CockyBoys: Cade Maddox Fucks A Ball-Gagged Max Adonis

Cade Maddox Fucks Max Adonis at

Cade Maddox Fucks Max Adonis at
Cade Maddox Fucks Max Adonis at

Cade Maddox Fucks Max Adonis at CockyBoys, Scene Summary:

A romantic getaway for Cade Maddox & Max Adonis is spiced up with a little bondage play! It’s Max’s idea but a slightly hesitant Cade comes around once he sees the ball gag. Even with the gag on the sensual affection continues. Albeit with a self-imposed challenge. Cocksucking deprivation is a little frustrating for Max with Cade’s huge cock looking so tempting. The upside is that Max’s cock gets the attention from Cade’s mouth and strong hands. With his precum streaming he’s ready to cum, BUT Cade edges him just a bit longer.

When Cade Maddox strokes their cocks together and brings his hardon up to his face, Max Adonis just HAS to take off the gag. He takes all of Cade’s thick cock into his mouth & throat and he’s a simply insatiable as Cade face fucks him balls deep on the edge of the bed and 69’s his cock. Max is in cock whore heaven BUT after a little taste of dominance Cade wants more. He puts the ball gag back on Max, flips him over to rim his twitching hole and teases him with a butt plug before making him take it all. With Max on all fours Cade uses the toy and his mouth to dominate his hole and tease his cock mercilessly as a now gag-free Max begs for cock.

Cade Maddox relents and fucks Max Adonis deep and hard almost non-stop. He moves from pounding from behind to thrusting into Max from the side and puts the ball gag back on to remind him who’s in charge. Still Max remains as vocal as possible as he’s fucked and driven to the edge while Cade drills him on his back.


Finally Max Adonis begs for Cade Maddox’s load. After a muffled “please” passes his lips, Cade gives him a mouthful of cum. Seconds later Max pumps out a thick fountain of cum, milking out every drop…and it does not go to waste. Cade hand feeds some of it then sucks up more to feed Max with a cum-loaded kiss.

Watch as Cade Maddox Fucks Max Adonis at CockyBoys

Watch as Cade Maddox Fucks Max Adonis at CockyBoys

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DaveAtom says:

Hot. Max is cute and hot and Cade has the dick.

Scrapple says:

Everyone seems to be enjoying time spent in Max’s ass. I can see why. That was a hot scene. Dirty, but sensual at the same time. The kissing. The teasing. Even the spitting was more passionate than humiliating. There were so many little hot moments to clock. Max was loving that dick and Cade was loving that ass.

freater says:

Really really love Max these days.

Cubankid says:

If you think this is hot – then you should check out Max only fans account.

hotsweetspot says:

Under what name did Max work? I’d tried to do that and failed. Sorry about that. But I thank you for your help.

jinger says:

They’re hot, nicely paired.

meduel says:

cade seems kiss very well..i noticed it in some scenes..and he’s very attractive…

elyp says:

Now I’m dying from a hypothetical pairing with Carter Dane. Max is just cute!
This scene looks hot despite CB’s weird attempt at being kinky.

Ed Stoneback says:

Both guys look hot and sexy but I really am nuts about Max he has been a busy newbie and I love seeing his trim muscular mostly tat free sexy adorable body and handsome face great scene