Broke Straight Boys: Dorian Kross Dominates Grey Donovan

Dorian Kross Dominates Grey Donovan (Bareback) at Broke Straight Boys

Dorian Kross Dominates Grey Donovan (Bareback) at Broke Straight Boys
Dorian Kross Dominates Grey Donovan (Bareback) at Broke Straight Boys

Dorian Kross Dominates Grey Donovan at Broke Straight Boys:

Dorian Kross and Grey Donovan both like to get their beauty sleep, but hopefully all that sleep they got today will have them energetic and ready for some cock! Making out, they pull off their clothes and Grey gets on his knees in front of Dorian, mouthing Dorian’s cock through his underwear as he teases that shaft. Pulling the barrier away, Grey takes Dorian’s dick in his mouth and sucks that cock, Dorian’s hand resting on his head as he encourages Grey to take it deeper. They switch places so that Dorian gets to give Grey head, kneeling on the floor as he chokes and gags on Grey’s long shaft until they’re both ready to fuck.

Lying on the bed, Dorian Kross invites Grey Donovan to straddle him, Grey’s ass positioned just above Dorian’s erect cock as he slowly lowers himself onto that hard prick. Riding that cock, he adjusts to the thickness and length in his ass as Dorian fucks him raw, trying another position that gives Dorian even more control. Kneeling behind him on the bed, Dorian pounds Grey in his taut little ass, making him moan as he pulls his hair and dominates that sweet little bottom until he makes Grey shoot his load across the sheets. A few more deep thrusts into Grey’s ass has Dorian busting a nut next, spreading Grey’s ass cheeks and cumming right between them as he strokes out the last of his seed.

Watch as Dorian Kross Dominates Grey Donovan at Broke Straight Boys

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No_No_No_Yes says:

I just can’t with these idiots anymore. You would have to go back 25 pages to find anything that looks remotely hot. Give it up already or get serious. Dorian looks like the fat kid from up, and Grey isn’t far behind him. It looks like they went from one gay dive bar to another rounding up willing shot boys and bar backs. A name change is definitely in order, maybe “Broke Ass Mounting”, or “Broke and Basic”, something that more accurately reflects the content.

Scrapple says:

The Picture of Dorian Grey. Dorian went from eating his gay feelings to fucking them. Good for him. Now his dick appears to be making up for lost hole time. Good for it.

Denver2020 says:

It’s very hard to find a good looking dude on this site. The majority of them are just so so.

JK3 says:

I’m here for every minute of this. Grey Donovan wimpering/moaning as he rides and Dorian Kross giving it his all. They may not have the prettiest guys, but Broke Straight Boys consistently puts out some great scenes with some great fucking.

Scrapple says:

I’m just glad Dorian appears to have gotten his life together. It wasn’t pretty for the longest time. And I’m fine with him looking like JJ Knight’s thic brother.

AJ says:

he was having some problem huh? He never seems to want to do put his ass to use so I didn’t follow up on him. He said byebye on twitter, I hope this doesn’t mean he’s leaving porn for good

Daniel Hayes says:

Do people still get off to the idea of turning a straight guy?!

Brandon85 says: