Corbin Fisher: Sawyer Fucks Beau

Sawyer Fucks Beau at CorbinFisher

Sawyer Fucks Beau at CorbinFisher
Sawyer Fucks Beau at CorbinFisher

Sawyer Fucks Beau at Corbin Fisher:

In a Corbin Fisher match-up between an amazing bubble butt and a huge cock, sparks are bound to fly! Beau is ripped and eager to please, and Sawyer (a.k.a. Calhoun at ChaosMen) knows just how to work that massive member of his to leave another guy weak in the knees.

Beau had the pleasure of welcoming Sawyer to Corbin Fisher back in April. Both of these studs have only gotten better with time, so we thought it was time for a rematch!

Sawyer starts by worshiping Beau’s cock, balls, and hot hole, before mounting him and fucking him for everything he’s worth, until Beau blasts his load all over the bed and then sinks to his knees to take Sawyer’s cum in his mouth!

Watch as Sawyer Fucks Beau at Corbin Fisher

Watch as Sawyer Fucks Beau at Corbin Fisher

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Quinton Jackson says:

I can’t wait to hear Beau moan with that monster dick in him.

Kevin says:

This is basically the same as their first scene together (which i loved) but was a re-match really needed. Would have preferred seeing Elian to be on the receiving end.

Proud Nerve says:

I love ginger beards. Wish it was at least a flip.

Scrapple says:

I can’t be mad about Beau getting some good dick. Or Sawyer getting some good ass. A few things kept it from being scorching, and I think both guys may have been having an off day, but it was a better offering than most. Seeing Beau suck that dick like it was going to pay his tuition and buy him Lil Wayne tickets was something. And did Sawyer put on some mass? He’s looking a little bigger in the chesticle region.

Cubankid says:

I wonder how many times Beau has listened to Tha Carter V? I bet he touches himself while Wayne is spitting those bars.

Scrapple says:

You know Beau is working on not catching those hands. I bet he synchs his vibrating dildo up to his playlist. You know like how people do their Christmas lights? The illest bars and bass drops sends that vibe buzzing harder than Baby’s face when Wayne got out of that contract.

Cubankid says:

And then when he climaxes, he screams Tunechi! Lmao

david david says:

About time Sawyer works out.

Scrapple says:

Keep right on hating. I see you. lol

david david says:

LMAO! No hate here. But I mean, seriously… the guy needs to work on his body. A big dick is sexiest when it’s attached to a sexy man with the right amount of muscles, not a lanky one. I swear his dick got more muscles than his entire body.

Anyway, I don’t mind seeing them again doing the same roles, especially because they’re at their best with these roles. I actually loved it. This isn’t the same thing we got last time. No two sex are the same, so even they had the same roles again, it was still hot. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but I’m the type who, unless I had a really bad experience with the guy, I’ll make sure I hook up with him for the second time. I just don’t do one and dones. There’s so much more you can do the second time around, and that’s how I like my porn too. I mean, we’ve talked a bunch of times already about chemistry and whatnot, so you already know how I feel about repeat pairings. I just had to get that off my chest. LOL!

Scrapple says:

Keep right on shading with that last line.

I think the only thing really keeping it being killer for me was how much kissing was in the first scene. And that one felt more drawn out. This scene felt a little rushed.

david david says:

LMAO! I really just can’t with his overall looks. He better thank the gay gods for blessing him with such a huge dick.

True. I think the first scene was golden. But this one is pretty much up there for me. That blowjob Beau gave him and the way that part was filmed, it was literal perfection. And of course, it ended with my favorite scene ending. Love me some cum eating. Ugh!

Scrapple says:

They blessed him with a big dick, a bottomless hole and an eager throat. You can build a body. You can’t build those three attributes. I guess you can, but it the scarring will be visible.

That blowjob is why I laugh anytime someone says Beau fucking vaginas means he doesn’t love dick. He most certainly does.

david david says:

I’m not impressed with bottom Sawyer. Maybe he was impressive as Calhoun, I’m not sure. But from what I’ve seen so far, he wasn’t all that as bottom Sawyer. I very much prefer him as a top. And he better start building his body now.

It’s too bad Sawyer wasn’t able to get a good aim in this scene. I would’ve wanted to see Beau’s mouth full of cum. As for the “Beau doesn’t love dick” talk, that’s a complete and utter nonsense. It’s a theory that only exists in the minds of some very pressed people around here. LOL!

Scrapple says:

He was better all around as Calhoun. Corbin Fisher doesn’t know how to let him be himself. Which is frustrating.

Most of the time their facials are a waste of time and cum.

david david says:

Really? I’ve always been a fan of their oral cumshots, especially these days when the models actually gulp the cum down. I like it so much more than just blasting it on the stomach or on the hole. They’ve always nailed oral cumshots but this one is an exception, I guess.

Scrapple says:

Most times they don’t film it properly and gravity or angles makes it a sorry event.

david david says:

Yeah, top of my head I can name a few scenes where it was not properly filmed. But when they do, it’s always hot. I kinda disagree that most times it was bad. ‘Cause I can think of more scenes where it was done properly. Barron have always done it perfectly. He shoots and catches very well. I miss him and his hunger for cum. And then there was Max and Dane getting tagged. Those oral cumshots were perfect. The angle here was good but unfortunately, Sawyer’s cum didn’t land properly. I need more properly filmed oral cumshots from them.

Scrapple says:

You’re too cumthirsty to acknowledge the truth. It’s okay.

david david says:

All I know is I need more cum eating in future scenes. And yes, I’m cumthirsty. Proud to be one. LOL!

Jasper Taft says:

I’m guessing Sawyer is in his mid 20’s, but his look and the way he talks smack gives me a daddy vibe off him. I think he has more of a dad bod, if you will.

I maintain that if pairings are repeated, there should be *something* noticeably different. Most of the time, this will probably involve switching positions. Not switching positions in repeat pairings are okay, but again, they really should do something different.

I think the perfect example is the Tom/Connor trilogy. Tom bottomed for Connor in all 3 of those scenes, but each one was different, and each one was its own separate masterpiece. The first was pretty standard fare but enjoyable, the second was a dom scene, with Connor making Tom into his whore and having him do every kind of oral under the sun and even jamming his undies into his mouth. The third had Connor with a totally new look and Tom tasting Connor’s cum to complete the trilogy. It was a wonderful series with Tom doing everything for his master and each part having a new addition to it. And the pairings themselves made sense because they were both handsome, muscular blonde studs.

That’s how it should be handled. This scene just reeks of a “let’s do this because we got nobody else in-house” feel to it. I mean, Jack has fucked Pri 3 times in as many months now. I can’t help but wonder what’s going on there right now and I can’t help but get the feeling that some model(s) have cancelled on shoots and that’s why we’ve occasionally been getting those old CFS updates.

david david says:

I think the scene offered something different than their first scene together. Everything else was different so I didn’t really mind. But yeah, I totally get the idea of wanting the models to reverse their roles for the repeat pairing. Perfect example was Beau and Elian. But again, I’m okay if they do the same roles again because Corbin Fisher always manages to bring something new to the table. For example, this one ended with a little bit of cum eating that we didn’t see before. So I’m cool with this repeat pairing.

I do think the move to Reno did have some effect on production. If I’m not mistaken, someone mentioned before that when Corbin Fisher moved to Vegas, something went a little off. I don’t know the specifics but some people are saying it was a bad move to relocate to Vegas. But they managed to get back to their feet so I’m confident they can do it again this time. I just think they’re still in the “adjustment phase” of the move. Once they’re settled in, I’m sure things will get back to normal. But I don’t expect it to happen overnight. Right now, I think their backlog is just a little thin that’s why we get some CFS updates and straight scenes with Jack and others. I don’t mind it. I haven’t seen most of the recent CFS scenes anyway, plus I’m okay with seeing Jack have his way with Ms. Pri.

L. T. says:

“A big dick is sexiest when it’s attached to a sexy man with the right amount of muscles, not a lanky one. I swear his dick got more muscles than his entire body.”

Bitch, I fucking hate yo’ ass!!! 😆

david david says:


No_No_No_Yes says:

Oh damn.. this looks accidentally hot. Beau looks so good with a big dick in his butt. Not a big fan of the full “Amish” beard Sawyer is sporting, but his fucking more than makes up for it – draggin Beau’s wizard sleeve with every stroke.. I have no doubt Beau felt every inch of this one.

DeeGee says:

Agreed. I tend to identify with the bottom, so sometimes a really buff bottom is wasted on me, but Beau is so beautiful to look at (and so unconvincing as a top) that it really works for me. And don’t get me started about Sawyer. We got Dane for ages, and now they just dribble out the Sawyer.

Redphyro says:

Im always here to see Beau getting fucked by a big dick!!

JK3 says:

Yes, it’s a repeat, but Sawyer has his beard. That makes this 10 times better than the earlier pairing. Heck, they might as well pull that earlier scene and pretend that they never filmed it.

Scrapple says:

For real for real, I need George Lucas to digitally remaster their first scene so Sawyer can be fully bearded. Fuck it, beard up Beau too while we’re at it.

Jasper Taft says:

Corbin Fisher has removed enough videos as of late. They don’t need to do it to more scenes.

L. T. says:

Nope because that means one less update with Beau and I won’t stand for that.

Sushi says:

I wonder if Corbin Fisher could pay Beau enough to get DPed? That would be fucking amazing.

Gnosis says:

A good DP is hard to film so it might be a wasted effort but I am scientifically curious now since Beau is seems born to bottom lol

Sushi says:

I remember Aiden’s and it was great.

gaycockluvr says:

Dick so nice that he sat on it twice! I love it.

Leo_22 says:

So glad beau is lapping up cum again!

andrew says:

Beau needs lots of protein to help keep his muscular body ripped.

DaveAtom says:

That image of Beau sucking and worshipping that giant cock alone, makes me moan like him. These two are greats in porn history. Corbin Fisher has like five models, but those five are Gorgeous!

andrew says:

Corbin Fisher doesn’t have a very deep bench, but the guys they have are great players.

Jasper Taft says:

And the disappointment continues. I know I’ve said it before, but if you are going to have a rematch, then SWITCH THE DAMN POSITIONS! Having Beau fuck Sawyer would put a whole different spin on it, but Sawyer fucks Beau, yeah, we’ve seen that before. And you know this update exists because they’ve got nothing else going on. I don’t know where the hell Dane is, but they *really* can’t afford to lose anyone right now.

andrew says:

I’m a Dane fan too. His last guy scene was about 3 mos ago when he got tag teamed and spit-roasted by two of the greats: Elian and Beau.

Jasper Taft says:

that was glorious.

SacsayhuamanAntoninus says:

DAMN can’t Dane take a Vacay? Which is probably where he is right now

elyp says:

I won’t object to another Beau. In fact, the past Beau-less updates has been like a punishment.

Eclipse says:

I feel this. Beau has officially entered my gay porn hall of fame, joining the ranks of the very best in getting me off.

Tomcat says:

Hmmm. Huh. Maybe some year I’ll resubscribe–for a month at a time, or one of those 1-dayers.

andrew says:

Sawyer is back for seconds. Once big dicked Sawyer got to fuck beautiful Beau’s muscle butt you know he wanted seconds and I hope 3rds and 4ths. These two are in their best roles. Beau as a bottom and Sawyer as a top. Love that in the end Sawyer gave Beau some protein. A muscular guy like Beau needs lots of protein.

HVdude says:

I love watching Beau get fucked!

C A says:

What was the point of this rematch? Corbin Fisher is circling the damned drain.

Marcel Anthony says:

Always good to see Sawyer in action.

Guy says:

This looks AWESOME!!

Ivan Jimenez says:

Love that cumshot ending!

All porn videos should end their shoot with a facial and cum swap!

Northboy691 says:

Well –
This was CERTAINLY an appearance by Mr. “Sex on a (very long and girthy meat-)Stick”!
The whimpers, moans, touch and eye glances one wishes for. Some odd jump cuts that still couldn’t mar the hotness of this coupling.

Two thumbs up!

david david says:

Beau!!!!!!!!! Listen… I’ve waiting… waiting for ages to see him eat cum again. OMG, I love this! Always nice to see Beau get fucked. Now, I don’t hate Sawyer, but I don’t like him either. I’m not a fan of his 70’s porn star look. But he’s got a big dick and he knows how to use it, so I’m cool with him getting a second helping of that big, sexy Beau ass.

L. T. says:

A rematch? I’m game.

Cubankid says:

Nice! What are your plans?