GayHoopla: London Ryan Fucks Jimmy Norris

London Ryan Fucks Jimmy Norris at GayHoopla

Jimmy Norris Loves London Ryan's Huge Cock at GayHoopla
Jimmy Norris Loves London Ryan's Huge Cock at GayHoopla

Jimmy Norris Loves London Ryan’s Huge Cock at GayHoopla:

Watch as Jimmy Norris Fucks London Ryan at GayHoopla

Watch as Jimmy Norris Fucks London Ryan at GayHoopla

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Targareyn says:

This ain’t it Chief…

Quinton Jackson says:

Gurl, Gayhoopla is nothing but empty promises. What happened to all these big changes? At least London is somewhat a good top.

ClayJames says:

I think we have about a zero percent chance of seeing London bottom…

Tempest says:

Watching that trailer gave me the shivers. What is this discount Helix shit? This was extremely cringeworthy. Jimmy has to be the most annoying, ugly newbie I have ever seen in my life, I’m sorry but squealing like a damn pig and talking way too damn much automatically puts you on my blacklist, doesn’t help that you sound like one of those emo guys that pretends to be a macho guy, fuck outta here. And London would be a nobody if it wasn’t for the dick, give me a fucking break. I had hopes for this site, but they don’t even want to try.

I’m this close to write the director’s name so that people with standards and self respect can drag his ass. This, along that new Brother Crush site makes me so angry. Fuck both of you, now I have to vomit.

Redphyro says:

I love london ryan.

CA says:

LMAO, y’all are brutal. I mean….Jimmy isn’t the most beautiful GH model, but he’s fine. London is a decent enough top with a big dick that’s fun to watch. Not the best GH scene I’ve ever seen, but it’s not the worst.

Chris C says:

This site is really pathetic. POS, that’s what they are. It’s fucking insulting that the straight guys who did solos then returned for a straight scene is so sickening. Fucking assholes. ..!..

You can see the difference between the two sites. This is subpar. What a fucking scam lmao

Peterchong says:

Still can’t believe that Jimmy guy can make it a pornstar, does she do it for free? Like some random guys appeared on this site in the past just wanting to fuck pre-bloated Collin

trumn10 says:

Funny about Collin, but sadly true.

Peterchong says:

Yeah, some girls would do it for free just to get laid with a limp-dick snowball

PierredeSiorac says:

The script writer got a little carried away, I don’t see any “huge” cock here.

Jack says:

was hot till jimmy opened his mouth nexxt

Rockhard says:

The “New” Gayhoopla ladies and gentleman

What a fucking joke I hope gays stop funding this atrocity . La El, dimitry, Tay Tay, and Collin are ripping you off and blowing it on women while silently using “f*g/n***a” in casual conversations and voting R at the voting booths. Wake up!

Proud Nerve says:

yeah, they’re back to one update at GH. What a joke, a bunch of Trumpist scammers.

Peterchong says:

Is La El still with them?

No_No_No_Yes says:

Unfortunately every square inch of what might be hot in this scene was used to make the trailer. Get London’s ass in the air, with an actual professional crew, and fer fuck’s sake don’t use Collin. Save yourself GH.

Marcel Anthony says:

New Gayhoopla?. Peter Grom did a straight scene to HGF, hyped for nothing, boring Kellan’s gay performer. Now GH only have one hardcore update by week, no more two unlike HGF… This site is a joke!! lol

coolcoolboy says:

+1 And no more previews of upcoming scenes. So we have no idea if they are ever going to release the hot scenes shown in the “New GH” launch video. Most likely they are going to hold them back until their next scam job.

trumn10 says:

Looks that way doesn’t it.

SacsayhuamanAntoninus says:

@coolcoolboy:disqus c’mon what about Peter Grom doing yet another solo before he drifts off to sleep. Does that count as an update.😂😁😂😁

coolcoolboy says:

LOL “Does that count as an update?” On a site where the “New GH” preview video counted as an update, I’d have to say yes.

Jasper Taft says:

LOL! I think that mostly had to do with one particular poster who was positively flipping his shit about “the new GH”, mentioning it in threads where it wasn’t totally on-topic.

Jasper Taft says:

I’d call this a “rainy day fuck” in reference to the That 70’s show episode. Not the kind of scene that will skyrocket to the top of your rotation, but something to beat off to if it’s raining outside and there’s nothing on tv.

gaycockluvr says:

This would hav ebeen much better with Landon fucking Josh Farve again.

trumn10 says:

The only thing GH has going for it is HOT guys. Unfortunately, not in this case, nothing to see here.

I’m so happy I waited to join. I almost did after the promised “big changes” but that was definitely a total lie.

Tempest says:

I haven’t seen a hot guy in a long ass while on GH. They all tend to look like they haven’t eaten in forever, drug addicts, perverts or just barely have any kind of personality.

I also don’t understand why they keep recruting 18 year olds, that’s lowkey very disturbing to me but that’s not just GayHoopla, it’s the whole damn industry doing this. These kids want easy money and the producers can’t find models worhty of this name so they pay them very low, that’s ridiculous.

Collin used to be SO much better than he is now, I really don’t know what he’s trying to accomplish. Honestly whoever is recruting these wannabe models (even if none of them deserve to be called a model, let alone a porn star) needs to hit the door pronto.

Ivan Jimenez says:

All I wanna know is when will Sean Costin return back and bottom, and when will Peter Grom finally get some topping and bottomming scenes released?