ChaosMen: Espen and Jerome RAW Flip-Fuck

Espen and Jerome RAW Flip-Fuck at ChaosMen

Espen and Jerome RAW Flip-Fuck at ChaosMen
Espen and Jerome RAW Flip-Fuck at ChaosMen

Espen and Jerome RAW Flip-Fuck at ChaosMen
Espen and Jerome RAW Flip-Fuck at ChaosMen
Espen and Jerome RAW Flip-Fuck at ChaosMen
Espen and Jerome RAW Flip-Fuck at ChaosMen
Espen and Jerome RAW Flip-Fuck at ChaosMen
Espen and Jerome RAW Flip-Fuck at ChaosMen
Espen and Jerome RAW Flip-Fuck at ChaosMen
Espen and Jerome RAW Flip-Fuck at ChaosMen
Espen and Jerome RAW Flip-Fuck at ChaosMen

Espen and Jerome RAW Flip-Fuck at ChaosMen:

Espen made quite a bit of progress in this video. It helped that Jerome is one of my best guys.

First, Espen looks great with his new haircut. He is only going to get more handsome as he matures. Jerome got a haircut the day before, I think he was looking sharp too.

Second, his skills really jumped in this video. Espen seems to have cock-sucking down as a legitimate skill. With his head resting on Jerome’s abs, it was a much better angle for him to suck from.

Jerome plays a lot of attention to his hole, fingering it, and rimming him, trying to get him in the mood to be fucked.

And then Jerome got a little nervous when he saw how big Espen’s cock was getting when he sucked him from soft to hard.

I told him his cock was no bigger than Easton’s, the guy that took his cherry. Plus, he handled Vander’s ample cock, So I knew he would be fine.

Jerome then fucks Espen, taking it easy on the boy. Espen was not very hard when he first got penetrated, so I was very happy to see his cock got harder as he was getting fucked. He is definitely getting some pleasure out of it, though I think we are far from getting him to cum from being fucked.

Then it was Jerome’s turn, and he wanted to sit on it so he could ease it in himself. This guy can really bottom after that initial penetration. At first, he rides Espen facing him, but then switches it up so we can see him bounce around on Espen’s giant cock, pre-cum leaking out of Jerome’s dick.

In the end, Jerome is on his back and I knew I had better start with the under shot, because Jerome cums so quickly in this position. Espen fucks him deep!

I’m down on the ground getting good penetration and I can hear Jerome is nearing an uncontrollable climax. I shuffle up and get my camera in place, and SPLAT! Jerome is shooting out creamy white goodness.

And Espen must have been close too. He only needed a moment to jerk-off and then breed Jerome’s hole.

With his own cum still stuck on his cock, Espen has Jerome clean and lick up the rest of his load from his dick!

Watch as Espen and Jerome RAW Flip-Fuck at

Watch as Espen and Jerome RAW Flip-Fuck at

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Pascal says:

He really has a thousand watt smile. Makes me all gooey inside. Thanks for being so pretty, Jerome.

No_No_No_Yes says:

Okay, so Espen looks AT LEAST 15 now. Espen’s hole looks like he just pulled an all nighter with Devon Lebron, Bryan must use some hellacious douche gear. Jerome looks his usual hot horny self. Next year when Espen starts high school, he can try out all these new skills.

clayshanks says:

haha, check that — you meant to say, when he starts college (or JC, whatever the case…or some tech school…).

No_No_No_Yes says:

No – I was deliberately implying he would start high school next year.

john a says:

I’m don’t care for twink types but this guy despite having the twink looks, behaves more like a grown up dude to me. He’s hot as fuck in bed too. I also love Jerome’s body spasms when riding Espen and when cumming in his hole too. I was watching some oldies after watching this video and got stuck in the rewind button in the scene with Jerome and Jalen. That part when he’s fucking Jerome and cum start to squirk out of his hole is just crazy hot though sad they kind of cut it short. I’ve seen this on CM before I believe in a Heath’s flipflop scene. So I’d beg for more of those. Bottom gets an internal then flips the top for his turn and as he bangs cum starts to run out of his hole down his legs.. Crazy hot!

Cubankid says:

This looks very promising. I like both of these guys.

gaycockluvr says:

Jerome is just perfect. ESPN looks better with the shorter hair. He does look more twinkier here though.

baz says:

“It helped that Jerome is one of my best guys.”

Now Bryan, you sometimes spew a lot of crap in these writeups of yours, but you got it right this time.

coolcoolboy says:

I love how Jerome can change things up with his haircut, facial hair, versatility… and it’s all so fucking hot.

Sask says:

Another good scene from CM.

Jerome is always hard, always hot. Espen is twinky but at least he got his haircut. Like @nnnY writes, he should be a star with that dick and his school mates.

As always Bryan perfectly recorded Espen’s pulsating dick as he pumped his load into Jerome. Uber hot. Why can’t the other studios get it right like this….

AJ says:

I actually really like Espen with this haircut!

Tempest says:

I feel sorry for Jerome. I have this weird feeling Bryan has some kind of creepy obsession with Espen, very Ryan Gordon-esque and I hate this because Espen doesn’t deserve any screen time, he’s not Vander, stop it.

nodoubtfan says:

Jerome looks damn good sliding up and down on some dick.

Espen looks 12. It’s a bit creepy.

Peter Smith says:

Espen and jj smitts always with the closed mouth pecking. Why even bother

HVdude says:

This is one of CM’s better scenes

Salih says:

Why is Leo Cage tagged here? He doesn’t even look like Jerome. Or does Waybig think all black guys look alike?

Please remove the Leo Cage tag from all Jerome scenes, Waybig. It’s insulting.

Jasper Taft says:

Yes, this will do. Espen looks more clean-cut with this hairstyle. Both are good, depending on which mood I am in.

CA says:

I haven’t clicked on a Chaos scene here on WB in months…but these two have caught my attention. They’re both so….boy next door handsome. Jerome is is a fucking dream.

clayshanks says:

you all are fucking insane.

espen is the best thing that has happened to CM since, hell, i can’t even remember.

freater says:

Not sure about the “best” thing (re: God Vander), but he’s pretty darn cute.

clayshanks says:

i just was saying he’s my favorite model on CM in recent memory. vander’s been around the block for a while. not degrading him.

ofc, i’m partial to twinks — unlike just about everybody else on here.

JJ’s cumshots suck, otherwise i guess he’d be OK. i’ve liked Wren (even though he’s filled out through the years). Timmy is somehow strangely interesting to me (again, primarily b/c of his build…and decent cumshots). there are probably a few others i’m forgetting to mention off the top of my head.

but i don’t think i’ve liked a CM model this much since (gasp)…Ian. now we’re going way back. who remembers him?

admittedly, Espen needs to go to helix. and they need to recruit him somehow. and i’m going to try and make it happen.

Jasper Taft says:

Actually, the reviews for Espen (at least in this scene) have been pretty positive. Admittedly, I have a few users on block, and I tend to put the negative nellies on block, so I may have missed something, but overall positive I would say. I like both of the hairstyles he has had, but this current one has done him wonders. This shorter cut has really helped bring out his facial features more, which tended to get hidden with his bushier do. He is very cute and it shows here. And I love all kinds of guys including twinks.

Wren is a guy I wouldn’t turn down, but he just barely passes into the attractive category for me. He’s been around CM for 5 years, so that’s a pretty long stretch. Timmy can look good on occasion, but often times he’s too scruffy for me. Looks a bit like CF’s Tanner when clean-shaven.

john a says:

Please don’t take Espen to Helix. He belongs here with other men who act as grown up men. If he goes there they’ll gloss him up with make up and hairdos get rid of all his body hair and soon he’ll be just another clone on the block. Here his appeal is exactly the average boy next door looks and demeanor besides the average but attractive body with a nice dick.

clayshanks says:

what, exactly, is your point?

the person is legal. deal with it. i don’t have any problems with you liking other types of legal models. you’re a tempest; i’m a maelstrom. so GTFO.

Tempest says:

But you’re still a pedo.

clayshanks says:

on what grounds, dolt?

clayshanks says:

are you of the opinion that, for example, helix studios and/or 8teenboy should be shut down based on the fact that most of the models there look relatively young (yet all are legal)?

Tempest says:

Yes, because I don’t lust over anyone who maybe was underage just a couple of months before and I certainly don’t find alcohol abuse between kids arousing.

clayshanks says:

ok. now this is getting completely crazy.

first, let me put one thing into context: my comment of ‘you all are fucking insane’ related to the fact that most people on here comment/lust over, generally speaking, well-built men around the age of 30+. that’s just that.

secondly, your inference that anyone who supposes that someone who happens to like the look of younger (legal) models — in addition to those who “look” older, a fact i have not yet stated…but have now — suggesting to you that i walk ‘down a street with a big grin on my face’ while looking at 14-year-olds is unfounded, and, quite frankly, ludicrous.

thirdly, i don’t lust over anything, especially not underage models (espen isn’t).

fourthly, where in the hell did alcohol abuse come into this discussion? that was an allegation that involved an entirely different studio + person + models (if i understand your reference correctly).

finally, i am not ‘running away’, clearly, because i have arguments.

Tempest says:

The running away part is directed at @disqus_O0ZucPVypp:disqus because everyone figured out what kind of scared bitch he is.

Now, why would I take everything you said seriously when in the post below you remarked that you have a thing for twinks?

My point is that people like you should refrain a little bit, because yes, they’re 18 but this age is still too fucking soon for anyone to make some serious decisions in their life, let alone doing porn, I’d bet they don’t even know what they’re doing, or even why.

Vegas Nights is Helix’s last movie, where one of the storylines is alcohol abuse between young boys and I fucking hate when porn fetishizes certain behaviors that in the real world may lead to some serious consequences. And Helix isn’t the only studio that uses and abuses some insulting premises in order to gain as much money as possible.

clayshanks says:

ok. i can deal with most of those comments. brains aren’t fully developed at that age, and so i can understand from where you’re coming on that basis. yet, decisions of that sort CAN, legally, be made at that age. such is the law. that’s how it is, for now.

i haven’t watched Vegas Nights (pt. 1) — was planning on doing that tonight, lol. i’ll reserve judgment on that front.

most of the time, people at that age who have talents in certain respects…and can profit on same…legally… sometimes go to, let’s say, less than perfect means of so doing. i can’t judge people in those cases.

and, in some cases, certain people may just love the thrill of it all, and a few develop such a fondness to the point where a career is made out of it (Kyle Ross, for example). to be sure, there are many defectors of models in this age group who come to the realization, soon after a few scenes have been shot, that it’s not their life to lead in the long term. in some respects, i commend them for making that decision so promptly.

john a says:

I understand your concern about the welfare of the youth but you’re no good example to follow either the way you attack the ones who differ from you. I agree an 18yo is too young to make clear decisions that’s why we usually forgive them for their mistakes. However many adults continue to make mistakes as well so age alone is not so much of a factor. I think helix sucks more for the quality of the models rather than their age. Most of them seem to be lost souls of West Hollywood and it shows in the scenes. Espen has a baby face but doesn’t look as childish as most claim. He behaves like a grown man in bed. Seems to know what he’s doing so I don’t see any problem there. I can say that because I don’t usually find twinks attractive because of their look and especially childish ways. Espen doesn’t have any childish ways in my opinion just the baby face.

Tempest says:

Making mistakes as an adult and making mistakes as a young boy are two different beasts. Being attracted to a boy (that’s what he is) that could pass as a 15 years old is plain wrong to me, despite how he acts on bed and if you take a look at CM’s roster, many of the gay and even some young str8 guys Bryan finds look exactly like that and I find that very disturbing.

Being 18 years old in this industry where people struggle with mental health and all sorts of questionable choices is a very risky situation and I don’t want that, I want a guy that looks the part, is confident enough and knows exactly what he’s doing and why, and as far as I’m concerned guys like Espen do not fit that criteria.

Sorry but I’m not going to change my idea on this, I do not like people that present themselves in a certain way in order to pleasure a specific audience and I do not like guys that look barely legal due to my own beliefs

Tempest says:

Well the fact that you like barely legal looking guys like Espen and a studio like Helix tell me that you may enjoy watching a 14 year old walking down the street with a big grin on your face.

Then again, your insecurity showed up the moment you began the OP with “y’all are fucking insane” so your insults are automatically invalid.

Jasper Taft says:

Tempest doesn’t have a point, as usual.

clayshanks says:

i don’t tolerate ridiculousness.

Tempest says:

Or maybe Tempest tells it like it is and isn’t a spinless brat like yourself who feels the need to bitch about the stupidest things and runs away when confronted because he doesn’t have any argument to back up his claims.

Then again, you and Bair belong on the same boat so why even bother.

Scrapple says:

I guess this was an infuriating week to be a bigot subscribed to CM. Bry was certainly feeling the melanin.

I don’t know how I feel about Mr. ESPN and that hair. At some angles it makes him look older and at others it makes him look younger. And a little regular. Espen reminds me of Jerome, in the sense that he arrived as seemingly being a boy next door, but you can see the freak coming out with each scene. I had to laugh at Bryan’s talk about Jerome being scared of the dick. Jerome ain’t never scared! Unless you told him it’s closing time at the dick bar and it’s last call. As hot as Jerome looked with that cock sliding in his ass, he looked even hotter at the end, slurping on that dick like it was giving him all the life he could ever need. I still want a threeway scene where Jerome is totally used. Don’t even let him top, just have him give up those holes.

And fuck Bryan for not pairing Calhoun with Jerome when he had the chance. I’ll accept a partial apology in the returns of Milan, Bronson, Bennett, Wright and Prentice.

CarlA says:

Well said!!!!

freater says:

Espen is cute! I don’t dig this haircut tho…

Whoremione Granger says:

I am sad about Espen getting a haircut, just when he started to bottom.

i am always right says:

not sure about the hair cut but this one is espens best scene so far