American College Sex: Holden After Hours

Holden After Hours at AmateurCollegeSex

Holden After Hours at AmateurCollegeSex
Holden After Hours at AmateurCollegeSex

Holden After Hours at American College Sex:

It’s time to get up close and intimate with Holden in his debut After Hours episode!

There’s nothing like one of our After Hours sessions to put you right there in the room with a Corbin Fisher stud as he pounds away and gets off; that’s even more true with Holden. The looks Holden gives you through the camera as he drills his partner with that incredible cock are so sexy are so sensual and so intense they will drive you wild. You feel like you’re inches away from his big dick and could feel it through the screen!

No doubt, many of us will get drawn in by his seductive looks. Holden gazes into to the camera and we imagine it was us on the receiving end of his deep thrusts!

These After Hours sessions were made for studs like Holden, and Holden was made for them!

Watch Holden at AmericanCollegeSex

Watch Holden at AmericanCollegeSex

moondoggy says:

Wow, ACS after hours. Straight and poorly lit, my two favorite things.

Jazz says:

Holden is my new crush. I’m just so into him. So I’ll watch him fucking vadge. Still waiting for him to be paired with an attractive guy. Those first two guy/guy pairings were duds.

Jasper Taft says:

He’s had three guy-guy scenes so far: Andy, Dave and Patrick. I like Dave and Andy. Patrick…uhh…not so much..

Stevienowonder says:

Wtf , this scene is one month old , before those couple of boring Holden’s gay scenes.

DaveAtom says:

I think I found this chick far more attractive than the rest of current Corbin Fisher roster (or at least the group of that halloween “party”)

Montgomery Clift says:

I miss Corbin Fisher golden age

JJ says:

I really wanna see Holden fucked! I can’t help but imagine another after hours scene where he’s staring at the camera riding a dick and finally shooting streams of white jet.

Alann6 says:

I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. It doesn’t look like he’s ever going to suck a dick, let alone ride one.

Capello says:

With the girls or with the boys, Holden does strictly NOTHING with his mouth. I’m wondering if he likes the sex. His butt is as pretty as his face, though.

Philip Broad says:

Agreed. He’s got a pretty face and an enormous cock but that isn’t really enough to cut it in porn. You have to be able to perform as well.
There’s something pretty desperate about the way Corbin Fisher is overusing him.

david david says:

Jeez, Baby Girl… get some tan. You’re so pale you look like a ghost for real in this After Hours scene.

Holden is too hot. He’s looking more and more like a young Chris Evans to me.

Colton, The Major Hussy says:

You know, I think a prefer her to stay pale as a ghost rather than put on some fake tanning lotion like Patrick and other do to give that hideous orange look.

Holden is kinda hot, but not young Evans kinda of hot :P

david david says:

Well… Her pale skin is okay until she did this After Hours scene. She’s so translucent in the dark she looked like she’s glowing. Throw Patrick in there and it’s a Corbin Fisher Halloween special. I can’t… And yes, nobody wants to see an orange tan like Patrick’s. LOL!

Holden reminds me so much of Chris Evans on the first Captain America movie. You know, when he had his bangs and all. LOL! But of course, Chris Evans is hotter.

Colton, The Major Hussy says:

You’re so mean! I love it!

Scrapple says:

CF has released six Holden vids over a span of twenty-three days. In comparison, it has taken Popeyes three months to re-release a chicken sandwich.
It’s also irrelevant to these two companies.

Tomcat says:

Want to bite Holden on his ass.

Jasper Taft says:

I want to lick his hole. Come to think of it, I don’t think Holden has been rimmed before. That needs to change.

Burkeman says:

For the majority of porn actors, the camera, the crew watching makes them extra horny. Holden seems to be in the minority: shy, uncomfortable, and meek. Maybe he likes the pay, but he does not like earning it. He is handsome, but his skills in sex need radical improvement.

Jasper Taft says:

I’m wondering if he’s confused about his sexuality and is trying both guys and girls out to see what he likes. I don’t know if that’s true or not, just a thought.