Corbin Fisher: Rocky Tate and Jared Take Turns Fillin’ Dylan!

Rocky Tate and Jared Take Turns Fillin' Dylan! at Corbin Fisher

Rocky Tate and Jared Take Turns Fillin' Dylan! at Corbin Fisher
Rocky Tate and Jared Take Turns Fillin' Dylan! at Corbin Fisher
Rocky Tate and Jared Take Turns Fillin' Dylan! at Corbin Fisher

Rocky Tate and Jared Take Turns Fillin' Dylan! at Corbin Fisher
Rocky Tate and Jared Take Turns Fillin' Dylan! at Corbin Fisher
Rocky Tate and Jared Take Turns Fillin' Dylan! at Corbin Fisher

Rocky Tate and Jared Take Turns Fillin’ Dylan! at Corbin Fisher:

It sure as heck says a lot about how far Dylan’s come since we first met him on Corbin Fisher a couple of years ago to his appearing in this episode now! Dylan went from not really being interested at all in guy/guy action and essentially disappearing from Corbin Fisher for over a year to being here now as one of our most popular (all-time!) guys, getting tag-teamed by two hung tops!

Dylan just blows us all away each new time we see him, and this blazing hot episode here will blow you away to all new extremes – it’s beyond intense!

Of course, having Rocky Tate and Jared being the ones to team up on Dylan most definitely help amp up the intensity of this one. Both guys were thrilled at the opportunity to work over Dylan, both clearly find Dylan as hot as the rest of us find him, and both never fail to impress with their skills in the bedroom. And courtesy of both Rocky and Jared here, Dylan most definitely gets a fillin’!

Watch as Rocky Tate and Jared Take Turns Fillin’ Dylan! at Corbin Fisher

Watch as Rocky Tate and Jared Take Turns Fillin’ Dylan! at Corbin Fisher

Quietist says:

It occurred to me that they hardly ever go out lately. To make pictures in the park or in town.
Here there is only one picture against a brick wall. Difficult to identify, but probably somewhere in town. Definitely not at the mansion/studio.
So I was wondering … wasn’t Andy the photographer ‘in charge’? Did he say goodbye to CF?

“…, getting tag-teamed by two hung tops!” This includes Jared 😂.

david david says:

Even Jared kinda laughed when he got called a top. This reminds of SC’s recent scene when they had powerbottom Clark topping Miss Bronco. LOL!

timo_lvs says:

It is great to see Jared as top, and also Dylan as bottom, however, the scene shot in December 2021 as cf shared a picture of Dylan at that time on Twitter and the hair length and style is matching, that’s why the scene is bland in terms of performance of Dylan! Hope cf will ditch releasing scenes disorderly!

whodunit? says:

Love Dylan. They need to get off the couch.

GayManFighteroftheStraightMan says:

I have never been happier assuming Dylan would only do straight scenes. He has turned into a true bottom. I hope he turns into a full-fledged cum pig

Rough&sweet says:

Dylan is not my boy, an insensitively dull bottom. Whenever I see the sofa scene it sucks.. 3 guys in a narrow space and struggling to pose some unsexy positions.
I’m pretty surprised the coed scene yesterday was filmed better than the gay scene with better angles and editing style..the quality is much different. In that way, CF prioritizes Coed scenes over Gay scenes? I figured out they have at least two directors: one professional director likes the bed and wise angles and another likes that stupid sofa, poor camera angles usually gets rid of the faces of models and too much poor close-ups in the video like POV homemade.

david david says:

It’s honestly not surprising to me anymore since they always make their bi scenes more exceptional than their gay scenes. And that’s a pattern that keeps happening over and over especially this year. Just look at how inferior the filming and direction of Rocky/Chris gay scene was compared to their bi scene and you’ll know where their priorities lie.

moondoggy says:

@disqus_9Ugt7HrOlD:disqus (Just tagging you so you’ll see this.)

I respect @fxarch:disqus ‘s opinion but for the things I like, this scene was shockingly good. Let’s start with what they ALWAYS get wrong that here they did better than usual, the photography. I’m not talking about blocking. (The sofa is probably not ideal, but for a studio that doesn’t do slings like Raw Fuck Club used to or romper room pedestals like Hot House, I’m not sure we’re going to see anything other than a bed or a sofa. Even in the old days, something like that fuck between Connor and Marc on the stairs was rare.) I have not seen colors this vivid or resolution this crisp at this studio in years. It makes me wish we could know the crew details because it would confirm what is only a suspicion right now, that some directors consistently know what they are doing and some consistently do not.

I don’t have time to give a full play by play, but they took turns rimming Dylan, and it was very visually compelling to me. Not just furtive crack licking but zealous tonguing and joint finger-fucking (my pics below are out of sequence), and the camera admirably captures Dylan’s facial reactions throughout. It’s a little scary how handsome Dylan is. Better still, he is fully erect when his pants come off, and he never loses his wood at any point that I can find in the scene. It’s very telling when he stands up to change positions deep into the scene, and, as I’ve commented on other posts, he is so hard that when he lies down, his wood won’t lie flat against his stomach, instead fighting gravity in arguably the most challenging way possible.

And I retracted a statement on a previous thread after getting some pointers from Legondex about Rocky’s ability to cum from fucking, which he has done in the past (I initially alleged that he couldn’t) and which he does here SUPERBLY. I love this ending. Not an internal and not hands free, but all I ever require is that when a top pulls out, especially in a threeway when you have multiple chances to do this, that you can create a convincing show that the orgasm has already begun and the top is simply deciding where to plant it. Straight porn takes it too far, where the top chokes the load inside the cock to give a facial, but that’s a whole other story. Jared gives a facial here and he’s a tiny bit “third wheel” since he had long ago stopped fucking. But he looks great and fills the scene out well with the things he did earlier in the scene such as the rimming. And what I almost didn’t even notice is that although he had stopped fucking, Jared cums in the same edit as Rocky. And Dylan CFGF (cums from getting fucked) to start the whole orgasm sequence off. There is an edit between his orgasm and Rocky’s, so it was not simultaneous, but that’s really splitting hairs now. And I do think the first and second orgasms were close together even if I can’t prove it. For the things I like, this is a five-star scene, maybe the best scene I’ve witnessed since covid.

david david says:

Jared didn’t give him a facial. He aimed at Dylan’s chest and a very little trickle of cum accidentally hit Dylan’s chin towards the end. And judging by the annoyed look on Dylan’s face, they were certainly not aiming for a facial. And judging by the interviewer, I’d say this scene and the recent bi scene was directed by the same person. I respect your love for and attention to detail to CFF because that’s how I am with cum swallowing. And I’m annoyed how they always get it right in bi scenes but rarely in gay scenes. The way they made sure Chris caught all of Rocky’s cum in his mouth and swallow it was perfectly executed but when he swallowed Dylan’s cum in a gay scene it was against gravity and was poorly edited that it made the swallow look dubious. There were lots of moments like that lately especially when it comes to cum swallowing. But anyway, don’t get me wrong, I don’t just base a scene’s appeal on climax alone but it plays a huge role in the overall quality and can sometimes make or break a scene. The reason I keep pointing out the climax is because CF is obviously well aware that each fan has his own favorite climax and they always try to cater to as many as they can on their bi scenes (hence why the tops often have to cum twice) but wouldn’t give that same energy for their gay scenes. So as much as I tried to like this scene, I really couldn’t especially when remembering the superior direction and filming of the recent bi scene. Plus, I just can’t take Jared seriously when he’s topping. Even Jared doesn’t seem convince he could pull it off whenever he’s topping. It’s funny ’cause he’s like trying to give you big top energy in this scene and it’s just not coming through. I’m sorry, I kinda like Jared but this is not it.

moondoggy says:

“Facial” was a lazy choice of words from someone who was trying to be concise and fast while also getting swept up in the things about the scene that I liked. You’re right, Jared’s cumshot was aimless, but just happened to precipitate on him.

DeeGee says:

Way more analysis than the scene called for, but I’ll concede that it was above average, and Jared’s passivity (or rimmihood) allowed Rocky to step up.

C A says:

They really only have 5 models don’t they! Are people really enjoying these guys afte so much exposure?

DisFucanGuy says:

Dylan… girl, but a dildo and get used to the dick. He’s pretty, but sucks as a bottom.

Legondex says:

I have two unpopular opinions, I like Jared and think he’s underrated and I’m indifferent to Dylan and I don’t he’s a good performer.

david david says:

See… This is what I’m talking about when I say they don’t exert the same effort in gay scenes as they do in their bi scenes. As usual, the bi scene had superior direction than the gay scene. Where’s all the great climax combination like double cumshot, full oral cumshot and legit cum swallowing that they often combine in their bi scenes? Heck, where the hell is the fucking bed?! The guys are crammed in this small sofa for the nth time like fucking canned sardines! Meanwhile, miss thing was comfortably lying on the bed while watching Rocky and Chris. This sofa has ruined so many scenes in such a short amount of time it’s not even funny. And a generic jerk-off ending, really? They didn’t even bother feeding Dylan cum the way Rocky did in their second bi scene. To this day, the only time you’ll ever see Dylan taking oral cumshot was in a bi scene. The fact that they always combine so many fan-favorite climax in their bi scenes shows they always go out of their way to ensure their bi scene will be well-appreciated, which is not a bad thing except they don’t even make that same effort for their gay scenes. We’re lucky if we get one “special” climax in a gay scene, and that’s IF it was properly executed. This scene was so tragic especially in comparison to the previous update the other day.

Gemstone says:

This looks hot as fuck!!

Casper_time says:

CF prioritizes bi/het scenes over gay? You don’t say?
“The Official Twitter of Corbin Fisher – THE independent, gay-owned and gay-operated home of America’s hottest college men since 2004!”

BottomBoyFromBrazil says:

I always marvel at their sheer hipocrisy and audacity to write this on all their social media knowing the kind of content they have put out and the type of models they have prioritized throughout their history. Like bitch, are you serious?

Tomcat says:

At least not another mega overdose of missionary…

Anthony says:

Jared and his big head again. Dylan and his boring face again. Rocky, you’re perfect!