MEN: Johnny Donovan (aka SeanCody’s Deacon) Bottoms For Reese Rideout in ‘Big Daddy Tea Party’

Big Daddy Tea Party (Reese Rideout Fucks Johnny Donovan) at

Big Daddy Tea Party (Reese Rideout Fucks Johnny Donovan) at
Big Daddy Tea Party (Reese Rideout Fucks Johnny Donovan) at
Big Daddy Tea Party (Reese Rideout Fucks Johnny Donovan) at

Johnny Donovan (aka SeanCody’s Deacon) Bottoms For Reese Rideout in ‘Big Daddy Tea Party’ at SeanCody:

Sometimes even the most masculine man needs to recharge with a beautiful tea party, and Reese Rideout [JustFor.Fans] has laid out the good china, served up some scones, and donned a tiara and tutu to have afternoon tea with his blow-up doll friend. When Reese’s workout buddy, Johnny Donovan [JustFor.Fans], lets himself in to ask his bro for a gym sesh, he finds Reese sipping tea with his pinky out and can’t contain his laughter.

But Reese Rideout takes teatime super seriously, pushing Johnny Donovan into a chair and bitching the pot down his throat! Johnny asks for a biscuit, so Reese fills his mouth with his cock, then gives the bottom a bit o’ crumpet as he fucks his muscle ass.

Naturally, Reese Rideout teabags Johnny Donovan before pounding his hole in mish. Reese cums all over Johnny, and the bottom shoots his cream onto the biscuits before eating one and feeding Reese the other!

Watch Reese Rideout Fucks Johnny Donovan at

Watch Reese Rideout Fucks Johnny Donovan at

wdeee says:

The plot literally makes me no sense.

Nirgal says:

It’s like their scriptwriters compete to see who can come up with the stupidest idea that gets approved for filming.

John doe says:

Right in front of my salad!?

John doe says:

Mind geek is the worst thing to happen to gay porn. They wreck everything they touch.

JK3 says:

Mind geek needs to learn to keep it’s asinine plots constrained to the first 5 minutes of a scene. When the fucking starts, let the fuck.

DTG says:

Randy Blue meets Sean Cody.

TomCNR says:

It’s actually pretty common. Ryan Rose and Chris Bines did a scene, Austin Wolf and Ryan Rose, Diego Sans and Kaleb, etc.

jag2power says:

We cannot accept this, Reese Rideout, inflatables, and Deacon from SC, oh, my! Fly! Fly! Fly!

elyp says:

Fuck off. Mindgeek. You brought Deacon from SC to waste everyone’s time with stupidity? Instead of giving more attention to a site who can barely keep up with releasing one solo and one duo scene per week, you take one of their models and make them do this?!

david david says:

What a mess. The way Reese was acting like a legit cray-cray, I almost expected Deacon to get stabbed in the shower by a shadowy figure.

DaveAtom says:

Seriously, any of us here could do a better job planning/directing/filming porn than the actual Mindgeek crew. This shit is not funny nor hot.

These MEN scenes are beyond stupid and are pure crap. SC is practically dead thanks to them. I prefer to jack off to a pixeled pic of Henry Cavill fully clothed than any MEN scene.

Paulbon23 says:

Reese is a living legend, I love him. And I love Deacon too, but I’d prefer him as a top.<3

Curlee says:

How MEN stays in business is beyond me. I cannot believe they get enough subscribers to this type of shit to be profitable.

Kanaka says:

In an interview with Asher, Deacon stated that he really doesn’t enjoy scenes with g4p models. Jax was the one he did though. (can ya blame him?) So I feel that he’s suffering along with us.

JJG says:

I think Reese recently admitted he is bi. I think on Onlyfans

S. G. says:

He is ONLY “BI” while working in gay porn :D

Rockhard says:

Claiming bi is the new strategy for g4p. They are starting to see that gay men don’t like the “I’m not attracted to men, just money” nonsense. It also allows them to do the bait and switch and only show themselves fucking vagina on their OnlyFans.

TomCNR says:

I don’t get it. Mindgeek owns MEN and SC yet anything that MEN touches turns to crap. Also Deacon now using his own name and his SC name but under the same management?

Yozz Joshua says:

Deacon is hot, but this plot is so embarrassing that I can’t even.

I am going to try my best to have at least one wank at this in honour of Deacon.

S. G. says:

I do not understand what the hate is about. These studios are just trying to come up with something new so they don’t get to see comments that they are boring, same ol-same ol. blah blah blah!

Y’all need to lighten up a little bit. It’s porn. It’s all fantasy. It’s not like your life depends on it. :D

PierredeSiorac says:

Reese has definitely always had something sexy about him, but it’s getting more difficult to ignore his creeping fleshiness. Deacon/Donovan has a lovely booty.

TJaa7 says:

I thought this was maybe another crossover like with Archie scene but looks like he’s left SC to exclusively work for men like Kaleb.

John doe says:

Trolololol. He is both not pretty enough and too pretty for BA and TT. BA hire young fit hot guys while tt goes full sleaze.
It’s a shame that he tainted himself by filming for the v1le aust1n w0lf.

Yozz Joshua says:

Can Deacon please think about going to TimTales? I mean, he’d be on par with the likes of Bastian Karim, Andy Star, Henrik, and Saverio.

S. G. says:

Make a petition and make people sign for it. 100K signatures needed ;)

S. G. says:

None of these models is Rhys Jagger :D