Corbin Fisher: Marco and Roman Spitroast Rocky Tate in ‘Roman & Marco Go Loco’

Roman & Marco Go Loco (Marco and Roman Spitroast Rocky Tate) at CorbinFisher

Roman & Marco Go Loco (Marco and Roman Spitroast Rocky Tate) at CorbinFisher
Roman & Marco Go Loco (Marco and Roman Spitroast Rocky Tate) at CorbinFisher
Roman & Marco Go Loco (Marco and Roman Spitroast Rocky Tate) at CorbinFisher

Roman & Marco Go Loco (Marco and Roman Spitroast Rocky Tate) at CorbinFisher
Roman & Marco Go Loco (Marco and Roman Spitroast Rocky Tate) at CorbinFisher
Roman & Marco Go Loco (Marco and Roman Spitroast Rocky Tate) at CorbinFisher

Marco and Roman Spitroast Rocky Tate in ‘Roman & Marco Go Loco’ at Corbin Fisher:

“Ready to be spit-roasted?”, we ask Rocky Tate at the start of this one.

“Yep!”, he answers.

That’s one of my favorite things about Rocky – you name it, he’s ready for it. We’ve had him in episodes with guys, girls, guys and girls, guys and guys, guys and guys and guys; whatever type of episode he’s in, he’s ready for it, he’s eager for it, and he’s having himself a blast.

Mind you, who wouldn’t be having a blast finding themselves where Rocky does in this one? He’s taking on both Roman and Marco, two big dicks having their way with him at both ends. As much as anyone in their right mind would enjoy that, though, Rocky enjoys it all to an especially Rocky-ish degree.

Not only is Rocky Tate thoroughly enjoying being at the mercy of both Roman and Marco here, but Roman and Marco are loving every bit of it! Roman immediately takes charge, and you can tell he is getting particular pleasure out of having his way with Rocky. Normally more reserved and taking a bit longer to let loose, Marco gets caught up in all of it also and everything happening around him gets him more riled up than we’ve ever seen him!

You just know Rocky Tate’s going to get railed here, and you are absolutely right about that! You know he’s going to blast out a massive load, too – and you’re absolutely right about that as well!

Watch as Marco and Roman Spitroast Rocky Tate at Corbin Fisher

Watch as Marco and Roman Spitroast Rocky Tate at Corbin Fisher

Quietist says:

My guess, helped by the arrangement in this room, from around October/November last year.
I suppose Marco is long gone and I also have my doubts if Roman is still around these days. I can’t relieve myself from thinking CF is, for some time now, ‘dumping’ all the scenes with Roman that are still in stock.
But I’m happy to see big, handsome, mysterious Marco once more. I really like to watch him very, very much. Too bad he didn’t do any sucking in this episode, but that was because it was all evolving aroud Rocky’s bottoming.
The final, being a full oral cumshot given by Marco to Rocky: yes, yes, yes !!!

A threesome with no dp … I couldn’t care less. I’m not interested in dp’s nor in any other kind of acrobatic sex.

moondoggy says:

A threesome with no dp … I couldn’t care less. I’m not interested in dp’s nor in any other kind of acrobatic sex.

I’m mostly with you on that, though I won’t act like it has never had the intended effect on me. Acrobatic can mean two things, acrobatic body like what Manuel Skye sometimes displays; and acrobatic penetration, such as DP, fisting, self-suck and the rare but not unheard of self-fuck. The only time my mind was blown by self sucking was when I saw a guy do it in a backroom at a leather bar. Sexual activity was going on all around him, and he was sitting on a barstool edging his seriously huge cock. Every once in a while when his cock leaked precum, he would casually lean down and lick his own head. If I end up in a nursing home with my name embroidered on my sleeve to help me remember it, I will still not forget that sight. (He did let me suck him a couple of times, but he was more committed to edging than sucking and fucking, so eventually it got frustrating.)

CF definitely has a few scenes in its archive that made the DP feat worth doing. And I like this moment below with Manuel because something about that split just says “all access.” A very little of this goes a long way though. And almost all of it is hotter in person than in a video.

swan says:

The camera work and lighting setups are not good in this video, It looks too bright and pale! the white light washed the colors of models and everything … Especially Rocky looks too white and faint, i can’t see the details clearly.

TK says:

I love Roman’s unscripted banter in his videos. He’s such a cute flirt. At the begin of the clip he says it’s a Latin sandwich and calls Rocky the mayo. Marco just sits there with a blank look on his face like he doesn’t speak the language…man is he handsome.

Paulbon23 says:

Really hot, but a dp should’ve been waaay hotter.

moondoggy says:

Another CFF from Roman. *sigh* … I hope that means May will be better than April, which was dismal across the industry for what I like.

BottomBoyFromBrazil says:

I have the same feeling as you do towards CFF. I feel that if it doesn’t happen, then the scene is pretty much a waste, it almost feels like there was no sexual desire involved and that makes me lose my hard-on LOL. I have found that American studios are mostly a miss in that area, but Latin studios are sooooo much better at this. And Japanese porn, man these guys almost never need to jerk off, but the problem with it is the annoying blurring of the dicks. So nowadays videos from CorbinFisher, SeanCody, ChaosMen and the likes rarely make me get off.

moondoggy says:

Ah! First off, it’s awesome to hear from a fellow CFF fan. Believe me, if I had Elon Musk money, I would not waste it on Twitter. I would spend it on a porn studio where no one is allowed to wear condoms or stop fucking until we get irrefutable proof of DNA donation. Second, yes, American studios are dismayingly bad in percentage terms. But I have a HUGE collection of CFF scenes, from full internals where you can see the top’s cock pulsating (or his hole twitching – Dante Martin taught me the hotness of that) to handsfree pullouts to the less dramatic but still satisfying “need just a couple of tugs to crank the load out). Forgive me if I’m telling you what you already know, but here is a brief CFF hall of fame, and you can let me know if you want more recommendations.

1. Drew Sebastian. Almost ALWAYS fucks until the cum is inside the shaft. Non-CFF percentage is single digit.
2. Corbin Fisher’s Kellan. If a Kellan scene is labeled a creampie, you can probably trust that it’s not a mislabel. He was good at giving them, and when he bottomed, he was good at inspiring them from other tops.
3. Ty Mitchell. Despite the fact that he kinda let himself go and that he did way too many goofball scenes at that awful MEN studio, his best bottoming scenes are MINDBLOWING. Google “Max Adonis and Ty Mitchell.”
4. Marco Paris. My favorite thing about him is that he groans, “Ohhh, I’m bout to nuuuut.” And then he does. Inside the hole. He’s such a big shooter that it never stays in, but he sure tries to plant it.

The gif is Greg McKeon, who also used to be prolific at pulling out and shooting hands free, but his scenes so far this year have been choppily edited disappointments.

BottomBoyFromBrazil says:

One of the ColbyKnox (not sure who is who) also never disappoints. SeanCody also had a fair share of CFF back in the day (Jess is king in that sense). I can’t tell you how many times I got off to those ‘accidental cumshots’ compilations, to me there’s nothing hotter than a guy just being unable to control his orgasm from either a blowjob or anal action. May I add that porn from my country, Brazil, is also quite consistent in CFF endings.

moondoggy says:

I would love to know some of the names of Brazilian scenes. I have an extensive list of SC scenes that someone else sent me years ago when I was just getting interested in this area. Jess’s hair-trigger cock is sometimes more than I can bear (lol, I accidentally typed “bare”) to think about. Many of those guys were gay for pay but I hope for his sake that he was actually gay because he has zero chance of avoiding an unwanted pregnancy. Breeding is just his constant mode. I like to think it’s because that huge cock just had an unusually broad area of sensitive points. Even sucking his balls could probably make him cum prematurely. My favorite scene with him was actually when he looked his worst. In his scene with Deacon, his hair looked dyed and greasy like Jerry Lewis. They blindfold Deacon and make him guess whose cock is in front of him. Because Deacon is blindfolded, he doesn’t even make the most of this, but if you look carefully, Jess’s cock is drooling a huge strand of precum before Deacon even touches him. At this moment, I have to make myself stop fantasizing about all of the times that guys’ asses were probably more full of his seed than they ever knew because he was leaking preseed so prolifically.

My all-time favorite Sean Cody orgasms are, in ascending order: David breeds Ryan, when Ryan takes the load and then turns around and licks the cock clean. In real life, that’s gross to me, but in porn, the cravenness of sucking a cock dry after it has fucked and cum in your ass (unedited ass to mouth — he just stood up, spun around, and started sucking) just says everything you need to know about Ryan and what his limits were (nonexistent). Jarek breeds Christian. It’s an unremarkable creampie, but they are both so breathtakingly hot that it outranks even that insane scene I just mentioned. I rue the day Jarek got arrested. And the best of the best is that volcanic moment that Daniel is screaming “Cum in my ass!!!” when he hears Cameron, who was his total opposite in terms of being verbal, barely whispering that he’s about to cum just as Daniel is cumming. (I know people think Daniel overacts, but when I watch him, I feel the way he sounds. If he ever fucked me, the police would have to become involved because my neighbors would think I was having a medical emergency the moment he took his shirt off.)

BottomBoyFromBrazil says:

You know, I am such a sucker for CFF videos that sometimes I get off to clips from websites that seem to be hated amongst people here, like MilitaryClassified and JakeCruise. Yeah, the owners aren’t hot at all, but the amateur vibe from these studios maybe help the guys feel a bit more comfortable and deliver some great loads. Now as for the Brazilian scenes, I’ll try to come up with something like a list or a guide, but they mostly come from 3 websites: MeninosOnline, HotBoys and IrmaosDotados.

moondoggy says:

I do have one MeninosOnline title in my collection, I forget which one it was. I also meant to tell you that Colby Chambers is the one who cums internally all the time (ALL the time). My favorite scene of his used to be the one called “every room in the house.” It’s the one where Mickey is jogging on the treadmill with Colby standing behind him not moving, but his cock in Mickey’s ass. The friction of the jogging brings him off. (This is a tangent, but I love watching guys who can bring themselves off in unusual ways besides jacking.

Here are a few scenes from a list I put together years ago before I decided that keeping a list was more work:

RaunchyBastards I’m Not Gay But Your Ass Made Me Bust Aston Springs, Mike Moretti
ACM Dawson Pumps Austin’s Hole
BreedMeRaw – Bishop Angus and Jackson Reed
Chaosmen – Chip & Heath RAW
Corbin Fisher – ACM1724 – Colt & Quinn’s Double Creampie
Family Dick – Sleepover with Gramps Ch 3 A Special Legacy
Just For Fans – Ettore Tosi & Marco – Marco Is Back
NextDoorRaw – Passion Pattinson – Charlie Pattinson & Elye Black
NextDoorRaw – My Sister’s Boyfriend Magic Rub – Dante Martin barebacks Max Penn

That Dante/Max scene blows my doors off. Dante is such a pig in general and his loads are so huge that it would have been awesome to see him at a studio where he could have been put to better use.

moondoggy says:

I made some fun discoveries from your Meninos recommendation. My favorite is Matteo & Guilherme Machado. I don’t know which is which, but the top basically stops fucking and just holds his cock still in the bottom’s ass. It was a little weird and disconcerting until I realized why. He was so close (and trying to wait for the bottom to catch up) that he couldn’t fuck anymore. He was down to about one thrust every ten seconds, which still ended up being one thrust too many because he finally pulled out and shot a geyser. Loved it loved it loved it.

BottomBoyFromBrazil says:

Matteo is the top. If I remember correctly the majority of his scenes end in CFF.

moondoggy says:

I’ve stumbled on some duds — two scenes where I couldn’t find the cumshot at all. And a lot where the actors are not my taste., though you warned me about that. My porn collection is too big to collect scenes with unattractive actors. Sometimes guys who I think are unattractive or average grow on me. We already discussed Raunchy Bastards Levi Hatter comes to mind. He went from being just some meh white boy to being someone I could hardly stop thinking about having raw sex. Weirdly, some people just look more naked than others. And even though I generally only like to see him bottom, his cock is a joy to see when he’s getting fucked, especially standing up. I tried to find a pic of that, but the shot is blocked here, and I don’t have time to make a screenshot right now.

Now that I’m talking about ColbyKnox scenes, instead of posting a pic of Levi, I’ll post one of a another guy who surprised me with how hot he was. Masyn Thorne. This scene really, really impressed me. Colby did most of the work, but Masyn’s acting in the scene was just unexpectedly compelling.

moondoggy says:

The response to the scene has been polarizing, but check out the threeway at CF from today if you can. I loved it.

Mark Coppola says:

Seeing Rocky tate get poked is always a treat.

simp says:

Can’t help feeling this is an old scene since Marco has been MIA for so long..

Quietist says:

Just now had a look at CF’s Twitter.
They call this scene: “Our special Cinco de Mayo update”
And on their own website this scene is dated: “May 4, 2022”.
They always manage to fuck up something.

Someone said Marco was missed already and asked for more of him. CF answered:
“Veremos muchísimo más de él, creo!”
“We will see a lot more of him, I think!”

I really believe they are capable of also fucking up this one.

txhorn says:

I’d have rather had Cinco en Rocoso, but I guess CF didn’t have five Latin studs to gangbang Rocky. Love Rocky, especially as a bottom. I think he’s probably my third favorite CF model after Josh and Brent, surpassing Travis.

Pietro says:

I only have one thing to tell you Rocky: I have love, more than starlight.
Perfect trio!

TomCNR says:

You mean Marco disappears after bottoming quite well and comes back to this boribg performance?!

dustin_jamerson says:

i think this was probably recorded before had and knew it was a little off so just held on to it for awhile. CF hinted at Marco being in more updates though its unclear will they be older vids or newly recorded ones if he does return.

dustin_jamerson says:

the chemistry was lacking in this video, but its exciting to see Marco and nice tan!

JJ says:

I just can’t wait to watch the same scene except that Marco is the one taking two cocks in the middle instead.

Haven says:

This would be perfect – Marco was such a compelling bottom, loved watching him moan as he took dick, but it’d have been even better if he was riding it.

Capello says:

Marco is so much passive and bashful I think it’s one of his first guy-guy scenes at CF. Will we see more gay videos with him? I have got some doubt about that.