Corbin Fisher: Barron Fucks Tyler Tanner

Barron Fucks Tyler Tanner at CorbinFisher

Barron Fucks Tyler Tanner at CorbinFisher
Barron Fucks Tyler Tanner at CorbinFisher
Barron Fucks Tyler Tanner at CorbinFisher

Barron Fucks Tyler Tanner at CorbinFisher
Barron Fucks Tyler Tanner at CorbinFisher
Barron Fucks Tyler Tanner at CorbinFisher

Barron Fucks Tyler Tanner at Corbin Fisher:

Both of these hotties are total hornballs and I don’t think I could ever get tired of seeing either one in action. Tyler Tanner, in particular, is a total treat to watch while he has sex with another guy. Of course, we all love every single inch (and there are many!) of Barron, but Tyler’s new to CF and so we’re all getting to learn just how sexual, energetic, and eager he is for a good time. Given that we all know Barron so well, we also come in to this episode here armed with the knowledge Tyler is going to get fucked good, hard, and deep!

Barron is a stud through and through, and CF studs getting piston fucked hard by his massive cock is almost a rite of passage here – one every guy who takes on the challenge ends up thoroughly enjoying. So there was never any doubt, the instant these cameras flipped on with Tyler and Barron in frame, Tyler was in for a deep dicking. The only doubt was whether he’d be able to handle it!

Well… there’d only be the slightest bit of doubt to that if we didn’t know enough about Tyler, as well. Tyler loves sex, he’s darn good at it, he’s more than ready for any challenge you can throw at him, and he’s going to look absolutely fantastic through every second of the thorough pounding he’s on the receiving end of here!

Watch as Barron Fucks Tyler at Corbin Fisher

Watch as Barron Fucks Tyler at Corbin Fisher

Quietist says:

Barron approx. once a month is just right. Gives the clientele a moment away from Rocky’s fan site.

But this room though? Wtf? This is the second time they put Barron in a barren (😉) room on a stupid air matrass! The guy deserves a palace, not this poverty. And why waste a stud like Barron on an arrogant little prick like that (sorry)? Even with the small current roster much better pairings seem to be available.

swan says:

Tyler is an unattractive-annoying bottom with tiny dick like Noah. not a good pairing.

swan says:

so sick of repeating the same two trashy unattractive bottoms Tyler, Eli. Maybe the next is unattractive annoying Dallen with 6”?.. very trashy.

JT69 says:

Have you applied to be a model with your rockstar good looks?

CM says:

Haha absolutely love this!!!!!!!!!

Capello says:

I was so sure to read this ranting!

Bair says:

Why does it matter to you who is in a CF scene? Surely you can’t be a subscriber after all the many months of you being made to feel “so sick” because of your personal dislike of the performers. Only an IDIOT would CHOOSE to be made to feel “so sick” every week. You’re not an idiot, are you? I think I’ve figured out what your problem is though. Because both Tyler and Eli are SOOOOOO attractive I now know YOU NEED GLASSES….really THICK glasses. As to your weekly use of your seemingly favorite word, “trashy”….I know YOU are, but what are they? Tehehehehe!

Rough&sweet says:

I don’t like new CF’s narrow roster with few below-average bottoms recently. Tyler, Wyatt, Eli over and over for months. it’s just so boring. Looking for more good-looking guys.

Curlee says:

Well why don’t you contact CF and send them your resume of gay pornstar recruitment. Maybe you will be hired. Maybe you can do much better. After all, the models they get don’t grow on trees.

Gazzaq says:

Lets see the out pouring of love for Barron as per usual!

This does looks good and I do like Tyler and this is a good match pairing with pretty decent energy, nice one Corbin.

Now can we have Liam and Barron please!

Bair says:

And once again CF is utilizing the dramatic subtlety of natural lighting that shows off the shape, form and movement of the bodies so exquisitely….so scrumptiously, like a work of art.

Gazzaq says:

B mate whatever they are doing the scene is bloody great! My only niggle is the fact that Barron avoid kissing Tyler except for giving him the briefest of kisses and Tyler clearly wanted him to do this a lot more, when he was been plowed.

I thought it was Eli in their scene but I think its Barron who doe not want too much intimacy when fucking a guy, which is pity as that is what is so positive and a damn turn on re the old Corbin Fisher scenes !!!

Tom Hakim 32 says:


sasuk388 says:

boo. rather see Dylan . rocky chris. new blood anyday

Legondex says:

Barron is always good and I actually like Tyler 👍

Bree Van de Kamp says:

It’s been said, “every time Barron bottoms, an angel gets it’s wings”… well not too many angels getting wings lately…

Kj says:

Barron has great nipples

Paulbon23 says:


david david says:

Just when Sean Cody is starting to bring exclusive models again, here comes CF continue simping for Tyler Tanner’s overexposed ass. But hold on… So y’all are telling me you wasted Barron in a pairing with this overexposed $10 Onlyfans hoe but couldn’t bother giving him duo scenes with Chris and Dylan? Two years since they filmed together and no duo scene ever happened, only threeways with Roman taking the spotlight all to himself. Heck, not even a much needed reunion scene with Calan, yet both Barron and Calan got to do a scene with this cheap Onlyfans model? Barron is one of the last true Corbin Fisher models left and there’s a number of exlusive CF guys he still hasn’t been paired (Marco, Liam, Dallen) and/or done duo scenes with (Chris, Dylan) yet y’all wasted him on this Onlyfans hoe. And the nerve to try and paint Tyler Tanner as some new guy when he’s already a Grabby and GayVN nominated performer whose already done and still does collabs with practically everyone. So many years of following CF and watching Barron exclusively at this studio and now he’s just being paired with a cheap OF model like it’s no longer a studio scene. This feels like when Sean Cody brought back a legend like Blake just to pair him with cheap Onlyfans hoes. This scene is no different than Tyler Tanner’s weekly upload on Onlyfans and it’s heartbreaking seeing Barron get wasted here.

Barron and Calan reunion is waaayy overdue and should’ve happened already. That’s THE CF couple who needs to reunite ’cause they really gave boyfriend feels back in 2017. And goddamn, Barron/Liam needs to happen already. I really need to see them get paired in two duo scenes with the roles reversed, just like they did with Rocky and Wyatt recently. It’s about time Barron gets paired with other big masc guys that is not Rocky or Dane.

Terry Hinckley says:

Can’t imagine a sexier fuck than Barron. Head to toe PERFECT!