Sean Cody: Brysen Fucks Dale

Brysen Fucks Dale at SeanCody

Brysen Fucks Dale at SeanCody
Brysen Fucks Dale at SeanCody
Brysen Fucks Dale at SeanCody

Brysen Fucks Dale at SeanCody:

Brysen and Dale get right down to undressing each other, kissing hungrily before Dale trails his mouth down Brysen’s firm chest and abs, then kneels to suck his cock and balls. Brysen rims Dale’s hole and spanks him, then makes him moan, “Fuck, I want it so bad!” as he teases him with his cock before finally sliding it inside in doggystyle.

Brysen pounds the bottom in spoon, and Dale rides him till Brysen just has to cum. The top isn’t done yet, bending Dale over and penetrating his hole, then putting the bottom on his back as he fucks him deep in missionary until Dale blows a huge load!

Brysen straddles the cute twink and strokes himself, orgasming all over Dale’s face.

Watch as Brysen Fucks Dale at SeanCody

Watch as Brysen Fucks Dale at SeanCody

Rockhard says:

Is Brysen still with N0lan? I think he’s single again. Nolan misses out then.

MisterB says:

They seem to have broken up a year or more ago. Nolan stopped doing his YouTube videos shortly there after and deleted the ones he had made with Brysen (Daniel). I used to check in on the happy couple from time to time. It was fun getting to know “at-home” Brysen Daniel.

Elza says:

Dale is incredibly hot! I’ve always found Brysen quite meh and a bit overhyped, but ok, he can deliver. Yeah, I’ll watch this.

As always – would have been better as a flip though

MisterB says:

You certainly do like your flip fucks, don’t you? 😉 Dale mostly bottoms BUT he did flip fuck with Cody in April AND it has remained the most up-voted scene since. I agree with your opinion about Dale, but disagree with your opinion about Brysen. BUT back to Dale. What a cutie! What a body! What a performer!

Elza says:

Yep, I will almost always wish a scene is a flip, especially if we know both guys are comfortable bottoming.

Or if a top’s been toppin’ too long, and it’s time for them to discover the joy of prostate stimulation 😈

Kanaka says:

Dale baby one doesn’t holler when getting one’s ass eaten. One moans. 🤫

JB says:

Brysen is over-rated.

Jean Grey's Anatomy says:

Always thought the same honestly.

nodoubtfan says:

Sean Cody’s gonna keep recycling duos of the same 12-15 models. Where’s the new blood?

Rockhard says:

Too busy raking in cash and notoriety on their webcams/fan sites

MisterB says:

At a popular GaySite that reviews porn films they RAVED about this scene. They review it as being Brysen’s best and they praise Dale as much as I do, for being such an incredible performer. They listed 7 MUST SEE moments, one being an internal with cum dripping from Dale’s hole.

Gresilion says:

That first cover photo had me cackling. I’m sorry y’all these facial expressions are killing me.

Scrapple says:

Unlike the updates over the last few weeks, this at least feels like a scene where both models are bringing the same energy. I’m tired of these SC scenes with a ringer being paired with drywall.


I wish it was a flip but other than that I have nothing to complain about

DaveAtom says:

Dale is a big no and a no-pubes-no-hairy armpits Brysen is a no either.

TomCNR says:

I know SC doesn’t repeat pairings even if it’s MEN 2.0 now, but this feels like a pairing done the 3rd time around. Also I dislike Dale. The face is just a no.

Carla Renata says:

A nice scene. Nothing else. I like Brysen!
Where is the new blood SC, will you leave them in the drawer for how long? If they are still there! #Revolting!