GayHoopla: Zach Douglas Pounds Adrian Monroe

Zach Douglas Pounds Adrian Monroe at GayHoopla

Zach Douglas Pounds Adrian Monroe at GayHoopla

Zach Douglas Pounds Out Adrian Monroe at GayHoopla scene summary:

It has been a while since we have seen Zach Douglas at GayHoopla, but when we told him he had the opportunity to smash Adrian Monroe’s sweet ass, Zach hopped on a plane the next day!

It’s immediately clear that Adrian is just as excited for this hook up to happen. If you don’t recall, these two super hotties teamed up on Julian Rodriguez’s virgin ass back in November 2017. Now it’s time for them to have some alone time so they can really focus on pleasing each other.

Mutual blow jobs and of course Zach Douglas has to taste that Adrian ass he has been wanting so badly to start off the scene. From there, Zach takes a seat and Adrian let’s him get a look at his white, round ass as he slides up and down on Zach’s pole in reverse.

Then, the VERY flexible Adrian Monroe hops off and with his shoulders on the ground and legs opened up WIDE in the air, Zach plunges his hard cock deep in Adrian’s hole. To finish each other off, they go in to both of their favorite position, doggy style. This kind of stimulation is a lot for Adrian to handle… So he just let’s it all go, literally. He busts a nice thick nut all over the couch and it isn’t long before Zach follows suit and covers Adrian’s fit back with his load. These two are hot!

Watch as Zach Douglas Pounds Adrian Monroe at GayHoopla

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Ant says:

was this a shelved video

Miloš Del Rey says:

Yeah I think this was filmed around the time of the 3some they did together.

AJ says:

I wondered the same thing! But regardless I’m pretty happy that Adrian is coming back! I hope something good comes out of that trip to Santorini they recently took.

Kevin says:

Two of my faves at GH.

L. T. says:

I like Adrian but sometimes his scenes come off as a little boring to me.

Trepakprince says:

I would love to see a rematch with Zach and Jayden.

sam my says:

Zach, it’s just something about him, that’s such a turn on.

Both have a great ass

C A says:

Adrian is always a Yes.

Jean Grey's Anatomy says:

Adrian Monroe is incredibly beautiful.

sam my says:

I think James is being tag teamed in that threesome

sam my says:

Oh I’m right there with you, I would like/love to see price bottom more, and become a top versatile model. See his ass bouncing in doggystyle, but I don’t think he’ll warm to it and just stay a top like Derek and Zach who barely ever bottomed.

sam my says:

I’ve seen a couple of his shows, he never really says anything, he just sits there and stares at the camera. The 2 times I did watch I thought the feed was frozen, and kept refreshing, because he was doing a mannequin challenge. Lol I know Cuban will, he’s told me a few times he’s a bit of a rough top. Lol Dont forget to film, and no I dont mean with no damn camera phone.

sam my says:

Talk to him on chaturbate. You and Cuban should be able to get through to him. Lol

sam my says:

Oh you want to run a ticket show ? Lol

sam my says:

Have you talked to Cuban about your ideas ? Lol