SeanCody: Johnny Donovan (a.k.a. Deacon) Fucks Dax

Johnny Donovan (a.k.a. Deacon) Fucks Dax at SeanCody

Johnny Donovan (a.k.a. Deacon) Fucks Dax at SeanCody
Johnny Donovan (a.k.a. Deacon) Fucks Dax at SeanCody

Johnny Donovan (a.k.a. Deacon) Fucks Dax at SeanCody:

Blond Johnny Donovan (a.k.a. Deacon) and dark-haired Dax make a sexy pair as they passionately kiss in the living room. Deacon just has to get his hands on Dax’s big booty, sliding them down the back of his jeans and moaning, “Fuuuuuck, that assss!”

The guys get undressed, kissing each other’s chests and licking each other’s armpits, before Dax gets on his knees between Deacon’s legs to suck his cock and lick his balls. Deacon rims the bottom, then fucks him on the couch, easing into Dax’s tight hole.

Dax gasps, “Fuck, you’re so deep,” and Deacon replies, “Oh, all the way!”

Dax rides that big cock till he cums all over Deacon’s abs, then Deacon penetrates him in doggystyle before shooting a huge load all over his back and his muscle ass.

Watch as Deacon Fucks Dax at SeanCody

Watch as Deacon Fucks Dax at SeanCody


This update would have been even hotter had Deacon aka Johnny Donovan had a big dick in his asshole

Kanaka says:

Dax is a brave guy to compare glutes with Deacon/Johnny. He’s cute nonetheless.

Louisbb says:


MisterB says:

Tehehehehe! There is no comparison. Deacon’s ass (and thighs) are in a class each unto itself. BUT, Dax is so elegantly handsome (to me) and with a great smile (and body). AND, his ass is not bad at all. Not bad at all, I tell ‘ya.


Dax has a nice ass but not on Deacon caliber maybe after a couple million more squats 😂

Badbike says:

wait am I just noticing SeanCody advertising his OF’s name now?

Rockhard says:

HE’s a part of MEN now. So he uses his non SC porn name now.

TomCNR says:

Nah. Deacon goes by Johnny Donovan on MEN and well since SC has gone full MEN 2.0, there you go.

DaveAtom says:

Guys are hot, esp Deacon. But not holding my breath. I know the camerawork will suck.

sasuk388 says:

im not into this one. i want a sean bottom scene. jax to stop teasing. shaw and joey curtis stu peter pavel. and more

markjohnson22 says:

Agree with you about Jax. But Joey, Curtis, Stu, Peter, and Pavel are all long gone. Let those dreams die.

Kj says:

I still hope for the return of Shaw, Curtis, and Broderick.
Jax and Lachlan are having to carry this one scene a week show.

sasuk388 says:

and the sean

Scrapple says:

Just reading that writeup let me know this was going to be extra as fuck. Then I watched the trailer and it was confirmed.

DeeGee says:

About bloody time.

Scrapple says:

For extraness?

Elza says:

I’d love to see Deacon flip-fucking with Dale. In fact, I just need more Dale. Pair him with Sean, Jax, and whatever other hot guys SC has left

sasuk388 says:

hurry up sc and give us all the scenes back what the fuck is taking so long

TomCNR says:

I’m really not into discount Daniel.

Jean Grey's Anatomy says:

Deacon tho