Broke Straight Boys: Buddy Wild Barebacks Bobby Owens

Buddy Wild Barebacks Bobby Owens at Broke Straight Boys

Buddy Wild Barebacks Bobby Owens at Broke Straight Boys

Buddy Wild Dominates Bobby Owens at, Scene Summary:

Buddy Wild and Bobby Owens don’t even waste a second for chit-chat. These guys get right to it! The begin by kissing each other for a minute until cock-hungry Bobby is on his knees with Buddy’s dick in his mouth. Buddy lifts Bobby onto the bed and 69s with him. Next Buddy stands up to let Bobby focus on his dick alone. He works that shaft until Buddy is hard and erect. Buddy pushes Bobby’s legs apart, bending him in half as he slams his dick into Bobby’s ass. This splits that hole wide open as he pushes into him, balls deep as he pounds him raw and hard.

Bobby Owens bottoms like a pro! He’s easily taking that dick and begging for it harder and Buddy Wild gives it to him! Buddy proceeds to fuck him fast and deep. Buddy then turns Bobby over so that he can take that dick from a different angle. Buddy kneels on the bed behind Bobby pushing his hips slowly against Bobby as he drives that bareback dick into him. Next Buddy runs his hands across Bobby’s lean body, pushing Bobby flat on the bed as he fucks him. This continues until he cums hard across Bobby’s ass and back.

Buddy Wild climbs off of Bobby Owens and sits back watching him as he jerks his cock. Finally, he shoots his load. Then, leaning in for a taste of that sweet jizz as Bobby squeezes out every last drop.

Watch as Buddy Wild Barebacks Bobby Owens at Broke Straight Boys

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SacsayhuamanAntoninus says:


DeeGee says:

A budding star.

bloodhound says:

Buddy is very hot .

Scrapple says:

I may have underestimated Buddy’s topping skillz. The way he had Bobby’s curl’s bouncing you would’ve thought Hallie Eisenberg was on a trampoline.

Devin says:

Bobby, what’s up with the hair man? Should change your name to Sideshow Bob

L. T. says:

Bobby is no longer hot anymore. Buddy, though, needs to go to a better site. Too hot for this place.

Ivan Jimenez says:

Where is Jared at?