Corbin Fisher: Dylan Returns For Some Guy/Guy Action with Roman in ‘Turning Dylan’

Roman Bottoms For Dylan in 'Turning Dylan' at CorbinFisher

Roman Bottoms For Dylan in 'Turning Dylan' at CorbinFisher
Roman Bottoms For Dylan in 'Turning Dylan' at CorbinFisher
Roman Bottoms For Dylan in 'Turning Dylan' at CorbinFisher

Roman Bottoms For Dylan in 'Turning Dylan' at CorbinFisher
Roman Bottoms For Dylan in 'Turning Dylan' at CorbinFisher
Roman Bottoms For Dylan in 'Turning Dylan' at CorbinFisher

Roman Bottoms For Dylan in ‘Turning Dylan’ at Corbin Fisher:

Simply put, we’re all thrilled Dylan is back. He was one of our favorite freshmen of 2020, so for him to have returned after all this time to give guy/guy action a shot is a total thrill.

Dylan is beyond hot, and really does perfectly embody that all-American guy next door. Further, I really love just how genuine and authentic he is with his mannerisms and expressions. When he’s feeling good in an episode, you know it; if he’s a bit nervous, it’s obvious; when he’s a bit shy and unsure of what to say, you can tell; when he’s riled up and horny and eager to go at it, there’s no doubt about it.

We’ve been treated to all of that with Dylan in his very first foray in to guy/guy action – a blazing hot bisexual threeway over in our Coeds section. Now it’s time to see Dylan in action with a guy one-on-one, and there’s no better guy to have him do that with than Roman!

Roman confessed to me Dylan was right up his alley (no pun intended) – all of the things we love about Dylan are precisely what Roman really loves about him, and precisely why Roman couldn’t wait for the chance to have at him here!

Dylan’s Introductory Solo: 2020

Who doesn’t like tall, handsome, blue-eyed, sexy snowboarders?! I know I most certainly do, and know you’re going to like tall, handsome, blue-eyed, sexy snowboarder Dylan!

If you’re one of our European fans, it might be worth keeping an eye out for Dylan – his dream is to one day ski the Alps, and explore more of Europe while there.

Watch as Dylan Fucks Roman at Corbin Fisher

Miloš Del Rey says:

¿Que? What seems to be a really good update from CF with two good looking guys. Hopefully Dylan sticks around until Elian comes back.

DeeGee says:

Ok, I’ll be waiting by the train station in case he passes through…

emercycrite says:

Dylan is dreamy.

Scrapple says:

I’m thinking they bent the filming truth again and this scene was shot before Dylan’s threeway with Rocky and Unverified Vagina. Dylan seemed more confident in that one. His fucking and sucking (and at some points, his erection) is more tentative here. Even the opening you can see his body language is nervous and a little tense (peep how they’re sitting, where his arm is around Roman with a closed fist). Not to say he was standoffish or anything, because he was very much into being seduced by Roman. You could just see he was experiencing new things. Like the rimming. He was very much about Roman’s tongue. And touching Roman, looking into his eyes. I get the sense he would vibe very well with Barron.

Dylan isn’t going to be blazing through scenes with the same intensity as Marco, but he has a lot of potential. And he seems to like toes, so of course Corbin/Jason is going to want him to stick around.

Burkeman says:

Roman can get a good performance from any partner. He did the same with Marco. Like all good power bottoms, Roman has no inhibitions and shows he enjoys his men. (And Dylan looks good, too.)

T. Tuggles says:

Why can’t they ever get a proper wide shot of BOTH cumshots 😫

JCJ says:

That was a great video, and Dylan really surprised me — he clearly enjoyed it all! But speaking of comebacks, i’m much more taken by the return of Jason Phoenix (remember him?) on OnlyFans — he goes by ronin_love (and ronin_love_ on Twitter). You’re welcome!

Alann6 says:

I loved the scene until Dylan rubbed Roman’s kiss off of his lips at the end.

JJG says:

He didn’t wipe off the “kiss” my guy. Roman had some of Dylan’s splooge on his upper lip after the cumshot and that is what Dylan wiped off. lol. Why would he wipe off a kiss, they kissed a LOT in this video, clearly Dylan had no issues with kissing him.

JJ says:

Super glad to see how much into getting his pink hole stimulated, wetted, and rimmed real good! Now that he felt it, I hope it doesn’t take forever before we see Dylan takes it up in his ass!

Smoker13 says:

I think I saw him cry in this scene

Ed Stoneback says:

Roman needs to let his body hair be natural hes too unnaturally smooth look at his arms Dylan is pretty good looking how tall is he ?

JJG says:

Surprisingly hot scene. Dylan might be “straight” but he was clearly enjoying himself here. Love how much eye contact and kissing there was. crazy hot

Josh says:

That is so sexy hot I would love to have sex just like that in my life