Corbin Fisher: Rocky Tate and Dane Double-Penetrate Jared

Rocky Tate and Dane Double-Penetrate Jared at Corbin Fisher

Rocky Tate and Dane Double-Penetrate Jared at Corbin Fisher
Rocky Tate and Dane Double-Penetrate Jared at Corbin Fisher
Rocky Tate and Dane Double-Penetrate Jared at Corbin Fisher

Rocky Tate and Dane Double-Penetrate Jared at Corbin Fisher
Rocky Tate and Dane Double-Penetrate Jared at Corbin Fisher
Rocky Tate and Dane Double-Penetrate Jared at Corbin Fisher

Rocky Tate and Dane Double-Penetrate Jared at Corbin Fisher:

Jared might just be the luckiest guy at CorbinFisher over the course of the next 20+ minutes, as he gets tag-teamed by two of our all-time favorite studs, Rocky Tate and Dane. Who among us hasn’t fantasized about being in the very place Jared finds himself in at the start of this one, on his knees going back and forth as Rocky and Dane feed him their dicks and he does all he can to suck on and worship each one?

Credit where credit is due, though – Jared earns the position he’s in here! Not many guys could keep up with getting tagged by Rocky Tate and Dane, but Jared has no problem with it at all. He knows how to suck dick, and knows how to take a pounding! He knows how to take a pounding so well, in fact, there’s a point at which Rocky and Dane don’t even have to take turns fucking him and can instead work both their hard cocks in to his hole at the same time for an intense DP (double-penetration).

Getting worked over by Rocky Tate and Dane makes Jared blast out a huge load – the first among the three to cum. That sends Rocky and Dane over the edge and they each drench him in cum.

Watch as Rocky Tate and Dane Double-Penetrate Jared at Corbin Fisher

Watch as Rocky Tate and Dane Double-Penetrate Jared at Corbin Fisher

Matteo says:

Mmh…to me the preview looks quite dull and passionless. Not a kiss.
I’d watch everything with Rocky, but I much prefer more intimate scenes.
But maybe the entire video is better.

david david says:

They only kissed for a few seconds at the very end.

Pietro says:

It would be wonderful if the DP was in Rocky.

THE one says:

It’s time for me to cancel my subscription to this site

TomCNR says:

There was a time when DPs here would come left and right and the guys legit looked like 10/10 College Jocks. Now it’s passionless 7s. CF is just coasting by.

david david says:

I remember @Scrapple said something similar before, like how their DPs back then is like an event and that there were a variety of guys doing it. Now, it’s the same loose-hole power bottom you already expect to get DP’d that are doing it. If it’s not Noah, it’s Jared. The magic and the surprise element is not there.

souse says:

Connor getting DP was like CF all time high

moondoggy says:

@disqus_9Ugt7HrOlD:disqus @disqus_Djs204Uzs6:disqus @disqus_9lRyo1nHby:disqus

Wow, souse, reading david david’s comment, you and I immediately went to the same porn moment mentally. Seeing Connor take two cocks at once honestly made me alter my understanding of sex. I mean on some level I knew that no one is BORN a slut, that even the bottoms at TimTales were virgins once. But if nothing else, I thought that to reach that point, someone would have to get fucked hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times. After seeing Connor do it, I basically thought, “Corbin Fisher should do a TED Talk on how to get fucked.”

I didn’t watch this scene, just scanned it and skipped to the cumshots. And those were kind of impressive. Dane did not fuck and shoot handsfree like he did all the time at the beginning of his career. But he didn’t require endless jacking, just a few tugs more than my ideal. The impressive part was that all three guys came one after the other after the other without an edit. And the funnier part was that they also came in order of good, better, best in terms of load size.

The one thing I would criticize them for, or two related things, is that (1) the DP is filmed all in a tight closeup, as Rough&sweet alludes to below, and (2) it just abruptly ends. They did film it from a wide angle too, but in that position, you can’t see the penetration. They for some reason were not willing to move the cameras, so they just film the DP action that way, and then dissolve to “moments later” when they are in different positions altogether. I don’t remember seeing them do that before — they are usually good about continuity editing and showing position changes, but this time they took the Tim Kruger copout of just cutting to something else. The scene still looks more than watchable to me despite all the complaining here. I guess I’m an outlier in terms of what I like because I’m sure I’ll give this another watch. Jared drenched in three sizable loads was to me quite an appealing ending. The afterglow was too short, but I kind of enjoyed that bit too.

TomCNR says:

Yeah before you’d see unlikely guys get DP’d or guys you’d really wanna see get drilled like Aiden, Travis, Trey, etc. but now we either get some robotic bottom or the lone twink.

Jared is cute but boring and Noah isn’t appealing to me at all. To match up with the hype of old, it’d take Barron, Elian, Marco, and Malec to be the one DP’d.

david david says:

That’s exactly the problem now. They have very few top-tier fan favorite models left while the number of low quality/unpopular models is at its all-time high and it’s dragging down the quality of the pairings and scenes. This is even worse than the Four Horsemen era.

While I’m generally not a huge fan of DP’s, I’d agree that those guys getting DP’d would be a huge deal. But then again, I doubt they will ever get DP’d especially with the current state of their roster.

Rockhard says:

Average 7 white guys that only look enthusiastic fucking revolving stable of females.

Paulbon23 says:

I will definitely watch this!

Rough&sweet says:

Poor narrow camera angles and too much closeups in the video made it like a POV homemade, the Director didn’t know how to highlight the bodies, facial expression of models and shoot 3-way well. Anyway, the bottom Jared is a NO, he’s not that sexy to watch.
This studio is becoming mediocre, I really miss the golden age of CF where duo or 3-way scene was shot steamy and passionate.

moondoggy says:

They have reaped a lot of good will with me in the past few updates. I am hoping this will maintain the momentum, but if it doesn’t, I’m not going to bitch about it unless they release a few clunkers in a row.

Legondex says:

I actually don’t care for threesomes really, but I’ll take anything with Rocky in it.

1995briefs says:

Have always loved Rocky and his sexy hairy bush! Guy knows how to give and take a fuck.

1995briefs says:

Have always loved Rocky and his sexy hairy bush! Guy knows how to give and take a fuck.

DeeGee says:

Jared gettin’ all the fucks! And I’m here for it!

david david says:

Jared is their big holiday surprise? LMFAO! Richie West then Noah, and now it’s Jared. They’re really giving us their least popular models back-to-back-to-back for the big holiday. What’s worse is that this is another ancient scene like their recent Memorial Day update. To think they get mad when I point out that they’re hoarding scenes. Tsk-tsk… Holiday scenes used to be special and now they’re just giving us weak pairings and stale updates. If this is how they usher in a big holiday sale, I can’t imagine what kind of disappointments are waiting for us once the holiday is over. Times like this honestly makes me feel that they’re about to join Randy Blue to the other side soon.

Kanaka says:

CF gets mad at you? Lol they should be listening to you!

david david says:

Yeah, they basically told me here on WB they hate that I keep saying they’re hoarding scenes. LOL! They don’t like it when they get called out for their bullshit so I don’t think they’d care to listen at this point.

Both tops are good lookin’ in their own way, plus they’re masculine so… they might be watchable 😛

Quietist says:

Again, an old recording.
The set-up in this particular room was pretty common in scenes published between Sept. 2020 and Dec. 2021. After that it appeared only once in Jan. 2022, once in Feb., once in March and now in July.
Old is not synonymous with bad, but this threesome is uninteresting from start to finish. No intimacy at all and only Rocky and Jared had a bit of a connection now and then.
Dane was only occupied with himself throughout the scene. He sort of did a pretty good Malik Delgaty imitation 😏.
Personally I like threesomes but I’m not interested in DP’s at all.
Rocky’s cum almost entirely missed Jared’s mouth, even though the latter did his best in trying to catch it.
Such a missed opportunity (again) to give one of the models (i.c. Jared) a mouthful of two cumloads to swallow down, followed by some hot snowballing.
Dane even wiped the residues of Rocky’s cum from Jared’s lower face before he kissed him … what the f. dude?

When oh when will there be an all-male scene with one of the ‘new’ guys????
Any new guy since November will do. Cannon? Troy IV? Chance? Oliver? Liam? Todd? Ian IV? None of these guys appeared in an all-male scene yet. It gets a bit boring with the same old, same old.