Beefcake Hunter: Beefcake Omar Fucks Victor

Beefcake Omar Fucks Victor at Beefcake Hunter

Beefcake Omar Fucks Victor at Beefcake Hunter
Beefcake Omar Fucks Victor at Beefcake Hunter
Beefcake Omar Fucks Victor at Beefcake Hunter

Beefcake Omar Fucks Victor at Beefcake Hunter:

Enjoying Miami Dade’s best balls Beefcake Omar here at Beefcake Hunter Land was a delicious feast for my mouth and ass! We all know by now that Beefcake Omar has ticklish balls, but you know me, I go in life pretending I forget things, and that is how I get what I want! Lol.

We can tell that when Big Omar was at the center of the Beefcake Hunter universe, he was a little anxious, he was moving around, so I had to give him some pointers to get him easy, especially after I mentioned to him about his fans, he went on full exhibitionist mode, which leads to a fantastic strip tease show, where that delicious cock was the main character.

Then I got on my knees, and he did me the favor of filming me while I was Enjoying Miami Dade’s best balls, and I made sure that he knew that! He ended up being a good cameraman; he got perfect angles! Then I went into sorry but not sorry mode, lol, if you know what I mean.

Pure Beefcake Hunter Heaven:

Of course, we had to get a glance at how the world looks when you look at him from below while servicing this hairy macho Latino; it was pure Beefcake Hunter Heaven, and I got him into the zone so well that he started to push me to go to the fuck part of the scene.

Once on my fours, he started to fuck me hard but not deep, so I got verbal and begged him to go deeper. It seems that is the way he likes to fuck, not too deep and fast. So, what I did, was I pushed my butt against him several times; I got very verbal, and I know he was enjoying that; he also likes to look at the cameras, lovely!


I enjoyed him like that for several minutes; then I moved to my side so I could get him closer to me; I loved the faces he made throughout the encounter.

Sure, I knew he wouldn’t cum like that, so I made him sit on the couch to suck him and jerk him off until I got his precious jizz out of him, and it was a lot! I hope you guys enjoy this video Enjoying Miami Dade’s best balls.

Watch Beefcake Omar at Beefcake Hunter

Watch Beefcake Omar at Beefcake Hunter

Marco Sartori says:

he’s really resisting going bb

Paulbon23 says:

Sexy top!