Raunchy Bastards, Episode #177: Scrappy Teen Goes Gay For Pay! (with Alex Arbor and Jonas Paige)

Episode #177: Scrappy Teen Goes Gay For Pay! (feat Alex Arbor and Jonas Paige) at Raunch Bastards

Episode #177: Scrappy Teen Goes Gay For Pay! (feat Alex Arbor and Jonas Paige) at Raunch Bastards
Episode #177: Scrappy Teen Goes Gay For Pay! (feat Alex Arbor and Jonas Paige) at Raunch Bastards

Scrappy Teen Goes Gay For Pay! with Alex Arbor and Jonas Paige at Raunchy Bastards:

Alex Arbor never ceases to amaze me. I had him down one weekend when Jonas Paige (a.k.a. Jonas Drift) was down, and it was not only quite fun, but I was fortunate to witness Alex’s progression some more. After swapping some blow jobs, Alex goes all the way with Jonas’s cock in his ass!

Now, I always think of the adjective “scrappy” when I think of Alex Arbor. He’s always doing something physical, strenuous, or dirty. When we were at the beach he was climbing palm trees and wrestling around in the sand. It shows, too, because he has scrapes and scars of every sort. But it’s exactly this physicality and rambunctiousness that makes him so good at sex. He doesn’t mind getting scrappy on the sheets, if you know what I mean. Not only that, he’ll take a bit of pain smiling all the while. It did, however, take a lot of convincing for this wonderful show. Alex has an open mind, but we were definitely stretching the limits, here.

Just to make him extra comfortable (and able to take Jonas Paige), after a warm up with their cocksucking skills, something Alex Arbor is still practicing, Jonas loosens up Alex’s hole with his tongue. One thing is for sure, Alex loves getting his ass eaten out. That’s always a plus! But his hole needed to be able to take more than a tongue, so he loosens up with a big dildo prior to Jonas sticking it in. That was probably a good idea, because Jonas’s idea of ass fucking is basically shove it in and go as hard and fast as possible. It’s definitely one strategy. At any rate, the moans and expressions on Alex’s face are priceless, and I’m sure you are all gonna get off to this video over and over.

The ending is fairly epic, too. Alex Arbor, being so limber, flips upside down and cums into his own mouth. Although to some of you this might not sound like much, we sprang this on him last minute and he wasn’t too keen on the idea, but he went along anyway. Then, with his mouth, chin and chest covered in cum, Jonas Paige dumps a load onto his hole. The site of this pretty boy lying there in all that cum is definitely the way it. If only more straight teens were as fun as him! Enjoy.

Watch Alex Arbor and Jonas Paige at RaunchyBastards

Watch Alex Arbor and Jonas Paige at RaunchyBastards

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MC.EMC2 says:

That’s Jonas Drift from Straight hoopla, isn’t it?

Proud Nerve says:

I think he deserves this after banging one of their fish.

MC.EMC2 says:

Poor boy must have left traumatized and scarred for life lol
Glad he found somewhere else to be, but he could be doing better than this particular site

No_No_No_Yes says:

It’s a shame, BSB could have used both these guys. I wonder what the fuck is up with their recruiter there these days!

ClayJames says:

Well BSB did land themselves two good gets in Johny Cox & Jake Spencer, just needs to convince them both to bottom.

Moof Nixon says:

He also appears on sketchysex

Sask says:

This Jonas Drift was banged nicely by the old bastard over at BoysHalfwayHouse. He couldn’t keep a hard dick then and he couldn’t in this scene.

JK3 says:

Jonas is definitely more of a grower than a shower and I’m surprised that Alex is bottoming his first time at bat. Looks pretty good imo. This site manages to get some attractive guys, but like GISP the release schedule is terrible.

andrew says:

Jonas and Alex look cute and sexy together.

PierredeSiorac says:

yech. People pay to watch this? Jonas looks like he’s got enough make up on to do a drag show.

Jasper Taft says:

I would pay and this scene would be worth the price of admission alone.

Sask says:

Alex Arbor is cute. I bet Dink Flamingo is pissed that this old bastard got him to bottom first. It was an epic effort. This Jonas couldn’t keep a proper hard-on if his life depended on it. It looked really stupid how Alex had to keep holding back Jonas’ lesbian haircut that kept flopping into his eyes while blowing Alex. I hope Alex stays in porn but the performances I’ve seen from this Jonas suggest he should do something else. Although, in one of the dialogue exchanges he didn’t seem to have much to offer – a brick short of a load. I suppose that might be expected from most porn models.

OkButActually says:

They look smelly, and this looks like it was filmed in 2004

Jasper Taft says:

And what, exactly, led you to those conclusions?