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Sean Cody: Avery

Avery at SeanCody

Avery at SeanCody

Avery at SeanCody

Watch Avery at SeanCody

Avery is a self-proclaimed “average, all-American jock”, with a great body and friendly personality. He’s into all kinds of sports, and that body of his certainly is a result of that…definitely anything but average!

He hasn’t been with a guy, but don’t be fooled by his innocent look, he’s got a curious side of him that will most likely win, “I did hear from my roommate before that cumming with a dick in your ass is better than ever, so I’m gonna have to try that!” Yes you do, Avery! Yes you do.

Watch Avery at SeanCody

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  • Get_Loud2

    This average looking that I want to see more!

  • I like him!

  • Loki

    Facially, he reminds me of this South African model/performer who used to appear on EnglishLads.
    If only the resemblance extended below the belt…

    Those lines they fed him about trying a dick in his ass made me cringe. If he comes back, I don’t expect much in terms of performance.

  • Ivan Jimenez

    Lets see Jess work his ass & make him cum extra hard!

  • Scrapple

    He hasn’t been with a guy…


    “I did hear from my roommate before that cumming with a dick in your ass is better than ever…

    “Then I pulled my dick out of his ass, and he had me bend over so I could feel it for myself. ”

    He’s cute. I’m assuming he’s Lane’s cousin, getting into the family business. I’m also assuming Daddy Daniel is going to give him some business.

  • Bree Van de Kamp

    There’s just nothing substantial or extraordinary about this one. I don’t buy the build up either that he will be back. This one screams “one and done”.

    • nbtx27

      Compared to most guys at Sc this year, he is fine. whether he comes back or not. Still good to see that SC casting does have some taste.

  • Stevienowonder

    I like his strong body – especially legs but the shaved pubes is an enormous turn off for me. Face 4 , body 4/5 on scale 1-5.

    • elmtree

      “…especially legs but the shaved pubes is an enormous turn off for me”

      Yes and yes. LOVE his legs (and that ass!). Hate the shaved pubes.

      I want to see him in action.

    • Wahlberliner

      Shaved pubes are the worst.

  • GoGo

    Chill on the Photoshop…

  • david david

    He sounded like he was reading off a script. LOL! But he’s beautiful. Probably the only recent obvious bottom solo guy that I really want to see return. He reminds me a bit of Dustin McNeer. for some reason, which is a good thing.

    • pilot101

      they are totally reading a script. Same thing happened with Lachlan. but if they come back and take some dicks, i don’t care lol

    • cammaxx

      Totally reading from a script or not…

      Avery: I definitely wanna call someone daddy.

      Me: *instant boner*

      …I am not too proud to admit 😳

    • Loki

      “He reminds me a bit of Dustin McNeer.”

      Really? Even Dustin McNeer doesn’t look like Dustin McNeer these days…

    • I didn’t know he had all those damn tats. Ugh. I hate pec tats.

    • nbtx27

      He has good looking , totally ruined his appearance with those shitty tats everywhere. Why would he do that? His choice, but nothing to look at now.

    • Loki

      Desperate to seem unique. I can understand (one or two understated or easily hidden) tattoos that have a deep personal meaning and some artistry to them, but he looks like every other gym-obsessed meathead on IG now.

    • david david

      Oh, why did he ruin himself like that? He should start doing gay porn. With his current look, I don’t think he has a chance on being a fashion model. Besides, his jerk-off vids are everywhere. Doing gay porn is almost the same thing, only he’ll get paid for it.

    • Leo

      He’s into bodybuilding now so that’s what he’s trying to do. Well, besides the dick pics and the occasional jerk off video on his connectpal.

    • Bob Bilbert

      They are. It was confirmed a while ago. They go over what they should and should not say before they are “interviewed.”


      Avery maybe scripted how ever he sounds very convincing

    • cammaxx

      “But he’s beautiful.” Agreed. He’s tots adorbs!

  • Adam

    Does anyone know the exactly location/ address that Sean Cody shoot their porn? Just curious to know.

    • Scrapple

      And these will be the first two lines read during the eventual court proceedings.

    • Adam

      I’m not an american, even not in america lmfao

    • I think they are based somewhere in California.

    • Scrapple

      Accomplice. And complicit.

    • Maximus

      Aiding and abetting. 18 U.S.C. §2(a).

    • Scrapple

      Planes are a thing.

    • Rico

      It appears they shoot at two locations somewhere in greater San Diego: The “Original” Sean Cody House and the new Sean Cody House located in a very residential neighborhood. Since they use the original Sean Cody House frequently, like in this vid, makes me think that Sean Cody may still own a part of the business–with majority control sold to MindGeek.

  • nodoubtfan

    Something about Average Avery isn’t adding up, but at least he’s cute to look at. I’m getting some slight Griffin Barrows vibes from him too.

  • Maximus

    So, Avery’s “roommate” has told him how good it feels to cum with a dick up one’s ass, and upon deciding that he’d like to try it, Avery goes to a gay porn studio to make it happen?… That checks out.

    • His “roommate” is probably a BF or a fuck buddy.

    • Scrapple

      Or another model.

    • 2345

      Call me when Avery is telling the truth (i.e. I want to hear his loud joyful moans as a dick is ramming his ass and he’s oozing butt juice from all the excitement)

  • DaveAtom

    I like his body, but face not really and shaved pubes? Stop with that

  • bob80

    Finally a new bottom. I’m tired of always seeing the same.

    • moondoggy

      Don’t celebrate until he actually bottoms. I’m with you, though.

  • ItsBritneyBitch

    SC ain’t shit if he doesn’t return after that intro. I wasn’t expecting him to say all that. 💀💀💀

    • Bob Bilbert

      They reaffirmed their inability to “be the shit” long ago.

    • cammaxx


  • Kanaka
    • McM.

      Ian Levine looks like a grown up Ian Levine.

      He plays with men now, and the only thing “twinkish” about him is his face.

  • andrew

    Savory Avery sure is a cutie: handsome face, great smile and a beautiful muscular body.

  • jag2power

    At a boy Avery…spread that hole so I can get my tongue stuck up in there. His ass got to taste as sweet as it looks!

  • nbtx27

    Nice. Good looking guy, reminds me of the old good SC. Just stop shaving.
    More guys like this, and I’ll be back.

  • Dkingz33

    I wish SC could give us stats like his height weight & age etc…. he looks fairly young like he just turned 18 here. I don’t mind it but he doesn’t do it for me.

    • They were giving height and weight but their stats are shit. They had Jared labeled as 5’9″ and he’s definitely 6’1″ because Landon is labeled as being 5’10” and Jared was taller than him.

  • Sushi

    Counting the days now until a dick is in that ass. Fantastic update!

  • bloodhound
  • skye3245

    That whole interview screamed “i fuck off grindr daily”. Like who calls themselves “an all-American jock”? No one. Plus, how the hell did the conversation of cumming with a dick in his ass go? Cause if anyone has had the convo you know damn well where it ended! WITH A DICK IN HIS ASS DUH!!!

    Sidenote- How the hell was the quality of the solo so superb yet when there are 2 models having sex the quality is atrocious? Can Sean Cody and the production staff explain that to me?

  • freater

    Another tiny dick from SC? NEXT.

  • Da Gayngsta

    dis phools aight! nigu shuld let his pubes grow tho

  • Sadistic Faggot

    Cute looking fellow.



  • cammaxx

    He’s cute! In fact, I’d say he’s totally adorable. First time I’ve been interested in a new SC model in months. Please don’t let them screw this up … here’s hoping he’s back and getting fucked sooner rather than later! I sense the bottoming force is strong with this one.


    I am almost afraid 2 mention the B word ( bair ) but when ever there is a good update ( VERY RARE ) u hear nothing from him but when it’s a bad update ( like the last one ) that BITCH ( bair) will not shut the FUCK UP !!!

  • JK3

    Someone get this boy a big dick (Jess’s or Peter’s) to sit on. He looks like he could be GH Colin’s younger brother.

  • Swifty

    The nipples and ass got me. Cum back please.

  • Gazzaq

    Avery is Hot, has a Lovely Butt and Fit Body I cant ask for more apart from him being Fucked up the Butt…

  • ArgleBjargle

    He’s attractive. He shouldn’t shave his pubes, though. And it looks like he wears a cock ring and it’s left a tell-tale indentation. Something tells me that this ain’t Dorothy’s first trip to Oz.

  • Ivan Jimenez

    Can’t wait for Jack to flip-fuck & cum-swap for Asher & Deaxon next!

    SeanCody, yall need to make this happen by the holliday!

  • TomCNR

    He looks like a blonde Collin Simpson before he got swollen. Yes i accept

  • paultacoma51

    Well, I was all set not to like him, but after watching the video, I like him. I still think he’s fairly average as SC models go. But we’ll have to see what he actually does.