Sean Cody: Jeremiah Fucks Justin

Jeremiah Fucks Justin at SeanCody

Jeremiah Fucks Justin at SeanCody
Jeremiah Fucks Justin at SeanCody
Jeremiah Fucks Justin at SeanCody

Jeremiah Fucks Justin at Sean Cody:

“Let’s see those abs,” Jeremiah says as he pulls up Justin’s shirt, and it’s a mutual abs-admiration society as Justin strips the curly-haired top out of his t-shirt and kisses down his chest and washboard stomach.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Justin moans as he rubs Jeremiah’s bulge, then pulls down his shorts to suck it. He bends over the sideboard to get fucked doggystyle, then rides Jeremiah reverse on the bed as the guys talk dirty.

The top pounds Justin in doggystyle on the bed, then the bottom takes that big, uncut cock in missionary till he orgasms, and Jeremiah cums all over him.

Watch as Jeremiah Fucks Justin at

Watch as Jeremiah Fucks Justin at

Jean Grey's Anatomy says:

Justin’s a cutie

MisterB says:

I’ve always thought so and he’s become a really dependable performer for SC when so many did not return after the pandemic shut down ended. Also, he gave us DEVY! He has a special place in my heart for that. I’m really happy to see gorgeous Jeremiah came back and that his recent return after 7 years was not a one time thing. Justin going for Jeremiah’s nipples once the shirt was off is exactly what I would do. Best Nipples Ever! I actually dreamed about Jeremiah and his scrumptious nipples a few nights ago and HERE HE IS!

david david says:

Oh Jeremiah… This man is so beautiful. Too bad it looks like he’s still not kissing and sucking dick in this scene.

Legondex says:

I don’t have any more time for trade tops as cute as Jeremiah is he currently is a no for me.

david david says:

LOL! It is frustrating seeing such a hot guy do the bare minimum.

MisterB says:

I did not realize that Jeremiah has such restrictions. So he’s kinda the SC Malik? Jeremiah is SOOOOO beautiful that when I see him I think not of what he can do for me, but what I can do for him. Tehehehehe! Except for the no kissing part I’d be okay sucking him non-reciprocally and being fucked by him non-reciprocally, as long as I can spend lots of time alone with his nekkid body and those SUCKulent nipples. It looks like his restrictions worked out okay with Justin.

Scrapple says:

It’s weird because I don’t think his scene with Kyle was his first time with a guy. Not with the way he was topping (even with the closed eyes). I think he had a brief kiss with Kyle, but I’m not recalling anything with Justin. He was more verbal this time around and seemed to be fairly personable in the BTS footage. Either they don’t want him to go beyond what he’s doing, or he got paired with partners he couldn’t really connect with. It’s Kyle and Justin, so that last part would make sense.

This studio is all over the place. Beck does two solos, then comes back for a fuck scene where he’s kissing Manny and eating ass. Jeremiah comes back after a solo years ago, and does two fuck scenes without really kissing or sucking dick, and makes it seem like he’s sticking around. There’s no clear path with Sean Cody these days. It’s all brambles.

david david says:

Right? The way he was slapping Kyle’s ass was so… Ugh… Not to mention the size of his load. He’s got a clear hunger for a fine piece of man ass. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was held back by the studio. But yeah, it could also be his scene partner. He seems a bit annoyed with Kyle’s overacting. LOL! I hope we’ll see him more and that he’ll eventually start kissing and sucking dick.

Sheik says:

Justin really needs to get out of doing porn. He just doesn’t have the dick for it… 🙈 sorry not sorry

Pietro says:

If it was just him, it would be good! More than half of the gay porn actors of this decade don’t have a dick, butt, pretty face and charisma on stage.

MisterB says:

Personal preferences vary in al things, including in all things sexual. I personally do not enjoy dealing with big dicks in real life, BUT they are enjoyable to look at. I personally prefer someone with a more manageable sized dick, like Justin’s. I can imagine having sex with Justin and enjoy his scenes for that reason. I can not imagine having sex with someone like Sean or Jax BUT I can enjoy the visuals of their cocks in action. Different strokes for different folks.


Both guys are VERY attractive but like everything about SC the update was mediocre

Paulbon23 says:

Hot top!

Jay says:

Jeremiah is so achingly handsome. At least do some kissing…
I want to see him kiss a man and be affectionate.
And beat up somebody’s prostate with his cock.

ArgleBjargle says:

No thanks.