Peter Fever: Introducing Axel Kane

Introducing Axel Kane at

Introducing Axel Kane at
Introducing Axel Kane at

Introducing Axel Kane at Peter Fever:

At 6 feet and 195 pounds, Korean-American Axel Kane is a hunk by any measure. He presents a studly appearance posing by the pool in swimsuit and JJ Malibu fishnet hoodie, then strips naked to show off his meaty ass and thick strong arms. He tells us that he was a chubby kind who started training with weights to get big and look better, and lucky us–we get the benefit of seeing him now.

Axel Kane steps inside to reach into his shorts and rub his hard cock, hard pecs and deltoids. Grabbing the sofa’s armrest as he gets close he speeds up and strokes faster. Head tossing involuntarily from side to side, his load sprays out and down his beating fist. It’s a tasty debut, and we’re sure there’s more where that came from.

Watch Axel Kane at

Watch Axel Kane at

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adam1uk says:

Sorry — introducing?

nodoubtfan says:

“Introducing Axel Kane”

*sees thumbnails of Axel’s scenes with Next Door Male, Reality Dudes, Broke Straight Boys, and MEN below this post*

Colton, The Major Hussy says:

Introducing someone who we’ve seen in at least 4 other sites?
And that burgundy swimsuit is tacky af.

JJason says:

Well, he’s new to this Asian site, however, he is boring AF.

No_No_No_Yes says:

Are these guys stoned?

maenner says:

Peter Le sold PeterFever to some company about a year ago. Their content looks a little different from before, and they tend to “introduce” people who have been on other sites

No_No_No_Yes says:

I never even knew this site existed till now. Like I said, Axel is hot – but who the fuck cares if he won’t do anything. The only reason he made it this far is because he is gorgeous, but that won’t last forever. People get tired pretty quickly when his main function is that of a living dildo.

maenner says:

You’re such a greedy ‘top.’ :D

Cubankid says:

You can’t introduce someone who has already been introduced through at least four different sites.

maenner says:

I’ll respond to the rest of your message late tonight (I’m not feeling well, sorry)

Cubankid says:

Take your time. I’m hanging with my Grandmother this weekend anyway. Hope you get better:)

Redphyro says:

Different studio, same shit. Axel will never do something new.

CarlA says:

Is this a joke?!?! 🙄

Tempest says:

If you’re a gay(4pay) porn model and you’re not willing to do any oral and also refuse to be a bottom then you don’t deserve an introduction, even if they’ve already made 4 articles about you.

Scrapple says:

Introduction? We’re already acquainted.

Introduce that ass to some dick and then we can talk.

ArgleBjargle says:

Oooo! A “JJ Malibu fishnet hoodie”…oh, my!! And here I was trying to wrack my brain wondering “now who makes such an incredible piece of fashion???”

Not really. I actually can’t imagine anyone paying good money for such trash.
Shame about the models pubes, too. Oh well, hopefully they’ll grow back.

Sushi says:

And Axel, stop shaving your pubes. You look gross.