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Xander at SeanCody

Xander at SeanCody

Xander at SeanCody

Xander at SeanCody

Watch Xander at SeanCody

Xander is all about having a healthy mind and body, and you can tell he takes it seriously! He has a positive outlook on life, meditates, and he’s in school for personal training. Don’t let his small physique fool you, he’s an energetic guy that seems to get what he wants. Even though he hasn’t had anybody play with his cute little ass before, he’s open to it, “I’ve never done it, but I’m definitely willing to try it! I think it would be kinda cool. I think it would be kinda hot.”

Watch Xander at SeanCody

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  • pilot101

    i think he’s good. Nothing less, nothing more.

  • DaveAtom

    He’s a cutie with braces. Are shaved pubes mandatory in SC? Because is the worst thing ever and I can see the trend here.

    He has a lovely hairy ass.

  • Jean Grey’s Anatomy

    Awww he has braces!!!!!

  • Miloš Del Rey

    I think he’s cute, he’ll fit right in with the other bottoms in the sc stable.

  • The braces make him cute so I hope he’s skilled at blowing someone.

  • Cubankid

    I’ve always wanted to get my dick sucked by someone with braces, and a tongue ring. Its a weird fantasy of mine. And Xander is cute.

    • souse

      Jesus No, knowing how much braces scratch your own mouth it would terrify me to have my dick near those

    • Cubankid

      I like pain. And i’m sure if the person knows how to properly suck it won’t be all that bad.

    • 2345

      But would you allow him to rim you?? I ask in earnest.

    • Trepakprince
    • Louisbb


    • Cubankid

      Stop ruining my fantasy!!!

    • Alex


    • CP3PO

      Damn! No chill!! 😂

    • Scrapple

      Speaking as someone who wore braces and had no problem sucking dick, I shall call you a bitch and be about my day. lol

    • peter

      I had a mouthful of metal the first time I went downtown!

    • Well that’s one way to grind the meat.

    • I feel you on the braces. It’s why I liked ol’ musclehead Derek when he was here. I missed his solo and didn’t really see inside his mouth during his pairing with Immanuel but I caught sight of his braces when Pavel fucked him.

    • 2345

      There you go mentioning MY Immanuel, THE ONE that escaped….

    • Hey! [long and suspenseful pause] That’s your damn fault.

  • CLE Y&R Lover

    the song boy is a bottom just started playing in my head.
    god, it’ll take a week to get it out of my head now.

  • Quinton Jackson

    I would die laughing if he returns as a top.

  • Loki

    “Even though he hasn’t had anybody play with his cute little ass before, he’s open to it…”

    I don’t get it. Does he not know what sort of site he’s applying to? Or does he seriously think he’s gonna top with what he’s got going on up front? The coy bullshit is annoying, SC.

    • McM.

      That’s why all these solos (on this and other sites) and the will-he/won’t-he return games irritate me.

      Every guy applying knows what the site is about – fucking – and if he’s not down for it send him a rejection letter. Or direct him to YouLoveJack or Spunkworthy.

  • jag2power

    Please return this child to Roy…I mean, his mommy.

    • Louisbb

      From a foreigner’s perspective, Roy Moore represents exactly what I imagine Redneck America to be.
      How could such an individual become a judge??

    • Lenny

      Evangelicals make up about a quarter of our population (and a higher percentage in Alabama, I’m guessing). Which is to say we’re about 25% cultists who will always line up behind their own people.

    • Bair
    • Lenny

      I don’t feel like that’s really all that discordant with what I’ve said, especially given that the total number of Trump voters only account for about 20% of the actual population (or 26% of the adult population).

      More importantly though, I know the GIFs are kind of a trolling thing with you, but when you embellish a block of text with a bunch of random colors, underlining, and capitalization, all it really does is slow down the reader and distract from your message. It’s okay to just type your comments every now and then. Really.

    • Bair
    • Lenny

      All new to you, huh? I mean, I guess that would kind of explain why so many of your gifs look like something you’d find on a website built in 1995.

    • Bair
    • Lenny

      Sorry, I forget how much of a struggle things like this are for you. The internet was a relatively new thing in ’95. New to most of us. Which is why back then it didn’t seem odd that so much of the content was cheap and tacky looking, like these gifs of yours. Granted, most modern GIFs aren’t really that sophisticated, design wise, but there’s usually at least a clear reason why they’re GIFs, and not just normal text. I mean again, I get the trolling aspect of it (and let’s be honest, that’s a good chunk of what you do here, even if you’d rather call it “flaming”), but it really just seems like more trouble than it’s worth. I mean I’m probably one of the only people who hasn’t blocked you by now. And that’s only because you waste your time entertaining me.

    • Bair
  • Loki

    After Brock, Regan, and now Xander, SC might wanna think about recruiting from “The Big Dick Society”…

  • Louisbb

    I can’t help thinking his parents are paying fro the orthodontist

  • Atticus

    Wouldn’t Xander fit in better at Helix?

  • Scrapple

    Apparently 2017 is the year of porn models with braces. I’m cool with it.

    Lets hope that “positive outlook on life” survives a career in gay porn. I suspect it won’t.

  • peter

    Braces are the one thing he has in common with Joey Mills

  • Kanaka

    “Don’t let his small physique fool you.” Covert shade from the company. Nice legs and booty though.

  • Philip Broad

    Cute kid but really his dick is too small for a solo.

  • mm121

    he’s cute, looks good with his shaved pubes and small circ’d dick

    hope they never try to have him top though, that pathetic cock would be useless as a top, not sure why they cant seem to hire any big dicks anymore

  • Bree Van de Kamp

    I used to see things like this and think it was a joke, but now I’ve just come to accept it as the standard of this bullshit site.

  • Del

    He’s really cute. Hope he ends up bottoming when he returns.

  • emercycrite

    I wonder what he looks like with his natural body hair.

  • david david

    I think the braces made him a lot cuter. But he’s too young looking. I can’t help but worry for the really young ones who do porn.

    • Del

      I mean they start somewhere right?

    • von schlomo

      About 4 years ago a bunch of morons here wanted to pass a law not allowing anyone in high school to do porn after Sean Cody gave us Noel who reportedly was in high school while shooting scenes. Long ago we all agreed age 18 made one legal to do porn, among other things, and then this kid’s nurse maids wanted to add more restrictions, perhaps favoring the 18 year old dropouts over the rest. What’s the process for proving you aren’t in high school? Ugh

  • Devin

    He’s hot, but he needs to do some grooming around the back. It’s like a forest

  • Adam

    Why people think he’s cute? He’s ugly as fuck

  • throwawayforget

    I find him suuuper cute

  • Tomcat

    Did they mean that this is from “8teen”boy?

    • Tomcat

      … & I didn’t intend to “Recommend this discussion”, at the top. This was the first I’ve noticed that feature, & I clicked to find out whom was recommending what.

    • Del

      He’s not even the right shape for 8teenboy lol.


    I cannot wait 2 C his cute bubble ass with dick in it

  • Eric

    lol. The braces.

  • Sask

    This model looks like the younger brother of the guy with the dicklet who topped Tate.

    • 2345

      But who is it? I just looked at Tate’s profile, and all his tops are average to above average sized. Maybe Dean was the smallest of them all? Or do you mean Brodie who looks most “similar” to Xander? Is that who you mean?

    • Sask

      Maybe it was Rusty…?

    • 2345

      I’ll have to look again, but I don’t think bloated? Rusty ever topped anyone

    • Sask

      It was Elliot who topped Rusty in the scene released in June 2016. This boy reminds me of Elliot.

    • 2345

      Oh yeah, I forgot about Mr Elliott. How did you really feel about him? :)

    • Sask

      I thought Elliott was a cocky son-of-a-bitch, a show put on to make up for his dicklet. He was good-looking and had a very good, athletic body and the scene was better than most of what SC puts out these days.

    • 2345

      I would have liked him much more as a bottom. He can redeem himself that way

  • Jason

    They are scraping the bottom of the barrel these days…

  • Sushi

    Horrible shaved front with stubble and that hairy crack. Wtf is that about?

  • Target

    He’s def cute, but it’s the presence of a personality that makes me want to see him in action.

  • HaloH25

    I had to turn this off immediately before cops showed up at my door claiming I was in possession of child pornography…

  • James Johnson III

    Awww he’s really cute. You can tell he works out. His body is nice and, personally, I think the braces are adorable

  • John Smith

    Oh boy this is just awful…

  • entireleaves

    Sean Cody has to fire the person in casting with the small dick fetish. They need to fire him immediately.

  • ItsBritneyBitch
  • Celest

    Braces gotta go. Awkward side smile needs to improve. Im normally not a size queen but dick is too small. wtf is with that haircut? That hair needs to go. I hope this human sized hobbit doesn’t come back. Did I just say all that? Oops….

  • ArgleBjargle

    5’7″. Cocky lil thing.
    I sure hope he didn’t have to pay for that haircut.

  • TalkDirtyToMe

    The FBI will be confiscating all of our computers for this one.

  • Bair
  • 2345

    Off topic- Brysen will be bottoming for the 2nd time this coming Sat. Do you guys have any guesses? You can see a clip on SC’s twitter. Please do NOT allow the top to be Dillan or Dean