Sean Cody: Josh (IV)

Josh (IV) at SeanCody

Josh (IV) at SeanCody

Josh (IV) at SeanCody

Josh Solo at Sean Cody:

Dark and handsome Sean Cody newcomer, Josh, is a 25-year-old retired baker who currently works in a gym. He’s chiseled, toned and his cute, bubble butt will definitely make you want to cop a feel!

After clocking 10 hours a day in the gym, Josh is looking for a change.

“People definitely do the whole sauna, shower and steam room hook up thing. It happens a lot!”

Josh is gay and has only been out for three years now. He affirms how much happier he is living in his truth. He had a less than pleasing experience bottoming with a 9-inch top and that led him to becoming more of a top himself.

“I’ll only bottom with a smaller penis,” says Josh.

“I’m a dom top and I’d say my sex is more animalistic. I like to be very forceful with my bottom and there’s a lot of dirty talk.”

Watch Josh at Sean Cody

Watch Josh at Sean Cody

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MC.EMC2 says:

Sean Cody seems to have really listened to its fan base. This year their returning rate has been incredibly high and they’re featuring more and more openly bi/gay models. Kudos to Sean Cody for stepping it up!

bloodhound says:

I like him very much.

Dkingz33 says:

Is it me or has Sean Cody have gotten lots of gay models and twinks lately? I’m not complaining at least they have toned down the gay4pay format.

pilot101 says:

maybe Nextdoorstudios gave them their contacts. Sean Cody should ask if that’s not the case.

bo69 says:

Woof! Woof! Woof!

Jays says:

He reminds me of Porter…and not in a good way.

Keir Grey says:

It’s a yes from me. He reminds me of Nick Sterling.

Scrapple says:

He does. I’m also getting some James Roday visuals. Come on son!

Ben_thecoolhobo says:

He reminds me of trump supporter porter. :/.


Just mentioning FUCK FACE Trump is automatic BONER KILLER 4 me !

some charge says:

Please don’t compare the Ass God to this “big dicks are scary” pussy.

Keir Grey says:

I don’t pay attention to what these men say in their scripted interviews. I was referring to his appearance.

Bair says:

???? I get that he said he would only bottom with those who have a smaller than 9 inch cock. I do not get that he said “big dicks are scary”, and he is not a “pussy” if he is one of MILLIONS of gay men who do not want to be fucked by someone with a 9 inch cock. A test of manhood is not how big of a cock you want in your ass. Big cocks are fun to look at, and some require them in their ass. SOME do…but not ALL do.

A different size for different guys,
and so on and so on and scooby dooby dooooooby.

Agnes Moorehead says:

25 year old “retired” baker. Lol

DaveAtom says:

Very good. Bring hum back, is a great addition. Is hot and a has a beautiful smile.

david david says:

I think he’s hot. Hope he’ll be back.

Young Neil says:

I wonder how does it feel to be retired at 25. He must be some baker!

Anyways, besides that silly remark from the Sean Cody writer, I like him! He is good looking, I just wish he manscaped a little less and let his chest and stomach hair grow in. Nice find, SC!

Scrapple says:

He sold a lot of cakes.

Capello says:

I agree with stopping to manscape and I think he could get a better hairstyle, too.

nodoubtfan says:

Josh sounds promising! Hoping Sean Cody doesn’t find a way to ruin it. (They will.)

Rough&sweet says:

They ruined this solo video
Just watched!! This video has bad camera angles and also edited. I’m so disappointed with the mediocre cinematography 😔

Maximus says:

It’s great to see an openly gay model, although the whole “masc4masc dom top” persona is tired and late. That haircut is also tragic. You’re out of the closet now, dear; you can go to a homosexual hairstylist and get good hair without having to worry that people are going to clock your tea.

c_find says:

Can you explain for me how someone can bitch about taking a big cock and then turn around and claim to be a forceful Dom top? A bit hypocritical isn’t it? Just because you’re hung small don’t mean you can’t cause a bottom pain.

Maximus says:

All I know is that in the #MeToo era, I officially have zero tolerance for guys who want to “dominate” their partners. Guys can still be rough, jackhammer, and slam fuck all they want; one partner can generally take the lead while the other follows (an “active” partner and a “passive” partner, if you will); but the extra element of “I am in charge, so you have to do what I want” is so nauseatingly rapey. All humans possess sexual agency and the right to bodily integrity, and guys shouldn’t be getting off on the fantasy that they’re taking that away from their partners. Those men need to go find an outlet for their toxic masculinity that isn’t endorsed by Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby.

Jay M says:

Uh, hi, yes can I vote this Comment of the Year? Is that a thing? Because this is some intelligent and honest information that needs to be spread around.

Maximus says:

Aww. Thanks, darlin’. I just want male sexuality to be less about power, control, and self-interest and more about equality, respect, mutual desire, and mutual pleasure.

Scrapple says:

I hear that’s the premise for the long-proposed script for Trick: The Second Chapter.

Scrapple says:

That’s the problem with faux domming. In the true dom/sub culture, the sub is actually the one with all the power and controls what happens. So many people think aggressive fucking and using someone as a fuck doll is domming. It’s not.

Maximus says:

Extreme BDSM is rape (endorphins >>> high >>> unable to consent), and even the less hardcore forms are creepy. Again, nobody should be getting off on inflicting pain upon others . . . unless it’s a vigilante justice situation, one in which a woman is enacting retribution upon a man.

Scrapple says:

So…Peppermint, starring Jen Garner?

Seriously though, even the extreme side isn’t supposed to be about that. That’s why you have safewords and why the dom is always supposed to be checking in with the sub to make sure they’re okay with what is happening. It’s the same with fisting and it’s why neither activity should be taken up if everyone isn’t in the right drug and alcohol free headspace.

Maximus says:

Oooh, bitch! That movie looks fierce as fuck! Here I thought that the only things that feature Jennifer Garner these days are Ben Affleck’s sex dreams (she’s there at the beginning, nagging him and telling him that he’s the worst Batman in history, but then she leaves, and the nanny shows up for sexy time).

Scrapple says:

That nanny is basically Gone Girl 2. As for that Jen movie, it looks just like that one with Jodie Foster a few years back. The one where her man (who I think was Sayed from Lost) gets killed. Jodie and Peppermint from Drag Race have already filed a joint lawsuit.

In her next film Jen will be trying to save her kid from terrorists on a plane.

Maximus says:

I like to believe that Jodie and Peppermint would be friends. I assume that the suit is for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

“Next film”? Shush. Don’t get her hopes up like that.

Scrapple says:

I think you left off the quotes around friends. And I believe the suit revolved around copyright infringement and theft of drag services.

Well, she already thinks she has a shot at the new Elektra movie. Nobody has the heart to tell her it’s a movie about Elektra Abundance.

Maximus says:

Hopefully she withdraws herself from consideration for the part when she learns that it’s Elektra Abundance. America doesn’t need Jennifer Garner pulling some kind of Rachel Dolezal stunt.

Speaking of comic book movie actors, can we discuss Miss Cavill’s budding “friendship” with Aunty Tomty Cruise? Apparently they were in a Mission Impossible movie—those films are just propaganda for hegemonic masculinity—together. How long until Miss Cavill joins Aunty Tomty and Aunty Travolta in the giant walk-in closet that is the church of Scientology? How long before Leah Remini then liberates Miss Cavill from Scientology’s clutches? Also, when Miss Cavil and Aunty Tomty get together, who is topping whom?

Scrapple says:

Yeah, that plus she’s not trying to have her edges scalped like ScarJo for thinking about playing a trans woman.

For some reason I thought you were one of the few people who thought Henny, I mean Henry was straight. You know Tom had to strike up a “friendship” after he saw Henny in those tight-ass ass slacks. Ms. C was working it. With the beard too. Tom is a top. He’s too insecure to be a bottom. Or let his beards wear high heels next to him.

Maximus says:

It still baffles me that actors react to social media accounts and opinion page writers as if they were actual consumers expressing actual opinions that could actually affect their careers. Until important industry players, serious journalists, or respectable NGOs are raising supposed issues with you in person and in a manner that could affect (1) sales or (2) your ability to get hired in the future, you shouldn’t be paying attention to Internet “outrage.”

I did once believe that Henry was simply a meatheaded, basic bitch straight bro, and also that the theory that he’s gay was just wishful thinking. However, I recently read some cunty analyses of his interviews, social media activity, and past relationships, and I’m now officially onboard the Henry Is a Homo Train (and in other railway travel news, I’m officially not onboard the Nicki Hate Train after her interview with Colbert).

I think that Aunty Tomty is vers. I think that she’s kinky as fuck and likes to engage in all sorts of gay sex acts with the lower-ranked cult members knowing that Scientology will keep everything secret.

Scrapple says:

Pretty much this. Ms. Felicity Huffman didn’t go running away. So long as the work being portrayed is authentic and not patronizing to the community it is representing, people usually get over it. But it’s very possible ScarJo knew the project wasn’t going to be that, and she got out while the gettin’ was good.

I kept saying it but you didn’t want to believe it. She ain’t fool me though. All that muscle is hiding a scared homo who is afraid to unleash his inner gay on Hollywood. Maybe one day. Oh, and if you haven’t already, you really do need to check out his look in Mission Impossible. At least watch the trailer. Henny is slaying. And he gets to work with Queen Angela.

Sorry, I can’t support someone who calls her album “Queen” and then makes no mention of the fact one of the B.I.G. songs she remade was already remade by Lil Kim ten plus years ago.

Ms. Tomlin likes having her ass eaten and played with, but he’s all about the control. The only times he gives it up (outside of aggressive toyplay sessions) is when the hunger gets out of control. Then comes the sling and the ball gag and he cries out something about feeling the need. The need for speed.

One of these days I’d like to meet an actual Scientologist. I came close one time by talking to someone who was approached by a Scientologist.

Maximus says:

Exactly. Besides, the whole point of acting is pretending to be something that one is not. If only social media millenials and their Twitter bots could get equally as outraged over voter suppression, gerrymandering, dark money PACs, relaxed banking regulations, and the lack of federal anti-discrimination protections for queer people.

I’ve seen his MI lewk, and my dick ain’t wet for it. I find facial hair to be a major turnoff, unless it’s a light dusting of evenly distributed stubble.

Yes, I could definitely see her being top/vers like that.

I met some at a mall in Portland, OR once. My friend did the Thetan E-Meter test thingy and feigned interest as a way to shade them.

Scrapple says:

Where they run into problems is when they cast roles without at least making an effort to cast people who are already in that community. Like when Emma Stone was playing a part Asian woman in that one movie. You couldn’t find someone in all of Hollywood who was actually of Asian descent? Was Nicki not available?That’s why Ryan is being rightfully praised for his work with Pose. It’s truly amazing to see that many trans, gay and minority actors in front of and behind the camera. When people are allowed to tell their own stories, it usually makes the presentation more authentic.

I love having my Gerry mandered. And while I may not be the biggest PAC fan, I do appreciate his contributions to the industry.

Forget the beard, look at the fit of that button down and those slacks. You know Ms. Renner is salty her fat ass got dropped for an even fatter ass.

A mall? Did that reading come with a free shiatsu massage and a pretzel? I didn’t know they would debase themselves with the commoners like that. And seriously, how can you get a proper reading in a mall of all places?

Maximus says:

Authenticity and accuracy are for documentaries and ethnographies; they are hardly essential elements for performance art, unless those pieces bill themselves as possessing those elements. That said, casting Emma Stone to play a half-Asian character was just ridiculous. That bitch gets too much work as it is. I also resent her for getting to spend all of that time with Ryan Gosling. However, she isn’t over-saturating the market to the extent that Amy Adams is, and I despise her for getting to have sexy scenes with shirtless Henry Cavill.

Speaking of which, how do we reconcile Henry’s homosexuality with that story about him getting hard while filming a sex scene for The Tudors? Trust and believe that I have seen many images of Henry’s ass, chest, abs, cumgutters, arms, thighs, dimples, eyes, and fashion (I’m going to need his stylist to stop dressing him in mobster-style double-breasted suits).

I’m sure that Ms. Jeremy is particularly salty after she kicked her boyfriend out like Aunty Tomty told her to do. Now Ms. Jeremy is without a boyfriend and without a closeted lifestyle mentor.

Ha! You bitch. Nicki is allowed to cosplay and feel her Street Fighter fantasy. I actually don’t care for that song, but I do appreciate the melting pot-ness of the music video.

Yeah, they just had a table with the machine set up where a kiosk would typically be stationed. The context was stupid and weird, the people were stupid and weird, the questions that they asked were stupid and weird, the machine was stupid and weird, it was all just stupidity and weirdness.

Scrapple says:

I would disagree that it’s just for documentaries. If an actor has real world insight into the character they’re playing, they’re able to pull more from their own experiences and infuse it into the work. Then you run less of a risk of someone just acting out stereotypes of what they think that character represents.

I didn’t hear that story, but eww. Wasn’t the tudors somewhat homoerotic? Maybe he got hard off the fashions. Or he did it intentionally.

Serves Renner right. He’s a dirtbag with anger issues and questionable morality.

Meh. I like the song but the visuals are nothing more than Asian fetishism. People weren’t happy about Gwen’s Harajuku girls being part of her entourage, but they’re fine with Nicki dressing like she’s an Asian hooker straight out of Chinatown. The place, not the movie.

They must’ve been an offshoot branch, because they sound like their finances were in dire straits.

Maximus says:

But that’s the magic of truly great actors: They can portray people completely different from themselves, with different outlooks, habits, and experiences. Meryl Streep has never been the UK’s head of government, or a Holocaust survivor, or a nun, or a foremost expert on French cooking techniques, or the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine; she didn’t need to have lived any of those experiences in order to bring those characters to life. Granted, Meryl is probably the greatest actor who has ever lived, but all decent actors have that same basic ability to convincingly portray at least one character who is unlike themselves.

I’ve never seen The Tudors, but I feel like I would be quite familiar with any show that featured Henry and homoeroticism. He must have been thinking about one of his male cast mates while filming that scene.

I have heard that Ms. Jeremy is a douche. Apparently she has a headshot in which she’s holding a guitar despite the fact that she can’t actually play the guitar.

All I can say about that contradiction is that the concept of cultural appropriation is nonsensical, ahistorical, and illiberal; logical inconsistencies are to be expected. I also don’t consider Twitter accounts and op-ed contributors to be representative of any meaningfully large contingent of rational-minded people.

It was a rather janky setup. Portland also seems like the wrong place to search for rich and famous people in need of a shadowy organization that will protect their secrets.

Scrapple says:

I think things get murky though when you bring things like ethnicity and gender into the picture. Because as great as Ms. Meryl is, you’re certainly not going to see her playing JFK. Just like you’re not going to see Viola playing Meryl or Angela playing Obama. There are exceptions here and there, but generally there are limits to what talent accomplish, because there are certain nuances you would not have experienced because you haven’t lived that life. You might get a close approximation, but there will definitely be something missing, and it will show in the performance.

Most of those shows about periods like that have a homo subtext. I don’t know about the scene or characters in question, but that could be the reason. That’s a gross thing to be retelling anyway, so I’d question the source.

Renner is a pompous asshole.

If you’re paying love and respect to a culture or certain aspects of it because your spirit has made a genuine connection, that’s one thing. If you’re just going “Hey, this seems cool so I’m going to adopt these characteristics while pretending I’m presenting something new” that’s another. It’s like writing a term paper. You can’t just throw ideas out and present them as your own. You have to cite your sources.

Actually, If I’m remembering my Lost history correctly, Portland was where The Others established their fake science lab. Perhaps those Scientologists were trying to get back to the island.

Maximus says:

How dare?! Meryl could play JFK the house down!

He told the story in an interview with Men’s Fitness a few years ago. Maybe it was a fake story crafted to further obscure the truth about his sexuality? So far, I can’t find anything online about anyone involved in production independently verifying the account. I’ll keep on Nancy Drewing, though.

Entire social groups can’t own intellectual property. Inventions and creations belong to the specific inventors/creators (and sometimes those who are in direct privity with the inventors/creators). Cultural practices are all borrowed and influenced by outside sources to some extent anyway, and you can always find analogs in other cultures (there are only so many things that can be done with fabric or hair or feathers or vocal intonations). Plus individuals within a certain culture are borrowing too, from their cultural ancestors. Unless we’re talking about things like machinery, software, or pharmaceuticals, nobody is working with original ideas at this point in human history. I’ll never subscribe to an ideology that essentially calls for censoring art and for cultural segregation.

I just couldn’t hang in there with Lost. I think I made it through Season 3 before I lost my patience.

Scrapple says:

Maybe she could play the bullet that killed JFK in an animated movie.

Men’s Fitness? That settles it. He was just looking for some locker room cred. Nothing to see here.

I don’t consider culture an intellectual property. You’re not creating anything, you’re just being yourself. Stuff does get created while you’re being yourself, but that’s just a byproduct. You’re not creating images or aesthetics or whatever for mass consumption, profit, feels or whatever. And again, it’s not to say you can’t be influenced by someone else’s culture, but you can’t just take it and run with it as if it’s your own without acknowledging where you got it from. It’s like taking a recipe you got from a cookbook and passing it off as your own. It’s particularly hurtful when the people you’re “borrowing” from aren’t getting their due credit. Like with Drake using Big Freedia’s sound and literally her voice, but not featuring her in his video. Or Miley introducing twerking to the masses like it wasn’t already a thing. Or Snookie passing herself off as Italian. Or “Bo Derek Braids” becoming a thing when they were already a thing and already had a name. It’s disrespectful to say “oh, now this has value because I say it does, whereas before it didn’t.” So long as your taking things respectfully and for the right intentions, I don’t have a problem with it. But not everyone does it that way.

Maximus says:

Ugh. What I wouldn’t give to spend some quality time with Henry in a locker room.

But you can’t take/appropriate/steal something if it has no rightful owner. Everything else you’re referencing—with the exception of Drake using Big Freedia’s voice, which could be an intellectual property issue if there was no use license granted—are also examples of people just being themselves. Unless somebody expressly claims to have created something or to have given value to something that lacked value before, you’re simply imputing connotations and intentions that aren’t there. I saw Miley twerking all up on Robin Thicke, and her giant foam finger definitely did not read, “Check out this cool new dance move that I myself invented with no one’s help.” Americans in New Orleans in the 1980s didn’t actually invent twerking anyway. Mapouka, which is essentially the same thing as twerking, was popularized in Ivory Coast during the 1980s-1990s (until it was banned), but has its origins in traditional dances of certain ethnic groups from the Dabou region of that country. Also, I’m sure than an ancient Egyptian would tell you that “cornrows” is not the proper name either. The point is that culture is borrowed, modified, reinvented, and transmitted—that’s how a culture naturally evolves. Trying to stop that is as futile and ill-advised as trying to stop the water cycle.

Scrapple says:

That’s like saying found money on the street has no owner. It most certainly does have an owner, because it didn’t materialize out of thin air. As for Drake, that is most definitely a sign of appropriation. He took something that others created and had already popularized and cannibalized it to make money. It would be different if he had used it to bring attention to this subculture that already exists. Like “Hey, what you’re doing is cool and I want to expose it to a wider audience.” He didn’t even have the balls to include BG in the video. That’s appropriation. Sting making music with reggae and ska influences? Not appropriation. Because Sting has shown respect and love to the culture and the people who influenced him.

With respect to Miley, people most certainly were presenting it as if she created some new dance craze. And nowhere did I state where or when that style of dance was created. I simply said it came from somewhere other than Miley’s head, and that should be acknowledged. When Kim K got her hair braided people were going crazy like that wasn’t already a thing. Look at gay culture and drag culture. Words, phrases, looks and whatever get taken out and popularized in the mainstream. And then those things have now been assigned a new value when we already valued them. And things get diluted and they lose their originality. Why do you think those Drag Race queens are always coming up with new things to say?

I have no issue with people borrowing ideas, looks, whatever from other cultures. But it’s about respect. If I buy a shirt from Macy’s and someone compliments it, I’m not going to say I made it myself. I’m going to say where I got it. Why do you think Alyssa Milano go dragged over the whole MeToo thing? Here you had a movement which was already established, and then someone else comes along and absconds with it. The motivations were the same, but suddenly you’re assigning praise and recognition to someone over here, meanwhile the person over there who actually created it can’t even get invited to the photoshoot. Stuff like that is not cool. It’s like when we had math tests in school. It wasn’t enough to just write the answer on your paper. You had to show your work to prove how you arrived at the answer. That’s really all I’m saying. Show your work. I think you’re hung up on looking at this from a legal angle. It’s not about legality. Legality has nothing to do with anything. It’s more of an ethical issue.

Maximus says:

But everything is borrowed. Nothing is original. Any given thing has a million influences. I see no ethical issue where nothing is stolen from a rightful owner and where nothing is being explicitly misrepresented. Am I expected to have an anthropological bibliography prepared for every single word I use or article of clothing that I wear or manner in which I choose to comb my hair? It’s incredibly dangerous to say that only X type of people can have Y hairstyle and only A type of people can perform B dance move. It’s regressive, and illiberal, and inconsistent with fundamental human rights principles. Every person in a free society has the right to dress and dance and sing in any manner that makes them happy, and they don’t owe anybody an explanation.

Scrapple says:

There is an ethical issue when one person is doing something and getting ridiculed and or dismissed for it, but then another person can come and do the same thing and be praised and applauded. Big Freedia is treated as a non-entity. Drake gets treated as an innovator. Solange has her braids edited out of a magazine cover, Kim K’s braids mark her as a style icon. It’s not right, and every time people borrow something from another culture without paying that respect and acknowledgement back, it makes it easier for that culture to remain uncelebrated.

I’ve never stated anyone had to stay in their cultural lanes. That’s not my point. I’ve been pretty clear about what my issue with it is. If you think it’s okay, cool. You’re coming from your perspective and I’m coming from mine. Discussing the matter beyond what we’ve both already done seems rather pointless.

Maximus says:

I totally agree that it was unethical for Drake to sample Big Freedia and not credit her. The racist double standard of publications editing out Solange’s braids while picturing Kim’s braids is definitely gross.

Since we’ve fully discussed this topic, can we move on to discussing Mariah’s World? I binged the whole series this weekend—I’m currently watching the finale—and gurl . . . GURL. I got my little gay glittery life. The stunts, the shade, the casual corsetry, the comedy, the half-naked backup dancers, the glamor—it’s so good. The most surprising revelations of the entire series are that (1) Bryan Tanaka can play a convincing heterosexual man, and (2) Mimi might actually have some self-awareness.

Scrapple says:

I lack the mental fortitude to take even the shortest sojourn through Mariah’s World. After Anna Nicole and Whitney I made it a point not to watch reality shows about people with mental illnesses and/or addiction problems.

Maximus says:

You should watch it!!! I know the type of exploitative reality shows that you’re talking about, and Mariah’s World is absolutely not one of them. Mimi doesn’t display any manic or depressive symptoms. She briefly talks about her childhood and her marriage to Tommy Mottola, and one of the main storylines involves her doubts about marrying the ugly billionaire—who wasn’t good enough for her, by the way—but she comes across as confident, fulfilled, self-aware, responsible, and well-adjusted. She also looks gorgeous and sings beautifully throughout. Some of her staff members get into tiffs, and there’s some clashing of artistic/professional egos, but everybody ultimately reconciles and gets along. The series really only highlights the misery of one of the tour assistants, but even that has a self-aware element of revealing the unfair and unrealistic expectations to which personal assistants in the entertainment industry are subjected. I really do believe that you would enjoy the series.

Scrapple says:

She was diagnosed or rather she revealed she was bipolar after that show. So I wouldn’t feel comfortable watching whatever antics are being presented. Plus, I can only take Mimi in small doses.

Scrapple says:

I’m fully believing he put his baking career aside after that Supreme Court decision. What say you, Ally McTeal?

Maximus says:

Jurisprudential shade? No objections here, Your Ho-nor.

Scrapple says:


Scrapple says:

It bothers me Sean Cody can invest time and energy in creating background music for trailers, but they can’t figure out their color correction issues in their duos.

I was thinking some of those adjectives seemed (un)intentionally trollish judging from the pictures, but his body looks much different in the trailer. He reminds me of Porter, but not enough to be a distraction. That doll hair was a choice. If he does come back I hope the performance matches up to his proclamations. I’m tired of models talking all big in their solos, then you find out they wrote cheques their asses and dicks can’t cash. Maybe he’ll be the one to put Jackson through his bottom paces and show Archie what true dom topping looks like. And three snaps to him for standing in his truth. It’s a big weight off your heart and shoulders. Plus it makes the sex better.

“I’ll only bottom with a smaller penis,” says Josh.

Sorry, Jax.

david david says:

I thought I was the only one who saw Porter in him. As for his dom top narrative, all I can say about that is “To see is to believe”.

I find the whole music thing to be very millennial-ish. I swear their intros look like a typical youtube vlog

Scrapple says:

It does read like a bad music video.

John Doe says:

Basic bitch with a bad haircut.

ArgleBjargle says:

Good looking guy, but I’ll sure be glad when those kind of haircuts disappear. They’re as ridiculous as mullets. Hopefully he didn’t have to pay for that one.

As for his bad bottoming experience, he probably had a horribly inept partner who used his dick as a battering ram.

Michael says:

Cute gay man, I hope he will come back.

MK says:

He’s cute! This is what we need in GAY porn, GAY men. I only wish Sean Cody was owned by GAY men, not heteros who want to impose their heternormative ideals. I can bet they told him to put on this aggressive top persona.

emercycrite says:

Chiseled and toned? LOL ok girl.

Sask says:

He looks like Kellin’s brother to me. Glad to see another gai boi grace the SeanCody studio. Keep them cumming….

Lewis says:

As others have said, crop off the hair and we have a lot of potential here. Points for the ass (obviously), thick thighs, some body hair, and his cock looks perfectly serviceable. He looks like he’d be a lot of fun for a flip-fuck. Loved the moans as well.

lemonline2 says:

Cute with a nice little body — would certainly enjoy seeing him have sex — bottom or flip.

freater says:

Those feet are TERRIFYING.

HaloH25 says:

I think there’s too many complaints going around here, he’s hot…he’s gay! Let’s take this win without poking holes in a pornographic fantasy!

gmak76 says:

Ohhhh Josh! He’s cute, with a beautiful smile and an even better ass! Reminds me of a smaller Nick Sterling! Hope he’s back!

moondoggy says:

Incredibly high is overstating it, no? And one of their recent returns was Chinpokomon. I don’t think that has been their strength the past few weeks.