Sean Cody: Titus

Titus at SeanCody

Titus at SeanCody

Titus at SeanCody

Titus Introductory Solo at SeanCody:

Titus (formerly Matias Toledo at Bentley Race) looks like that cute guy next door with the great smile and innocent look, but there’s definitely more to him than meets the eye.

If he was nervous, he didn’t show it at all. He seemed quite relaxed and eager to get off. With the help of his hand and a couple of trusted dildos, Titus satisfied himself, but was left wanting the real thing…

Watch Titus at SeanCody

Watch Titus at SeanCody

No_No_No_Yes says:

LOL well damn baby, way to commit.

ArgleBjargle says:

Is his name pronounced “tight-ass”?

moondoggy says:

I think we all went “there” — even the photographer.

marcuz86 says:

TIghT anUS 😉

Scrapple says:

It’s Sean Cody, so in saying the name very fast you arrive at the intended pronunciation: Titties.

No_No_No_Yes says:

These straight guys are getting crazier by the minute. I can’t wait for hunting season.

Scrapple says:

Just be careful when discharging your rifle.

No_No_No_Yes says:

I never miss.

Scrapple says:

It’s easy to hit stationary targets.

No_No_No_Yes says:

AND fun – don’t forget FUN

Brandon85 says:

Is he claiming to be straight? If a girlfriend isn’t mentioned I assume he’s gay.

No_No_No_Yes says:

I can see I am going to have to give Sarcasm classes here.

creativejuices says:

When someone passes your class, do you give them an A or simply take theirs…? ;]

Billy C says:

If so, another chasm between the hype and the fact. LOL

booboo says:


souse says:

So this weak really was bring your Dildo to work

Cf – CM and now Sean Cody all had dildos in their solos

creativejuices says:

Heh. Ideally, every week is Bring Your Dildo to Work Week by default. Then the exception would be when it’s not needed because there’s real dick to be had instead. :]

CA says:

Very pretty–happy to see him back.

Kanaka says:

Nice smile. Let the body hair thrive.

creativejuices says:

Agreed. A more natural look, and he’ll be damned easy to watch.

bloodhound says:

Still waiting for Dillian to cum back.this guy should def get screwed tho.

nodoubtfan says:

An enthusiastic racially ambiguous bottom who takes a dildo during his solo? I’m sold. (Wonder which bottom Sean Cody will get to fuck him though…)

Brandon85 says:

Hopefully Jess then Jess then Jess then Brysen then Brysen and Jess.

JK3 says:

Looks pretty good. He only did up to oral at another studio though (the caveat being the studio rarely did anal) so let’s hope that he does more here.

CA says:

What other studio? Sean Cody doesn’t like leftovers…

JK3 says:

Bentley Race, but that was a while ago.

CA says:

That’s not a good sign for his longevity on SC.

jinger says:

Shit, you’re right. If he stays they’d be setting a precedent.

jinger says:

Found the waybig entry “BentleyRace: Matias Toledo” It says 2016, that’s kind of recent.

JK3 says:

Sorry, 2017 just seems so damn long.

Brandon85 says:

Desperate times

Jwan Yosef Twin says:

I can’t find the video of them.

Jay M says:

If you’re a member of Bentley Race, you should be able to find it. But finding BR clips outside of their website is a treasure hunt. They’re fairly good at not being pirated.

Jwan Yosef Twin says:

Ohh I see.

Jwan Yosef Twin says:

Does anyone have the complete series of this movie (Romil and Jugal) ?
Please share with me.

Jwan Yosef Twin says:

Does anyone have the complete series of this movie (Romil and Jugal)?
If so, please share with me…
The movie is so good story.

Jwan Yosef Twin says:

I know we were not speaking about them. Sorry about that.. :(

moondoggy says:

I’m totally playing with you. The meaner I am in a comment, the more you should read it as kidding around.

thx says:

I’m on episode 5 of 10 already…

The gay rom com twist on Romeo and Juliet is done in as Bollywood a fashion as Bollywood can be (including all the cheesy music and everything – SIDENOTE: which I LOVE!!!!)

But the way the characters are written… NO CLICHES AT ALL!!!!
I’m completely in love with this web series. Terrified that it will end tragically, but it’s too late… I’M HOOKED!!!!

Scrapple says:

Cute, great smile and he seems like loads of fun. And he suctioned the dildo to the top of the nightstand. A placement that allows for leverage and stability. That’s outside your box hoe thinking.

Scrapple says:

Lol. I still think that was a dangerous choice.

jinger says:

I prefer how he looks in the video, all that lighting might work well on white models, but on this guy it just ruins his beautiful skin color, I notice this with black guys every time as well.

moondoggy says:

lol … I miss Simon even though I greatly prefer the warmth of The Voice over the bitchery of AI.

Colton, The Major Hussy says:

I like him, he has nice lips and is overall good looking.

Kevin says:

Another bottom? They need be scouting for some tops.

Brandon85 says:

I’d love a well hung black Latin or Arab guy.

L. T. says:

They actually had a black Latino way back when. His name was Marten. Topped once and bottomed twice, one of those times was to Colby Keller.

Bob Bilbert says:

Wish they did more dildo solos.

gaycockluvr says:

He’s hot. I was not expecting the dildos at all.

freater says:

meh. And also I honestly thought his name was Citrus.

Ivan Jimenez says:

Heres hoping he bottoms for Jack or Randy!

Marco Sartori says:

no flip-flop and cum-eating?

jinger says:

To be honest I’m tired of dildos and fleshlights, bring on some anal beads and penis pumps.

Guy says:

We’ll he’s cute and like stuff up his ass.

sam my says:

You get a dildo, and you get a dildo, everyone gay porn model gets a DILDO!!!!

Target says:

Following that little revelation below, unless he’s already filmed a scene, we probably won’t see him again…

Me2 says:

Is anyone else freaked out by how much his face changes when he’s not smiling?

bob80 says:

Cute but i can’t unsee the fact that he reminds me of Ed Miliband.

Stevienowonder says:

Big head and chicken legs. Bizarre …

Sushi says:

He’s going to get DP’ed

mm121 says:

Sean Cody is really cheap on wardrobe, those shorts from last seasons target swim collection have been worn by tons of guys now.

would be hot to put them on and have my dick be where all the dicks before have been

not a big fan of Titus though, the last thing Sean Cody needs i more bttm, they are seriously lacking in hung tops

TomCNR says:

Cutie! Looks like he’ll be around to stay too!

david david says:

Looks real cute. Can’t wait to see him bottom. Not familiar with his work at Bentley Race but it’s nice to know that Sean Cody is now open to hiring models with porn experience. Too bad Corbin Fisher Sebastian is now on GISP. I would’ve loved to see him at SC.

Jwan Yosef Twin says:

You’re right, they are Gorgeous Bollywood hunks.
But, how can I download it?
I don’t have paypal :(

Scrapple says:

Vitamin deficiency caused by a bleeding rectum?

Jwan Yosef Twin says:

I’m also in 5 already.
Can’t wait to see the 6th episode – 10th episode. :(

Jwan Yosef Twin says:

Ohhh I see.. I wish there will be someone to share the 6th – 10th episode.

Jwan Yosef Twin says:

I already sent the message for you. Please check it out.