Peter Fever’s GAYVENGERS: The Domination of Phallos with Max Konnor and David Ace

GAYVENGERS: Arrival (Max Konnor Fucks David Ace) at

GAYVENGERS: Arrival (Max Konnor Fucks David Ace) at
GAYVENGERS: Arrival (Max Konnor Fucks David Ace) at

Gayvengers Series Synopsis:

Here’s a seXXXy superhero blockbuster that will blow your mind and stir up your nether regions! Our story begins when the evil alien genius Phallos (Damian X. Dragon) and his ruthless minion (Shen Powers) deliver an apocalyptic message of death and domination from their spaceship hovering over Earth. That message reaches the eyes and ears of the Gayvengers, a hardy band of superheroes that are the universe’s last best hope against annihilation.

Our heroes (Axel Kane, David Ace, Dominic Pacifico, Max Konnor and Sir Jet) use their wits and ever-ready sexual prowess to save the day. Rescuing a universe in danger is hard work, but these superstuds never lose their sense of humor — or their hot carnal desires for each other! Don’t miss this fun and spectacular epic that parodies your favorite recent big-screen superhero adventure!

Max Konnor Fucks David Ace in ‘GAYVENGERS, Arrival’ at PeterFever:

From a spacecraft hovering above Earth, the diabolical alien Phallos lays out his demand for all of the planet’s citizens to bow before him in subjugation. Watching on a holographic scene, Gayvenger superheroes Thor, Tony Spark and King T’Balla (Sir Jet, David Ace and Max Konnor) try to formulate a reasonable plan to combat the mortal menace, but the hotheaded God of Thunder rushes out in a fury to combat Phallos with his invincible hammer. Alone at the conference table, Tony and T’Balla get down to some extracurricular seXXXy time.

Tony kneels to swallow the dusky T’Balla’s massive member, struggles to fit it down his super throat. As he glances up at the handsome ebony stud, it’s clear he has more in mind than a blowjob. Retiring to a nearby couch at Gayvengers headquarters, Tony sticks out his eager ass for a rimming, and T’Balla is just the superhuman to eat it right. Clad in their jocks and harnesses, there is nothing to impede their heroic sexual appetites. Tony hops on and rides the huge black pole with determination; he’s not an eccentric billionaire that takes no for an answer. T’Balla’s Wakanda-trained sexual technique propels him into Tony’s hungry hole to just the right spot, and Tony screams out his approval.

Bodies throbbing and knitting together in perfect opposition, Spark and T’Balla work up to a mighty climax. T’Balla picks up the smaller Tony and impales him on the juicy cock as they kiss and clutch each other’s muscular bodies. With a battle cry of Wakanda forever! the dark muscleman spurts out shot after shot across Tony’s hot ass. Lean, harnessed Tony splatters his belly in much-needed relief.

Watch Max Konnor Fucks David Ace at PeterFever

Watch Max Konnor Fucks David Ace at PeterFever

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Jay says:

Did they beat Men to the punch?!

HVdude says:

Max’s cock in the rubber makes it look like it’s wrapped in plastic wrap

Young Neil says:

It took me forever to understand their costumes, but now that I get it… it seems clever! (Or at least better than the Party City costumes MEN would sometimes use)

That said, I have no clue how this is a “parody”, wish they had the budget to green screen in some nonsense. I also can’t figure out who is supposed to be Thanos/Phallos and no Spiderman? Really, besides these two, some of these costumes can leave a little to desire, and I don’t see Dominique Pacifico as Captain America. He looks more like he should be Hawkeye or Vision to me. I would’ve cast Axel as Captain America. However, either way the costume is too minimal, and it shouldn’t be that hard to make a hot Captain America. I have no idea who Sir Jet is playing (is it Vision? Is it Dr. Strange? I guess he could make a good version for either one), and David Ace’s character is completely lost on me… is it Rocket Raccoon? Is it Star-lord? I have no clue, maybe Scarlet Witch or the Hulk? (actually, Dominique could have made an interesting male take on Scarlet Witch if they wanted to fallow the story). I also assume Axel is Thor? I’m not sure.

All of this said, Damian Dragon should have been Dr. Strange or Vision himself (I say vision because it would make the scene with Dominque Pacifico more interesting to pair him with Dragon vs. Jet), and they should have got their new model Trevor Northman to be Thanos/Phallos. I think it would have been more hot to see him imposing, fucking all the heroes. (Plus him flip-flopping or even bottoming to Axel would make all this nonsense worth it… but really, flip flopping would be the best! I still feel like Axel bottoming will happen. I mean how many years did it take for Paddy O’Brian, Woody Fox, or even Colby Jansen to bottom? It was a long time! I don’t know if it will be _that_ long… but I think it will happen!..eventually)

It also feels like missed opportunity to bring back “black panda” (lol) (Admittedly Max Conner makes an incredibly hot black panther, I mean damn, but they created that character and Alex Chu is quite the good looker as well, might as well had brought him in to as part of the joke)

nodoubtfan says:

If Peter Le is still not giving up the ass, then keep it.

Cubankid says:

Yeah them solos of him showing off his ass isn’t cutting it anymore.

nodoubtfan says:

Seriously. He moved from showing off his ass to a few decent masturbation videos to…this. I lost interest after The Asiancy Season 27 Part 834 or whatever the fuck it was.

Cubankid says:

Also, that Black Panther parody should have not been made.

maenner says:

Peter Le sold PeterFever to some company about a year ago (my understanding is that he’s no longer involved with them)

david david says:

True. I think even Cody Cummings has done more than Peter. Sad, ’cause Peter is such a snack.

JJason says:

WTF did I just watch?

Scrapple says:

Wakanda Fornever! You can clearly see where they spent too much money on production values…and where they only had two nickels and a ball a twine to make it work. Money Management, Petey. Look into it. This is so budget Disney-Marvel might throw them some coins to pull it together.

david david says:

“Infinity Holes”…. I can’t…