Sean Cody: Ricky Donovan (a.k.a. Asher) Fucks Cody Seiya

Ricky Donovan (a.k.a. Asher) Fucks Cody Seiya at SeanCody

Ricky Donovan (a.k.a.) Asher Fucks Cody Seiya at SeanCody
Ricky Donovan (a.k.a.) Asher Fucks Cody Seiya at SeanCody
Ricky Donovan (a.k.a.) Asher Fucks Cody Seiya at SeanCody

Ricky Donovan (a.k.a. Asher) Fucks Cody Seiya at SeanCody:

Cody Seiya has been having a great time shooting for Sean Cody, and he’s got his eye on a growing list of guys he wants to bang; as Asher (Ricky Donovan) learns when he asks who’s on it.

“There’s definitely you… and your boyfriend too.” Asher says, “Today you’re gonna experience my dick that curves down a little bit, and his curves up a little bit, so you’ll be complete after you experience both of us together,” giving this vers bottom something more to look forward to!

The guys undress each other, and Asher (Ricky Donovan) practices his new deepthroating skills on Cody Seiya’s cock. Then, Cody sucks Asher while the bearded top fingers his hole. Cody slowly and tantalizingly lowers himself onto Asher’s curved cock and rides it hard.

Asher (Ricky Donovan) puts Cody Seiya on all fours and pounds his ass — then pulls out as they both jack their cocks till they cum!

**This scene to premiere on SeanCody March, 12 2021**

Watch as Ricky Donovan Fucks Cody Seia at SeanCody

Watch as Ricky Donovan Fucks Cody Seia at SeanCody

Colton, The Major Hussy says:

Love Cody so I’m glad to see more of him and I’ve always liked Asher.
SC is still a mess though.

Bair says:

I so agree about Cody and Asher. My fingers remain crossed that SC will successfully recover from the Covid shut-down. This looks to be a sexy scene. SC’s recent solo with Phillips looked really good. Phillip is beyond gorgeous. The return of sexy Nicky was an optimistic sign and they really have accumulated a good group of Newbies during the shut-down, so…….Fingers Crossed.

Checkedout says:

Cody Seiya is so sexy but he’s has been criminally misused. Not the right top here IMHO.

Eduardo says:

I want Cody exclusively at Lucas Entertainment.
Judge me.

Gingerbr says:

I came here to say the same thing. His OF is soooo hot and I will gladly shell out for it but he’s so not well directed here. For one, he knows his body and takes some sexy mf photos but whatever they’re doing here is not it. It’s like they’re trying to make a man do porn woman poses or something. It’s so gross.

Bair says:

“Misused” is just not the word that comes to mind when I think of being fucked by Jax, Archie, Josh, Sean, Dev, Kevin and now Asher. We won’t know until Friday how well Cody and Asher perform together but I’m optimistic that their sexual energies will blend really well. Cody is so seductive, sensuous and appears to be in no rush to get to the finish line. He seems to be someone who enjoys the journey and reveling in all the erogenous pleasures that can be felt along the way. Asher has a great ability to personalize himself sexually to whomever he is partnered with. So I expect romance and eroticism BEFORE Asher makes Cody sing, “Ah, Sweet Mystery Of Life”.

John doe says:

Buy high, sell low.

Bair says:

The Stock Market is not what’s on my mind right now. I’m unable to think very clearly about investments. I’ve gotten too HIGH watching Gorgeous Asher’s fingers moving LOW onto sexy Cody’s most inviting hole. Tehehehehehe!

sam my says:

The awkward moment when you’re more excited for the solo, than the sex scene

Bair says:

I’m not understanding why that would be an “awkward” moment for you. There is nothing to feel guilty about, or embarrassed. You’re much too hard on yourself. Prefer what you prefer, proudly and unashamedly. Chin up!

Scrapple says:

Asher remains the only SC model to cross over to Men and create a good scene. That train gimmick and the plot were silly, but Adrian and Asher/Ricky were a hot duo.

This looks like the first good pairing in what feels like a long while.

Now, give me Jayden and Phillip. Please and thank you.

DaveAtom says:

I like Cody, but he’s a little bit twinkish for my taste. Asher is hot as usual.

Duboisnais says:

Iḿ here for Cody & Asher Both HOT

Ted says:

I love both… I kind love asian guys sadly they “don’t” like me.

Bair says:

They sure look sexy together. I’m impressed that as good as Asher is he’s still seeking to get even better. So, Cody gets to have Asher’s newly learned deepthroating skills demonstrated on him. Looking good BUT the real challenge to his advanced abilities would be in a rematch with Jax. Rematch! Rematch! Rematch! 😉

DaveAtom says:

Haha, you’re right.