Sean Cody: Brysen Fucks Newcomer Drew

Brysen Fucks Newcomer Drew at SeanCody

Brysen Fucks Newcomer Drew at SeanCody
Brysen Fucks Newcomer Drew at SeanCody
Brysen Fucks Newcomer Drew at SeanCody

Brysen Fucks Newcomer Drew at SeanCody:

Brysen and Drew engage in a sensual and steamy encounter that begins with a playful and relaxed vibe.

Soaking Up the Sun:

The scene starts with Brysen and Drew outside, enjoying the warm sunshine. They flirt with each other and the camera, creating a fun and chill atmosphere.

Getting Hot and Heavy:

As they move indoors, the sexual tension between Brysen and Drew intensifies. They undress each other in the living room, setting the stage for a passionate encounter.

Dominance and Submission:

Brysen takes charge, telling Drew to “lick that dick” as he deepthroats him. He then fingers Drew’s tight hole before fucking him on the couch. Drew enjoys the sensation, exclaiming “Oh yeah, that feels so good.” Brysen lets his dominant side out to play as he takes Drew in doggystyle.

Riding and Cumming:

Drew takes control and rides Brysen’s dick, reaching climax as Brysen pounds him from behind.

The Climax:

To finish things off, Drew gets on his knees and receives a facial, adding an extra layer of intensity to an already steamy encounter.

Watch as Brysen Fucks Newcomer Drew at SeanCody

Watch as Brysen Fucks Newcomer Drew at SeanCody

Sask says:

Drew has pretty eyes.

Young Neil says:

Drew kind of looks like Adam Lambert to me… (but more fit)

Legondex says:

Love Brysen, so I’ll be watching 👀 😊

sasuk388 says:

brysen cant save this. NOPE. i would rather watch this .

Young Neil says:

Well… that’s not fair, that’s Henry Cavill! I think a lot of us would rather watch him get soaked in the rain from the neck up! (Why is his clothes not as wet? Must have thought it’d be too hot) Now imagine he left being superman to do a gay porn career for a couple years… 🥰😴 (clearly I’m dreaming)

sasuk388 says:

please. along with jared / jensen / chris evans and more

Bair says:

I’m curious if Drew is as good a bottom as he suggested he might be in his solo. Hopefully a subscriber to SC who sees the scene will let us know. BRYSENsational will undoubtably, once again, be sensational. As for me, Drew’s piercingly magnetic eyes pull me in to him. The rest of him (to me) is nice too. He has a MiddleEastern sultriness I find alluring. But it’s those eyes I find so damn hypnotic. I can’t look away. I don’t want to look away. .

Justine Bever says:

Bryan is like a comedian, the unfunny one.