Corbin Fisher’s FOUR BANGER Fuckfest with Dane, Roman, Rocky Tate and Kyler (a.k.a. Ashton Springs)

FOUR BANGER (Dane, Roman, Rocky Tate and Kyler (a.k.a. Ashton Springs) at CorbinFisher

FOUR BANGER (Dane, Roman, Rocky Tate and Kyler (a.k.a. Ashton Springs) at CorbinFisher
FOUR BANGER (Dane, Roman, Rocky Tate and Kyler (a.k.a. Ashton Springs) at CorbinFisher
FOUR BANGER (Dane, Roman, Rocky Tate and Kyler (a.k.a. Ashton Springs) at CorbinFisher

FOUR BANGER (Dane, Roman, Rocky Tate and Kyler (a.k.a. Ashton Springs) at CorbinFisher
FOUR BANGER (Dane, Roman, Rocky Tate and Kyler (a.k.a. Ashton Springs) at CorbinFisher
FOUR BANGER (Dane, Roman, Rocky Tate and Kyler (a.k.a. Ashton Springs) at CorbinFisher

Dane, Roman, Rocky and Kyler! All four of ’em, together in one epic Corbin Fisher episode!

As I’m sure you know, each of these guys is great at any and everything they do. Every single one of these four studs can sling a dick with the best of ’em, and can also take a deep, hard pounding like a champ. They all look amazing on camera, they each look incredible in action, and every one of these 4 studs is ready and eager to go at it whenever possible. So when we had these 4 together at a shoot recently, we simply had to get them all in action in the same episode – an awesome 4-way orgy (fourgy?) fuckfest!

There’s simply too much incredible action to describe in this write-up (and I’m sure most all of you have long since moved on to watching this epic fuckfest anyways!). What I will say, though, is that each one of these studs gets treated to some hard fucking here, and loves every bit of it while it happens.

It is immensely hot seeing Rocky Tate, Roman, Dane, and Kyler all on the receiving end of some deep-dicking, and hearing the chorus of moans and groans while it all happens. All the sucking and fucking leads to this four-way’s incredible climax – one after the other, the guys get huge loads fucked out of them. None of them is ever a spectator though – every single orgasm involves 3 guys all teaming up to work that load out of the 4th, and not a single one of them lets up until every one blasts a load. All for one and one for all!

Watch FOUR BANGER at Corbin Fisher

Watch FOUR BANGER at Corbin Fisher

ClayJames says:

Would have been hotter if Dane was the more central bottom in this scenario.

moondoggy says:

I’m sympathetic, but as Gisele once said, “My husband can’t throw the ball and catch it at the same time.” Dane was at least at the start of his career excellent at both roles, and most of his peers at this studio are barely competent at one role. He was the last reliable cum-from-fucking top, so I’m always rooting for him to go back to that.

Alann6 says:

Dane is not into gay sex as much as he was when he started. He’s much more enthusiastic with girls now then he is with guys.

Colton, The Major Hussy says:

This looks promising.
Roman and Rocky doing a 69 while fucked but Kyler and Dane looks hot.
I’m also a sucker for a good fuck train, and Kyler riding reverse cowboy is what dreams are made of.

david david says:

I’m not one to go gaga for orgies but I’m not gonna lie, I got pretty excited when I saw this one. These were four of their best models of 2020 along with Barron and Elian so this group was a great combination.

I like how it started with Roman and Dane because these two were 2020’s power couple before Elian swooped in and took Roman from Dane. That whole sequence of them making out in the living room was Dane claiming back his man and taunting Elian. LOL! Dane was like, “Is it weird that I don’t have a shirt on?” He was so nonchalant about it as if he wasn’t purposely enticing Roman. Bitch please… You know what you’re doing. LMAO! It was hot watching them so I can’t blame Rocky and Kyler for wanting to join the fun.

The oral scene was pretty hot. They started ganging up on Dane and shared his dick with each other before the joiners started sucking off Dane and Roman while the two continued to make out. Oral scene ended with them sucking each other off. The fucking was a hit or miss honestly. It started slowly but after a minute or so, they eventually found their groove. Roman was the star bottom and he clearly enjoyed bottoming for Dane while Rocky and Kyler were on top of him. The train fuck… listen… It wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be. It was a nice concept but it kinda failed ’cause they were struggling to keep the train moving. It was hot to see Kyler in the middle though just ’cause I feel he has the least experience and being in the middle is like, next level. You know what I mean? I’m glad they cut that short ’cause it wasn’t really working well. The ending… Now, that’s where it fell apart. It was quite upsetting because three out of four loads were wasted. If you’re gonna do something as daring as a fourgy, go all the way dirrty. Give us lots of cum eating and breeding like some of the best threesome/group scenes in the past. What made it worse was how Dane and Kyler had to sit on Roman’s limp dick and jerk themselves off to climax. I guess that was filmed after Roman came? Anyways, Rocky’s climax was more satisfying because Kyler fucked him good but it was a typical ending and Rocky’s load was also wasted so at that point, I lost hope that it would have a good ending. Good thing they saved the best for last as Roman came in Kyler’s mouth while getting fucked by Dane. It was hot to finally see Kyler take an oral cumshot and actually swallow it. That was some legit cum eating ending right there. I loved it. For a fourgy, it was put together pretty well and it wasn’t as scattered as… say, Santa’s Slay. It was still an enjoyable scene despite the flaws and the wasted loads so there.

For those celebrating 4th of July this weekend, stay safe. COVID is still out there so please be careful. Enjoy the holiday weekend, you guys.

Oh my goodness 😏 I feel like I’ve just received a free novel 🤷‍♂️

Kanaka says:

So instead of skipping a lengthy review by our eminent CF fan you decided to post a snarky comment. Go play in the corner with your girlfriend Rola.

david david says:

Thanks. You’re too kind.

DeeGee says:

We seem to have lost Rola. Dare one hope. Perhaps the Nat’l Hurricane Center hired her away to convert more men’s names to women’s.

sam my says:

I actually found the scene to be quite chaotic and try hard. It was trying to do too much at once, to appear more impressive than it was.

I said it once and I’ll say it again, when it comes to 3 or more people, less is always more.

david david says:

LOL! It kinda was but that’s to be expected from a foursome. It was still directed better than some of their threesomes in the past year.

MisterB says:

I haven’t seen this scene and won’t be seeing it BUT you gave a great review that felt honest and thorough and fair and was greatly informative. Bravo!

TomCNR says:

Not even interested in any member of the scene. Well okay somewhat interested with Roman but it’s just never gonna reach the caliber of the orgies of the past. TJ, Derek, Cade, Dru, Trey, Cain, etc.. Now those scenes were fire.

1995briefs says:

4 hot guys all fucking and getting fucked!
Who’s to complain? Boner material.

Pendix says:

Boring fuck fest, Roman deserves better.
And I want my bi Elian back!

MisterB says:

What a GREAT week for Gay porn at CF. I guess you keep doing your FakePsychic routine hoping that you might, by accident, eventually get one prediction right. “Something is wrong at CF with BJERK.” Tehehehehe! This scene has a very cute bunch of guys in it. Roman is, to me, the prettiest but I’m such a sucker for either really dark skin or really white, and in this scene my eyes are on Rocky Tate. YUMMY! I realize you’ve not yet figured out that ACS usually releases a scene every 2 weeks, so one is due next week. So next week you should be able to do your Chicken Little, “the Gay sky is falling” routine, motivated by your bizarre belief that if a Gay man sees a vagina it will turn him Straight. But, WAIT…does this mean that if a Straight man sees a naked man he will turn Gay? VERY INTERESTING!

MisterB says:

I disagree. I don’t believe a Gay man can be “cured” of being Gay because only illnesses can be “cured” and being Gay is not an illness. That I am part of an “organization” that thinks we can be is one of your FakeNarratives. You decide what you want/need to be true, to suit your FakeNarratives, and then you believe it. A Gay man can not see a vagina on the internet and become Straight. That is another of your FakeNarratives. Also, I don’t think you comprehend that Gay sex does not require that the men be Gay. Gay sex is the ACT in which men have sex with men. The men can be Gay, Straight or Bi. 2 Straight men having sex with one another is not Straight sex, but a Gay man having sex with a Lesbian is Straight sex. The men below are having Gay sex but that does not mean that any of them either are or need to be Gay.