HotHouse: Dante Colle Fucks Devin Franco in ‘HHSN: Exposed, Scene 3’

Hot House Sports Network: Exposed (Dante Colle Fucks Devin Franco)

Hot House Sports Network: Exposed (Dante Colle Fucks Devin Franco)
Hot House Sports Network: Exposed (Dante Colle Fucks Devin Franco)

Dante Colle Fucks Devin Franco in ‘HHSN: Exposed, Scene 3’ at HotHouse:

After Devin Franco and Dante Colle finish their HHSN interview, they find themselves with nothing to do as they wait for production to continue.

They quickly figure out a way to pass the time and after Dante Colle discovers what’s beneath the giant bulge in Devin Franco’s undies. Dante then gets to work sucking the hung stud. Devin notices that Dante has gotten hard from sucking his stiff cock and decides he needs a taste himself.

Dante Colle offers up his warm mouth and open throat to suck Devin Franco’s cock. As he sucks, Devin realizes he needs Dante inside him and turns around to give Dante his hole. Dante eats Devin’s tight hairy ass until he’s sure the horny stud can take his beefy cock.

Dante Colle lubes up his raw dick with a little bit of spit and shoves it deep into Devin Franco’s open hole, bareback. Dante drills the hell out of Devin in a few ass-pounding positions before finally getting him on the floor where he picks up the pace to bring them both over the edge.

Devin Franco is the first to nut. He shoots his huge load all over his own tight body. With Devin’s cock still erupting, Dante pulls out and blasts his load on Devin’s hairy taint. Dante gathers the cum up with the tip of his still-throbbing cock and fucks it deep into Devin’s used hole.

Watch Dante Colle Fucks Devin Franco at HotHouse

Watch Dante Colle Fucks Devin Franco at HotHouse

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marcuz86 says:

Dante is a sex machine! 😻

DaveAtom says:

I love them <3 Hot guys.
Dante is literally everywhere. And I'm happy about it (except the ones with the blonde woman)

moondoggy says:

Not me. This year, Dante didn’t just jump the shark He killed it with Ian Ziering’s chainsaw. He’s not dead to me, but I need a lot of good scenes to unsee the garbage he has done recently. Ditto Ben Affleck.

DaveAtom says:

Ben Affleck is a lost case though.

HVdude says:

Great pairing. So happy that HH has gone bb. Much improved

No_No_No_Yes says:

Perfection. I love both of these guys, Dante has grown into such a perfect horndog, Devon was like – genetically engineered to ride dick, AND Men has no hand in this. I am a happy hoe.

XCX says:

I’ll let you know that Alec is straight in real life. Dante Colle may be gay, I mean in all these stories and scenes but Alec Kompanik is straight enough.

ArgleBjargle says:

Two incredibly hot men. Excellent pairing.

andrew says:

I like it. Handsome Dante Colle fucking the hot and seductive Devin Franco.

Scrapple says:

So glad Dante stopped the foolishness.

elyp says:

Dante + Devin’s ass = Good scene.

No one gets to dispute this. It’s math, people!

Aszpleazr says:

Totally agree.

jinger says:

Devin is dreamy.

DeeGee says:

Love me some Dante. But wtf was he thinking when he got that wash cycle tattoo?

Tempest says:

It’s really sad to see HotHouse in this state. It used to have a very unique identity, just like Falcon and RS did. Verboten is still deep in my heart (sue me). I just can’t look at this, it’s way too bland for me.