Raging Stallion: Max Konnor Fucks Riley Mitchell in ‘Rideshare, Scene 4’

Rideshare, Scene 4 (Max Konnor Fucks Riley Mitchell) at Raging Stallion

Rideshare, Scene 4 (Max Konnor Fucks Riley Mitchell) at Raging Stallion

Max Konnor Fucks Riley Mitchell in ‘Rideshare, Scene 4’ at Raging Stallion, Scene Summary:

Max Konnor called a ‘Rideshare‘ that’s still a few minutes away. He’s in his towel taking a dick pic to send to a buddy when he accidentally sends it to his driver, Riley Mitchel. Riley gets upset and pounds on his passenger’s door. But when Max shows up in his towel, Riley decides to get on his knees and suck on Max’s monster cock.

Riley Mitchell is up to the challenge of taking the whole thing down his throat. Therefore, he chokes and gags as he whips out his own hard dick to jack. Max Konnor wants to see if Riley is able to take it in his ass. So, bends the driver over to eat his hairy hole. That’s all it takes for Riley to admit that he needs Max inside of him. Riley bends over even further to let Max stuff his ass.

Riley Mitchell is filled completely with cock as Max Konnor pounds his driver relentlessly. Max wants to switch it up so Riley can get the full experience and throws Riley onto his back to stuff his hole even deeper. Riley grabs the sheets in ecstasy as Max works up a sweat filling up Riley’s stretched-out ass.

Feeling Max Konnor’s giant dick ramming his insides is what tips Riley Mitchell over the edge and he blasts a load up over his head and onto his own face and chest. When Max sees Riley’s massive release, he pulls out and feeds Riley his cum by blasting into his mouth.

Watch as Max Konnor Fucks Riley Mitchell at RagingStallion

Watch as Max Konnor Fucks Riley Mitchell at RagingStallion

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nodoubtfan says:

I stopped checking for Marc Williams 2.0 after that whole “Black Cocks Rule” mess with LE, but I’ll admit…he looks good here. Riley does too.

Scrapple says:

LMAO @ Marc Williams 2.0. This is the first time Max started giving me D.B. Woodside feels.

Steve Crockett says:

Riley got that Sargent Miles thing going for him without all the distracting ink. From the looks of the pics has the same voracious appetite for cock in his mouth and ass like Sarge. I approve!

wdeee says:

They look amazing together

Dominik Lengyel says:

Max is awesome. I love him so much.

Cubankid says:

I’m feeling that bottom.

Deoxys says:

Riley is a creeper to me. Max is hot he needs to bottom though 😋

Cubankid says:

No, I didn’t receive your last email. I thought you were on break or something.

Cubankid says:

I gotchu:)

Cubankid says:

I’m responding tonight.

Cubankid says:

I’ve already responded lol. Tell me more about it in your response to me, don’t want everybody in your business.

I do agree about kidnapping that boy though. Or we can just lure him with money since he’s looking for a sugar daddy.

maenner says:

I responded to your most recent message just hours ago. Have a good week