Str8 Chaser: Brandon Garza a.k.a. Adam Gomez (Fucking His Untouched Ass Only Took A Few More Dollars)

Brandon at Str8 Chaser

Brandon at Str8 Chaser
Brandon at Str8 Chaser

Brandon Garza (a.k.a. Adam Gomez at ChaosMen) was kicking around the soccer ball with his buddy when I approached them. They were both willing to chat, but Brandon was the only one broke enough to take his shirt off to make an easy dollar. I offered him a bigger cash incentive if he would come back with me and jerk off. He actually agreed to do it!

Getting Brandon Garza to actually spread his cheeks to let me slide my big dick in his straight, untouched ass really only took a few more dollars. It was worth it!

Watch Brandon at Reality Dudes Network

Watch Brandon at Reality Dudes Network

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jinger says:

Hot. Looks familiar. Sean Cody?

DaveAtom says:

He’s hot. He should hope to other studio.

Mr.Varric says:

Hot guy. Wish he was at a better studio.

No_No_No_Yes says:

2019 and this mess is still here, dragging down the property values.

maenner says:

He was Adam Gomez from Chaosmen (2018). Was he that unhappy with Bryan’s studio?

Kj says:

Adam Gomez or Brandon Garza…any name he picks…the man is handsome and hot. I would sure like to see him again at Chaosmen. His scene with Declan was hot, bring him back for more.

ajholditdownbaby says:

Wait wait wait….he has YET to bust it open for Vander or somebody at ChaosMen, but is willing to do so for a piece of change??

Ivan Jimenez says:

Reminds me of Sean Cody Daniels when he first started out before becoming a travel fuckboy!

PierredeSiorac says:

Brandon/Adam is mighty pretty: those dark penetrating eyes, ooh boy! He takes that big dick rather easily, leading me to believe he has plenty of experience.

emercycrite says:

I’m surprised Bryan let him get away.

Sam says:

ummm i am more curious on who is his buddy….