Corbin Fisher: Roman Gets Fucked Good By Dane

Roman Gets Fucked Good By Dane at Corbin Fisher

Roman Gets Fucked Good By Dane at Corbin Fisher
Roman Gets Fucked Good By Dane at Corbin Fisher
Roman Gets Fucked Good By Dane at Corbin Fisher

Roman Gets Fucked Good By Dane at Corbin Fisher
Roman Gets Fucked Good By Dane at Corbin Fisher
Roman Gets Fucked Good By Dane at Corbin Fisher

Roman Gets Fucked Good By Dane at Corbin Fisher:

These two young studs know their way around some action, and that’s wholly evident here as they go back and forth between Dane having his way with Roman’s [aka Damian Night] hole and Roman fucking himself on Dane’s cock.

Fairly early on in the action here, Dane and Roman each make it clear they’re both out for as much intense pleasure as possible. For Dane, that first comes through pumping his stiff dick in and out of Roman’s mouth hard and fast. Roman’s enjoying having Dane fuck his throat as much as Dane’s enjoying it, but what Roman really wanted – what Roman really needed! – was to sit down on Dane’s hard dick to go for a ride. The look on Roman’s face as he first does so leaves no doubt he’d been needing those sensations Dane’s dick provides, and he keeps enjoying the action more and more as Dane starts to fuck him harder and faster.

Dane shows off some incredible stamina here as his pumping and thrusting is relentless! Dane’s cock really does the trick, genuinely fucking a load out of Roman, then spraying Roman’s dick and abs with another load!

Watch as Roman Gets Fucked Good By Dane at Corbin Fisher

Watch as Roman Gets Fucked Good By Dane at Corbin Fisher

DHardyva says:

Have not watched it yet, BUT this looks like the same ole, same ole, with the same ole performers. I spent a few bucks for a year subscription 3 months ago and thank God for their older library. Cause in the last 3 months CB has been garbage.

Gazzaq says:

Glad you stated that, as I was exactly the same when I rejoined last year after a long break. The older library is what makes this site worth joining but the newer stuff is repetitive!

Sask says:

Agreed. I just let a years-long membership lapse. I’ve got all the old stuff I like on a hard-drive. I find I would rather watch that that what CF is putting out now.

Gazzaq says:

True that as the oldies are goodies.

moondoggy says:

When a performer has achieved a certain amount of esteem for me, they become nearly immune to criticism. The most that I will usually do is wish for something better the next time if they have an off scene. But that’s true of BOTH guys here. Dane and Roman are hall of fame.

About this particular scene, I’ve only glanced at it, but first impressions: 1. The cumshots are nicely done. Dane fucks Roman until Roman cums from getting fucked, and simultaneous with the end of Roman’s orgasm, Dane pulls out and in a few strokes, he starts shooting. Dual orgasms, no edits. I only ever require the top to cum without editing, but CF has long been invested in the simultaneous stunt, and good for them for pulling it off. Dane’s cumshot doesn’t have the volume it had in his youth, but it’s certainly passable.

2. Two strange things about the beginning of the scene. One, Dane is already naked and hard. I’m very ambivalent about that kind of beginning. We’ve already abandoned story lines. Do we have to abandon everything? Have we reached a point where foreplay is nothing more than applying lubricant? But Dane still looks good, not peak of course. But I enjoy watching a man age … losing one’s youth doesn’t have to be a flaw, as so many men at Mormonboyz have taught us. I’d probably rather watch Dane bottom until he retires, but it looks like he put in an effective performance here. But here’s the second thing about the beginning: Roman is blowing him, caresses the top of Dane’s thigh, and Dane strangely pushes Roman’s hand away. And that is the first thing we see in the scene. If there already is no foreplay, why would they begin with that awkward moment?? It wasn’t as extreme as that blond at FraternityX violently kicking his top (Tom Faulk — I had to google to remember), but it was not an affectionate way to begin. I hope it improves from there, but that was all I had time to notice.

Gazzaq says:

MD although Dane and Roman are hall of fame and are great performers, they are over used mate and I know it common complaint but sometimes its too just to much…..

Kj says:

Roman and Dane are hot together

sasuk388 says:

sick of seeing damien fucked . the end

Curlee says:

Dane’s double chin is not a good look. If he would stop juicing and lose 10 -15 lbs he would actually look hot. Still he’s gotta go, he is such old news.

JB says:

Looks like Dane needs to make some money lately to pay for his bail.

mennotcom says:

Rocky then Roman, it’s not a good week.

Gazzaq says:

I sure this energy is good and the actions great, but not these two Roman/Damian and Dane again and again. Rinse Repeat Jeez!

C A says:

This is a joke. How many times is this now??? Just fucking said at this point. I see Damien has a new scene coming out this week.

swan says:

Garbage update, sick of Rocky and Roman get fucked

Elza says:

Waybig has literally recommended 6 other scenes with these two just on this page. 6 rematches??? Insane. CF really needs to clean out its stables already and start afresh. Even real legends like Connor, Aiden and Cain didn’t get this many pair ups.

DeeGee says:

If Dane’s goal is to become a roided beast, it’s working.