MEN: Tyler Roberts Fucks Nick Fitt in ‘COCKTEASE’

COCKTEASE (Tyler Roberts Fucks Nick Fitt) at Str8 To Gay

COCKTEASE (Tyler Roberts Fucks Nick Fitt) at Str8 To Gay
COCKTEASE (Tyler Roberts Fucks Nick Fitt) at Str8 To Gay

COCKTEASE (Tyler Roberts Fucks Nick Fitt) at Str8 To Gay

Tyler Roberts Fucks Nick Fitt in ‘Cocktease’ at

Handsome, chiseled Tyler Roberts is celebrating his birthday, and he’s in for quite a surprise! His girlfriend has a sexy lap dance planned for him and proceeds to blindfold him. Little does he know, she’s actually about to prank him and swap places with her friend, slender Nick Fitt.

Nick Fitt presses his ass against Tyler Roberts’s big dick while Tyler feels on his fake breasts causing one of them to pop! Tyler removes his blindfold to discover the truth! But instead of being upset, he’s turned on; so turned on that he invites Nick to suck his cock before penetrating his bottom.

Watch as Tyler Roberts Fucks Nick Fitt at

Watch as Tyler Roberts Fucks Nick Fitt at Banner 2
Mikhal says:

Imma just post the same shit over again:

I also only have gay sex when I am tricked into it. the picture of a woman in the feed reassures me that internal homophobia is fine and I have nothing to worry about. WELL DONE

No_No_No_Yes says:

Dude, not that I am in any way good with 90% of the story lines this site puts out, as long as the prevailing belief is that every gay man dreams of turning straight men gay, it will just be more of the same crap fest.

The REAL truth of the matter, IMO it is straight guys who are actually fantasizing about gay men seducing them, and they are the ones supporting sites that feed their fantasy.

JK3 says:

This is the first scene to feature Tyler Roberts in months on this site and they have him fucking on chairs? The fuck.

No_No_No_Yes says:

I swear, there are times I think if I see one more “turn the straight guy” scene I am going to totally loose my shit. As if Men ever misses a chance to destroy what could have just simply been hot fucking with such an absolute bust of a scene intro.

I am however going to rejoice for just one second over the sight of TWO hot muscled bodies with ZERO ink. To top it off, they were actual men. This site is where good porn goes to die.

Edit: Damn, excitement squashed, just noticed Tyler’s tats. Well at least he isn’t a total mess like most.

Tempest says:

Well, if they keep making this shit it only means that someone out there actually enjoys these scenes. This is directed at you, whoever’s looking and masturbating to this clusterfuck of a company, you need to know that YOU should be ashamed of yourself. YOU are the reason that we are constantly made fun of and YOU should be banned from the internet and possibly from your country.

Fuck this horseshit

Jack says:

people actually pay for this? then they wonder they are all off making their own sites and videos smh

JK3 says:

It’s $8 (if you pay for a year) to $30 a month for daily scenes. It’s pretty much the best deal in gay porn right now if you can get past the first 2-3 minutes of a cheesy scenario, which I assume most folks looking to masturbate to Tyler Roberts fucking Nick Fitt can. If 3 of the 7 scenes that they release weekly are good to you (MEN has it’s high peaks and very low valleys imo), you’re getting a better deal than you would at any other site.

Sebastian S says:

Why does Men insist on having its models make those ridiculous exaggerated expressions in every single promo shot?

Daniel Hayes says:

I wonder, who the hell is getting off to this? Who finds it hot to seduce straight men by pretending they are a woman?

Steve Crockett says:

The scene looks completely ridiculous, but that pic of Tyler on his knees, raging hard-on sucking on Nick’s dick is so hot! Gives me hope that Tyler will finally let loose and become the totally insatiable bottom I have always dreamed about

freater says:

Ty is fucking stunning.