Sean Cody: Warner

Warner at SeanCody

Warner at SeanCody

Warner at SeanCody

Warner at SeanCody, Scene Summary:

Warner is a hot, young, all-American jock with an athletic body. A body that you know he worked hard for. But he’s also into something you wouldn’t necessarily expect!

“I’m a freak when it comes to feet. I love fucking feet, I love licking feet…it’s just my thing!”

We all have our thing, and this hottie isn’t afraid to admit his!

Watch Warner at SeanCody

Watch Warner at SeanCody

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Louisbb says:

He isn’t afraid to admit it but hates to say it?
Why would he be?Why does he?
He is cute, though

Scrapple says:

He said “hit it or quit it situation.” He said “you focus on ass when you want and you think about the future later.” He’s into feet. I’m gonna have to pass on Dr. Scholl’s.
I’m going to need Michigan J. Frog to sing this Warner Brother off the stage so we can get to The CW.

slipperyslope says:

Unless you’re serving me this Warner (preferably in his later years as Alaric- CW shout out), I’mma need you to drop the name.

jhtravus says:

He’s just average enough that there’s actually a possibility he’ll come back instead of just a blow n’ go like the hotter models we never see again.

Miloš Del Rey says:

I don’t know why you think your gifs help. Once I see how bland and low quality they are I end up hating the model. They make a mediocre model look ugly. If you’re going to make gifs try not to settle for anything less than 480p my love.

Miloš Del Rey says:

Oh please shut up. You comment on almost every user post here. No one is above criticism. If I want to talk about your low budget pirate bay gifs I can. Now squeak rat.

entireleaves says:

Ugh. Bald headed Trixie Mattel looks like a monstrous demon baby. It needs to be destroyed.

Bair says:

I LOVE his drag. His make-up is…WOW! To me.

emercycrite says:

Bair’s gifs are as bland and low quality as he is. That’s why I’ve blocked it. Would rather save my bandwidth for something actually worthwhile. Simples.

Denver2020 says:

Agreed 100%. Could you share with us how to block this annoyance?

emercycrite says:

Simples: you just click the drop down arrow on the right of the user you want to block and select block user.

Denver2020 says:

Wonderful. Finally, a hate-free, harassment-free and low quality gif free environment is here. No more Blair. Woo Hoo…

Miloš Del Rey says:

I think he’s okay/kinda cute. So I’m hoping he does make a return. He and Kaleb can bottom for Randy.

Ramster says:

It’s sad that average is all we can hope for. But sis, I kinda like this guy so I’m still worried we’ll never see him again.

peter says:

And Randy’s bottoming again, this time for Brock. Such a waste of his fine dick!

Kevin says:

How do you know?

Kevin says:

That has already happened.

peter says:

I think his prefered term is “hit and quit”.

peter says:

I think he’s a one-and-done myself — just like his women

david david says:

He’s kinda cute. I like it when he smiles. He looks like he could be Conrad’s brother.

throwawayforget says:

You bitches are ridiculous. He’s got a cute face and an great body. I hope he comes back and bottoms

andrew says:

Who said otherwise?

DaveAtom says:

Hot. Good looking, lickable hairy pits.
I’m not sure he’s coming back. Hotties rarely come back =/

Easternzones says:

Nothing to hate

He kinda looks like he could be Conrad’s brother…

Zombieking says:

Hot !!!! I hope he will quickly go to Corbin Fisher or GH/HGF to fuck someone decent !

Stevienowonder says:

Better than the usual form of blonds on SC. At least he is not shaved. Face 4 , body 5 on scale 1-5.

Rico says:

Agree…and w/o roids I might add–just a very nice naturally fit bod. Want to see him in action.

Sushi says:

For once in the scroll down the guy actually got better.
Can’t get my hopes up because he probably will never be seen again, which would be a shame.

freater says:

Not bad! That dick is small af but his face and bod makes up for it, hope he comes back as the house bottom.

moondoggy says:

I took one look at him and said, “This guy is going to have a huge dick.” I was wrong, but I think he’s hot anyway.

andrew says:

Welcome Warner.

emercycrite says:

He’s very handsome but that is not a pornstar cock.

peter says:

He’s really good looking and cocky, which is hot, but he also comes off as one of those arrogant jocks whose speciality is Date-Rape.

peter says:

He looks a bit like Christian McCaffrey

Ivan Jimenez says:

He looks like a younger Nixon and Elon Musk!


I blocked that annoying BITCH months ago !!!

Louisbb says:

or perhaps the whole FOOT (=12 inches) if not some guy’s 12 incher

peter says:

Wrong site: he belongs on Corbin Fisher and get to fuck Corbin’s feet