Peter Fever

Peter Fever: Axel Kane Fucks Houseboy Jessie Lee in ‘Naked Cleanup’

Naked Cleanup (Axel Kane Fucks Jessie Lee) at

Peter Fever: Axel Kane grabs the ties of houseboy Jessie Lee’s apron and pummels his ass. He pounds straight in as Jessie grips the ottoman for dear life.

Peter Fever: Ray Dexter, Joseph Banks and Max Konnor in ‘Feed Me Your Love: THREEWAY BETRAYAL’

Feed Me Your Love: THREEWAY BETRAYAL (Ray Dexter, Joseph Banks and Max Konnor) at

A few months into his new relationship with David Ace, Max Konnor is antsy and needs an escape valve. He meets Ray Dexter on a hookup site, and gladly heads over to partake in a NSA threesome with him and his boyfriend Joseph Banks.

Peter Fever: Axel Kane Fucks Alec Cruz in ‘Sexy Rich Gaysians: Happy Ending Massage’

Sexy Rich Gaysians: Happy Ending Massage (Axel Kane Fucks Alec Cruz) at

Axel Kane has been given his orders to seduce and check out Alec Cruz with a $EXXY massage. Axel knows there’s cash and maybe a rich benefactor in the deal.

Peter Fever: Axel Kane Fucks Jessie Lee in ‘Sexy Rich Gaysians: L.A. Dish’

Sexy Rich Gaysians: L.A. Dish (Axel Kane Fucks Jessie Lee) at

Horny drama queen and muscle boy Jessie Lee has paid for the one-hour “special” from his sexy lunk of a gay-for-pay masseur Axel Kane.

Peter Fever: Introducing Axel Kane

Introducing Axel Kane at

Peter Fever: At 6 feet and 195 pounds, Korean-American porn star, Axel Kane, is a hunk by any measure. He presents a studly appearance posing by the pool in swimsuit and JJ Malibu fishnet hoodie, then strips naked to show off his meaty ass and thick strong arms.

PeterFever: Blake Stone & Jessie Colter in ‘Best Buds: Morning Ritual’

Best Buds: Morning Ritual (Blake Stone & Jessie Colter) at

Peter Fever: Jessie Colter adds sex to Blake Stone’s morning in the Novella Series S4E10 “Best Buds – Morning Ritual”.

Peter Fever: Lenin Stone, Tex & Peter Le in ‘Sex Dice’

Sex Dice (Lenin Stone, Tex & Peter Le) at

Lenin Stone and Tex surprised me with a gift and I couldn’t wait to open it. It was a pair of sex dice. I had never seen these before I did not know what to do with them. Then they decided to give a demonstration.