t look like Jean Luc. Stop lying to yourself. Though after looking through this guy’s profile, I’m kind of doubting he filmed for them…but Garret Dornan’s profile also doesn’t give away that he’s a BA model, so it’s possible. I’m sad that Garret doesn’t get many scenes even though I don’t really care for him, but he’s gay and Hungarian, so he automatically deserves more scenes!!! Ughhhhhhhh they just recently posted a picture of Roland Curtis on one of their Twitter accounts and it’s so annoying b/c they said he’s not coming back, so WHAT’S THE POINT? WHY ARE THEY MISLEADING ME?? On that note, now that Justin has a Twitter account, maybe whether he’s g4p or not will be easy to figure out. W/ the Twitter accounts, they either are super active and display their g4payness through their likes and the accounts they follow or they rarely use them. This makes me wonder about Jerome. Is he g4p? He’s pretty active on Twitter, but he has no likes or follows that give him away. He could just be keeping a professional profile by not engaging w/ anyone or anything that isn’t BA related/he’s just as grossly g4p as Helmut and Hoyt.

You didn’t lie. All the new Freshmen models blur into one. The only ones that have stood out were introduced a while ago (Nino, Jean, Danny, and Damien), everyone else is just blahhhh. And even Freshmen members are no longer satisfied w/ the lazy, boring scenes. Their latest scenes could put an insomniac to sleep. Could BA/Freshmen members be coming to their senses? That Helmut scene got some bad comments, but there are always the loyal members who have to lie about how good the scene actually is when it’s just another one of BA’s trademarked snooze fest of a scene. Buttttttt I am looking forward to Nino’s scene. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Nino, so I’m overly excited.

LMAO I’m glad you realized your mistake. Robin is gross and he likes anime, so that ruins him even more. I read about Joey and it is pretty depressing. This is the side of porn that makes me feel guilty for being a consumer. The majority of these guys aren’t in it b/c they love it, they’re young and they’ve got bills to pay, so it really makes you question your morals, but yes, it is b/c you’ve spent too much time dissing my two boos Danny and Arne. Lololololololol your Kevin impression was overly realistic lmaoooo. I was going to say that I hoped that Dani would stan someone like Jean Luc or Nino b/c maybe they’ve get some attention, but I’m going to go ahead and take that back, light some candles, and pray b/c i don’t want her grimy hands on them. I deserve to be punished w/ another g4p BA model being revealed to me for having that thought.

Miloš Del Rey says:

Yup you summed staxus up pretty nicely. They’re a pretty decent company and most of the models there actually like it. You have a lot more people with Kevin’s type of enthusiasm there, than you would find in all of Belami. Titus Snow who is a little fave of mine (who either looks really good or meh) only has nice things to say about Staxus. Staxus just hires a bunch of weird looking models, but they have interracial scenes every so often which is something Belami hasn’t done in a while and something WH hasn’t done in a decade I believe. Also don’t say that Belami didn’t shoot with Martin yet, don’t forget George holds scenes for months, years, decades on end. They could have shot with him, we just might not see it for a long while. Though I wouldn’t mind Jaro Stone popping into Belami to do a scene, with Jean, Nino, Torsten and Helmut. Then he can go back to staxus where he belongs. I don’t really find Jhon to be that appealing, he looks weird to me so I don’t know why he’s getting all this hype. And Belami members tore Benny apart all because he didn’t look “Aryan” like everyone else. I honestly can’t deal with some of them right now. They keep on asking for someone new but once they get someone who looks nothing like , Kevin or Hoyt they complain. You literally cannot please belami members. Sometimes I wonder if they are the same person in the comments, they all sound exactly like clones. Jarrod Lanvin, Henrick, Justin Saradon and Jason B are about to take of with their new belami careers. I hope you’re ready, because I can’t tell the different between Jarrod and Henrick without a side by side photo.

Speaking of people who look a like. *Me coming to talk to you about why Nolan looks like Jean*

Don’t pretend like they don’t look like siblings, why you acting so cray cray, just admit it already. Nothing bad will happen if you do haha. I’m livid over the fact that they posted a photoset of Roland even though he isn’t coming back, you can tell they’re upset that he left. That’s what you get for being a cheating whore George. You lose good things. I’m about 99% sure Jason is probably G4P, him getting a twitter will probably prove it. But like Belami members I will chose to live in a delusional state of existence where he isn’t. The same way Belami members are delusional about the fact that the Helmut scene was a complete snooze. I’ve seen better scenes Phillipe Gaudin who always looked like he was falling asleep in his scennes. I never found Luke Hamill to be very good looking but he was good at what he did. And he does a better job behind the scenes unlike like Kevin who can’t even hold a camera steady. Honestly, I’m not sure about Jerome I think he’s G4P but just really into his job. Or perhaps he enjoys what he does, but I’m sure he will have a baby momma somewhere down the line. I keep on forgetting at Garrett, he never left much of an impact to me. And his one other scene was with Jeff Miren so he only had one worth remembering with Rafael. George fucked him over, and funny that jeff gets more scenes than both Rafael and Garrett put together. I guess George really hates Hungarians.

Also why do you keep on saying Danny is stands out? He can’t even stand in on a good day, he’s going to end up just like Tom Pollock, a filler model everyone forgets about in the future.
Honestly I’m just happy Gino is getting more scenes and some of them were shot a few months ago which means he still works for Belami in some aspect. Let Gino replace Danny anyday, shit Gino is who Danny wishes he could be today but will never be tomorrow. He’s the Armageddon to Danny’s sunny day. Danny needs to call his insurance agency and ask them if they cover Gino wrecking your day because he’s going to need it. I’m forever upset Danny had a scene with Helmut now that I remember both Helmut and Jean. Danny is a lucky child but he needs to buy a ticket on home, Arne can pick him up from the airport.

And don’t diss anime some of it is really good! Robin just seems obsessed with him though so idk what to say about him. I’m actually still really upset that he turned out to be so weird looking. Also I found ANOTHER helix model that looks like a Joey sibling. They are reproducing at such an alarming rate. That makes like 6 joeys running around looking frail and weak. I hold Joey in a slightly better light now, he was on periscope the other day and it was super sad. But I’m still annoyed with how he gets around straight guys. In fact all of the other joey clones all think the exact same way. In fact two of the new clones said the same thing, “I like to make straight guys uncomfortable” They think they are making them uncomfortable with their sexuality when the only thing they are doing is creeping str8 guys out because some 12 year old looking kid is trying to hit on them. Joey and company make me cringe, I can’t believe this is my generation… I still want someone like Dani to stan Jean, she can make him a bit more relevant. I’m sure Jean wouldn’t touch her with a ten pole stick with a condom on it. Since even Kevin hasn’t after all these years. And don’t worry the G4ps are coming your way soon enough, George is having them get a photoshoot as awe speak.

realitytvIV says:

I don’t know…if they complained about Jhon being too twinky, Martin would probably push some of them to cancel their memberships in protest. Maybe I’m blind or ignorant of what the definition to the word twink is, but so many of them are twinks lol, so again, I was just left confused. Jaro is a Staxus exclusive, so George would have to challenge the owner of Staxus to a streetfight in order to get him to go to BA…or just throw some $$$$ at Jaro. Lol bland, g4p blondes, it’s sad and this is a curse being brought upon us b/c you keep comparing that rat to Jean Luc.

Jason is most likely g4p. He follows Jeffree Star on IG for some reason, but other than that, seems pretty g4p. Jarrod is also probably g4p, but his scene w/ Nate confused me b/c he was a little too into it, but I think he’s g4p judging by some stuff on his IG. I agree that Garret was kind of meh in terms of looks and performance (Rafael was the one who stood out in their scene), but I have to stan him b/c he’s super gay and Hungarian. Maybeeeeeeee Roland went crawling back to BA. Homegirl probably had some bills to pay and it’s why he’s being introduced right now. Ugh I seriously dislike Jeff. He’s so ugly, I can’t get past his hideousness and I can’t even begin to comprehend how Benny was called “truly ugly” when someone like Jeff gets scene after scene after scene. I mean, how did the same studio that hired someone as unbelievably gorgeous as Jean also thought it’d be a good idea to hire Jeff?? I thought Benny’s performance was good, so you’d think they’d be able to look past his “hideousness”, but nah, they’re too accustomed to the same old repetitive, dull scenes that a good scene is actually veryy bad in their minds.
THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS. Danny may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he’s still a million times better than some of the other g4p trash that dominates the studio INCLUDING HELMUT. Oh god, Helmut’s scene w/ Damien was boring as hell. I seriously don’t understand why you like him. He’s cute, but girl, he ain’t worth it. Find someone stannable, like Danny. He’s attractive and he actually looks like he’s enjoying what he’s doing.
How can you even come for me for liking Danny and Arne when you stan clearly g4p models like Helmut and Jason?!?!?!

Now that I think about it, Staxus and Helix are very similar. Every now and then, they hire a super good looking, likeable model, but then they realize that they’re known for weird looking, ugly models, so they make up for it by hiring 10 uglies. This is not to say that I think Joey is ugly, but he looks underage and I don’t find that appealing in any way, so in a way, he’s ugly to me, but the newest hires make my eyes hurt + their cockiness and the stupid shit they say on Twitter makes them totally hideous.

Miloš Del Rey says:

I keep telling you their idea of a twink is Kevin Warhol… like exact replica of kevin warhol. Maybe Andre Boelyn if they feel like being exotic that day. But Andre is just a dark haired kevin lol. George won’t stop until he finds a model that gets just as much attention as kevin. Which will be hard to do because of people like Dani… but all of these new twinks and freshmen are basically just one long audition to replace the former kinky angels. I’m sure George has more money than Staxus but now that I think about it, never have I ever seen a model go from Staxus to Belami. It’s usually the other way around or they work at both at the same time. Which brings me to believe that staxus probably pays around the same amount. They don’t travel as much but they do fly models in. I just wish they would hire better looking models. They clearly have the potential to do better, but some of the guys they hire look like some restricted zone shit. And where belami doesn’t like to test the boundaries, they cross too many lol. You also need to accept the bitter truth, Nolan and Jean were born from the same vagina. I can’t deal with your hateful delusions any longer.

Jason mentioned experiment with guys in the past, don’t know if that’s true or not. But I seeing that he knew Roald before joining belami who knows. That just means he was part of that porn star life before he joined belami. So who knows maybe he did some straight porn that we don’t know of. He’s still a better than some of the newbies George is shitting out so I’ll take him any day of the week. I highly doubt Roland went crying back, I think George is just trying to milk all he can out of him. He clearly liked him to some degree and got butthurt when he left. Though there is an off chance that he might have come back but I don’t believe it. In fact most of the videos George uploaded in the past 2 freshmen videos are exactly a year old if not close to one already. So the few models you see on the trips to columbia are probably some of the few models that are still here. Which is sad because I’m not a fan of Miguel or that Kierian guy or however you spell his name. I want more of Benny, he seemed nice and had a scene with Gino which makes him even better in my book. Jeff is gross but I felt bad for him because in some comments people kept on saying he needed to get a nose job and that they would unsubscribe until he got one.
You keep bringing up Danny and I don’t know why… he can’t compete with Helmut or Gino, or Jason.
Oh ew, what is this creature?!
Oh my god, what’s this in the horizon? Wow they are so beautiful.
I won’t bother looking for a photo of Arne he looks like one of those troll dolls tbh.
Helmut might have boring scenes but he does have some nice ones. Danny is better off joining Helix studios they could possibly Joey can give him a spot with the elite skinny degenerates? or maybe Danny can personally ask Dani to stan him, they both has similar names so maybe she will do it for fun. Get him some attention so he can stay somewhat relevant since it’s clear even George himself knows Helmut and Jason are the real stars. Danny isn’t even a cloud he can’t touch the sky Helmut blesses and don’t even get me started on Torsten, Danny could never in this lfietime or the next.

Also one of the new helix models who either has one or no scenes released started talking about how drag queens were noticing their tweets and now they know they are in fact a “REAL PORN STAR” The cringe hit me like a truck.

realitytvIV says:
This is it. You’ve pushed me to my breaking point. Post your address, so that I can challenge you to an alley knife fight this very second! Posting that picture wasn’t fair at all because you know that the majority of BA guys come in looking a hot mess and slowly get better looking! Antony was absolutely grotesque in his intro video and now he’s one of the most gorgeous BA models. I don’t think Helmut or Jason are ugly, but they are incredibly boring and mere replicas of many of the models who have come before them and the twins of those who are there at the same as them. You’re the reason why we’re stuck with g4p scum that refuse to even properly kiss their scene partners! OMG at least Arne and Danny can kiss without pushing their lips really far out and refusing to open their mouths! Helmut is nothing but mouth and starts leaning back when his scene partner tries to throw some tongue in there. Girl…you can’t be saved. You’re just like the Helix uglies who worship the ground their g4p co-stars walk on. SMH.

If this is hideous, then the jig is up and you need to reveal your secret identity as George Duroy because calling Danny and Arne hideous is totally something he would do.
I seriously cannot believe that you are dogging on two perfectly capable performers all while supporting Helmut. Are you bitter that even though he’s apparently hideous, Danny remains a better performer? Helmut’s only good scene was with Christian, but anyone who is paired up with Christian is blessed, so he really contributed nothing to the scene. Girl, you should be rooting for actual gay models to gain attention not g4p trash like Helmut, otherwise I really don’t know what scenes you could be referring to when you say “nice ones”. And the same goes for Torsten except that even Christian couldn’t do anything to save their scene. He sucked all the energy out of it. But I do want to see Torsten and Helmut in a scene with Jean. But I want to see everyone with Jean, so that doesn’t make them special.

You’re right about BA looking for Kevin replicas. Kevin, Kris, and Hoyt are well-known outside of the Eastern European gay porn market, so George is eager to reproduce that success, unfortunately that means that those who don’t resemble those three are going to be put on the backburner even if they’re really good performers or super good looking. I mean, George is still not tired of Kevin or Kris and they’ve been there for so long that even the most dedicated and devoted BA fans groan and moan when Kevin makes an appearance. I love it when they do that lmao. I really don’t think Jason has done straight porn. He’s too twinky and pretty for straight porn and straight men aren’t into that…unless the entire focus was on the woman and his face wasn’t shown then maybe I’d believe it. I also doubt that he has been intimate with men outside of BA lol. So many of these guys claim to be attracted to men, but they wouldn’t dare flirt with another man. I understand that even though it’s acceptable to have gay sex, it’s only if you’re getting paid for it. If there’s no money involved, there’s a huge stigma attached to it. I’m ok with Roland not coming back as long as he filmed at least three scenes and they better have been with Nino, Jean, and Danny because I have a feeling he’s g4p. He looked too awkward and inexperienced in his bj scene with Jean and the contrast between their performance was stark. But I do hope Benny stays. His update has been the only one I’ve enjoyed from the Freshmen site ever since that Danny and Nino scene was posted, other than that, all the scenes have been lackluster and the newbies generic and dull.

I’m not surprised Helix twinks are desperate for attention and fame. They’re young and stupid and think that the more attention they get from moderately well-known people, like drag queens, their chances of finding a sugar daddy are greater. It almost makes me feel bad how naive and delusional they are, but I’ll save my sympathies for those who deserve it, so

Miloš Del Rey says:
You say Danny will get better as he spends more time at belami… but then I observe from my tea shop from afar and I remember that Danny joined around the same time as Jerome, Helmut and Torsten… The fact that they arrived as greek gods, one would assume they would only get better looking. Danny will never be on their level in this lifetime or the next. Even reincarnation wouldn’t be able to save him, at most he would come back as a billy montague in another life. Antony being one of the most beautiful belami models is clearly a matter of opinion. Helmut can easily learn how to become a better scene partner along with Torsten, however Danny will always be meh looking as will Arne. They will always be a block of cheese without the edges, they will never be a slice. You need to accept that and move on. You can diss the G4Ps but you can’t deny that they are beautiful, just look at Mick. I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned him, he was a goddess and Torsten will take his place one day, I know he will.

Come on now, stop it. Most of Helmut’s scenes are fantastic. You seem to forget that Danny topped helmut in one of his scenes and proved not only was he mediocre looking but he was mediocre topping. Helmut being beautiful made that scene, it’s the only reason why people watch. Have you not noticed that all of Danny’s scenes require him to be with someone better looking than he is? It’s because he has too, you can’t have ugly and ugly going together. Belami would lose every member they have. Picture a scene with Jeff and Danny. Horrific. I feel bad for just putting that foolishness out there in the open. You need to wake up sis! Stanning Danny just isn’t a good look for you, I see you as more of a Jean Daniel fan than a Danny. One of them has a nice body.

Jean and the guy who I thought was his boyfriend looked a bit too close to be friends but who fucking knows at this point. And you should have been earlier to the party, even though there wasn’t much on Jean’s account and he didn’t post much a lot of it was open. But I think people tried to contact him because now I don’t see shit. Which is what happens with a lot of them once they get spotted. It might be too go to be true but he and Nino and most of the actually gay pornstars are friends outside of belami iirc. I think Nino more so than Jean. And the only real reason why I would assume he’s legit gay/bi is because of fucking George saying he’s struggling with his sexuality. Struggling usually almost always means they’re gay. If he says they’re gay, they’re straight. If he say they’re bi, they’re straight. If he says they’re straight, they’ve shot straight porn but when he says they’re struggling they’re usually gay LOL.

I think Roland may have one more scene stashed somewhere. George usually says a model is gone, then “finds” a scene somewhere magically. I know he did it to Dolph for a while, he kept on saying he had his last scene and every month he would pull out another one. Or Misha Akunin is supposed to have one more scene but George has yet to release it and hasn’t released it in close to 2 years now LMFAO. Instead we would rather release 100 Kevin Warhol scenes instead of something else. And I fucking love it too when Belami members complain about the fact that George keeps on using Kevin and Kris. Most are tired of them both, and prefer the younger slimmer Kris and not the bodybuilder he’s become. So that definitely cuts deep with a lot of them. Also I completely missed the scene with Janis Brooklyn, it went over my head. Mostly because Andy is in it. And he’s basically a taller danny. #Forgetful I prefer Janis over Danny tbh and he wasn’t even introduced properly which is just sad.

I wouldn’t even call drag queens moderately known unless they were on rupaul drag race. They get call outs from the drag queens that get rejected and suddenly these twinks think they should be walking on a red carpet. Eventually they all end up the same, forgotten and washed up very few actually stick around to become the porn stars they think they are. Though it is amazing how popular Robin has become and he doesn’t do anything at all but post anime photos. Helix stans are just as weird as Dani, I’ll stay here stanning Jean, Helmut, Nino, Christian and Torsten while watching the world burn.

realitytvIV says:
Lol the fact that you included Jerome in your list and want to claim that g4p Helmut will get better is ridiculous and demonstrates your lack of taste. He’s been there long enough and his scenes are exactly the same. His latest scene with Damien was so boring that even some Freshmen members said it lacked energy and he was just going through the motions and coming from them, it’s saying a lot. It’s ok though, some people can’t be saved because they don’t want to be saved. They’re comfortable living their lives settling for second, third, fourth best. You’re very much like the good sis Danni in that way. Ya’ll should totally become bffs, you’d get along splendidly. Maybe you can take over her Twitter account and stan Kevin while she takes care of her kids, I’m sure her kids would appreciate it and you can even stan g4p subpar BA models together! Maybe you can convince her to start stanning the g4p worshipping twinks from Helix.

I never found Mick appealing either. I don’t know what it was, but I just didn’t care for him. Too vanilla, white bread American for me…though I know how stupid that sounds in a conversation about white Czechs, but let me be. His hair always reminded me of a suburban 12 year old white wanna be skateboarder, not cute. And his scenes were never something to write home about. I never understood the hype around him, but I don’t expect BA members to have taste either. Omggggggggggggg you better have meant Jean Luc and not Jean Daniel because if not, I’m going to be very offended. On the one hand, I can understand why some people may not find Danny attractive, he’s twinky and skinny, not everyone’s cup of tea, but Arne is so gorgeous. Some may not like that he’s short, but he’s too gorgeous to even notice his height. Thinking about him just makes me want to cry because he’s probably gone and it also reminds me of Emilio Vargas who also left after one scene. They were both perfection.

Ok, so I’ve been thinking about something. There have been a few times where I’ve been creepily sleuthing on some BA guy’s profile and I’m mistakenly led to believe that they’re not g4p, however, as it often turns out to be the case, they are g4p, so I remember you saying that Jean had a bf, but how can we be so sure? What if it was his friend or a sibling?? Jean not being g4p just sounds way too good to be true. I’m kind of traumatized after someone told me, and finding out for myself, that Dylan had a gf. Like, the gayest and most enthusiastic performer had a gf and I was in a state of shock for like a minute and a half. Who can you trust after that!?!?!

Miloš Del Rey says:

Girl I know you aren’t over here throwing shade at me being like Danni? But that’s another story for another time, what I really want to know is when you became a Lord Of The Rings fan? Danny sure put in a lot of work to be in all of the movies as his main role as Gollum. I mean it’s obvious that without the the lighting and make up George throws on the models Danny just isn’t cutting it, though I’m sure you’re not listening to me huh…
At the end of the day Helmut is the closest thing to beauty Danny will get to in this lifetime, I hope he cherished his scene well. I won’t even discuss his scene with Torsten. It’s probably the only thing that is keeping Danny from going ape and attacking members of Belami. At least Dani knows she’s in the deep end. You probably can’t tell the difference between these two photos huh.

I will agree that your description of Mick is fairly accurate but I won’t dismiss the fact that his body was beautiful. And I meant Jean Daniel, don’t act like you don’t like him. You can’t keep the charades up for long eventually the truth will come out as does everything else. Also Jeroen has ANOTHER scene coming out, maybe George feel bad that he has a baby on the way but I feel like I see him too often for my liking. I just want my Ariel V and Jean pairing and a Torsten with Jean then I’ll be happy until 2018.

You however will still be here stanning Danny along with all of the basic twinks over at helix studios. It’s okay though someone has to send them some love and help them forget about all of their daddy issues. It’s a tragic world we live in but at least you’re doing your part to help and for that I am thankful.

Also the pic I saw of Jean and the guy could have been taking out of context but it didn’t look like it to me. They weren’t kissing or anything it just seemed romantic? If that makes sense lol. And honestly at this point I’ve actually stopped looking for info on Jean because I’m worried something might pop up that I don’t like. So if he’s G4P I won’t be finding out but I honestly don’t think he is. And Dylan Maguire was a lost but I don’t believe he’s fully straight in this lifetime or the next. He clearly likes what he’s doing but he’s another eastern guy who knows he’s programmed to start having kids in the next few months. Kind of like Alan Carly who takes dick and fists like a chance then goes back to his family. In fact Alan even mentioned before that he liked gay sex and when asked whether or not he could date I guy he said he can’t? Don’t quote me on that one. But it was something weird, I can’t remember if the interview was on staxus of WH. Though it was interesting how something brings these guys please but they can’t go through with it. Poor things live in such a sad little world.

realitytvIV says:

Lmao I really don’t understand your hate for Danny. He’s cute, he’s capable, let him live! Save it for more dislikeable guys like Kevin, Jack, Scott Reeves, Jeff Mirren, Roald Ekberg, those ugly siblings that have filmed for every Czech studio in existence. etc .etc See? You have so many to choose from and yet you’re attacking someone as defenseless as a kitten! How sick do you have to be to come for someone as cute as Danny?!

…you give too much credit to Helmut. That’s another thing I don’t understand. Helmut is attractive, yes, but the most attractive? …Get those eyeballs checked! I’ll even help you start a Go Fund Me so that you can get an eye exam and some glasses or you can ask one of the many Helix twinks who each have had about GFM 2 campaigns. Gollum can be kind of cute, I could be down for that. So your insult backfired, besides, Danny’s most attractive scene partner to date has been Jean Luc, so get with the program. There’s no way, no how that Helmut is more attractive than Jean. Just…NO. And I’m patiently waiting for Jean’s scene with Nino, but like I said, I’ll take any Jean crumbs from GD even if it means seeing him with someone as dull and uninteresting as Helmut. I’ll just perch until GD realizes that we’ve suffered enough through some ugly and/or incapable models and we should be rewarded with a Jean or Nino (or Danny) scene.

Ughhhhh yes, Jeroen has been appearing way too much. Didn’t he go on the Greece trip and was sent back to the Czech Republic as a result of misbehavior? And according to his IG, he also went to South Africa quite recently. I’m surprised he didn’t go to Colombia. His gf needs to do her part and start bringing some bread home because I’m already sick of him and he’s only a newbie. Miguel is also getting too many scenes. He had a Freshmen scene this week and he’ll be getting another next week for some strange reason. If I’m remembering correctly, models aren’t featured one week after another, so what’s the deal!?

The logical side of me knows that you’re right, but my curiosity always gets the best of me. Regardless, like Nino, he’s disappeared off the internet, so I doubt it’d be easy to find him even if you’re interested in doing so. I also don’t think he’s g4p either judging by his performances, interest in his scene partners, and him being friendly with Nino outside of BA. Yeah, yeah, I know that some would say this doesn’t mean anything, but it would be a bit strange for Nino to be replying with heart emojis to a straight man, no? Or is that just me? Am I generalizing them all as homophobic based on Lars and how conservative Hungarians tend to be?? Idk but I also have my doubts because I don’t ever want to get to that point where I’m as delusional as certain BA fans. I’ve spoken to so many of them that want to desperately believe that they’re all gay/bi even after they see them with their gfs. It’s just sad. And to end on a happier note, Christian followed a “cute boys” Twitter account which is the total opposite of what so many of the BA guys on Twitter have done, so

Miloš Del Rey says:

Sorry for the late reply, just got back from spring break so I’m getting back into the swing of things. Plus I had some boy trouble that annoyed the shit out of me as well as the return of an ex from the past who I haven’t spoken too face to face since end of high school beginning of freshmen year at Uni? Needless to say I’ve been busy…

But not busy enough to rub in your face that Helmut and Antony Lorca had a scene together and only one of them was the real star. And I’ll let you know it definitely wasn’t Mr. Antlers, Helmut carried the entire scene with his bony arms. Helmut has more personality in his brown doe eyes than Antony has in his entire body. It’s okay though Antony can always work as the pool boy for Belami while Helmut gets all of the scenes. Though Helmut isn’t as attractive as Jean he’s still close, maybe not a runner up either because that belongs to Christian. But I’m curious as to how Jean will grow at Belami. Most of the guys get better looking overtime and maybe George can take Jean to the hairdresser to try something else out. Kind of sad that Hoyt goes to the hairdresser weekly and his hair is dropping out at an alarming rate. Also speaking of Hoyt he hasn’t tweeted in a while, I can imagine he’s hella depressed right now, poor thing.

Anyway if you want to lug around the trash that is Danny, be my guest…
Jeroen and his girlfriend are both annoying as fuck. I can’t completely confirm right now but I’m like 60-70% sure his GF did porn as well. His kid might not even be his tbh, oh well not my problem I’m just here from the drama the more the merrier. But he and Miguel are getting too many scenes and people like Christian and Jean aren’t getting enough. Nino has a few more scenes popping up so I’m happy with that. But I’m tired of Jeroen he’s literally been in so many scenes plus he’s part of the belami underwear modeling group which means he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. You might has accept him as one of the regulars, I expect the next site update to have him on as a featured model. He and his baby mama are both here to stay and I’m not happy with it at all.

Nino sending heart emojis to a straight guy can mean anything lol but for an eastern boy I’d think it would mean something else. I honestly think Nino is gay/bi as well as Jean. But you definitely have a right to question it, Dylan really put a number on me too. I was almost willing to bet a leg he was gay but damn he proved us wrong. But then again there is Marcell Gassion who has been considered straight and he rides dick like a champ. You can’t tell with some of these guys, it’s crazy. And FUCKING Christian, I will never understand whether or not he’s gay. But I do find him adorable, he’s like a giant teddy bear. I put him in the same category as Dylan, even if they are straight I will still watch their scenes. They’re too adorable to put away. I would actually trade Helmut for Christian lol. Christian is a fave but I feel like I don’t give him enough attention. Christian stays keeping me snatched.

realitytvIV says:

Ohhh girl, don’t let this g4p mess keep you from enjoying your spring break…though that would mean ending your Helmut stanning, but we all have to make sacrifices! Sounds like you have more drama than these BA guys though you at least don’t have a baby daddy doing porn, so it really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

Now listen up, hater, like I’ve said, I can admit when my favorites have faults and why others may not be as enthusiastic about them as I am about Danny and Arne, but you’re reaching Dani levels of delusion with Helmut right now. It won’t be long before you two are bonding over the badly written, one sentence tweets and letters you’ll get from Kevin and Helmut. Tone it down before you can’t dig yourself out. Ever since I saw those disgusting displays of heterosexuality between Helmut and his gf, they keep popping into my head every time I watch one of his scenes, so ya…not very enjoyable; this also happens with Nate and Hoyt and his straight porn, so just more things that make them incredibly unappealing. Hoyt’s currently in Mexico being mediocre alongside g4p demon Andrei. Why is Andrei still with BA anyway? His time has come and gone, GD needs to let him go.

Although I love Jean, I do think they messed up his hair. I loved the fringe and they tried to do the pompadour thing and then the 90s boyband middle part and neither was the best look for him. I can say that GD always makes good decisions with their hair, but he’s got it wrong with Jean… unless I’m off on the timeline. His earliest videos have him with a fringe, I think, and I can’t even tell you whether the pompadour or the middle part came first. I also can’t tell you which of his videos are the oldest. I love that Nino is getting another scene next week, buttttttttttttt it’s with Jamie. I remember one of the behind the scenes videos by Kevin featuring the making of that scene and in the background you can see Jamie go jerk off to what I’m sure was some straight video on a computer, so that kind of ruined it for me even though, yes, I know, he’s g4p, but seeing it with my own two precious eyeballs was too much. Last I saw, Jeroen didn’t seem as enthusiastic as his gf, so maybe the kid isn’t his or it was an accidental pregnancy. He is young and just starting his porn career which involves traveling and other fun opportunities, so a pregnancy may not seem as exciting. I should also add that Jeroen isn’t that bad of a performer for being g4p, but I am ashamed to say that.

I’m going to go ahead and bet that Christian is gay. His likes and follows on IG and Twitter are too suspicious. The g4p guys are so sleazy and hetero that they don’t ever miss the opportunity to be sleazy and hetero, but Christian isn’t like them, so I’ll eat my hat if he’s straight and I’ll also cry because I loveeeeeeeeeeeee Christian. Though even if he comes out having a baby mama like Jeroen, I’d assume he’s closeted. I do think he’s closeted when it comes to his friends and family, but I don’t think I’m trying to convince myself with things that aren’t there. According to yours truly, Dylan isn’t straight, I’m not buying it and I never will. Marcel…I’m also not buying it. Lol it’s confusing, it’s super confusing, but no purely straight man eats and rides dick like it’s the end of the world and those two do that, so they may only date women, but do I believe that they’re only attracted to women?

Miloš Del Rey says:

Even on my worst day I will never be as bad as some of the belami guys when it comes to drama. I can at least be proud about that. And I know being on spring break meant I can’t worship Helmut but it’s okay I can wait a few days, besides I’m beginning to stan Michel Seberg now as well. So the more the merrier in my side of the woods! I’ll just use my magic to summon more Helmut and Jason scenes from the dead is all.

I see you’re still projecting your Dani delusions onto me. At least I actually stan good looking G4P stars. Stanning a creature that looks like Shrek junior and another one who looks like Gollum isn’t a good look for you sis. You’re almost as bad as one of those helix moms who asked to adopt Joey. Don’t worry sis I’ll deal with you before I let you get that far into your delusions. I’ll help you find the truth that is Torsten… I mean Jesus! Also Dani has been posting a lot of provocative photos on her insta, twitter and facebook. Like no one wants to see your cellulite filled ass hun. Plus your children don’t need to see all of that. Shit I think the internet and Kevin see more of Dani than Dani’s husband. Clearly she needs to go to church, maybe she can take you with her? Cause eeek, some of her body positive photos are just um…
Also what’s the story with Nate, did he shoot straight porn too? He comes across as very straight in everything he does so yeah a lot of his scenes for me are hit or miss. Jean’s hair looks like a disaster, I’m sorry. Had he not been pretty to look at I surely would have cringed. The part in the middle doesn’t suit him much at all. I know was him to have longer hair at the top but they can do so much better. Jean’s lucky he has the type of face that can suit most looks. They need to send him over to Torsten for a haircut right now. Praying that Torsten blesses Jean and helps him to grow as a porn star. Poor thing :( George just has it out for hungarians I guess.

I don’t really care much for Jamie, I can ignore him in his scene with Nino tbh. I’d prefer it if Jamie was swapped out for Jason, since Jason is far better looking but George just likes to play games with me and I am not a fan of any of them. Funny that you cut Jamie off for jerking off to straight porn and you come for Helmut but I’m 99% sure pool boy Antony is doing the same thing. Don’t forget Luke Hamill went off on him for not showing emotions and being passionate in his scenes. Can’t say I blame Luke, they should have cut Antony off the same time they threw Arne out of the door. But it’s okay I’m sure a few new models will replace Antony in a hearbeat. Maybe Dani can go out and work as recruiter.

I still don’t understand Dylan he comes across as this cute bubbly gay guy, but the he has all of those scars from being depressed and cutting, while his social media shows him going from party to party and his gf looks meh. Not the worst but not the best… Like I really don’t know what to say. Christian comes across as gay gay and I like him so I’m hoping he is. I wouldn’t be surprised if he pops up and throws another curve ball and Dylan did. Jeroen is boring as fuck, and his GF definitely does seem more excited about the pregnancy than he does. So I’m willing to bed it was an accident and not a good one either. Maybe he can quit and become a showboy like Andrei? And I agree I don’t know why Andrei is there, all he does is gain weight and muscle. he gets bigger in every single scene he’s in. At first the muscle gain looked nice now he’s turning into a blimp. Somehow I blame you for this probably just another day in ruining the gay porn industry for you.

realitytvIV says:
I approve of you stanning Michel. He’s cute, very different from the bland blue eyed blondes GD keeps purchasing from the same manufacturer. I like him along with Benny and Damien. Idk if it’s because they’re good performers or because they have looks that differ from the norm over at BA.
Ughhhhhhh Torsten grosses me out as much as Helmut with his g4payness. It was actually through Torsten’s hair page (Jean should be sent over to Rafael and not to Torsten, even the hair styling jobs are going to the Czechs? No, no, no!) that I found Helmut and some porn star lady that’s friends with him and Adam, so maybe we can look forward to another porn star baby a la Jeroen and his gf in the future. Nate hasn’t done straight porn as far as I know, but he has a gf, I forget what she looks like, but I wasn’t left shocked by her appearance, so she was either plain or attractive. Usually, the ones who do straight porn are the ugly ones (I’m surprised Jamie hasn’t done straight porn tbh), the super muscular ones, the ones who don’t have exclusive contracts/the ones George doesn’t care to keep around, and George seems quite fond of Nate. I’m pretty sure he’s on an exclusive contract. I don’t think Nate’s scenes are any worse than Helmut’s or Torsten’s lmao. Kind of awkward (idk if it’s because he’s a newbie or if it’s him being g4p), but he doesn’t appear to be totally repulsed.

Luke was so very wrong about Antony especially if he’s in any way connected to this trash:
JUST LOOK AT THAT! He looks like he’s scared to fully commit to that blowjob, like he’s tasting some grotesque, deformed, disgusting insect or something lmao. Homegirl can’t even arch that back to give us some semblance of a butt. Girl, you’re going about your gay porn stanning the wrong way. On the other hand, Antony is very playful in his scenes. His scene with Christian was not the most energetic, but his other scenes have been amazing thus far, so you need to admit that Antony is better looking and a better performer than Helmut and Torsten put together. I have no comment for Jason. Bland blonde who doesn’t interest me very much…unless he was to be paired up with someone I like. I’m sure he will, but meh.

Dylan’s situation is the one that always makes me suspicious of any of these guys being gay/bi. Lol it’s hard to believe unless there’s obvious, concrete proof that doesn’t involve them being super good at their jobs. Dylan had us allllll fooled.
Please do not say those awful things about Christian. I like to believe that he’s gay and secretly crushes on Hoyt lol. He better not ruin that for me! I don’t understand Andrei’s presence and I truly don’t get why George allowed him to bring his “friend” Wes Latham for a scene. Like, they’ll let Derek Jenkins go due to his tattoos, but someone like that guy with a huge, gross tattoo gets a scene and possibly many more scenes in the future and he’s not even good looking!?! SMH.

Lol Dani has always posted those kind of pics, but I never understood why or for whom. Maybe for Kevin? LMAO but really, it’s weird because her followers are usually women who are also really into gay porn, so they’re likely to be straight women who don’t want to this woman half nude. I guess it’s a “body positive” thing? She’s free to do whatever, but I don’t think I’d be happy about my mom positing those sort of pics alongside pics of underage me. If she didn’t post about her personal life, her family life, or pics of her kids, we wouldn’t even shit talk about her as much. The kevin obsession is one thing and she could be dismissed as one of the many older women fantasizing about gay porn stars, but combined with her posting her kids, about her problems with her husband, her money problems is just…embarrassing for her.